RFK, Jr.: Gardasil “The Science” Video and Other Facts

hi I'm Robert F Kennedy jr. and I'm making this video for the sake of parents we're trying to make an informed decision of whether or not to give their child their boy or girl the Gardasil vaccine I'm also making this video of as a tool for pediatricians who are trying to understand how this vaccine if it's actually causing all these problems with young girls could have been approved by FDA and mandated by CDC virtually all the things that I'm going to talk about in this video are available to the public on public documents as I'm gonna show finally I want to say this about Merck which is the company that makes the Gardasil vaccine many of the things that I'm gonna say today would be slanderous if they were not true and if they're not true and Merck should sue me Merck won't do that and they won't do it because in the United States truth is an absolute defense to slander and the second of all Merck knows that if they sue me I'm gonna immediately file a discovery requests and many many more documents are gonna emerge at illustrate even more fraud by this company on the American public and the people all over the world finally as a footnote I'm not going to talk today about the specific biological mechanisms and allow this vaccine to cause harm and human beings that information is out there it's and does lintons a peer-reviewed published scientific documents many of these are described on our website and I urge people to go to the Children's out the defense website to educate themselves on those issues today we're gonna talk about the clinical trial and about murk's fraud in that process and this is Mark's claim the HPV vaccine will eliminate cervical cancers and other HPV associated cancers the danger of dying from HPV cancer in this country is one death in forty three point five thousand people imagine you have a deck of cards instead 50 cars there's 40 3,500 on it on a big big table and one of those cards is a black card if you've got that you die so mercs deal is that it's gonna remove that black card from the debt but in order to play the game and make sure that Merc removes the black card everybody who participates it has to put in 420 dollars because that's the cost the three-dose artist's vaccine so here's garnet so by the numbers so the cost of the three jabs here is average is about 420 dollars there are 76 million children who essentially have been mandated ICDC to receive these vaccines this is a blockbuster product for Murphy the global revenues from this vaccine today are about 2.3 billion dollars it's the third largest product in the company's inventory the cost of saving one American life is eighteen point three million dollars people could argue whether or not that's the reasonable value of a human life what I would say was is that he criteria that we should use for evaluating reasonableness is is there a cheaper way to save more lives and many people don't argue that pap smears are the most effective way that 80% of cervical cancer that has support he been eliminated by pap smears and this is the most effective technology independently in another context HHS has already put a value on human life and the value is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars that is the maximum number at the vaccine compensation program will pay for killing an American citizen okay prior to marketing the vaccine the FDA licenses the vaccine and in that licensing process Merck had to show that the vaccine was safe according Federal Regulations word safety means that relative freedom from a harmful effects taking into consideration the character from the product in relationship to the condition of the recipient at that time so what is the condition of the recipients of the target group for this vaccine on is this vaccine targets millions of preteens and teens from the risk of dying from cervical cancer is zero cervical cancer on average kills at age 58 it's first detected at age 50 a teenage girl or boy has zero chance of dying of this which means the threshold for giving this medication is very very high secondly it is mandated in some jurisdictions or the government is actually government officials our action coming in and ordering people to take this medical intervention so we have to be sure that the threshold for risk risk profile that medical intervention should be very very low third unlike other medical interventions artists or recipients are perfectly healthy so when you give medication to a healthy individual you have to make sure that the risk the profile is practically zero and in order to determine risk there's a standardized protocol and it's called double-blind placebo studies what does that mean it means that the drug company is trying to license this product if the vaccine gives the medication to one group of people maybe five or ten thousand people and gives the placebo and a nerd placebo there's an identical looking pill that is a nerd it's either sailing or sugar to a similarly situated group of five or ten thousand people and it's double-blind meaning that neither the patients nor the researchers knew who got the placebo and who got the actual medication you can see here here's what NIH as about the National Institute for Health placebo it was an inactive substance looks like the drug oh here are typical examples live tour was given during its study phase to about 17,000 subjects having them receive the lipitor half of them received a sugar pill it looked identical to the lipitor II and and they were observed and studied for three point three years life for so long because many of the injuries that are caused by medication are latent they don't show up for two or three or four or five years cancer for example may not show up for four or five years after the exposure autoimmune diseases and allergies and these kind of things take a long time to diagnose umbral for that reason was studied for six point six years and I guess the control group received a saline injection Botox there was a national emergency to get Botox to market so people can get their wrinkles cured it's not even for 51 weeks and it was it against a saline injection now I'm gonna show you one of the really outrageous frauds at Merck committed during the clinical trials this is an insert that is part of every vaccine package and you can go on the internet right now and look up that Merck product insert and find these two tables in the initial table you can see there are three columns and this is a table that just looks at injuries at the vaccine site redness and itching and bruising and pain at the vaccine site and they use one there were five thousand girls five thousand eighty eight girls who got the Gardasil vaccine number two there were three thousand four hundred and seventy girls who got the aah s control what is that that is the adjuvant in the vaccine that is a toxic neurotoxin as put in the vaccine to make it more long-lasting to provoke an allergic response in the subject of the vaccine and most people that it is that luminal adjuvant that is causing all of these injuries in the girls who are getting the vaccine and there were three thousand four hundred and seventy people who were to see if just a neurotoxin with no antigens and no under the other vaccine components and he was a third group which is the placebo group what I want you to look at is at these numbers that in the guard is on AHS control there's virtually the same number of injuries and when you get to the saline placebo that injury rate is cut in half now let's go to the table where they talk about real systemic entries autoimmune diseases and instead of showing us real science which is to show us what happened to this ailing group they hide the Sailing group as a way of fooling you your pediatrician and the regulatory agency by compressing it into the aluminum group and they never tell us they say this is a combination of the aluminum adjuvant and the saline placebo they don't tell us how many in each category were compressed