Ruffa Gutierrez On Being Possessed Or Just Having Weird Health Problems

hi you are watching Pino I scoop your daily entertainment news channel in the Philippines Bonnaroo Roopa you were found unconscious a masochist al told me that I should like consult a spin at least and I'm weird I'm gonna no feelings any annoying because you come on either I was doing things that I didn't know like by adapting I'm gonna be writing your name but I was after it's a strange way indeed Anila the cameras are always in our house unannounced Loomis I were like five minutes allah nice little cat you have it laggy modeling ro kissing her no I don't have explained bunnies in ordinance authorities all units we re moving well sure Ana that's what's the weirdest part voila is enough English but it only have to go down there got a laptop that you can find anything wrong with mr IFO channels i thought nothing said they couldn't find anything which is even more weird suppose you do movies yeah so my mom is somebody Oh Sabina what the hell door so you don't remember anything about medicine cannot work as well and then param I know on top or bottom I felt really dizzy Megan on so Subramani mommy come up to the side because Raymond all the time so she thinks um no Colin of the most beautiful snack well ah Chaka Chaka poha you know but yeah I very politely not go up oh it was a pair what they're making it PCP pseudo homes in a sample sample will happen my life so it's kind of weird a mass again suppose by not opening he said I know it didn't talk about this that's just scary and what kind of war not such a worry we're hearing that some table but I didn't really want to tell everyone about it so you mock low self SAP in a matter that boy doesn't quite happy to get a call for it um but they should attack the heart but by finding a date he doesn't also know so when I told them that I'm adding the consultant acidity stuff the Sherry's friends gosh I know anybody that's like a company thank you for watching today's entertainment news here at Pinoy scoop please don't forget to subscribe just click on the subscribe button below have a great day goodbye


  1. Gikabuhi na sya sa sobrang diet. Naa na sya giinom nga sleeping pills

  2. its mind control

  3. Must be a karma for the gutierrez because their bunch of idiot and ignorant people..

  4. psych eval is the most appropriate…

  5. when you are possessed by one demon you need to call a bigger demon.."remove thorn in flesh using another thorn therapy"

  6. Ruffa please try to consult an spirit it's I can't explain everything here but I have experience it with my friend I don't believe in spiritit'ista and witch doctor . It happens with my friend pumunta na Kami sa doktor second opinion third opinion to the extend na ang doktor na ang nag advice na lumapit sa spirit it's. Ang nakapagtataka doom sa friend ko Dahl it happens usually at 8:00 p. M to 9:00 after that Wala na parang nag acting Lang sya. Sa awa ng diyos kinolam sya, guinamot sya after that nawala lahat, just try, walang mawala sa yo.

  7. MK Ultra

  8. Stress lang yan ruffa sa online business mo.

  9. OMG Prayer can move mountain; Be considerate, Avoid arrogance, witty nor wicked. Expect a miracle, it might happen anytime. Be helpful & donate a little money or the amount you can afford to give to the Charitable organizations. Follow the Golden Rule: "Do Unto Others As the Others Do Unto You." and Be Yourself not plastic; Avoid too much materialistic.

  10. sleep disorder

  11. Kagagawan nag yokai .

  12. Kagagawan nag yokai .

  13. I believe Rufa's medical condition is real, I say this because I am a sufferer myself. I had suffered from this condition since I was in grade school. I am 65 years old now and i rarely have this episode. My attact last for few minutes and the strange thing is I feel conscious of what is happening, I see darkness and everything is spinning . While this is happening I pray the Lord's Prayer until I come around. And as Rufa claims this happens in her sleep. Over the years my episodes have diminished considerably. I had sleep study few months ago and I mention this to the specialist and she said it is a condition called sleep paralysis. She said that in some cases the person having this episode is acting out in strange behaviour. When I have this episode, I am unable to move, at least that I how I felt. It could also be some form of epilepsy. In any case I believe Rufa's medical condition is similar to mine. It is very scary at the beginning but over the years I have come to live with it. My sleep specialist said to me that this is a benign condition. I also believe in a person being possessed which could be totally unrelated to this condition. In any case seeing someone other than a medical practitioner won't do any harm. I hope Rufa can find an answer to her condition. I am happy to help even if she just want a peace of mind. Wish her well.

