Royal Marines Fitness Challenge | Walters & Shieff


  1. Holaaa soy chileno , buen vídeo 😀

  2. 1st! 😀 and awesome

  3. just awesome 🙂

  4. Awesome

  5. Really cool video Keep up the good Work 🙂

  6. Such an awesome Idea, I'm so into this 😀

  7. Epic!

  8. so tim and damien can do an infinite number of handstand presses but cant do 16 pull ups?

  9. When will be next episode?

  10. Finaly!

  11. I highly dubt that they couldn't do more push ups then they did. betya Damien could do 100 i 2min. they down played it.

  12. The most legit almost-marines in youtube

  13. Hard

  14. Tim Shieff, I amsurprise you accept to go there. You know Marine are not ethics. Don't your values contradict with it?

  15. 15 pullup score means 15 pullups?

  16. Very cool Episode
    More from than ! 🙂

  17. Marines, army etc they are all weak. They don't compare to a real dedicated traceur or martial artist.

  18. What the heck is a bleep test? Sounds like a test of some english cursing for me :)))

  19. Yey! Great video!

  20. Que ha pasado con flowshow ya no habéis vuelto a subir otro capitulo la serie esta acabada o es por falta de clips? Espero respuesta gracias

  21. I hope you enjoyed your time with the hired killers. 

  22. Tim can only do 11 pullups…looks like that vegan diet is doing him wonders…


  24. I like the multicam/mulit-terrain pattern so much.

  25. this was awsome! can't wait for the next episode!

  26. why i in can make more tnen maximum score(it's not joke) it have any additional objectives?

  27. This is awesome training for an individual I wish there were something equivalent to military training that didn't require you being a potential killer.

  28.  15 and 11 pull ups!? u wot m8 I tho u gals can do better than that 😀

  29. Can someone more knowledgeable than myself please let me know what Shieff meant when he said that you have to do the first four weeks and then you can quit? Surely, the marines aren't allowed to keep you there for four weeks against your will, are they?

  30. Чот слабенькие эти двое. Моя бабушка больше подтянется и отожмётся пздц

  31. Ha! Awesome. I can't wait to see the next one.

  32. respect to the marines.. I couldn't do this shit!

  33. Those numbers they pulled don't make sense.. I can do 44 push ups to a beep timer and also 10 pull ups, and 111 in 2 minutes. There's something sketchy goin on here espeacially livewire bc he can rep out those handstand push-ups

  34. Great video lads.

  35. …If you are going to make a promotion, montage the hard bits and add some flare…this is contrived and boring

  36. wait how is my fitness better than theres but tim has better……..are you guys ill in this video… you are way better freerunners than I am 

    Conratz gentleman!

  38. i can do 21 pull ups and 100 sit ups woo, and run 3 miles in 18:23, maybe its cus im young xD

    anyways cheers from america! well fight by ur side brothers

  39. My rekord is 56 sit ups in 1 minut and im 11

  40. Please don't promote the Marines any more. I don't care how much money they're giving you and I know you have better ethics than this.

  41. Its like Bootcamp

  42. sick video please sub we are launching at 150 subs.

  43. Been there, done that and loved every second. cheerfulness in the face of adversity!!!!!

  44. My father was RMC SBS 40, 41 & 42 for 9 years. This will be interesting to follow. Tomorrow – 14th Feb, will be his 10th year deceased so this is homage, respect and gratitude to the most amazing frogman I have ever known who taught me all that I know and a genuine gratitude to all RMC, especially to those who privately wear the small black frog – god bless you all, my fathers friends…

  45. kinda thought this would b easier for them considering they"re human spider-men

  46. 4:42 recruit green on the right.

  47. Tarzan assault course is amazing!!

  48. Pleas subscribe to DASH FREERUN

  49. Чувак,тебе повезло,Ты живешь в России)

  50. Us marine recon ftw

  51. tim why did you cut your hair on american ninja warrior season 46???

  52. i thought the press ups and the sit ups where bleep test and pull ups was balls out effort till yyou quit must of thought wrong

  53. Tim, they allow you to have that long hair & you're not wearing a jersey? You're not fully immersed in this.

  54. All military selection courses are tough.

  55. Fun!!!

  56. Our PTI in 1979 was one Cpl Perrit, this man was a freaking Animal, On our passing out, we went for some Wets as you do, needing the heads, I went to the nearest, only to find some Poor Guy Spewing the contents of his stomach, down the Urinal Wall, stay with me, Perrit was there, he said, don't waste that, then proceeded to scoop up & eat, the warm Puke, naturally, I didn't feel much like Pissing.

  57. Name of song at the beginning ??

  58. just subbed! it would be awesome to support eachother. I think youll really enjoy my content. drop a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

  59. Saitama Fitness test live acction

  60. Nice!

  61. I have been to lympstone cos my dad is an ex SBS royal marine. It was a RMC family day

  62. Is level 15 in the beep test for a 16 year old?

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