Ryse supplements review.

sup guys make an a quick review today I got you guys a pre-workout and a protein powder from rice supplements I'm gonna because heard of them but here it is this is a pre-workout there you go candy watermelon I'm gonna be reading this these two supplements on a scale 10 out of 10 so hopefully guys see it and me because I would never try it try it I'm gonna give you guys my complete honesty on them so here he goes all right first of all pre wear caps is the first thing I have on my hand this thing I grab this is my second bottom and I love the candy watermelon flavor the flavors really bomb you know that's why I keep I kept getting it so this is my second bottle and it does give you a what it says you know right there pump energy strength it does give you pump I'm gonna lie energy it does give me an energy kicks in once you're in the gym drink it ten minutes I drink to my pre workouts a minute before 10-15 minutes before it kicks in well you get in there you get the pump you feel you know all that you know little and I would say electricity going through body and stuff it's depending how much of a how much caffeine your body can tolerate so this one has 275 I wish you could have wish I had at 300 at least 300 or more some you know like I could take a theme pretty good so 10 out of 10 let me give you guys some seven solid seven on this one flavor-wise definitely 18 that's like getting a flavor but they're coming out with a new pre-workout I think it's called a black cat edition and uh for what I seen it mean that wants a 350 milligrams of caffeine which is wow that's a lot of caffeine for um you know there's no people workouts that I seen but I mean it's pretty good you know the one I might be getting pretty soon it's gonna be Tigers blood so look out for that so there you go you guys have any questions about the pre-workout let me know I'll answer but now let's go with this one protein powder peanut butter peanut butter cup let me tell you guys I still might give it a ten out of ten I'm gonna give this one a Twain flavor-wise 20 Bom Bom Bom Bom this thing must get if you guys gonna go too low you because when I try rice supplements if you guys are looking for a pretty worker I'm sorry I'm a protein pattern go with this one like hands down you guys saying like get what your money's worth you know on this protein powder one of the best protein powders I taste even though the market I'd say so many ones different brands I always say we said if if I get peanut butter and I see if I see it on the shelves or anywhere I go it's from syntha-6 syntha-6 makes some really good peanut butter protein powder but now since I found this one honestly this is my gotta meet my go-to I love peanut butter try this one honestly guys you cannot say you can't second I love it honestly go with this one it's from rise like i say rise and actually if you guys want to go to the right supplements i check out use my code a Rivera 46 n that's a RI ve RA 46 n 4 6 1 0 and you guys are gonna get a discount from them helps you guys out helps me out and I'm not doing this review just because you know like oh you know like cuz I'm trying with I'm with them we're stuff I'm not with them I'm a sponsor or anything like that you know but I always wanted to try their stuff and you know when I reveal their steals up it was before it was pretty good I tried the 88 already guys see my last video but they did is bombers first it's our expensive line our life but it gets the job done you know you focus wise you're gonna be in the gym and it helps a lot especially during your workouts really great but try this out right supplements you know there you go protein pattern pre-workout if you guys love Johnny Ranchers that's what it tastes like this one pretty workout but there you go maybe I say I have any questions let me know I'll answer them as much as I can I

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