there a real thing that you need to watch here is what happened these are all very very serious injuries these are injuries and in some cases people with it were worse than death and that affect people and debilitate people for a lifetime in many cases and if you look at the bottom at the Gardasil group an astonishing 2.3 percent of the girls in the clinical study who receive the Gardasil vaccine but ill from autoimmune diseases within six months of taking the vaccine and look what happened in the aluminum group the same exactly 2.3 percent nobody no parent would allow their daughter to take a substance it had a 1 in 40 chance of giving them a lifetime disability World Health Organization says that using it like let's say we're a foes Tebow has earned it with Gardasil puts you in a methodological disadvantage that it quote may be difficult or impossible to assess magazine safety dr. Stanley Plotkin who developed the polio vaccine who developed the pertussis vaccine Oh Devon the rotavirus vaccine Stanley Plotkin award is the Nobel Prize of axon ology is given to the top vaccinologist every year and what he says unless you have a true control group you are in la-la land finally is what the American Medical Association says the absence of a double-blind placebo testing and short-term study is a chronic disease are quote the indicia of marketing masquerading as science and that's what Merck gave us the Cochrane Collaboration is 30,000 scientists from all over the world who came together to create an independent assessment of medical protocols which they saw as being increasingly controlled by the industry the Cochrane Collaboration is that the use of active comparators probably increase the occurrence of harms and the comparator group they're fine masking arms created by the HPV vaccine and that indeed was merged point to hide those harms so if you do the math women are a hundred times more likely to suffer a serious adverse events from the Gardasil vaccine and they are to be protected from cervical cancer so now we have a very different bargain in this card game that we're playing with Merck we have 43,000 cards and the black got the death card is gone but now there are a thousand blue cards which if you pick one of those by mistakes you have a good chance of getting an autoimmune disease nobody would take that bargain so in order to get the FDA license to market this vaccine Merck did a numbers thought is which it called protocols we don't know how many they because they're not telling us they never disclosed it the one where most concerned with is protocol 18 the reason protocol 18 is critical was because that was the basis for FDA giving a license to produce and market the vaccine why is that because protocol 18 is the only one in which the target audience for this vaccine 11 and 12 year old girls was actually tested the other ones that looked at big cohorts of women were 16 to 25 year old and 16 to 26 year old women protocol 18 looked at girls and boys from ages 9 to 15 there was a total of nine hundred and thirty nine children in that's naughty that is a very very tiny group of people to study in order to determine the safety of a product that is going to be marketed to billions of children around the world now I'm going to show you one of the key fraudulent flim flam's that Merck used to get this license FDA said that approved artists based on protocol 18 because protocol 18 was of particular interest because it's the only protocol and which weren't used up true selling placebo instead of the aluminum admin as a control that's what Mark told FDA and CDC but Mark was lying it actually did not use the truth sailing bliss oh it used what merck called the carrier solution which is all of the components of the vaccine except for the aluminum and the viral particles the antigen among compounds that we know we're in the carrier solution or polysorbate 80 which we have no idea what the safety profile is because it's never been tested for safety independently in vaccines sodium borate which is borax which is banned by FDA in food products and all food products in the United States has banned altogether in Europe genetically modified yeast again there's no safety test ever been done on it vaccines L histidine the same and possibly DNA fragments I say possibly because we know our DNA fragments in the final vaccine we don't know how they got there and Merck has lied about the DNA fragments from the outset and despite these potentially toxic components of compounds that are in the vaccine the 596 children that were given the carrier solution fared much better and the other than any other cohort in the study the girls and boys received the carrier solution were the only significant cohorts with no serious adverse events for the first 15 days and here's another one of the gravamen of the fraud and are committed and hits Cardinal trials but it turns out in the protocol 18 study Merck cut the amount of aluminum that was given to the vaccine group in half it has had a completely different formulation and obviously they took the aluminum out the reduced number of injuries and to mask the really bad safety profile of this vaccine and since the protocol 18 data are not based on the Gardasil vaccine formulation the trial itself constitutes ranked scientific fraud here's another bag of tricks that was my Merck in order to excuse a clinical trial results in favor of Gardasil Merck and its researchers use what they call exclusion criteria for example people who had severe allergies people who had prior genital infections were thrown out of the clinical trials people who had over for sex partners in their entire lives we're excluded from the trials anybody who had a history of immunological or nervous system disorders people with chronic illnesses and seizure disorders people with other medical conditions people who had reactions the vaccine ingredients including the aluminum yeast and the best an ace or anybody with a history of alcohol and drug abuse if you really wanted to know whether the vaccine was helping people was effective wouldn't you want those people in your study wouldn't you want people who had a genetic vulnerability to cancer in your study to see if it actually was capable of preventing cancer and Mark had one catch-all exclusion category which was any condition which in the opinion of the investigator might interfere with the evaluation of the study objectives that gave Merck and it's paid investigators complete control to throw people out of the study who they thought might make the study look not successful all of these inclusionary categories even earth the ability to limit this study to people who were like an elite club of superheroes the people who get the vaccine are not the same people they tested on they tested it on the Avengers they didn't test it on you know Joe bag of doughnuts the people who are actually receiving this vaccine in day to day life and by doing that they were able to mask whatever injuries ad might show up in a larger more vulnerable population or actually receiving the vaccine expert used an arsenal of Sloppy protocols to again died vaccine injuries among these Merck a report cards the daily a Journal report cars only ten percent of the people who it tested the vaccine on and it told those people to only make reports for 14 days after the injection and that report cards were only designed to collect jab site information so redness itching bruising fever and they only ignored altogether the autoimmune diseases and menstrual cycle problems and fertility problems and and pain and dizziness and seizures and all of the other things that we've now seen are associated with the vaccine in fact there are numerous girls who report that they were injured at the attempted to report those injuries to Merck and that murder above them furthermore Merck gave extraordinary discretion to its researchers the determine what was a vaccine injure in what was not a vaccine injury and because there was no and there placebo it was completely