Rob Smith: The Life of an Everyday Beast | Podcast Ep 56

good morning everyone or good evening good whatever if you're listening to put yourself to sleep that's already to a little bit your bedtime podcast this is the podcast I'm Nick coleus I'm the host up in here and over to my right we have Heather Eastman she's our physique expert physique spirt our guest today is a familiar face familiar set of shoulders maybe if you're someone who reads articles on or one of the three and a half million or so people who subscribe to our youtube channel he's robbed every day Beast Smith and he's a WBFF Pro fitness ma Pro muscle model right he's been the model for a lot of articles on bodybuilding that calm videos including our foundations of fitness nutrition video series which is really cool you should check it out and he's also the creator and star of a video series called everyday beast let's go yeah you've heard of wine pairings your pairings this is food and workout pairings which i think is a great idea welcome back to the everyday B's kitchen I'm Rob Smith and today we're mixing it up a little bit so here's a dill I cook some chicken yesterday and I want to see what's in my fridge and create two unique meals I can add to my meal prep and we're prepping ourselves for a full body circuit workout let's go these have been getting a lot of traction on our YouTube channel and so we wanted to have him on to talk about the beast life so Rob thanks for coming man hey thank you for having me that's right and you're also an editor but you work here today happens to be probably the biggest guy in the gym right now so if I'm good one if you're what that sort of person is like you know what I'm gonna ask biggest guy in the gym he knows what's going on we're gonna do today nice that's dope so so so tell us a little bit about everyday beast or somebody who hasn't seen it like what what what is the idea behind that and how do you come up with that idea it's a program is supposed to be a foundation the platform for people to come from like just every walk of life and just say like listen this is what I do every day I'm kind of if you embody what a piece is supposed to be you know it's like we're doing this we live on life we're crushing in every day in a gym and our families at home at work and it's like we're still hit these goals so it's like it's really Fitness is the the topic but it's really a a platform to just say hey give crush it man whatever it is so yeah and that's one thing it's like each one is a workout but it's not it's more than a workout like you could go get a good workout from it but it's kind of like a celebration – celebration of fitness of working out it's celebration of food and kind of these rituals up around it you know it's not like oh god I'm doing the work this yeah this is this is what I love to do if you're passionate about the work you put in a gym you've got to be passionate about the foods you eat you want to eat a good meal you want to use something off the map you want to eat something that you create it and that tastes good that's what this robot is gonna do for you that's what this ribeye is gonna do for you yes it's about creation you know how those things go together for you man well the first thing when I think we were just talking is like everyday beast is its action you know I'm saying it's like you know people like oh you're there every day peaceful it's not I'm not there with a piece in the community but it's more of an action it's a call to action you know it's like everyday beast every day your beast and that's something every day you're like hitting a new platform you hit a new goal you know so it's like yeah we're all everyday beasts but it's a call to action like you said and it's like um at the end of the day what's your foundation if you have a fitness goal in particular you got to eat you know I'm saying if you're not eating if you're not paying attention to what you put in your body it doesn't matter what you're doing it at the gym so it's like just getting obviously Fitness is the workouts are a big part of that but it's like breaking it back down to some just the foundational concepts of like just eat right in set the goal and then everything else is kind of fall into place and enjoy it and enjoy enjoy if you don't enjoy it you're not gonna put the time and it takes to get to that goal is that is that a way that you approach your life though it's like you know what this is a this is a great back workout that I'm gonna do here it actually deserves a great meal I'm gonna think that way about the wheel coming up as well my thing is this like if I'm normal I'm gonna like have a good weekend like a great weekend I'm like kind of splurge a little bit I better work my butt off Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday and Tuesday too but those last couple of days before that big meal it's gonna be work it's gonna be some pain and it's also gonna be like all right you deserve this you know I like that it's I mean people talk about cheat meals a lot they talk about this like it's like it's a bad thing like you got to earn it because it's going to be this splurge but the way you're talking about it's like I deserve it yeah you know thank you well I don't know if you tried any of you everyday beast meals but they are quite delicious even though and that's one thing I noticed is that you make both the meals and the workouts very accessible you know it's not you're not putting out this crazy twelve exercise long workout you're putting out a workout that's maybe four exercises but just a unique combination of exercises or a unique