Robert Vogel – Physical fitness

yeah and I think it does I don't think it's quite as important as what a lot of people think it might be I think first of you what you want to be in decent shape you know if you're not overweight and if you can move you know you don't have to be this super ly athletic but being flexible does help getting in and out of some positions outside of that I don't think it Madinah sky is really gonna help you it's gonna give you any real advantage over somebody that just you know maybe it's not as fit but he's seeking so move he can still get Bob when you look at some of the best shooters in the world right now some of them are not very fit but they're still performing so but you know it's advantage and disadvantage about 32 so I'm not that old yet and I've been able to to maintain my fitness for the most part I do not really work out so to speak I I stay active you know I maintain a good weight i I do pull-ups now and then and do that I work on hand strength and I'm big on that actually with captain's to crush skippers I believe in hand and arm strength is very important but I just try to stay active I I'm not huge on fitness and what we're doing endurance honestly doesn't really I don't think it plays a big part I mean the longest stages I've ever shot in my life where the pistol was not much over thirty seconds and even then you know bordered I have to run maybe maybe 50 yards you know you don't have to be in super good shape to be able to spray 10 15 yards here they're even even 50 yards we have a running to 300 yards would be a different story but you know does help being being quick I mean I know if I get a dash across 10 yards I'm gonna do that a little bit quicker than a guy that's you know maybe 75 pounds overweight but at the end of the day the vast majority comes down to just pure shooting and I pull the trigger

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  1. This could have been a 4 second video….”watch Taran—fitness has nothing to do with competitive shooting – next question”

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