within their discretion if a girl came back with seizures or autoimmune disease or menstrual cycle problems it could just say to the girl well that's not related to the vaccine in some cases we know that Merck actively covered up and lied about injuries that it had a duty to report to the vaccine adverse event reporting system for example in the case of Christina tarsal a Maryland girl who died from the Gardasil vaccine Merck lied about that death in its official reports of the vaccine of an adverse event reporting system it told the system had Christina's doctor had told Merck that her death was the result of a virus and the doctor adamantly denies that Merck has refused to remove that misinformation from the very system furthermore Mirth lied to the girls who participated in these studies telling I'm number one at the placebo was sailing and that it contained no other ingredients and number two at the study in which they were participating was not a safety study they were told that there had already been safety studies and that the vaccine had been proven safe what did this do from urk it made it so the girls were less likely to report injuries as associated with the vaccine because they believed that the vaccine that they were receiving had already been proven safe and that any injuries that they did experience maybe a month or two months or three months after the vaccine must be simply coincidental and had nothing to do with the vaccine so despite all of these efforts by Merck to discourage those reporting back injuries during the clinical trials half of the girls in the Gardasil group and half of them in the Illuminati reported serious injuries after receiving the back saying in order to conceal the link between these injuries in the vaccine Merck invented a brand new medical metric that had never been heard of before called new medical conditions and it dismissed all of these new injuries which affected 50% of the girls who received the vaccine and the adjuvant as new medical conditions unrelated to the vaccines simply sad coincidences many of these diseases we're serious diseases blood and lymphatic disease Andrew crying disease autoimmune disease is GI Crohn's disease ulcerative colitis vaginal infections Moscoe skeletal injuries arthritis neoplasm Hodgkin's disease neurological diseases psychiatric diseases depression reproductive and breast disorders menstrual irregularities and pain over three percent of the girls 1 in 30 in both groups requires surgical and medical procedures so this card game that we're playing with Merck is now become a really bad bet Merck has removed the one Black Card but you now have a 1 in 40 chance of drawing a blue card and getting an autoimmune disease that may have linked with the rest of your life and you have a one in two chance of having some other serious medical condition so now let's look at Merck central claim which is at the Gardasil vaccine will prevent cervical cancer Merck sinha's we position here let's face it because the target group for this vaccine is 11 year olds as cervical cancer on average doesn't kill till 858 America essentially is making this bargain it's telling the 11 year old girl if you take our vaccine 47 years from now you won't have cervical cancer and of course the truth is you can't make a vaccine that proves that it's going to prevent cancer 47 years from now there's no way to test for that some Merck used a shortcut it said we're gonna prove that it prevents these what it called surrogate endpoints so the best thing that market come up with was send to and send three legions which had called precancerous lesions even though most of those lesions never mature into cancer so how can you call something precancerous when I was never going to turn into cancer and here's what a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology said about mercs game is that that's in three is an imperfect diagnosis of cancer and an intermediate surrogate for cancer their own attorneys told them these products the indication is the surrogate at the ultimate promotion cannot make any claim these be the ultimate end point based upon the fate of a surrogate end point Merck is another problem recent peer-reviewed scientific studies indicate that perhaps only a third of cervical cancer cases are even associated with the HPV vaccine that would completely put the lie to merge claims that garden so is gonna eliminate cervical cancer altogether so now we have a really dubious deal because what you need to put that black card back in the deck because now we have doubts about whether or not this vaccine can prevent cervical cancer at all but the news gets worse Gardasil may actually cause cancer Gardasil is insert states Gardasil has never been evaluated for potential because carcinogenicity or genotoxicity and guarded cells ingredients include possible carcinogens including human DNA and look at this this is mercs on three clinical trial records and those records showed that girls or women who already had the HPV vaccine had been exposed at some point in their life – it actually had a negative efficacy a 44.6% negative efficacy it means those girls had a 40 4.6 increased risk of getting those precancerous lesions to make things even worse there are recent scientific studies that suggest a phenomena of what isn't on his type replacement or some 200 different strains of HPV some of them are more cancerous than others and the current HPV vaccine goes after nine of those 200 viral types what these studies indicate is by eliminating those particular strains of the virus it opens up an ecological niche and the woman so that more lethal and virulent viruses can actually colonize that spot and dramatically increase the risk of cervical cancer so now Mercy is looking really grim not only do we have a 1 in 40 chance of getting an autoimmune disease and a 50% chance of getting some serious medical condition but now the cancer risk has been reinserted and actually amplified and now let's look at some of the non cancer injuries that Merck found in his preclinical studies the miscarriage rate in the preclinical studies after Gardasil doubled the background rate the birth defects in the Gardasil group were 5 times the rate of birth defects from the control group as the reproductive disorders and astonishing 10.9% of the women in the pool group reported reproductive disorders within 7 months of receiving Gardasil compared to 1.2 percent in the placebo group a death rate in the Gardasil group and the clinical trials was 8.5 her 10,000 death risk for this vaccine according to mercs own studies is 37 times the risk of dying from cervical cancer now look at the deal that Merck has offered us they've actually increased our risk of dying by 37 so now let's look at post licensing surveillance american argue that we might have missed something in our pre licensing studies but surely if that rani entry is being caused by this vaccine we would see the imposed licensing surveillance and the problem with that is at the post licensing surveillance system the principal one is called the vaccine adverse event reporting system the system is a voluntary something that simply does not work it's broken in fact in 2010 HHS hired another federal agency the agency for Healthcare Research quality and a group of Harvard researchers to study a vaccine adverse event reporting system and those researchers found the fewer than 1% of adverse events from vaccines are ever reported but even on to that system artis has distinguished itself as the most dangerous vaccine ever invented in fact when you compare it to an actual which is a meningitis vaccine that's given to the same age group teenagers artists all had eight point five times more emergency room visits 12.5 times more hospitalizations ten times more life-threatening events and twenty-six point five times more disabilities than action the vaccine court which is within HHS has made awards for numerous deaths and very very serious injuries from the Gardasil vaccine so HHS itself admits