  14. kagagawan po yan ng isang yokai.,

  15. no movies, no talking points, no commercials. that's the problem.

  16. witchcraft

  17. umirap ba naman nung sinabing mag dasal sya,.. >.< i like this channel,. pinoy scoop, even though they are not pinoys,. nice!!

  18. sus ginoo tulog pala bka sleepwalking disorder lng un kulang lng ata sa tulog espiritista pa haha!

  19. either panic attack or publicity for show. sounds more like publicity. No details like when, where, circumstances, who was with her, was she brought to hospital, what hospital, doctor who treated her. Only family members interviewed….no guts.

  20. Mag basa ka ng bible at repent from your sins. …If you want deliverance you need Jesus.

    and demonic and witchcraft nag re release yan sila ng curse every 3am.

  21. kulang k lng sa panalangin! oh di kaya wla k ng isyu kya ng ka sakit.

  22. maganda ka ruffa maarte ka lang.

  23. mag Holy Rosary ka, hindi sapat ang dasal mo, sa sobrang maraming pera sasaniban talaga sa kaka Kwenta.

  24. bi…atch

  25. Ambien side effect?

  26. Sounds like Ambien's side efffect

  27. She's either possesed or having MPD/DID. She doesn't need a spiritista. She needs Christ.

  28. Bka kinumkulam xa n xhusband nya or boyfriend nya…

  29. magpa psychiatric evaluation

  30. Baka na biktima sa tokhang ni bato… wala na kasi supply

  31. MK Ultra Mind Control

  32. I can't believe it!

  33. they have to make sure na walang brain some rare cases, kahit CTscan hindi nakikita ang tumor..also stress releases toxins sa katawan, and you'll be surprised how these toxins cause some weird behaviors..I have a personal experience with my mom, she was acting so weird that doctors already advised us to go see a psychiatrist. I set up an improvised sauna, lots of steam from boiling water with herbs. my mom was cured the next day. of course tons of prayers.

  34. The demonic forces are active during the "witching hour" which is usually 12mn to 3am.
    A person is open to possession when you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
    Do you want to overcome this? Seek out help from true Christians, those involved in Deliverance. Call up a Christian church such as CCF, Victory, GCF, New Life, etc. They can help you.

  35. Ruff punta ka Sa albularyo

  36. honestly maganda sya!but hindi ako fan kasi maarte sya..

  37. ang next na issue nyan "midlife crisis" .
    she keeps on blinking and looking sideways during the interview ..hmmm
    bawas kaartehan lang yan at excercise .
    wala ka nang supporter na prince at rich businessman ate .

  38. Oh my god. THAT'S PROBABLY DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER! Why is she consulting a physician? Go to a psychologist. Oh my god, isnt it obvious, it's a mental health problem? Go to a mental health specialist? This is why Filipinos need to be educated about Mental Health. Her condition shows signs of Dissociative Disorder and people are saying na nasasaniban sya ugh

  39. gimmick?

  40. bakit ganon ung Reaction mp nung sinabing Mag dasal ka.. haist …'!

  41. ..i think dpat pray over sya tulad nina Gary V..kc pg ganyan un naexperince..tlgng spiritual prblem..naniniwala ako kc sa bible meron tlg bad spirit n pwd sumapi..kulam o posession..better ilapit sya ke Lord..bk nppwalay na..Godbless ruffa.

  42. "i don't want to explain"

    pero tuloy pa rin mag-explain si Ate Girl. ano ba talaga, te? 😥

  43. menopausal stage

  44. Ayan selfish ka kasi puro materyal na bagay alam mo plus bukaka ka ng bukaka sa mga foreigners

  45. drama wtf….

  46. kakaiba pla and sakitng mga gold digger. weird.

  47. indi kaya naka drugs lang yan dbaganyan ang tama ng droga may mga bagay na ginagawa ng taong lango sa drugs na indi nya alam ang ginagawa nya..

  48. Ruffa should consult Jaime T. Licauco, maybe he could help……

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