set and rep scheme and then your food I mean you have this one that's a pizza stuffed chicken breast which is fantastic and correct me if I'm wrong most of the recipes are kind of more in the keto carb yeah more keto which only because a lot of stuff was stuff that was eaten as I was getting ready for a competition but yeah and we also talked about an article like if you want it throw a side of rice on this you can do that easily just you know like that so it's like is the biggest thing is making it like you say accessible to everybody and it's like you know you don't have some people don't have a big budget to go out there and like go to Whole Foods and shop for this and shop for that and stuff but it's like alright what can I make that my family could enjoy as well and that also helped me reach my goals and it's like keep it simple you know yeah that's that's the refrain of a lot of bodybuilders is you know I'm making a separate meal for myself while meanwhile my family gets to enjoy this and it feels like the everyday beast meals are something that everybody can enjoy but I think it's just an you bring up other bodybuilders here too because like it's clear that you have you have a deep relationship with food whereas you think of somebody who's you know somebody who's preparing for shows on regular basis they have a deeply complicated relationship with food a lot of the time you know you think about you think about bodybuilders and soft and like food is something to analyze sure you eat a ton of it but it's not something you love right right how do you how do you as somebody who's you know you've been a handful of shows and how do you find that balance how these ki– how do you keep from getting burned out for me I have to be creative you know like I got to the point where I couldn't eat a chicken breast or look at its chicken breast for like a couple months you know I got the poor I couldn't even like look at eggs in the store I'm like no I don't want that and it's like why's this that you can't eat the certain type of food whywhy don't you want eggs because you overdid it you know I'm saying you overdid it because you didn't have the knowledge to switch something now or the knowledge to be a little bit more creative about it so it's like scratch that be creative get the knowledge to understand how to calculate your macros get to understanding like search out like on Bible comm like how to create a meal plan so you don't you don't limit yourself in that I think Beth's better bring it back to everyday pieces like that's what some powering about it because we're trying to empower people to make choices that fit into the life that's gonna take them to another level sure you know there are a lot of people though who once they start putting numbers on things once they start you know thinking in terms of macros it's really hard for them to enjoy it too like how do you how do you find the balance in that and it seems like cooking skills as part of it yeah I suppose so where did you learn to cook just watching my family cooked like just I'm from the self so it's like food that's a big part of southern culture you know so you can't you can't really go to anybody's house without eating so it's like if you have a goal and yet you want to eat you know you got to know how to like make that happen and I know a lot of times that macros or you know micronutrients can be discouraging to people but it's like all right if you want this there's gonna be some give-and-take you gonna have to go like alright I'm gonna be responsible and I'm gonna want this enough to learn the macros so I can empower myself to make those creative choices you know if you got a goal and it's like oh macros discouraged me it was like what's more important your discouragement or that goal you know I'm saying it so it's like how can we as a platform help people get over that hurdle and then empower to make those creative choices and take ownership of that yeah and as a man though too it's not it's not often that you hear you know a man really want to take ownership over you know his food it's in the south and everyplace else it's really easy for men just to trust women to make food yeah no you're exactly right about that so so what pushed you to say you know what this is this is really where I'm gonna put a lot of my creative energy into my own food I'm gonna get those skills I don't want to say it came second nature but it's just it said it was just natural man I just watched my mom cook for me when I was a kid and I just in college you find you the first week of college they're giving you like follow-up Pizza coupons and this and that and it's like alright two weeks later nah I want to eat like I when I was at home me and my buddies we actually brought like hot plates and stuff in our dorm rooms and we would let the windows up and we'd be cooking like dinner at the band practice at night trying to like shoot the smells out the old residence hall like that so it's like this thing is like real you know I'm saying food has never left my brain or like just month I totally I totally understand where you're coming from was the same thing for me I went to college and I was like this sucks I grew up eating pretty well if I want to eat well for the rest of my life I got to take Michelle it's a builder for it it's it nobody is gonna do this for me you know and the way you present it you make it very easy to pick up the techniques you describe kind of what you're doing you know for those who haven't seen the the recipes and it's obvious that you love food and we touched on it earlier it you know part of the