roblox bodybuilding simulator ft memeulous

ah yes golden hair I'm gonna be beautiful I'm stunning I would be a pretty girl yeah okay clothing uh shit oh yeah pink I'll be good weird this I can't like yeah I'm stunning I'm gonna change it to very large muscle woman Barbie fight Oh sunglasses stylish aviators yeah let's have it you bought Robox of course I'm you loser we're gonna fall out George ten code the nine-tailed Fox oh wait neon wings back back see you're really excited about your head oh you can make yourself tall long is it short gosh or kings so I can't wear my stylish aviators at the same time as my bare face mask George what I'm living on your behalf that's ridiculous you should get a refund don't about to speak to the manager ice angel jerking their egos there's a princess Layla who's single happy and hot everyone else is here in like you know like My Little Pony type costumes and I've got a battle ax on my back who likes drum and bass what about ketamine surely that's livid smoothness swear words Oh someone's written who George hey I bet the girl behind this says ooh ooh ooh I think her name's puh is it because I'm puh I wish I could be there to see this will bar I like 30 and snails I think I'm gonna get kicked out for being a tomboy where's that not allowed well everyone's a princess in it tell them I like footie and snails and I've got bad Luck's on me back you like snails yeah well snails got to of it I know just like snails in it Oh fair enough Oh someone's from phases in here whoa really oh well like Call of Duty faze clan roblox is shit down for me Oh George I've got I've got the perfect one for us a few weightlifting simulator three yeah again three did you say free so there's been two before yeah just like not good enough these are like realistic strip people no George I'm a stick oh no obviously that's not very true to life the different levels are small fry and monster why are there kills in this this kills it would you go on the leaderboard yeah you carry around a dumbbell with you at all times do you like me just like me I'll get my kills in my elbow sticks through my arm but it's fine I could have a massive right hand a brawl is starting do you want to join yeah I want to scrap George I think I've got a shack so they start fights every time right and there's like you can get so much just dude sit up to the corner George hear any party oh he's huge it's a fire ring like like he was literally like 20 foot tall or any trumple to me is that what we fight him can we fight him I'm gonna change them to a fight press to right okay so there's your dumbbell right Preston what is that what quite high chops why we're doing no damage to each other cuz with sticks oh we just did 418 damage and stood on me oh no he's just stepping me no okay right George we need to hit the gym I've been stood on again we need to be in the time roll where's the tiny listen to the tiny soin George and where are you where is the time over here what's over here the tiny zone oh yeah as if I know where that is we're gonna have to take refuge in the tiny zone how long do you reckon these giants have spent on this game like the ones that are about the 50-foot so could you guys have been addicted to roblox wait simulate we really out here grindin well you lot of playing games putting in work this server where where is the tiny zone just describe where looks like it looks like a beach I can get you oh I see it sighs trying to join no I don't think that's a good idea okay let's get the time zone only 500 or less strength what's your strength six yeah let's get it let's get it uh it makes the noise every time I get strong this is gonna take forever what strength you are now 21 well you only 58 oh wait I think I can see my arms get bigger I might be making that up oh yeah they're bigger than mine just tell the chimneys sometimes damage – yet he's too big you're too big for him equality this you cannot get for loser yeah whose was your problem pipe down pipsqueak right let's not trash George until right come on I just got a nine strength you can get pets on this can I get like a pitbull just a ripple just the staff what the heck shall we join the sport you think we're ready oh no I'm getting I'm getting bare and getting bare strength now big ones down a fire around them today George – literally Prince oppressing the earth oh this is super giant but a smaller giant got on his back there's me and Alex fighting in the foot okay when you look at your height I'm apparently one foot one high oh wait buffness we need to get my buffness out up let me pull some hot chicks although I am a hot chick currently should we go and try and beat these guys up by the by the water we're servants in the tiny zone shut yes God is too big for us how do I stomp on him yeah abort mission and just become one with them why aren't they moving do you think having maybe is this what you this I think you know we're gonna be here for days we'll just getting hench yeah it's just join us crawl oh it's go stomp on me he's gonna stomp on me I don't think we're good so they pick you to fight very large muscle man has been chosen best of luck whoa thanks George oh I did 23 I'm gon do it the person is a giant what look behind you oh my god he literally knocked my head in it's Club a bish I'm in orbit you came second though yeah I mean I love how aren't name some roblox match the server he's just standing by the tiny zone waiting for us pipsqueak still is fast he's gonna stop with you I was like five meters away from ursua dies