that this vaccine kills people and it's given compensation to the families that were injured the same wave of serious injuries and deaths have been seen in nations throughout the globe when they adopt mandates for the Gardasil vaccine he even Gardasil zoning insert the package ends hurt that the company provides acknowledges that the injuries that can be caused by this vaccine include death pancreatitis fatigue malaise immune system disorders autoimmune diseases anaphylaxis musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorder nervous system disorders acute disseminated my lightest that's brain injuries in Berets syndrome and other neuron diseases paralysis seizure transverse myelitis and vascular disorders in Australia and 2015 the Ostrow Department of Health at their goods reported that the adverse rates in girls is 17 times incidental rate for cervical cancer throughout the country only looked at a handful of conditions including the violating Disorders complex regional pain system and premature ovarian failure there are many many other injuries and included hospitalizations that were not subject of that study India suspended its Cardinal trials after numerous deaths and serious injuries the South Asian Journal of cancer found that quote a healthy 16 year old is at zero immediate risk dying from cervical cancer but is faced with a small but real risk of death or serious disability from a vaccine that has yet to prevent a single case of cervical cancer Japan D recommended article three months after to added it to the immunization schedule Japan's Health Ministry discovered an adverse event reported after guard as approval or many times higher than other vaccines on the recommended schedule these included seizures severe headaches partial paralysis complex regional pain syndrome and an undeniable causal relationship between persistent pain and the vaccination Japanese researchers found that the adverse event rate for the HPV vaccine was as high as nine percent and that pregnant women injected with the vaccine aborted or miscarried 30 percent of their babies in 2015 the Japanese Association for medical sciences issued official guidelines for managing symptoms of injuries caused by the Gardasil vaccine and the association announcement there was no proof that this vaccine even prevents cervical cancer alarmingly Merck's on studies indicate that the Gardasil vaccine may disproportionately Packt Asian women for example in protocol 19 there were eight s on 3800 women and seven of those were Asians that was 87% were Asian women all only 31% of the dissenting participants were Asian and mark in 2015 announced the opening of five new HPV clinics to treat women who were injured by the Gardasil vaccine the day that they announced that opening there were 1300 applicants for treatment in those clinics in Colombia and 2014 800 girls in the town of Carmen de Bolivar were grievously injured by Cardinal vaccines prout has erupted all over Colombia the Attorney General of Colombia ordered the National Health Service of that country to immediately begin treating girls who were injured by the Gardasil vaccine and 2017 Colombia's highes Constitutional Court ruled that the HPV vaccine would no longer be considered mandatory in Colombia and ordered that girls who showed symptoms after receiving the vaccine be given appropriate medical care Bob Martinez who now teaches at the National University of Colombia to describe the HPV vaccine as quote a crime against humanity and recent studies have shown that in nations with robust HPV vaccination programs and heavily vaccinated populations in the UK and Sweden in Australia we're actually seeing dramatic upticks rises in the rate of cervical cancer rather than the downtrends and aren't promised everybody now I'm going to show you some of the reasons why your pediatrician is insisting despite all of this evidence your daughter or son yes the HPV vaccine and the reason is the pediatrician is getting his information from agencies that have been compromised through financial entanglements with Merck this is what the FDA is telling the public about vaccine safety it says that vaccines are regulated by FDA and undergo a rigorous review of laboratory and clinical data to ensure the safety efficacy and purity and potency of these broad but this is a very different story that FDA is acknowledging in-house and this comes from a 2007 document this is the year Gardasil got its license from FDA FDA is inability to keep up with scientific advances mean that American lives are at risk FDA's evaluations and methods have remained largely unchanged over the last half-century the world looks at FDA as a leader today I don't like any agency not lead it cannot even keep up with advances in science but the most troubling problem at FDA is it has nothing to do with incompetence it has to do with corruption the panel within FDA that licenses new vaccines and anoints them as safe is called the vaccine related biological products Advisory Committee the acronym is Verbeck and in 2000 Congress investigated fur back because of charges of corruption from outside the agency and here's what the congressional committee found the overwhelming majority of members both voting members and consultants have substantial ties to the pharmaceutical industry well conflicts of interest rules employed by FDA have been weak enforcement has been lacks committee members with substantial ties to pharmaceutical companies have given given waivers to participate in committee proceedings in many cases significant conflicts of interests are deemed to be no conflict at all and here are some specific examples of the conflict of the advisory committee that approves AG scenes our example says Congress three out of the five FDA advisory committee members were Bank members who voted to approve the rotavirus vaccine at December of 1997 it had financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies that were developing different versions of the vaccine one of the five voting members had a nine million nine plus million dollars for a rotavirus vaccine one of the five voting members was the one investigator for Merck grant developed the rotavirus vaccine one of the five voting members received approximately a million dollars from vaccine manufacturers to ward vaccine development once they get by FDA axion companies then go to CDC where another committee which is called a sip the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices will then take that vaccine that FDA has licensed and they will put it on the recommended list which means it becomes essentially mandatory for 76 million American children listening on CBC is recommended list is the holy grail for vaccine companies it means a bonanza of wealth those companies if a supposed and your vaccine to the recommended list it means mandating the vaccine to millions of American children half of those are paid for by the government immunity from liability for the manufacturer so nobody can sue them no matter how dangerous that vaccine is no matter how toxic its components no matter how Grievous your injury you cannot serve sue that's X a manufacturer for damages or liability and then inclusion in vaccine for children's program which is a program that guarantees that have the vaccines that you manufacture are gonna be purchased by the see do you see it full cost this means billions of dollars for companies that are fortunate enough to get their vaccines listed on this recommended list it means that you're going to sell 74 million vaccines to people who have no choice you have no marketing cause you have no advertising cost you limiting limited testing expenses and you have no liability for injuries caused by your vaccine in 2006 and 2007 while Gardasil was getting its approvals a sip did not pretend to base its recommendations on scientific evidence it only adopted evidence-based standards in 2011 a watered it base is and Asian's on it turns out it was mainly just friendships and money the conflict is a taeseop are as bad