everyday beast thing is that your goals are the most important things so if you kind of set your goal yeah and then everything kind of comes works up towards that goal and so your food fits your goal not the other way around and your workouts fit your goal and I think that's the piece that a lot of people are missing because since I've been here and known you you are the reason why you're on the website is you're kind of always competition ready you know you don't go through those ups and downs I mean I'm sure you bulk but you you maintain your leanness while you're bulking right and there's not really that up-and-down that you see with a lot of bodybuilders so is that something that you've always had or is that something that you had to kind of figure out how to fit that into and create this kind of everyday lifestyle versus the up and down of the bodybuilding in the competing lifestyle um a lot of people say is luck maybe genetics but I think it's just consistency just going out every day and like just having that mindset of like all right you're gonna have three burgers this weekend what are you gonna do on Monday to bring that back into balance and it's like I don't want to say them like oh yeah I got this like that but it's like I don't want to say it's a struggle but it is an awareness thing that's like listen this is what you want to do this is how you want to look this is how you want to perform you know you gotta be on it enos like wow some like I don't want to take care of I don't want to think about it all the time it was like what do you want you know yeah like what do you want and then that's when everything else kind of falls into place I think there's something important there in there too it's just yeah just that idea that consistency and repetition they're really they're really the answer you know Russ Edgley who was on this podcast he's gay Great Britain right now he's about to finish it he had a great podcast you're a great little video on YouTube yesterday he was saying like hard work is almost always the answer it's the question that doesn't really matter like you don't get so fixated on the question just doing stuff there just the repetition of life in us over time it answers the question yeah no totally totally man I say go read a book somebody that's like 69 it is and just freed about where they were at 20 what is it it's the consistent it's the it's the it's the everyday beast that that person did and whatever feel that was that gets the reason why you reading that book right now you know so it's like yeah that's your motivation I think that should be a motivation you know the process or that everyday work and one thing that one thing I feel like I hear in your attitude to is kind of its gratefulness and we did a profile of you on the site a few months ago so I can fit employee profile and you talked about gratefulness on there sort of as you know like you you think about hunger and hungry children it seems like a lot like there's yeah it's not just thinking about how lucky you are but thinking about you know yeah just being grateful for what you have so what tell me about like what what is your relationship with hunger like because it seems like it's something that informs the way you talk about I just think that I'm from the self you know a lot of obviously all over the country is people who face new challenges and stuff like that and like just a lack of education around different food issues and access to food and like food systems stuff like that and it's just like I've dealt with it you know I'm saying I've seen it I see my I see people with my family that deal with just the mis-education that comes with food in like horrible food systems you know saying it's not that people don't have a choice or people don't want to do it it's like if you're not educated and if you don't have access to the healthy foods that's the problem you know it's not the person or the kid and it's like if you feeding the kids something bad in school internet every day the kids not necessarily making that choice there's this that's the circumstance that's the choice they don't they have yeah yeah so that kind of gets me a little like upset when you somebody's like oh that person is lazy or this mom is lazy well know what is this mom making what's the food systems that she's in what does she have access to you know and it's like that type of stuff like makes me get a little like no I don't say anybody's lazy they might not have the know-how or knowledge to make those work choices so just growing up in Georgia growing up in Atlanta and like being from that environment it's like you see that and you go and you go to New York and then you live in Manhattan you live in Brooklyn in this life Jesus Christ so many people hungry in this country you know and then you think about our country and anything about around the world in this like it's kind of overwhelming there's so much so much food out there but so many people are still hungry yeah and dude do you remember kind of when you felt like the curtain was pulled back and you just sort of saw this maybe you had never seen it before I think what really opened my eyes to it was like trying to get bigger and then eating the excess like a that's a large amount of food and then sometimes wasting that food then I'm complaining like hey man I can't eat 4,000 calories that I only hit 3,000 calories and then you sit back down and you're like wait wait a minute I'm complaining because I can't get big enough I can't eat enough food to get big enough when it's people struggling to eat like shut up bro eat the food and get into