Robotic simulators used to train healthcare professionals

simulators are one of many tools helping trained medical professionals right here in the Carolinas so that when something happens they're ready for it this baby breeds cries and moves but it's a robot that looks and acts very real he may have an infection somewhere in his body dr. Christine McGill works through a scenario inside Carolina's simulation center alongside a nurse three milligrams per kilogram she cares for sick children and teaches others how to do the same the ability to practice with equipment that is this high tech and this lifelike then when you walk into a room of a real patient you know exactly what to do outside the room computers control the robot symptoms and can create complications in a moment's notice posturing along her back everything is intact we practiced trauma across the hall dr. Kyle Cunningham and his team meet another robot Bailey and her real mom I think she was trying to jump off the back of the couch we're in a roller and she'll be on her back and we'll get an x-ray I can tell you there been countless things that have come up in simulation scenarios that allow us to improve our processes and provide better care for our patients from communication to execution they are perfecting best practices when the stakes are not so high the center also has a tech crew makeup artists and actors who play family members or patients who have questions and feelings Danse water ski is the director of the center so how do I make sure that I'm an excellent team member on any team that I'm on well you practice just like professional teams practice sports we have the opportunity to practice in that safe environment training can take place anywhere we can travel out to actual sites into clinical settings and do these scenarios and if you think it's real today you should see it in the real setting but this way when we can run through it repeatedly then that nervousness goes away and the muscle memory kicks in and we know exactly what to do you never stop learning and it's more than medicine they are practicing it's really hard to tell how sick they are so you did the exact right thing by bringing him in we're gonna take very good care of him my problem

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