from the impact yeah he's a bully bully oh the guy that leg donors come to try and fighters yeah you can't hit me here come on yeah the fakemon Martin you've got bodied from oh you're you're perfect get censored I've never really been to the gym is this what the gym sounds I'm gonna tell you and go over tight you I am also taking you know they do this my spare time so does strong porosity which is come back on next site with you a 27-foot if we read stream Snipes we're not even streaming but we've been recognized on roblox we're just so famous on it I just think we are roblox neighbors there's someone here as two thousand one hundred kills there's you're gunning something it was it's the guy in front of it Wow West we're standing next to a real trapper it's just the constant yeah but some massive now been kicked out the tiny zone I'm now a shrimp I could do push-ups I've shot some was tryna for hands I'm weak George let's don't worry I avenged I got dropped you do push-ups on there now yeah I'm kind of enjoying this it's like really scary right but you know we just got kinds okay I'm in are you ready I've just been given a bench press is this my weapon of choice I'm so strong George right yeah I'm bench pressing without much bench I'm just levitating purely with my uncle's pressing that's not in the bro code did you get knocked out yeah glad fella you don't know what you've got coming Oh damage damage damage damage damage yeah just kick me said it may this is great fun right here well sponsored I've literally got me hands up ah there's a stick there's a stick dude wait I'm gonna knock them out in one punch one part me drop Jen Seafarer yeah revengeful aha revenge for spark Amir I'm just George I've got two people out with one punch Oh solid oh I'm so sorry bond Alex in school oh my god George I just got one banged by a shrimp that's that's embarrassing well why would you even admit that to me okay come on put me in with the shrimp hope you in with some pathetic little bait Emile come on I'll take them I'll take anyone hi tiny I'm gonna kill him flower Barbara fella it's over for you Georgie doesn't know what's coming perfect I'm charge and I'm gonna buy him out with one left hug come on Brandon do next okay come here mate you know the brawl old rules are out the window your bow hacks in your bag is so scary or you got the first one in I think you might get it Oh dropped Chansey bet you can have it tip oh I got lend right back to the grain George you scrap before you scrapped me in the arena yeah drop again they're right here again he'll get slapped up as I stand on ya corpse he's fled me he's run away coward coward just dead up the flow like all spread out depressants your dead body there's a big boy area you need to fouls it straight to get to Big Boy be tribal past they're statues of just big henchmen Oh someone's doing dumbbells in the fountain yeah I'll get a bicep curl you felt actually not you know I'm gonna kick ahead in sorry he's always on my streets toughen get out of my phone yeah for a scrap and a scrap only here my raw it's just a giant man he's stomping okay I've gotta beat him up no Georgie lost to princess look at her strength is 4,000 all go right with me don't lie to me why is my posture on this so bad and why am i walking she's the one who taught me the gym is for men is for men like us a punching isn't working I can't press anything oh I figured eat Oh so I think I need to get stood this is salsa spacing cuz it's just like little thing little people and they like like 4,000 strength how many pushups shit MA sure you've dude she's terrifying as a little stick running for me come back here you pipsqueak I think the treadmill makes you skinnier at school 48 women how much can you bench will pop rate 200 you know that's a knife that's a lot or a little maybe a thousand depends you know it might be a good day oh you get speed by going on the trip Mills I'm gonna be proper Rapids see I think I might just focus on being and folks to be fast I can run away game elapsing literally put my head spun your jaw so your account level 99 biceps me I don't want to be a shrimp man this is a degree entitled it's a great oh you're a shrimp shrimp shrimp I'm shortly clients bullying in the comments for being a shrimp shrimp how'd you stomp I think you know oh my god they did the thing where they transform into a tiny person who just karate-chop me neck right George I think right right where we win right we've got to take down a big and we're gonna take down a big and come on come on come on I'm not your uncle's oh come on come on no I don't want to brawl I don't want to brawl I just want to fight deep kill him I'm pretty fast now I see you I see you fly in road look at you you know just could just call it just call me Lightning McQueen you could never you could never my speeds I have an advantage with my speed well you've got a disaster D I've just noticed what jerk in this game mode inspires kids to go to gym like when I was a kid I'm playing animal crossing I really wanted to go fishing do you really this has the same effect okay the two of thorn huge yes a muscular now I'm spacing out but I'm muscular okay well we hope you've enjoyed if this video can get 50,000 likes we'll do a part two on George's chump oh yeah right thank you very much for watching go subscribe to Georgia these guys later oh are you any parting words George right yeah please please like I really wanted to a video on this on my second channel sparks


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