RV Camper Breakfast. Cheap and Healthy Meals

hey good morning it's Jeff with cometh the camper just out here in the truck camper wanted to show you one of my favorite breakfasts that I do in the mornings cold drizzly so I'm gonna do a nice hot oatmeal breakfast let's show you how to do it got these got these little these were I believe they were from Costco but they're just little plastic bowls that some rice there was a Asian food dish from Costco in the frozen section but these bowls are reusable they are bpa-free so I I keep them I keep a whole big stack of them these are great for using the microwave that's just the right amount for a little bit of oatmeal for breakfast so I'm going to use oats and I'm going to do some almonds roasted almonds and some toasted pecans just do that much takes about one minute there we are nice and steamy I've got these toasted almonds that I did up in the oven the toaster oven I usually do just a little handful I got to do some more of these pick up some more later and maybe a few toasted pecans this isn't gonna be the popular thing to do but I got to do the brown sugar got some dark brown sugar just maybe a tablespoon I'll give this a good stir but there it is oatmeal with toasted almonds toasted pecans a little bit of dark brown sugar nice hot breakfast in the morning warms you up from the inside can't beat it yeah there it is got my coffee got my little fruit for the morning and my oatmeal toasted almonds toasted pecans a little bit of brown sugar Cheers oh that's good boom


  1. That is what I eat for breakfast 90% of the time but I like to add a lot of milk. Clean that bowl! Every second wasted is another ounce of water used to remove crusty oatmeal πŸ™‚ Happy camping

  2. Hi from all us van campers in New Zealand, I love your rig, will check out your vids, cheers mate. William

  3. Hello i just stumbled into your channel I was looking for my slide in Elkhorn all over the place , the only thing I kept coming up with was RVs for sale and not anyone who actually owned it or posted anything about it. So I'm very happy I found your videos I purchased a Elkhorn same model and make year as yours but I didn't have any paperwork that came with it far as owner's manual or the how to's about the different mechanisms inside and outside of the RV. So I've been kind of winging it so far, I have bought the solar system for it have not installed it yet. And I really do like the bunk modification you did I'm very interested on how to use to complete that project also the rear deck is awesome project that I like to complete also very nice. So if you don't mind I like to pick your brain about some of these things or if you can point me in the right direction to find a manual that would be great too noted Fleetwood went out of business and that was the pretty much all I can find about them. I will post pictures and such about my project when Elkhorn am I truck that I built to tow it, thank you very much.

  4. The coffee, it’s a must.

  5. We go for steel cuts oats, but a good healthy breakfast. Glad you added the coffee. We really like that part. πŸ˜‰

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