Rocky III Gym


  1. The pimp is money.

  2. exuseme exscuseme down there sslves exscuse me slaves im a nordic traveller from he east an im seem to crash to you willage cou you point me to your nearest traing post ill be neeing some suplise to repair my wessel oops my hammer

  3. Now that's a real GYM.

  4. Connor said “celebrities were at the gym” this isn’t the scene he was talking about stupid race baiting Africans

  5. Looks like the house of Batiatus where they train gladiators.

  6. Adrian is turned on by sweat of black warriors

  7. I don't see any dancing …..

  8. I don't like these people

  9. Not one racist thing was said by Conor.
    The monkey comment was aimed at 2 white body guards and was not meant in a racial context, monkey in the UK is used like the word clown.
    Secondly he wasnt calling the guys in appollos gym. "dancing monkeys"
    He was actually reffering to the scene in rocky 3 where fans, paparazzis, and celebrtities are dancing and taking pictures distracting rocky in the gym leading up to his loss to clubber lang..he was reffering to the distractions as dancing monkeys which is why he specifically said "CELEBRITY GYM"
    Also conor uses the word boy on literally every opponent, black or white in an attempt to son them.
    This is all race baiting pc sjw bullshit lol
    Floyd said manny was a yellow bitch and that he would make him rice and sushi after they fought, he wore the mexican national colours ( which is illegal and a crime in mexico) and sported a sombrero for more racial stéréotypes in his fight with de la hoya…
    He called conor a faggot too and a leprochaun.
    It goes both ways but you biased racists and casual fans cherry pick what offends you to suit your agenda…
    Its fight you Fucking pansies.
    Why do SJWs watch combat sports ?
    Go back to your safe space you race baiting casuals.
    If you are easily offended and have any racial predjudice… & if you root for fighters based on skin colour, you are a fucking moron and the fight game might not be for you.

  10. This is not the scene he was talking about. No 1 is dancing you smh. He was talking about the scene where there were literally CELEBRITIES having a function and Mickey as complianing about it.

  11. he said in Jimmy Kimmel show the celebrity gym "rocky 3" not apollo gym
    watch the celebrity gym
    and this one Apollo gym
    The guy's not American, nothing he ever says has came off as racist to me. He's called others "boy" in past fights too. Media & Floyd nitpicking like shit.Boy! Seriously? Fuck off with that shit! The Irish was the most enslaved race on earth but you don't hear a peep out of them! Get that fucking chip of your shoulders! You play the race card at any given opportunity

  12. Conor is Paulie's nephew (adopted)

  13. Conor is certainly more eloquent than Mayweather Sr. 😋 "My son gonna bit da shit outta you!" x100

  14. Now that's a place where gods are born

  15. You know where they take that shot? I mean like the location?

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