gym and then it's like what the charity thing is like fun if you're gonna eat a lot of food if you're gonna like try to do this something Barry be coming back to the community like smart if I gain this ten pounds I want to pound I don't want two dollars or five dollars for every pound I gain donate that back and it's like I I just I can't get behind the it's fine to have goals it's mine they want to be bigger and better yourself but the same time you have to be aware of what's going on around you you know yeah now you said that it it kind of upsets you to hear people say oh that person's just lazy yeah do you get a reaction when people say oh you're just genetically that way is that because they're kind of two sides of the same coin and it's like fine if it's genetics is genetics but it's like you don't see what I do every day you know you don't go to debt when I go to bed you don't get up when I go you know get up the morning and it's like that stuff that's just I'm at a point in my life now where just like all right meet me in the gym let's talk you know like you're not to be cocky about it but it's like if you're gonna say something that you know open is like come meet me in a gym walk with me for a week and then we can talk equally dismissive bodybuilders get that kind of oh well you're just you're a genetic specimen and that's why you are where you are and it's like they're not understanding it happens being on the scene so you've seen me be very much and then again this pops up and you know you're episodes that it's very much about educating you know it's this is not one workout and you're done this is an everyday kind of thing one thing I like though about about everyday piece is the the comments on YouTube yeah they're they're funny because like you know whatever you to YouTube's a hole for comments but the ones that are on these everyday beast episodes are things like I wish rob was my neighbor so I could hang out and train with you said that because like I lived in Brooklyn for about two years and we live in the living the higher luckily not a high-rise probably like 11 floors nice building but you passed these people that you see every day and they're going to different walks of life they're going into the nest like hey hey and then just go to apartment 2b or you go to apartment you see these people and it's like what if you had a body PO next door and he invited you in you just had a conversation that's what that kind of like that's their original thought process like that I talk to my buddies maybe like four or five years ago in New York about that it's like what if we did this the body board next door you just come down you sit down you have a meal then you go back to your apartment whether it's 6 e7 e 7b you know I'm saying it's just like you see these people you just say my love you just seeing you know getting mail and stuff like that I think it's great I think that'd be a really cool way to do this to where it's like the next logical extension of an everyday beast episode is you have somebody you work out together you sit down you have dinner together and you have a conversation like a podcast like the whole the whole experience I think that'd be great I can't maybe somebody's doing that out I think we need to make that happen answering a lot of questions in those episodes but then you can get even more can I know so let's talk training a little bit because one thing that I liked about the profile we did on about you on the site once upon time was that you didn't just start out lifting right you were 175 pounds 6 foot 2 string bean in a group aerobics class yeah right so so tell us a little bit about about your history with training and and when you got serious about that yes I was always active I ran track in high school was in the marching band in high school what you do in the marching band I was a saxophone player and also drum major oh it was the drum major to see that's a prestige position that was in marching band that goes always tell me what to do yeah and then I went to college I was in the marching band didn't do drum major that but I was all band but then man what happened so I went to film school did a little training in film school came back home I was sitting in Georgia I was like damn and I was waiting tables nothing wrong with that I actually enjoyed it not a lot of people and just like this is how food has always been like with I'm working for a catering company working for waiting tables on food it's just been there but then I was like dang I need to like do so many change my own life I got it kind of got down a little rut and I wasn't doing anything my lady name is center hole she had a fitness studio as synergy fitness and she's like Rob just come to one of the classes one day I was like oh just kind of for fun yeah just come check it out you know and it's like if the place I was in in my life at that point was like you know thinking 21:22 not really knowing what the next next step was gonna be I went to school I got this degree I spelled his Tom and I'm like I'm not working in that field and it was like yeah I think maybe like 10% of people get a film degree might actually going to actually build a career I have an English degree I know what you're doing so it's like I was like I was down then I was kind of like ah had dreams of moving to New York and that didn't seem like it would ever happen she invited me to the fitness class and I was like all right we'll see she fight like two or three times bar actually went and it's like a lot of I want to say older ladies but you know start this class you know and so we did the