Ripped: Inside Women’s Bodybuilding

we are the best show you sing gospel all around you those in need sometimes you fly sometimes you fall hold her hand up ha keep walking talk you need slant haigo haye Jim is my therapy seven days a week I'm in the joke bring it up ah there you go bring it up bring it up bring it up bring it up squeeze one two three four five all the way good keep going keep going keep going keep going eleven twelve thirteen fourteen one more all right Oh Dan that was the craziest workout ever yeah I got into bodybuilding just hanging around with a couple of girlfriends that were involved with it I was always involved with competitive sports growing up and I just felt like I was kind of losing myself in a sense of I had no real goal so I kind of wanted to just try it just to kind of see how far I could take it and then after the first show I just wanted to keep doing it to see how far I could go that's the way that's why you're training hard nobody else every time you're in pain in there you training harder than anybody else okay let's do that again how long do chard is to do my coaching hounds absolutely amazing she reached the olympia stage and stepping on with the best of the best of the world it took me almost 15 years before I turn pro and turn pro in 2003 and I've started to train people everything has to be perfect at that level because it can be just one little thing that will make the difference of who wins and who doesn't win you know the color to makeup the hair the suit everything everything you're not you're you're at the level where the judges that they're looking for the pro when you come out on that stage the judges eyes has to go straight to you and you want their eyes to stay on you I was overweight for my whole life when you're heavier you're just uncomfortable a lot of the time you're uncomfortable and things you're doing you're uncomfortable in your clothes it's uncomfortable to do physical things certain activities I never really got a grasp on doing anything about it and till about six years ago I didn't want to end up being I guess older I was 41 I was getting older I didn't want to be to the point where I'm getting in my 50s my 60s and I'm having deteriorating health I'm having hard time walking around maybe I have joints arthritis problems I wanted to stop that before it started happening get him up guys high heels get those butts that's it guys get there get there push push push Tracey your arms are looking like insane I need arms like that I get a lot of compliments in my arms I actually am pretty happy about that especially man some guys will say to me gosh I wish I had your arms if I wasn't doing this right now I'd probably be over indulging in a lot of stuff so can keep me on track it's sometimes hard to imagine I'm the same person it's just a lifetime ago and it would be good if I'd started sooner but I'm there now and I'm healthy and I want to keep it going and I'm really enjoying this lifestyle so I've been doing crossfit for about three and a half years before I started getting into the bodybuilding I wanted to try something different and there were actually a few people at my gym that compete and it really interested me so I just made a decision one day that I want to give it a try and see how it goes my exact category is Grand Master figure that category is 45 and over I'm hopeful that I'm in good enough shape to place in that top 5 I'm 47 so I need to measure a 10-gram BCAAs you see and 5 grams glutamine and then same thing for pre-workout post-workout what's not you can take out the ISO 100 little whey powder often have to measure it about 28 grams up so right now I'm currently sitting at 146 pounds 12 weeks out from candy Nationals and the goal weight will be 120 so that's roughly around 26 pounds right now that I have to lose over the next 12 weeks it's a next little job if you don't mind we'll do ya 60 grams for carbs makes us very supportive when it comes to me pursuing this it's a very selfish sport plain and simple it can be very hard in relationships very hard very stressful when she first started doing it I was like I was like man it's gonna be it's gonna be hard let's be realistic most guys like the little bikini girls right a little bit leaner sleek muscles as opposed to a woman that can probably bench more than they can I mean I remember him looking at me one day and say Mike are you gonna get much bigger like you're gonna be bigger than me soon but he kind of laughs it off I don't think I'm like I'm grateful that I have them cuz like for for me to accept myself and I truly love doing this and I love who I see in the mirror and the fact that he accepts that I think that's a truly great relation what are you gonna have for supper I don't know what are we making it would you like chicken well you have a choice the March again so for shrimp I can have six point five ounces of shrimp last but not least just the oatmeal for tomorrow morning and if you could count up 19 almonds 19 hours 1919 a o now would be a perfect time if you start doing the dishes but if you're already helping you actually keep okay hold it hazel okay Oh anyways Joanna sit sit down to tell you to sit ba what hungry turn it on to 375 is good okay so how is your weight going it's actually going Goods last night I had a nice little draw to pound sleep is good too yes Teresa have been friends for about 26 27 years she told me just one day she's like I don't really know if I should tell you you're gonna think I'm crazy but I want to do figure competitions so I said I don't think you're crazy I just think you need to take care and do it properly because it's extreme I think she thinks it's stupid I'm not sure she thinks it's that can be harmful to your body it's a little drastic she's not sure why people would want to do this is that what you think I don't think it's stupid I just think that it's like we always say moderation for everything right and I don't think it's moderate I think it's excessive and I just worry about her health she looks great like I'm proud of her everyone always says you always brag about it well yeah cuz it's amazing how she's transformed I just worried that she'll farmers harm herself harm her body she likes to err on the side of caution I think these are almost done how much did you pay for it huh only 110 dollars yeah she actually gave me a little discount it was awesome it could bring a lot of money some of these suits can cost fifteen hundred dollars so does it push it pushes up a lot there's nothing to push up sorry it just adds it makes you look a little bit more symmetrical you're all natural and you train so hard and then there's these other competitors that take the supplements and they have the fake breasts and stuff like that and they place better because they have it's just more I guess attractive which I don't necessarily agree with but is all about the look this this is a it's a figure competition to see is how good your physique could look so when you have somebody flat-chested it's it just doesn't look as nice have you thought about getting fake breasts I've contemplated it I don't well 50 year old not that you're 50 years old but almost 50 year old getting an amazing breasts I'm just like such a waste the bodybuilding industry is so focused on physical aspect steroids are very prevalent in this industry I've thought about steroids but I it's just not