Russian Щ – Exercises from speech therapist

Hello everyone! today i’m going to show
you how to pronounce Russian Щ sound. Because sometimes it’s pretty confusing,
and people don’t understand the difference between Ш and Щ. so let’s get started! Way number one is for those who know how
to pronounce Russian Ч sound. CH CH CH and if you cannot, please have a look at
my another video where i teach how to pronounce Russian Ч. If you can do
that, try to make a long ЧЧЧЧ. Like this. Hear that? This Ч turns to Щ.
Try again. Long ЧЧЧЧ. While doing that try to break the
air flow like this. and while doing that try to analyze
what’s going on inside your mouth. where exactly your tongue is. So next time you’ll be able to put it right there from the very beginning to pronounce Щ.
not starting with Ч, but exactly with Щ. so the key here is to understand the
right position of your tongue and the “Ч exercise” will help you to do that.
Way number two is for those who know how to pronounce Russian Ш sound. And here i want you to make a long ШШШ. While doing that long ШШШ sound, you slowly move your
tongue a little bit forward. Very slowly. until you start hearing the clear Щ
sound. Mark that position and remember that this is exactly the position you
need to pronounce Щ. Try slowly, moving your tongue very
slowly until you hear that Щ sound. After you learn how to pronounce the
isolated sound I mean just Щ Щ Щ, try to add some vowels. I mean ЩА ЩО ЩУ ЩЕ. Maybe your
Щ will be too long at the beginning, but it’s ok. You need time to practice it.
After a while you’ll make it short. But it’s absolutely not
a problem if it’s too long now. Then vowel comes first. So, practice like that for
several days and you will learn how to pronounce Russian Щ perfectly. And that
was it for today. Thank you very much for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel for more russian language lessons. Bye-bye:)


  1. great

  2. Кто вы по специальности? Очень хорошая работа!

  3. Вполне возможно, что в одном из своих видео, вы высказанных устно на русском языке, медленно и звуки, которые действует размещать субтитры на русском языке? Спасибо!

  4. большой спасибо! Я понимаю сейчас. Вы хорошой учитель

  5. Thank you sooo much! I've been confusing ш n щ for so long

  6. спасибо вам большое!! я долга поискал такое видео

  7. Wow, this must the tenth video i've watched about these letters. Yours is great, btw. But I was wondering whether the position of the lips could help as well, but again, I'm a REAL beginner… So, my question is: the [щ] sound seems to be produced with relaxed lips, as if one is smiling, whereas the [ш] sound needs rounder lips, does it make any sense? Anyway, thank you for the video!

  8. Wanted to say that these videos have been the most effective at teaching these unique Russian sounds. Thanks

  9. Я хоть и не русский учу, а английский, все ровно смотрю ваши видео. Интересно как учат наш язык 😀

  10. Thank you, Daria.

  11. way number 2, I'm getting more of a a whistle sound when I move my tongue from back to front

  12. Finally I think that I found the way to say sch. I like going from a ch to a sch sound!

  13. Why *clap does *clap this *clap letter * exist

  14. You are literally the best teacher I've ever seen on YouTube. Could you please make a video about the difference between и and й?To me they just sound the same.(T_T)

  15. From what I've been reading and now this video, it looks like my default 'sh' sound is a щ and not ш. So now I need to learn how to make a proper 'sh' sound for ш.

  16. This sounds exactly like English "sh".

  17. У вас есть хороший путь изучать 💓

  18. I've been trying to learn the difference between ш and щ for years, and now I found this excellent explanantion. Congratulations for the clear, perfect way to explain how to pronounce that so Russian letter щ.

  19. ಷ and ಶ in my language


  21. ЩΖ


  23. ЩЩЩЩЩЩ


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