circuit training and I went through circus living weights doing this using machines found in music yeah and I just my life started to change from them and just kind of I want to say it picked me up a little bit I just started you know you start feeling better start looking better you start just you responding differently and then you got to eat right to support that you know so a natural progression you know and then it's like it was um that got me off my but I just want to say was it was a mental change not only a physical change because it wasn't really a physical change at that point was the change takes a while yeah it was a mental change now think within a year I had moved in New York and I got a job at a publishing company and I was like on my way and then my step from there was to join I mean I moved in New York I moved in actually I moved to Jersey with one of my buddies from high school and then I moved to New York which is like a month or two period and got my job at the publishing company I was like wait I don't know anybody you know so then I joined the rugby team because I want to do a group sport to meet people and then join ruggy I had to get big so I wouldn't get killed yeah so you're talking 170 so you got a okay so you're playing you're playing rugby in Jersey New York that's a big population there's gonna be some big boys out there yeah yeah so playing rugby I'm on a wing which is a sabacc position and so a smaller guy can survive out there you know if I want to be I've always been fast track so I want to be fast and big and be able to run through some people so eat and that's kind of work Fitness really kind of took off from there like actually bodybuilding shaping the body and trying to go with more powerful and just you know but when you think about a rugby player you know and I don't know offend the rugby players out there I really really don't want you don't you don't you don't think about somebody who's built like a bodybuilder right I mean it's it's a it's a block about a rugby player he is a thick guy right do you feed i don't you get do you get on the on the pitch for that oh well then it's Wallasey I do get I get I get a lot of crap for no for it and then I get a I get targeted for like you know next biggest guy wants to come get me because I'm bigger he wants to prove himself but then it's a bad situation for him because he ends up laying on the ground somewhere you know if you're if you are a physique competitor if you're a bodybuilder you've got show muscles but no-go muscles and you know in the very first episode your workout was hill sprints and that's a very functional workout that also lends itself well to aesthetics and that's another thing that you notice in these training programs is that your workouts you know you're doing far more carries you're doing stuff it's not necessarily just a regular you know lift this up and put this down there's a purpose behind it and so that's but there's some body building exercise in there but it seems like you train in a way that lends itself to your multiple interests at what point did you kind of segue from rugby into maybe I should walk up on stage show I'm gonna really gonna be they all all all men yeah so I think I had maybe 20 15 I had like alright for some reason that I stopped playing rugby for a little bit and I was like I let's just get in the gym it's just kind of worked though and I did I npf show I said let him do this show it was a natural show and uh I'm like lower Manhattan and I did that I got like seven twenty seventh place out of eighth was a bummer you know but it was like you did it you know I'm saying you didn't win but you did it you know what super chill and I was completely didn't know what the heck was going on you know stars myself probably Jacqueline but as from the top wasn't up a little bit a chicken ball chicken asparagus and sweet potatoes for like weeks on weeks and didn't do that in New York it's like crazy yeah like that's no fun yeah you have to go to the grocery store and buy like sweet potatoes with 99 of town like this is funny but did that show and then I just kind of kept and touched my rugby rugby guys I would go out and just watch it and then eventually just kept I just got into it and then I actually after that so I had it since I kind of starved myself a little bit I was like I'm not doing this anymore and at that point I was really like I want to do Fitness one of my bosses was a competitor as well and I left I was working at a PR company I left the PR company I started kind of producing some work for Men's Fitness and did some stuff with Gillette look the health focus and whatnot and then the opportunity to come work for body but not comp came along and I was like this is money I get to do video editing work for a fitness company and you know just a new experience whatnot it's when I got here I was like alright let's do it the culture just kind of like grabbed me I was like fun maybe I step on the stage again and I did another natural show here that did maybe the Idaho Cup right after that and I was like all right cool man you did it you know saying you catch one was maybe a little bit better experience and then you just keep getting better and better and it's like you get tighter you get tighter you get tighter in this like ok I got to push myself in explain because even today it's like I get to that lean point where I think I'm there it's like no you just get better and better each time and that's just kind of progression and then I became a WBFF Pro and I went back out started playing rugby again so I went back out with the larger frame so I