as the conflicts with an FTA this is from the same year 2000 investigation by Congress quote the CDC grants blanket waivers to Aesop members each year that allow them to deliberate on any subject regardless of their conflicts from the entire year Aesop members are allowed to vote on vaccine recommendations even when they have financial ties to the drug communities related to similar vaccines the Aesop's prolific use of working groups to traffic scene policy is outside the specter of problem public scrutiny opens the door to special interest access Aesop's policy of allowing government employees to vote encourage the system where government officials make crucial decisions affecting American children without advice or consent of the governed here is a typical committee panel that approved merckx rotavirus vaccine the majority of Aesop's members were conflicted and their most recent vote again this is Congress's words I'm I'm the Chairman served on mercs immunization Advisory Committee this is the same committee that approved marks vaccine another member shares the patent on a vaccine under development for the same disease had a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar grant from arc to develop this vaccine and was a consultant from Merck another member was under contract with the Merck vaccine division another member received its salary from Merck and other payments from Merck another member was participate in a vaccine studies with Merck and another member received grants from Merck and unfortunately that congressional investigation had virtually no impact on the way CDC does and continues to do business in Apple a 2009 report by the Inspector General of HHS on the same conditions existed that CDC had systematic lack of oversight 97% of committee members and conflict disclosures had omissions if the a presented at least one unidentified potential conflict 32 percent of the committee member had at least one conflict that remained unresolved and CDC continues to grant waivers this shows that CDC is really just an arm of the vaccine industry it shouldn't be regulating the industry it's part of it this is CDC's an entire budget 11.5 billion and almost half of that almost five billion dollars goes to purchasing and promoting vaccines and this little sliver here is the immunization save the office that's how much money less than 1% of that total that goes to vaccine safety I'd only that Merck exercises control over CDC through the CDC foundation mercury boots millions of dollars every year to the CDC Foundation the CDC foundation has received six hundred and twenty million dollars from Merck and other pharmaceutical companies to pay for eight hundred and twenty-four programs at CDC representatives sit on the CDC Foundation board and control the agency activities this is what the British Medical Journal said about those conflicts most of us were shocked to learn that CDC takes funding from the industry it is outrageous an industry apparently is allowed to punish the CDC if the agency conducts research it has the potential to cut into profits and quote the corruption is systemic at FDA too shocking only 45% of FDA's budget comes from the industry pharmaceutical companies made billions of dollars in fees annually the FDA to fast-track drugs between 2000 2010 Armagh suitable companies behaved 3.4 billion dollars to FDA aid to get drug approvals and those payments by industry have caused FDA and CDC to treat the vaccine makers not as regulated entities but as partners and clients and Friends according to Michael Karim is a former HHS employee quote instead of a regulator and regulated industry we now have a partnership that relationship has tilted the FDA away from public perspective to any industry friendly perspective and that's why your doctor does not know the truth about Gardasil this is an other thing that your doctor probably doesn't know the government agency NIH actually developed the key component for the garden tilt magazine and anti-age owns part of the patent and receives royalties on it not only does NIH the agency receive millions and millions of dollars annually from the vaccine but also the individual scientist who worked on the vaccine within the agency are entitled to make one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year in royalty payments from Merck Oh every time your pediatrician sells one of those four hundred and twenty dollar vaccines to your child or you and I eight scientists and HHS scientists and the agencies themselves are making money on that transaction and that's why your doctor doesn't know what's happening because he's getting his information or her information from those agencies so there are many many other shocking conflicts that I don't have time to talk about today between Merck and the other regulated vaccine makers and the industry that's supposed to be protecting the public from that regulated industry I just want to talk for a moment about one example from 2002 to 2009 Julie Goering was the director of CDC and she oversaw all this crooked science that went into the approvals in 2006 and 2007 of Mercs artisanal vaccine she was rewarded by Merck when she left the agency in 2009 she was hired by Merck as the president of it's a Cassini division and Merck gave her a salary of 2.5 million dollars a year and 38 million dollars in stock options and that kind of doe eyes a lot of loyalty regulators they know what's at the end of the line for them if they behave and if they do what Merck and the other companies asked and these are the reasons that your pediatrician who's giving your daughter that artisan vaccine believing that it may someday save her life doesn't know about the risk and perils and the in efficacy that are attended to that vaccine because the regulator's from a home he's getting or she's getting her information have been corrupted by this company and most of you probably know this is a difficult issue for people like myself who are concerned with vaccine injuries to redress because the press will not cover these issues because there's 5.4 billion dollars that go from these companies to advertising on TV and radio and newspapers and on the web every year and nobody wants to lose that advertising revenue and the Congress has been bought off the regulatory agencies have been captured and we can't use the courts because you cannot sue a vaccine maker for injuring yourself at your child we figured out ways around those laws and we're going at Sumer and if you are Merck and you're listening to this day we're gonna come for you and we're gonna get these girls and these boys who you've injured because of your greed and if you're a mother or a father or listening to this we like your support it's just a fact that the more monetary support the chosen to health defense has a more of these cases that we can bring and we're going to get justice and we're gonna bring these cases that sue companies like Merck until we get that justice so we want your money and we want your support and we want your membership but more than anything we want you to protect your child on this vaccine and for other injuries and for that reason we made this tape not only so that you can be informed about the science and you can ask the questions of your pediatrician or you can give him a copy of this tape ask him to watch it and then respond to it and if you're a pediatrician I would ask you to actually look at the science and not resort who appeals to Authority because to say well I know it's a because CDC says it's a or wh o sensei for the AAP says it's safe because all of those agencies and organizations have been corrupted by pharmaceutical industry money you need to actually look at the science and you need to read the science critically if you do that you'll find that the things that I've talked about in this table are real these injuries are real and that we have got to save our children from this Cataclysm I want to thank you for listening to this tape and urge you the join Children's Health defense you