something that I want to do personally I want to do this naturally and it takes a little bit more effort and I won't get as big as some girls but my end goal isn't to be as big as I can be my goal is to be as good as I can be a little ball of steroids really GLE anabolic steroids are legal in natural shows not in IFBB Pro shows they don't test you so I was very hesitant to to try them but once you start progressing in the levels obviously you have to grow in size we like in bodybuilding like to call it a dry crisp look so you see a little bit more muscle definition it gets to a point where one steroid isn't enough so then you end up having to take more and there's always that one person that's in the background that says oh I'll never do it and guess what they end up taking it because in order to be the best you got to play with the rest I don't know too many pros that don't take let's be plain and simple and if they don't they must have pretty damn good genetics or they've been doing this for 20 years so the way I look at it I mean I'm I'm 29 – turning 30 I don't think I have ten years in this sport because it like injuries I want to have family testing the waters with testosterone and blocking your estrogen levels where even a female can't have a period for up to say six months because when they're dieting and competing how you can have a family I don't think that's possible be true to your heart the rest will follow I'm it kind of just hits home just something that like I always kind of read just reminds me of like what my family said and like we didn't grow up with a whole lot its way so for somebody to say that you could never be anything and do something with your life I just feel like this is the best way that I can show Who I am which is through my athletic ability I just I know I have what it takes to just be a pro athlete and that's just also be like my dream is just to be a pro athlete so what events are figure grandmaster and they all look pretty good so it's going to be some stiff competition so what's the first thing you're gonna do when you're done for saying I do and I'm done is probably goes a little liter of water looking good yeah that looks really good I like it thank you yeah I have good luck welcome to the year 2016 northern Alberta bodybuilding championships from Edmonton athlete 49 Theresa Popovich your figure place remember 49 Teresa vintage [Applause] it looks like Oh like that thank you just from carb-loading my vascularity and stuff is starting to come out I took an Al doc dome this morning which is a diuretic so that starts cutting your water and as of 12 o'clock noon today no more water I'll be even drier in the morning you'll be able to see everything tomorrow morning okay yeah but Rossi are you figure man physique physique so I believe there's over 350 athletes registered for the event so we women's physique a and then I got my number which is number 45 nice and brown we do leads you see me tomorrow we get dark under Hey Girl hey good look ahead looking awesome it just stand right there okay give me a front double bicep very hard okay good face Tevere Christie I went into your back double bicep I really want you to push down push down those lats okay okay you know for me there you go you see right there okay last pose we're going to do a side tricep okay there you go show them your tricep that's right my smile good kick relax good looking good you feel that you're drying out you're drying out yeah no water okay catch that will just ruin the whole thing okay it's the last time you're going to do that show tomorrow you I want you to go on that stage tomorrow and visualize and say this is my this is my stage this is my pro card and that's it I'm not coming back here okay yeah I'll be listening to you guys all the way through just failure is not an option to me right now I'm gonna keep going until I get it single sometimes you can King walk-and-talk but I'm not worrying about anybody else you know Murray themselves Weezer's worried about the winter miners worried about me a Oh 45 and 37 switch please front double bicep please choice inside side chest back double bicep please choice of side side tricep thank you the top five finalists for the women's physique a open division top five pilots I need out here on stage from Alberto number 45 Chrystia but trophy congratulations ladies I'm um Oh don't buzz how do you feel amazing so bas we don't fire y'all so it's out of my hands now so now it's just finals combat fun fun time right also this is probably one of their strongest class I've seen in a long time the girls are getting saline bag and so ripped and so hard and so grainy so you've got to realize you've got to be out before well you're gonna finish tonight I don't know where you're gonna finish if we go with the placing on stage looking for second second factor I don't know go rest that's very important put your legs up and rest this this time right now you never know what's gonna happen if she went goodnight she gets up she gets a pro card to get a trophy and no money there's nothing much more to it it's more the title anything anything else you're going to compete at the pro level then you're going to compete against the entire world okay so you're going to hand up with 35 on stage and to win the money its first three I think it's just a matter of competing I think it's the sports itself you have like only one percent of the people can do that you have to really want it the athletes love the competition they love the sports and that's why they go into the max a reward for doing this is just getting the knowledge that you're strong enough to do this you have the discipline if you want to pull it out of yourself to do this it's it takes a lot of commitment and I think part of the reward is knowing that you didn't give up on something and you accomplished it what you want to accomplish I think that's a big part of the reward evidence and the winner of the 4500 would be to visit Terry unless it the event went pretty good I mean I'm not going to play stop toy yeah I was hoping for a little bit better result but there's a really stiff competition it's being a great experience get that trophy home hey get some hardware hold that the plan I'm just blessed that people care so much about me and following my passion very lost I just want to let anybody down or myself so I just want this so bad I know it is put every ounce of everything I had it it's open it all goes accordingly sorry I'm really emotional right now Shayne stars and sky blazing trails run candles burning bright to see three the time car's gone all right how important is first place here tonight first place is an automatic and even crow that Awards going to go to four please really are you serious again I'm kind of disappointed Hawaii I am but there's nothing I can do um I really don't know what the judges were looking for I really don't they were going for bigger girls um I don't want to get bigger so this is as big as I ever want to get as a female in competitive body you look amazing baby I love you know my guess is I'm probably around four percent body fat for a woman it's normal to be around 22% people at work will complain about my drinking water when were in a meeting you have one slip-up and it could be all over for you winning or he's cake sometimes I thought the cake you Oh

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