Sadhguru – If you’ve lost money, time for yoga !

Question: I am an only child, like many others
in China. I have difficulty handling things in my life
by myself because my family takes care of so many things. How to take charge of my life? Sadhguru: So, whether you have one or 10,
the human child is not born like other creatures, the moment you drop them, they run around
and find their food and run away. any other creature let’s say Tiger is born
ninety percent he’s ready made, only 10% the mother or father has to teach them a little
bit. Only ten percent. Ninety percent – It’s all in built for him. Everything he needs to know about his life
is there within him. With a human child, Ninety percent
you have to teach and groom. Otherwise it won’t happen. If you don’t do the right things a child
can come up like an animal. So this is not because of one child or 10
children, it is the nature of people. That how people are attached to their children,
their idea of well-being is to pour them with gifts. Well, if you really want your children to
be well, you must give them strength in body,
in mind, in emotion, in energy. If you give them lot of strength and stability,
wherever they go, they will be well. If you just give them money,
when they lose it, they’re lost. They just don’t lose their money. If somebody loses their money, people think
they’ve lost their life and they want to kill themselves. Isn’t it? Whole lot of times, not just in one place,
everywhere. Because the think, the moment they lose their
money, they have lost their life. No, if you’ve lost money, time for yoga. (A few laugh, applause) This is why Patanjali started the Yoga Sutras
which is a tremendous document on life with half a sentence. If you still believe that, by getting married
or unmarried, your life will become fulfilled. Not yet time for yoga. If you believe, if you get some money, or
wealth, your life is settled. Not yet time for yoga. If you believe, if you build a new home or
buy a new car, life will be fulfilled, not yet time for yoga. If you know all these things make some
convenience happen in our life, but doesn’t really transform us in any way. If you understand this one thing – …and
now yoga. (Applause) So, time has come for China, …and now yoga. Time has come. Only thing is you have to make the authorities
realize it’s now, and now yoga. we can make political commentaries
about China about this about that. But, all said and done, this is the only society
which has moved a billion people from utter abject
poverty, to reasonable levels of well being in a matter
of two generations, in fifty years time. (Applause) Nowhere, nowhere has it ever happened. Right now India is sitting on such a threshold, what China did with great force,
India could do it democratically. We’re sitting on the threshold, but still
there are distance to walk, we still need to walk the
distance. So we can give commentaries about
this and that and many things. About freedom, freedom of speech, freedom
of yoga, freedom of pursuing my own goals and stuff. But you must understand your present
well-being has happened because as a consequence of forceful
determination by somebody. Keeping a whole generation in abject
conditions of poverty is a worst crime than forcefully doing a few things. So, for China, the time for Yoga has come. Not the twisting, turning yoga
that’s becoming popular, there. Tch, real yoga! Yoga means to obliterate the
boundaries of your individuality. Right now, you must understand this, a nation like China has grown because of
a strong sense of – this is what we will do, determined approach towards the nation. Now that those goals are achieved, slowly
relaxing that, must happen. I think they’re doing it. But still, to benefit this generation,
it may not be fast enough. So it needs to happen. Not by protest. Not by doing this, and that, but bringing better understanding in the minds
of those who administer the nation, that this will not work like opium of the
past. Because you must understand this. The religions of the past were described
as the opium, because they were. They were putting people to sleep. So yoga, pursuit of spiritual process will
not work as a sedative for the population, but will act as an invigorating force. This understanding must be brought
to those who administer that nation. That is the way to take it forward, not by
protests, not by threatening their some sense of
stability they have created for the nation, by threatening that you are not going to get
anywhere. So about you, being the only child. Because your parents were prevented from having
two they gave you two children’s food to you. That’s happening worldwide. Most children if you look at them, it looks
like they ate two or three children’s food. (Audience laugh) Tch, look at our children, scrawny and nicely
growing up. Because we make them burn every ounce they
eat they must burn in their stomach. This is happening across the world. Children who come from affluent societies, obviously their mothers wanted to have 3-4-5
children, but they had only one or two. So all that five children’s food. (few laugh)
they want to feed all of them into one – investment. (few laugh) So on all levels, from food, to toys, to wealth,
to everything else, this is happening. Another reason is this is the first generation or the second
generation, which is seeing both the parents going off
to work, not just working around the house,
going away to work somewhere else. So how to keep the child engaged, throw some gadgets at them, keep them
busy with some video game, it doesn’t matter. They’re shooting everybody in the world. But give them many things so that before they
open their mouth and complain throw more things and more things and more
things. Because parents are feeling guilty, that I’m not spending enough time with my
child, this is become a universal problem. The only way to handle their guilt is every
day when they’re coming back from office, pick up one gift and throw it in the child’s
hand. So child doesn’t complain and goes on. This is not the way to do things,
we need to find solutions for this, we need to find ways that children at least
will grow up in a community, you can love them for 30 days in a year as
much as you want the rest of the time, they’re
in a place where they will be treated as sensible creatures
not as pampered nonsense. (Applause) I would like to see a lot of Chinese children
in Samskriti. (Applause) Quote: “The most important work on the planet
is to raise human consciousness. Isha Samskriti is an endeavor
to allow children to flower into their ultimate possibility
of consciousness and capability.”


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  10. who told you that india is democratic?, you have one billion people living in shit, that is not democracy, you have castes and that is a crime. worry about your shit country, leave china alone.

  11. Thank you one path, for subtitles. Making someone like me to understand sadhguru

  12. Sadhguru ji is a wonderful preacher! Pranaam Sadhguru ji!!

  13. china does not have 1 billion people let alone 500 million as the communists wiped out more than a quarter of the population under mao and another fifth due to lower birth rates due to one child policy……….by the way china has less than half of india's agricultural output and china's land area is actually not bigger than india [i shockingly discovered this carefully collating and surveying google earth which has revealed the real geography and size from a micro level perspective though google is still faking the macro world map which is inaccurate]……currently earth only has 3.5 billion or so people of which india has 1.5 billion [most other large population countries have inflated their population numbers to make their economies look bigger than the actual numbers]….USA is the only other country on earth which has 100 million plus people after india and china…… are all under 100 million [indonesia, brazil, nigeria, mexico, pakistan, bangladesh, japan,russia etc]…….india is not 3.3 million sq km but around 6 million sq km…….china is not 9.3 million sq km but only around 5 million sq km [over 50% being tibet platue, gobi desert and high mountain ranges]……..USA [48 states] is only 4.8million sq km and russia around 8 million sq km or less….in most advanced countries the road distances have been inflated to fit their fake inflated country sizes which also means cars are actually travelling at speeds lower than what their speedometers indicate by around 15-20% and fuel mileage numbers are themselves bogus

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  18. Namaskaram sadguruji ,
    If a person's financial status is below poverty, then how yoga can help in this regard because Isha yoga centres do not teach anybody for free across India except the rural areas. And most of the below poverty people can be found in urban areas. Neither the other yoga centres across India of various yoga centres do not teach for free.
    Please reply.

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