Roblox Adventures / Escape the Gym Obby / Escaping the Giant Evil Fat Guy!

kind of want to cheat and go around I think that'd be funny l did I just what what happened why do I what did I just get his Oh why do I have is what um he he doing okay sir um sir are you gonna are you gonna be okay I just wanted to come to the gym today wait a second what's what is this that just the entrance how do you even are we in the sky um okay Oh sir oh my god ladies and gentlemen today we are playing the escape the gym Abby and I'm assuming we need to escape because we really don't want to be at the gym right now probably because we're a little bit like this guy but I don't know let's see what this guy has to say come on let's get fit we those by those by whistle noise right there all right whatever you say sir yeah wait a second is this sweat is this pools of sweat that are seeping around the oh I think they are Oh gross there's sweat everywhere you have to jump over it that guy doesn't seem like he's having a very good time he's kind of but you know what guys you know what I will say is that if you see people like this at the gym you shouldn't judge them you should encourage them because obviously they're trying to make a change for the better they're trying to better themselves so instead of laughing at them you should be saying you should be saying wow good for you and like look look how strong that guy is he's easy doesn't seem to be done he really wants can't he so he's actually uh seems to be doing quite the opposite of what he should be doing so wouldn't you ah but at least he tried at least he tried going to the gym so I guess that's what matters at the gym they really shouldn't have candy machines they should probably try to keep everything very healthy I want to see weight where it is my weight is messages really I want to those likes moving don't touch the floor or you're out okay yeah yeah moving those legs okay so we're in another part of the gym we're more like at a gymnasium oh there's a rock climbing wall oh man that is so cool all right all right here we go climbing over top this kind of reminds me of the military our be a couple of somewhat similar obstacle courses I think perhaps perpetually all right here we go I do remember little thingies like this that they would put together in the school gym that was always a lot of fun hello wow this is high jump boom hey hey wait a second what who's this guy over here did you guys see that who's that guy here we hold on I'll show him in a sec hey it whoa Oh he'd sometimes jumps up really high sometimes he doesn't all right we're gonna get through this one quick so it goes boom boom boom no boom oh there we go boom gotta wait to get there we go okay yeah who's that over there do you guys see that there's like a really there's some guy walking around who is that supposed to be he's just walking left and right what can I come this way oh oh you win some you lose some but we're gonna win this one here we go boom on to the rock climbing wall yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's right that's right we did it that's pretty good I really like this whole this whole gym concept when the windows are looking nice oh my goodness excuse me Oh wrong door afford these punching bags we how would you do a better whistle impression no I don't know ooh so we're in like a boxing gym now so whenever they say escape the gym Aubie it's like you're not just in a gym or a gymnasium you're unlike a bunch of different types of gyms she'd been escape the gyms uh Bobby Oh Oh all right here we go now we're going into the boxing arena and we're gonna have to balk someone is that maybe Oh is the person over there in the shorts supposed to be here in the boxing arena and he just chases us could be that welcome to yoga class wait is that a giant fat guy uh oh no that is a giant fat guy who what the is he gonna eat us he's probably gonna eat us oh no yep yeah yeah oh no no please sir no though stool unless are we supposed to wait no we're probably supposed to get eaten by them okay no never mind we may have been eaten but I want to see those jumping muscles burn okay sir whatever you say we here we go yeah yeah yeah knows we're inside the wall I was close we're inside the fat guy right now and oh my God look at that pizza guy that is terrifying oh hello I love oh no I thought was not worth it I was gonna make fun of the pizza guy and then he very promptly gave me revenge oh wait he's right here ah all right here we go that doesn't even look like a pizza uh looks like a Christmas fruitcake oh my god that does look like a Christmas fruitcake Wow anyways here we go yeah yeah I actually really like fruitcake I don't know why that's like the joke is that nobody likes fruitcake because I like fruitcake a lot all right here we go hmm I'm a little bit of this a little bit of dad a little bit of swivel suavo just like cat just like it Oh did anybody see how fast that was she's sure shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo soon got a pick up every little speck of dust okay here we go oh we're