used to be it back but now I'm from 117 I'm now playing rugby at 2:25 through 20 that's that's a big difference yeah it's a whole new position now I'm gonna for a packed with guys massage you know or 300 pounds you know I'm saying this like oh I'm not the big guy anymore I'm actually one of the smaller guys that I'm going up against my opposite numbers so it's been it's been a cool alright I think it's interesting to hear that you kind of went back to rugby though to like we had this guy Darren will be owned yeah but it's fun you know sure I think I think there's something to that yeah we had a great researcher named Aaron will be on who's he's been like a pro bodybuilder for 35 years he started his own division but he's all he's a die-hard bodybuilder view so he was also a semi-pro football player like into his 40s into his fifties even and there's just something something about that playing out there that just calls to people isn't room and I feel like there's there's a fitness angle to it too though you know I don't know what does it give you I think for me personally is I never started lifting weights to be a bodybuilder you know it's just I had a you know I built a great physique and it worked but never my main goal was never to just be a bodybuilder I wanted to be bigger I want to be faster and I want be more powerful so and then when you step on the film and you're building camaraderie you have friends you're traveling like the team I played with now we travel all over the Pacific Northwest you know we're the best team were undefeated you know and then the club is growing it's like you're part of something that's bigger than just your image and it's like you know you can't beat that today you know I'm sent your body face but your friendships are going to less wait longer than that no I think that's great yeah and I rugby in particular makes me think of my my two boys I have a three year old a six year old wrestling all the time right and you watch kids fall so much and they hit each other so much just without thinking about they're so physical it makes me think like yeah that's we're supposed to do that we're supposed to be on the ground I think that's part of what's missing in Fitness it's just the impact and that's what I think like Doug Kalman who's a researcher that we've done a bunch of stuff with here who was the host of the the Fitness Foundation series he's a boxer he's a little guy you know he's very muscular but he's middle-aged guy he boxes I think there's something to that impact that people still get value out of this is your alignment I still like when you run in that full speed full stride 800 meters are you good you know you'd break a line and you get you out there it's no better film in the world and they're running full speed and then there's no and then you take then you run full stride you like you like you're actually full strut you're like a deer no I'm saying it's nothing better than that you're pushing your body to us you know you everything's connected you know I'm saying that you're just pushing your body and it's like you you tap into that you want that you know I'm saying that's powerful feelings yeah the two sports do kind of complement each other because bodybuilding feels very restrained you know you're showing up and you are trying to get every muscle to look perfect for that one moment and you know there's no movement I mean there's posing but you're holding a pose you're your static and so to combine a very very active dynamic kind of the best of both worlds because bodybuilding is challenging in its own way oh yeah totally you know guys that will pass out from posing because it's so basically on the body and so you almost need that that other sport to kind of go to to release some of that energy again I know like posing so hard you walk off the stage and you're like oh my gosh these cramps people don't realize how physical it is or looks like you're standing there and that's that's kind of the the illusion of bodybuilding is that it doesn't look nearly as physical as it heroes to stand there and keep those small not a weird smell you have to smell and you can't like mouth I remember like I walked offstage my first show and it seems like you know you need to relax your face man is GQ smile the next minutes later oh so it's like yeah is just like anything else it's a consistency thing so yeah my favorite part of every show is when they do a pose down and like everybody kind of starts moving around a little bit more yeah you feel that release of energy but then that's camaraderie – yes in that action you actually chill a little bit and everybody's almost like nothing like WTF is a little bit different NPC but for that moment that you're out there kind of like posing down you're actually you're you're you're feeding off each other yes you're trying to yeah there's a lot of energy shine that next person so that's the point when it's like we're saying okay we're not just competing we're entertaining yeah like this is this is really a performance yeah like yeah I want to talk to you a little bit more about Kido too because this is not something you always did but it's something that you've gone into a lot more recently a sound cycle so what made you start early in that direction let's see what's your experience been like my buddy Jason guys not you look at his physique and you're like that's what I wanted you know then and if I can have that and still play rugby that's what I want you know and then so he mean that was like – person even truck you know then once I he got into it I didn't have like a lot of the negative effects