Russian Gym Fight [Punisher Season 2 Scene] 2×05 Netflix (HD)


  1. Juicy pebble colored crossfit plates.

  2. they should call him the butcher of neighborhood not the punisher , the punisher fight with guns lol

  3. made the dude look like the monster from goonies

  4. In photo looks like Jonny Sins

  5. In this world of theirs, no one carries a gun?

  6. Что за фильм???

  7. Good thing the bad guys never have guns in this universe

  8. Whos here after avengers endgame?

  9. The baldhead guy got it bad, his face looks like squashed jam donut.

  10. I fuckin loved this scene. The end is so brutal

  11. Ever since I started lifting years ago I always thought those small 2.5 lb plates would make great knuckles. I was so happy when i saw Frank use them exactly that way

  12. Punisher is my favorite super hero with deadpool and iron man and marvel has the best super heros in history

  13. The Punisher can't die

  14. The punisher is always badass and. Fuck those russian bitches and fuck that guy that made the russian ugly son of bitches russians to fight frank castle

  15. I only watched this cuz I though the bald guy was Johnny sins in the thumbnail xD

  16. This is why they shouldn't have killed off Shane.

  17. That shook me. Wew. fatality

  18. Why everyone is jus using "the bald guy" he is keith jardine and a true fighter. He is an mma fighter for petes sake

  19. … pretty sure Keith Jardine could easily duck all of them up…

  20. Good to see Keith Jardine is doing well in his second career as an actor.

  21. 2:00Dam son he looked like Quazy Moto from the hunch back of Notre Dame after Frank spilt his face

  22. From the thumbnail i thought i saw johny sins

  23. Man for a second i thought he killed "Johny sins". Oh wait ,he did😂

  24. 1:21 – That level change was a thing of beauty.

  25. One word: dogs.

  26. I am not the one who gets killed I am the one who does the killing.

  27. Punisher is a terrible fighter

  28. So this is what Keith Jardine does with his time since he retired from UFC

  29. Hey Vlad go back to the Payday Gang and get revenge, new heist idea!

  30. wack ass fight

  31. Brutal.

  32. Shane fighting againts negan, governor and beta like this would be pretty badass to watch

  33. some people like to call me the punisher

  34. Cold war (1945-1991) colorized

  35. God, the bald guy ended up looking like that dude from the goonies

  36. “I’m not your enemy”
    Heh, funny man

  37. Easily the hardest and most real feeling punches have EVER been thrown in film (in my opinion)

  38. Love how Turk is trying to walk through a wall to get away

  39. Kieth jardine… meet two pound weight

  40. It sucks that this show got fucking cancelled.


  42. When I saw the title of the video say "gym" in it I knew it was gonna be gruesome.

  43. Vlad is in a pickle

  44. Look at all that ketchup

  45. Fuck you Netflix!!!!

  46. Advice for the Punisher! Kill the head, the body dies!!!!!!!!!!

  47. is that Keith Jardine?

  48. This season was so bad. Straight from the beginning you could tell it was gonna bad.

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