Rockstar Ft. Post Malone | Bodybuilding Motivation


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  2. We need more …

  3. sorry man but at 1:50–2:00 its just sad and pathetic not motivational. your fucking arm is broken you moron, stay home and relax

  4. Dude this is awesome , this video is 100% motivational

  5. Now im really motivated to go buy some gear. Thanks

  6. This video is "The Perfecto!". Now really, you have precisely collected these short part of the whole videos, and you have cut them well, so the result is amazing. Okey, it doesn't has too many effect, and anything like that, but in my opinion this video is very COOL. Good job, dude! I really love this, and i can't get bored with it. 😀 So motivating. \ GG! \

  7. from a fatass junk eating piece of shit to a complete gym addict and fitness enthusiast I know how fitness changed my life completely. it teaches you no matter how strong you are you will break down, and no matter how broke you are you'll wake up stronger the other morning . This is a wonderful video. probably as good as Muscleblaze video series.

  8. love it…!!!!

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  10. Gym is my life, I'm fucking motivate!

  11. Best explosive motivation video u will ever see in ur entire worthless life

  12. This video makes me want to Tren hard and Anavar give up.

  13. "We are all telling ourselves a story. So why wouldn't it be the greatest story ever told?" – 52 and seeing gains .

  14. Just got back from the gym, time to go back

  15. If you listen this song everyday then you may achieve your goal shorty seriously

  16. 347

  17. Calum von Moger the Hero !

  18. What’s the song name after 5:39 couldn’t find help guys

  19. Motivated!! Let’s go!
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    Workouts and meals!

  20. Love treiner forever

  21. Inspired bro awesome

  22. Ullisesworld

  23. I had the perfect workout just not the determination. Thanks

  24. I love my Roman brother the rock most powerful wrestler of history is history WWE powerful man the rock iam Kalyan Roman

  25. Aeeeee

  26. Homens feios 😝

  27. I fucking hate rocksae

  28. 2:07

  29. Motivation very nice like bro.

  30. Is anyone gon mention roids?

  31. Everytime I'm almost losing motivation, I watch this 💯💯

  32. I love zym

  33. who is the guy at 1:20 ??

  34. My pre workout 😎😎

  35. amazing

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