Ring Fit Adventure Gameplay – Exercise

– Okay, this is battling
in Ring Fit Adventure. This is exercising, it’s really, battling and
exercising are the same thing. I’ve got an array of enemies
and they’re color coded and I have an array of exercises and they are color coded as well. You’ll notice that some attack one enemy, some attack multiples. So there is some strategy here. I can do some squats and we see that some of the
blue enemies are vulnerable to those. So let’s pick a target. We’ll go after the guy
all the way on the end. The sensor is in the Joy-Con. We’re going to be able to detect whether I’m in the
right starting position, and then I do my exercise. I’m being asked to do 26 reps. My form is good, my guy’s
hair gets really on fire. Like that. And you can see on the
screen that I’m working on just that one enemy. – [Game] Nice! – It’s slowly chipping
away at its health bar. – [Game] Yeah! – Set the difficulty level for the game, so I assume that affects
how much damage your doing, how long the health bars might be, how many reps they might ask for. But in the process, we are being incentivized in this case to do leg exercises to get
rid of this purple enemy. I could’ve been doing
other exercises but this is actually making me want to
do sit-ups for the first time or ab exercises for the first time. I love running in regular
exercise but I hate doing any sort of crunches and yet, when I encounter
a yellow enemy in this game I’m suddenly like, “Great, let me do some crunches.” Plus, I’ll kill it faster so it’s a clever way to
incentivize doing exercises you might not normally wanna do. In this case, though, it looks like we’ll finish this guy off with
some well-placed squats. Won’t even have to do my full
26 reps that were asked of me. Yep, he’s gone. Ab guard, I don’t get
this but somehow this is strengthening my stomach. I’ve got four enemies coming after me. They’re gonna each chip
away at my health bar and then I squeeze this. The tension in this ring
and the right Joy-Con, the red thing in my Joy-Con,
notice I’m using the ring, is determining that I’m
holding it tightly enough. So I was able to resist some of that. You also have items
’cause it’s kind of an RPG where you can drink smoothies
to raise your health points. Don’t need to do that yet. I’m trying to think of
what I wanna use here. Let’s do… This’ll be good for a laugh for everybody. Truly making myself look amazingly cool for all of the Kotaku readers. – [Game] Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. – All right, two to go. (game sounds speed up) – [Game] Oof. Tough one. Drop your hips. – Victory pose. – [Game] Stretch. Victory! – That was easy.


  1. That russian weights

  2. And I thought the wii board was ridiculous….

  3. I want to see Tim doing this

  4. I want this so bad actually. It manages to make exercising look fun!

  5. Speeding up the video was a crime.

  6. This actually looks pretty great!

  7. Lol…that is not exercise

  8. So what is cheaper. Spending 10 to 20 bucks to go to a semi boring gym to work out, or a 80 dollar game that looks fun while working out and has supposedly a very long playtime. Hummm.

  9. It's good that we see him sweating at the end of this
    Shows that the workout worked.

  10. this is my favorite kotaku video by far

  11. Only 5 hours left to wait

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