  1. This video summary by JFK, Jr., is nothing short of damning for the CDC and the vaccine makers and even our own government regulatory agencies that appear to have ''sold out their souls''….. More of JFK,Jr., and more research can be found on the Vaccine Support Group….https://www.facebook.com/groups/1313182338778841/ …

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  5. Don't forget your GYN's pushing this on our teens and young women; all 4 $profit$. Even if you tell em you have had seizures in the past, they will tell ya; "oh not to worry, its safe and effective" then a couple days after the $385.00 jab you develop untreatable infections in both eyes, bruising over 2/3rds of your body, and a couple weeks later your seizures begin again, after you had been seizure free for a couple of yrs, and then after 30 vials of blood being drawn testings for your now autoimmune disorders, to include clotting issues and now being labeled a "bleeder", the list is long folks, become educated on this fraud! Thank God for sending us RFK Jr!

  6. I live in CA. My mom was given DES when she was pregnant with me. I've been battling an unknown Autoimmune disease for 4yrs. Both my daughters have severe reproductive issues (one just conceived w/IVF, the other had a baby with TD). They each have one healthy child, but w/our history are TERRIFIED to expose them to vaccines! They eat organic, plant-based & live chemical-free in their homes (clothes, etc). WHY do ALL THAT to turn around & inject them with toxins and heavy metals? I get SO FRUSTRATED trying to explain to ppl the difference b/t INGESTED & INJECTED metals, and that it's NOT THEIR FAULT that Google, FB & YT is censoring all of this… BUT they HAVE to take responsibility. Thank~You & G*d Bless You, ALL! Your comments & support really helps!

