(Piano playing)


  1. This is really hard to get

  2. Can you make a video specifically for vocal flexibility?

  3. This is difficult to catch on to

  4. The one descending is easier than the one ascending

  5. Guys check my riffs and runs u can take some tips

  6. can somebody tell me what's thw point with riffs and runs?

  7. easy

  8. I learned singing riffs and runs by listening to Beyonce alone. I recommend her Dangerously in love live performance. It's a great way to effectively learn complex riffs and melismas. Just more practice every day and you'll get there! 🙂 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1z7rqd_beyonce-dangerously-in-love-live_music

  9. Can't reach the highest three…;-;

  10. I recommend to go to settings and slow the pace to get the hang of the scale.

  11. I caught right on…..

  12. I lost my riffs because I stop doing singing but metal singing

  13. i don’t have the greatest memory so..
    edit: nvm i got it 🙂

  14. It was hard because I kept going up when it was time to go down

  15. do you have any more advanced versions the you could put up say like the upper end of intermediate/advanced? Thanks!

  16. The key is to mute the video, it will help you concentrate better.

  17. Is this supposed to be with one breath?

  18. Yeah you did not put nearly enough time between the runs for someone to breathe.

  19. do i have to do all of this exercises?

  20. thank you so much ❤️ my runs are terrible

  21. How are you supposed to know what to do and follow on if there is no visual cues??

  22. I caught right on, but it hurt my throat, I'm new to runs

  23. is this all in one key or is it all just whole steps up and down?

  24. Thnks

  25. Thanks so much for this!

  26. I feel miserable for not knowing where the tones go.. I just cant naturally slide in it, my brain doesnt get where the tones in between have to go.. I naturally only can do about 4 tones as a riff and that is pretty lame haha

  27. It just do re mo …..

  28. im getting pissed

  29. Only problem for me is breathing 😂 not enough time to take a breath

  30. For yall who cant get it try counting 123234345456 and so forth

  31. This was so easy 😒😒

  32. i dont understand guys, how im i suppost to do it …..

  33. Really, meow is common syllable? For humans?

  34. ///123456///

    123 (7x)

    This is what helped me. Maybe it could help you too.

  35. this is for beginners?

  36. Scott Hoying has entered the chat

  37. i sound like a dying cat

  38. Going up is

  39. Going down is

  40. WtF is going on???

  41. y’all just do
    1,2,1 but the 2 is a high note than 1
    1,2,3,2,1 then the three is higher than the 2
    go up to 5 making it sound like

  42. 😐This shit is for beginners? Are you sure?

  43. Which syllable do u have to practice?🙄

  44. Ahhhhhhh the confusion

  45. 1-2-3-2-3-4-3-4-5-4-5-6-5-6-7-6-7-1-7-1-2-1

  46. I love it. My voice felt great doing it.

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