RT Shorts – Scorpion’s Family Fitness Dojo – Mortal Kombat Parody

Has this ever happened to you? Give me all of your money! No! Stop! Stop it I’m helpless! Well dont let it happen again Hi, I’m Scorpion 12 time Mortal Combat champion, and three time Olympic gold medalist in curling. Thanks to centuries of experience, fighting in the six realms I’ve learned nearly every martial art, from Ninjutsu to Cro Magnon. And I’m ready to pass that knowledge, onto YOU. At Scorpion’s Family Fitness Dojo Learn to protect yourself, in one of our many self defense courses at convenient hours throughout the week. Take advantage of our after school program, were we’ll teach your child the basics of self defense. At Scorpion’s family fitness Dojo, you’ll meet likewise and active members of the community You may even make friendships that last a lifetime. Great job fellas! Thanks master Scorpion! Thanks sensei! Now finish him. Wha? I SAID FINISH HIM Sorry Tyler… Excellent! (crying) Fatality Not interested in Martial Arts? No problem! We also have offer zumba classes. For high intensity cardio and fun. Alright everybody, high knees. Excellent form Sharron! Keep it up, you’re doing great. Thanks Scorpion! I need a break… WHAT?! I SAID RAISE YOUR KNEES (toasty) Give me all of your money! NO! Flawless victory. So what are you waiting for? Get over here to Scorpion’s Family Fitness Dojo, Conveniently located off of Eleventh and Lamar, right next to Subzero’s Frozen Yogurt Parlor.


  1. Frozen Dictory

  2. wtf

  3. Remember when RT shorts were shorts about the office and the people in it? That's the way I learned half of the employees names.


  5. All they have to do is replace Josh with Junior and Barb with Yang, then remake the Yellow Trailer

  6. Did this joke start after the new Mortal Kombat where Scorpion trained the one new guy? Kenshi's son, whose name I can't remember.

  7. the puns…lol the puns

  8. What's actually at that address?

  9. Make a sub zero ad that was funny

  10. Tyler dies again. R.I.P Coe

  11. what has happened to roosterteeth shorts…..

  12. Blaine Wrote and Directed this! He wasn't in it guys. Give the guy some love

  13. if it means barb grabbing hold of my junk… i guess im into it

  14. A) That was pretty funny. Even not as a mortal combat fan.
    B) I find it pretty interesting I recognize the Streets 11th and Lamar even though I have yet to be in Austin.

  15. is it just me, or are rooster teeth's shorts no where near as good as there original ones 🙁 remember chain of thought…..

  16. Damn, this place would be located in Austin…

  17. is this still comsidered 4k?

  18. King to go to 11th and Lamar

  19. everyone watch in 144p for full immersion

  20. wtf, 🙂

  21. Ok Burnie was right. Tht was a good 'Get over here!' by Miles.

  22. I am ninja, he is ninja, she is ninja too!

  23. Why'd he use sub zero's fatality tho

  24. Best short in a long time

  25. next one better be the ice cream shop

  26. BizzarlyFunny did it first and better 😀

  27. Shout out to Sub-zero's frozen yogurt parlor XD

  28. A+ Scorpion voice from Miles

  29. What did I just watched?

  30. sigh…and now I want frozen yogurt. 🙁

  31. Ninjitsu is not a martial art. Just thought I'd point that out.

  32. That was outstanding! Loved this vid.

  33. That "get over here" was badass miles

  34. PUNkelman wins Flawless victory Dicktality

  35. "Toasty!" xD

  36. Yikes! 😛

  37. Really rooster teeth u have tons of cameras how come u can't just use one for this video it looks like it was filmed on a flip-phone

  38. this was completely genius

  39. Jesus Christ, Barb ripped out poor bastard's crotch.


  41. This was the best thing ever XD

  42. Dat grip doe

  43. 144p keeps it authentic.

  44. Sounds legit

  45. O'Malley?

  46. Is that Miles doing the voice?

  47. woow sign me up…

  48. I want Sub Zero froyo


  50. Me: Mom! I found Zumba classes!
    My Mom: Where?
    Me: In Netherrealm! RIght next to Sub-Zero's Frozen Yogurt Parlor!

  51. hahahahaha this is hilarious

  52. the mortal kombat cameo easter egg at 1:32 tho

  53. 1:40 Barb.. that was the most savage thing.. any canadian has ever done. Youve been in america too long. WELCOME TO THE CLUB BABY AWWW YEAH!!

  54. dose he train assassins if so let me know

  55. peep the toasty at 2:11

  56. That was ridiculous… in all the right ways!

    Very nicely done, guys! I loved it!

  57. If friendships ever return Scorpion's should be him doing Zumba

  58. I'd go

  59. who plays scorpion

  60. Say yes to VHS

  61. Krav Maga is Cro Magnon in the subtitles 😀

  62. sub zero's frozen yogurt parlor? yaaaayyyyy

  63. 1:40 RWBY "yellow" trailer in a nutshell

  64. So what are you waiting for? Get over here!

  65. If only I was scorpion. Marketing would be so much easier. Lol

  66. please sub zero frozen yoghurt ad!

  67. oh they teach you the feminist fatality too

  68. Dunkleman gets the D. There's easier ways, but this is how she gets it.

  69. I was waiting for the "get over here" line!

  70. Where's the commercial for Sub-Zero's Frozen Yogurt Parlour

  71. This video is funny as hell… And how is Sub-Zero gonna have a parlor right next door… and scorpion is gonna burn the calories out of your ass if he finds out you were eating yogurt before the workout?

  72. I googled Krav Maga because of this video.

  73. new retro!!

  74. Conveniently located right next to Raiden's lightning rod shop

  75. krav maga = cro magnon
    who did these captions

  76. Where do I sign up??????

  77. still better than Antifa fighting tactics

  78. so… who played good ol' Scorpion here? Matt Hullum?

  79. Sign me up


  81. Lmao😂😂

  82. #lol

  83. Always loved this short. Wish it was more popular

  84. He sounds like ask a ninja.🤔

  85. This is absolutely hilarious. Easily the funniest thing I have seen all day.

  86. Mbhuaha

  87. This is still better than Paul W. S. Anderson Resident Evil movies. lol.

  88. que bueno jajaja

  89. Here a yellow belt would be the highest rank.

  90. Meh, Tae-Kahn-Do was better

  91. Karva ma gra isnt a base martial art just saying maybe you could have said Ninjitsu to Kung Fu chain fighting?


  93. Best advertisement for a martial arts dojo ever

  94. where do I sign ?

  95. Ooh, this looks interesting!
    2 minutes later
    I’ll think i’ll train with Piccolo, but thanks.

  96. Thanks Scorpion
    Thanks Sensei
    Now finish him

  97. Im signing up

  98. Did you learn catch wrestling?

  99. En español

  100. “I need a b r e a k.”


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