  7. AUTISM EPIDEMIC: If anyone has a child that has been diagnosed with Autism or you suspect your child may have some of the attributes that are associated within the spectrums known as Autism. I'd invite you to research a Kerri Rivera with AutismONE. These folks have CURED well over 501 kids of their spectrum diagnosis and have helped literally 1,000's upon 1,000's of kids all around the World in over 70 Countries. Western Medicine has NOT CURED ONE CHILD!! ….. in addition states it is IMPOSSIBLE to CURE Autism?…. nor are they even INTERESTED in LEARNING from someone who is SUCCESSFUL at HELPING ALL these KIDS & YOUNG ADULTS ….WHAT??? This is the TRUTH and the FACT of the matter!?!? This is yet another PRIME example of Western Medicine FAILING the population of the ENTIRE world….PERIOD!! There is a CURE for Autism do NOT give up hope. Peace to all caring, logical, and ethical human beings.

    Here's a link to AutismONE's 2014 Conference, where they discuss the protocols that are CURING/reversing the tide, of the Autism EPIDEMIC . At the end of this conference, you'll get to listen to an angel named "Rachael" (#112 CURED of ASD). Who will melt your HEART as she encourages all the parents not to give up hope and allows us all, another insight into the sickness known as Autism . At the 55:00 mark, you can listen to this darling tell you the TRUTH and remember, IF Western Medicine had it their way…..Rachael would be a CUSTOMER (bottom-line) for life, instead of being Healthy & Healed to live a full life.

    Per MIT statisticians, they estimate by 2025-32 every other CHILD Born in the United States (ONLY) will be Autistic. Today, it's 1 in 36 Born are Autistic…and in Boys, it's 1 in 28. The Poisoning of America's Children is going to END the United States as we know it, at the very least Bankrupt it. This issue is so SERIOUS, the DATA is so Disturbing, yet it is being IGNORED by everyone in the Mainstream, even the CURE for Autism is being IGNORED. Disgraceful Remorseless Human Beings are running the show.

    We ALL should ASSUME… That ALL VACCINES now contain the CARCINOGEN known as Glyphosate-Weed-KILLER & 1/3rd of ALL Vaccines now contain ARSENIC! A study done in January 30th, 2017 out of Germany CONFIRMED it. You'll want to look under : Potentiell toxische Elemente/Potential Toxic Elements & Arsen-Gesamt/Arsenic Total Here's a couple links on the Scientific Study.
    http://www.agbug.de/download/impfstoff02.pdf Spectrum Analysis Results on 16 Vaccines

    – ALL vaccines tested contained mercury in small amounts (even the ones that were supposedly “mercury free”).
    – Half the vaccines contained toxic, carcinogenic nickel in small amounts.
    – Slightly over 1/3 of the tested vaccines contained small amounts of arsenic.
    – Over 90% of the tested vaccines contained uranium (yes, the stuff used to make nuclear bombs).
    – ALL tested vaccines contain minor traces of aluminum, even if not labeled . Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Synflorix contain TWICE as much aluminum as indicated.
    – The aluminum content in the so-called attenuated vaccines is around 1000-6000X times above the safe limits for drinking water! And these vaccines are supposedly “safer”? By the way, aluminum adjuvants commonly used in vaccines have been identified by immunologists as a trigger for later development of food allergies in children.

    MomsacrossAmerica tested 5 Vaccines and ALL had Round-up/Glyphosate in them. Glyphosate is a CA Prop 65 Carcinogen & listed as a Group 2A with the WHO/IARC, "Probable Carcinogen to Humans". A TOXIN is a TOXIN, no matter the ppb or excuse given. MOMS are doing the JOB of our Federal Alphabet Agencies are supposed to do….so sad, but way to go MOMS!!!! (show'em how it's DONE!) Here's a link, enjoy! These Spectrum Analyzed results (EVIDENCE) were sent to Congress, Senate, HHS, CDC, etc. and ALL IGNORED the DATA, which is what PAID SHILLS do, naturally 🙂

    In addition, Dr. Anthony Samsel also tested over a DOZEN Vaccines and found that over 90% of the VACCINES, contained the TOXIN ROUND-UP! Multiple labs were used in the test, to maintain objectivity. He as well sent these Scientific Findings to Congress, Senate, CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, EPA, WHO and they haven't done SHIT about it. These Alphabet Agency's simply IGNORED the DATA (FACTS), just like Dr. William Thompson's testimony was IGNORED (FACT). (They're Remorseless Worthless POS, real simple).
    Here's a link, enjoy lstening to Anthony :

    Momsacrossamerica also tested Mothers breast milk and found 3 out of 10 Women's breast milk were contaminated with Round-Up/Glyphosate. Once again, the FDA, EPA and Monsanto have LIED, conducted Fraudulent Science. Of which, it is their OPINION that Glyphosate does NOT Bio-accumulate, which this test proves them to be wrong. What a surprise, yet another example of Pseudo-Science by our Alphabet Regulators, LOL!