getting pooped out right away all right all right okay we can get pooped out I have no issue with that oh sorry about that Oh gross well at least he apologized and he owned up to it so that's okay can we jump in the trash can no we I don't know why I thought we'd be able to mmm hello no excuses let's get swimming oh geez but oh but this isn't swimming floor wet what that's it I just I could fall down okay we wait alone to see if I can do a flip yeah no not quite hold on and boom Oh almost I almost did a flip what if I come in here oh that's they're just pouring water on me boom depth all right come on let's go oh no what does you have to say now don't cheat and go around I'm watching kind of want to cheat and go around I think that'd be funny L did I just what what happened why do I what did I just get his oh why do I have is whoa whoa Oh hold the phone okay hold on let me put you guys down oh okay they'll just disappear okay fine I come over here and I how did I get what this guy gives you hair all right well it looks is this what I'm gonna look like when I'm really old in roblox can your if your roblox character could could gain age could could age then that's what might that's what my guy would look like and then serving Allah would have gray fur yeah and a little beard it have a little great beard as well I don't got anyways there we go yeah Jess I can't Oh whoo all right all right here we go into the tube whoo I love slides oh I just completely missed it oh that is just great I'll just go right over top of it wow that is Luke screams me Oh Oh still do it with one hand yeah whoo okay okay here we go into the slide this time we're not gonna jump over it hooray okay now what do we go over here row Jim for a sec I thought it said bro Jim that would also work out that's a new him oh no what now hey we're not finished yet jump over those hurdles okay which ones all all of these okay oh did I hit the hurdle I could I did not hit that I did there was out not in the pile with no hold on okay that when I actually did that time was that the same one that I did last time though are you no matter what guaranteed to die on that hurdle that's the thing that is the big question nope nope I was just hitting it because I'm bad oh yeah there's more hair lying around like this look at that why does everyone have this gray hair I want you to clear the long jump if you don't you will fail oh no okay ah ah oh man Taysom cray-cray right there – from crate crate okay up the ladder up – wait a second why are we on the outside of the gym right now why are we climbing onto the roof of the gym and what is that up there hmm what is that up there in the sky I don't know I really want to check it out now I want to see what that is Oh get it plane it's time to go skydiving wait wow we're going really extreme with the sports huh click or tap to grab a parachute and jump okay will do sir oh I need to click or tap there we go oh you should probably bury shoot now ah yeah oh so that's what that was up there it's the airplane alright not too bad oh whoa excuse me everybody that is 2:30 it's that time of the oh I could get on some hello hey what are you doing its ok still have my parachute it's okay everything's gonna be fine just gotta get over the island okay we got this bike oh you can't even see the island right now there's the island and now it's not there wait like that now you see it now you don't now you see it no you don't okay anyways here we go we're gonna I want to land right directly on the green right there you see that okay here we go this is going to be our goal can we do it can we do it I was so all right well how it's cracked my shoulder oh that's okay that's okay I don't mind it all oh right here we go I spy the boo okay oh wait hold on hold on hold on hold on what is that's over there what is that little speck hmm wait a second was that cardboard scarf and what's this over here hair why is there hair randomly spread across the sabe and what is that over there what are all these random things at this right here they're sunglasses it's like somebody disintegrated oh those are some pretty nice-looking sunglasses haha you thought you could get those sunglasses so wait a second where's all the wear people getting these cool clothes they're no clothes we can put on at the end of the sobbing I guess not okay well anyways I guess that concludes the gym avi or should I say escape in the gym hobby so ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did if you did please be sure to give it a like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and don't forget to check out oh I'm not wearing it right now because I just quickly jumped into the video with whatever I was wearing while I was asleep but anyways if you do want to wear the alphaCAT shirt is right here you can get it at Dennis or there's a link in the description below it is super comfy it is a very nice shirt indeed so you guys should definitely go and do that but other than that I hope you all have yourselves a fantastic day


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