Ryan Pretend Play School Test Day Learn Healthy Choices!!

quiet so I graded your test look what you got I couldn't welcome to ryan toysreview welcome to a very fun and exciting place cool day we're gonna merge so much and then at the end there will be a quiz you so easy quiz for you you better pay attention okay because it's going to be hard to the first object we're gonna do is science thank you what our subject saurians okay in my hand is this little both with some powder what does this powder magical powder is science is magical next epic it's your water do you know what's gonna happen after I pour this water in the powder yes what it's it's gonna turn to likes nothing no thing why about you what do you think it's gonna explode guys whoa yeah you're right snow yours whoa explode Oh No okay I'll let you try oh yes isn't it cool yeah let's pour more it can absorb actually a lot more to get this yes there's powder under there make it a lot bigger mmm Wow that's probably well know if you know Jimmy it's absorbing it's absorbing what's so cool about the science this is called a polymer say with me class a polymer polymer these things are super super super absorbent and do you know where you can find this baby's diapers good job can you remember that for the test later yes diaper diaper diaper class okay I think I'm gonna beat you on the sleep much because I was watching Pokemon very late last night dirt ball is your daddy's sleeping at school we could wake him up close the pool you sure his mommy's sick today where's Gus you here with me you guys just take a nap today just rest today in art class today we're gonna learn about healthy choices I want you to think about it and draw a healthy snack no falling asleep remember our time make healthy choices I'm gonna give you about 1 draw healthy snacks healthy snack I'm just going to draw something I would like to eat it better be healthy you know it's healthier it's vegetable it's made out of vegetable you've done all right let's go up to Ryan's first okay whoa he is right ate what did you write vegetable fruit and of course my favorite food french fries they fry it super super unhealthy for you lots of extra calories that you don't meet huh Ryan laughs up dig up the day what do you think quiz notebook pick your favorite crayon color my favorite can color is yellow you my favorite is arranged right question number one what did the super absorbent material that we learned today what is that fancy name let me give you a hint starts with up PG stop all I remember is diaper but trying to access to my brain deep inside no cheating teacher what what my restaurant deployed can you variable to good student question number two we talked about healthy snack choices right huh so give me something that is healthy to eat good to have vegetables right okay number so ready what three words that we learn to do in case there's a fire screaming scream okay opposite oh that's my first before we give up the score okay let's talk about question number one I was a fancy word that we learned that super absorber give me a healthy vegetable choice who cares carrots okay what did you think my street number three what is that that we do case there's a fire stop Jeff oh good job stop drop and roll Ryan rain get your test Ryan did you not study this is P which is daddy this is wrong be quiet drink water and sit down no no what is it now but you're gonna study really hard retake tomorrow right oh how to take tests again no we gotta keep trying dismiss meet you so much for joining on Ryan good time daddy what have you learned look at everything you're going to go home you want to study and come back eight the test tomorrow thank you so much for watching okay hope you guys have fun in school today bye guys you can get your own so many toys include giant eggs subside wine potty squishy Ryan's molecules giant squishy blaster punch and action figures with vehicles along panda the gummy Gator you

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