that a lot of people say you get up for it so I was like Oh felt great from the start I felt great I felt good probably one down day and that was probably like a sodium thing you know so yeah and like the biggest thing to like just brings back to everybody's like I'm not a classically trained chef there anything or but it's like I explore my food I explore two options and then I come back and like alright this works this is good so keto worked and it worked amazing you know so I was like why you know why wouldn't I have you stuck with it no I've only used it for competitions but I want to start a 12-week thing in a couple weeks and I want to use it to try to add some size so it's gonna be a new test and I because we get lots of questions on that is how do you bulk when you do Peter because you know carbohydrates are the gold standard for girls groans yeah right and for athletic performance for a lot of like you know you'll find people say yeah Kido works well for a bodybuilder preparator preparing for a show but for somebody on the rugby pitch they need some carbs yeah did you find that you suffered at all there I never died I didn't use it while was playing sport but it's interesting the rugby coach just saw an article saying that some teams have been researching keto on the effect of rugby players and they kind of recommend after like shoot you all think about them yeah just got sort of PDF yesterday but yeah I just I like I can eat I can hit my goals easier doing kilo my macro Bulls wouldn't are like my calorie goals and because what to say something did you do you have any trouble coming back from it because that's what we hear more than anything oh that's great when you're doing off ketosis then you come back after nine months on keto and your body just doesn't know what's coming yeah I think it's always testing like I got ready for my show I was about this last show I did I was about I was ready about two weeks l2 to excel and I brought cars back in and it was like oh so it wasn't it was good to try it out and test it so I wouldn't know what I need to do three weeks later but it's like I feel like maybe 10 12 pounds like I gained like at a massive amount and then I had my body Hill or like freezer so how did you feel I didn't feel bad but it if I had to waited two weeks later to try that out it would have been a no no it would have been a no-go you know because your body just sucks and just hold on everything something 10 pounds everybody knows when you depleted I was talking to one of our contributors who who was in the Miss Olympia back in the 90s and she was saying she was she was around when creatine just first came out creatine monohydrate and a brand that she was sponsored by sent some tour and said you got to try this and she tried it the day before she got on stage she was in the hotel room and it was like she just went yeah instantly because she's not because there's something horrible about creating yeah it makes you hold some water but she was just so depleted as a why nothing your body's like that it's gonna be like whatever you point it sponge yeah well Rob we've got I think we've got what three everyday beast videos out right three for the first season no we have four no okay so by the time this comes out I think we'll have the full slate out there so tell us of people who want to find you aside from there like you know youtube channel of course it's a wonderful place to hang out what else can people find it find out about you check me on instagram at Rob case move – it's not everyday beast at everyday beast somebody probably already has that huh we're all everyday bees you know I think the most important thing is remember that everyday piece is a call to action you know your everyday piece you could be an everyday piece you know but now it's check no no Instagram Rob case move to or the page has my Rob Smith little clickable link what not you got a lot of calls to action though like let's grow let's go I guess I guess you know I made it sound like we're ending the pockets I wanted to ask you about that too bro right like I like that that you always say that let's grow how do how do people get growth dead wrong if you don't get it wrong yeah what do they do wrong they look at somebody else's in game instead and send the goal for their end game and then working backwards to see what step is gonna take them to get to that point you know I'm so if you look at I think the biggest thing is you look at somebody else's like in game if there's maybe this person is the author you know they wrote a book they wrote a novel it's like oh I won't have a novel and then they get discouraged because they get three pages in it's like nah if it's a professional sports player an author a bodybuilder what does that look like for you and how are you going to get there let's start here you know it's just taking people what people get wrong about growth is like it's a lack of patience it's a lack of like understanding and that's where knowledge comes back in it's like you got to understand that it's gonna take some time you know you can't just do it for two weeks three weeks and then expect it to where you want to be just be honest with yourself tell the ego no and like we're gonna take a little bit longer to hit this goal so that's that's what people get wrong about growth they just look at that final picture and don't really understand the process and that's why education is so important that's why this sudden that foundation that platform perfect Rob Rob Smith thanks for coming it's been great to have you on


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