    If you're a woman and if you ever get PREGNANT or you have CHILDREN, especially a daughter, do not carry your cell phone on you OR work/sleep next to Wifi's/Smart Meters/EMF's, etc.. This is from the Yale University Medical (don't listen to me) , here's some honest ethical PHD's/MD's that are actually trying to improve the Health & Well being of the People. Developing fetuses are at EXTREME RISK, then Little Girls, because they are born with a finite number of eggs, once those eggs are damaged it's PERMANENT. Men can regenerate sperm, which is a positive for us, but CHILDREN in general have thinner skulls & more water in their brains, so the EMF's penetrate & persist worse. Lab experiments with Rats & Mice, exposed to normal EMF's experience Fertility issues. By the 3rd Generation 40% were STERILE and by the 5th Generation ALL were STERILE. Our cells are no different than theirs…..(Mammals)

    EVERYBODY BETTER WAKE UP or it WILL cost you TIME from your Life or worse, a Loved One & your Genealogy!!
    http://www.bioinitiative.org/conclusions/ (Over 1800 Studies – EMF's cause DNA Damage, even the mitochondrial DNA!)
    http://showthefineprint.org/see-the-fine-print (Health Liability WARNINGS from Wireless Manufactures)

    Mobile Phone Mast Effects on Common Frogs (Rana temporaria) Tadpoles: The City Turned into a Laboratory

    MAINSTREAM EMF Science is Pseudo-Science i.e. Industry PAID Agenda Junk Science, no different than VACCINE Pseudo-Science & Tobacco Science & Asbestos Science & Glyphosate/Round-Up Science & Cannabis Science & Bovine Growth Hormone Science & 2,4-d Science & Mercury Amalgam Science & GMO Science & Anthropogenic Climate Change Science & Lead Gas Science & Artificial Sweeteners Science & Pregnant Women-Fetus X-Ray Science & Downwinders Science & Nagasaki/Hiroshima Radiation Science & Fukushima Radiation Navy Sailors Science & Gulf War Syndrome Science & Depleted Uranium Science & 9/11 NIST/FEMA Science & DDT Science & Agent Orange Science & Geo-engineering Science & Cholesterol Science & Talcum Powder Asbestos Science & Chemo-Radiation Cancer Science & Autism Spectrum Science & Bio-SOLIDS Science & I can go on & on & On , folks! These are ALL Non-Replicable Agenda BIASED Science that VIOLATE the SCIENTIFIC METHOD = CORRUPTION/FRAUDULENT….FACT!!!

    Western Medicine's Standard of Care (SOC) within the United States is an utter FAILURE, the evidence of this is;

    1. More Babies DIE on their 1st day of Life, than ALL the other Industrialized Nations Combined.
    2. Our Children are more likely to DIE in their 1st year of Life than ANY of the richest 20 Nations in the World.
    3. Our Children are more likely to DIE by 70% before they reach age 17 than ANY of the other Richest 20 Nations in the World.
    4. Women are more likely to DIE when giving Child Birth than ANY of the richest 20 Nations in the World.
    5. 54% of our Children suffer from Chronic Illness today. (never before)
    6. 1 out of 6 Children today suffer from Neurological Disorders.(never before)
    7. Teenage Girls are going through Menopause-Ovarian Failure (never before!).
    8. Mom's are no longer passing Natural Immunity's to their babies, leaving them vulnerable to disease.
    9. Our Children are no longer living longer than their Parents.
    10. By 2025-2032 every other Child Born in the United States will be Autistic (This hockey-stick is being IGNORED!)

    Hence, It's US against Them (the Remorseless Psychopaths, Fraudulent Scientists & SKEPTIC Paid SHILLS )
    Either, you're with the PEOPLE or the Psychopaths in Washington (& their buddies; DOJ, Saddam, VICP, Osama, CDC, Noriega, FDA, the Shah, EPA, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), HHS, Trilateral Commission, NIH, Saudi's, AMA, Likud Coalition, Stalin, Israeli Govt., BigPharma, Hitler, etc.). It's real simple Folks..

  8. PROOF the DOJ, HHS, CDC, VICP covered up Causation Correlation between Vaccines & AUTISM 
    Dr. Andrew Zimmerman WHISTLEBLOWER , as of Sept. 7th, 2018, which he informed several DOJ attorneys on June 15, 2007 that; 

    #8. … "there were exceptions in which Vaccination could CAUSE Autism ." … 
    #9. … "in a subset of Children an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction, vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic energy reserves could, and in at least one of my patients, did cause regressive encephalopathy with features of Autism Spectrum disorder . " … 
    #10. … "I explained that my opinion regarding exceptions in which Vaccines could CAUSE Autism was based upon advances in science, medicine, and clinical research of one of my patients in particular." … 
    #20. … "In my opinion, it highly misleading to allow the Department of Justice to continue to use my original written expert testimony , as to Michelle Cedillo, as evidence against the remaining petitioners in the O.A.P. in light of the above referenced information which I explained to the DOJ attorneys while omitting the caveat regarding exceptions in which Vaccinations could CAUSE Autism. " … (In Layman's = The DOJ LIED, committed Purgery)

    http://fullmeasure.news/news/cover-story/the-vaccination-debate (This is what a REAL Unbiased Journalist sounds like, Folks) https://sharylattkisson.com/2019/01/06/dr-andrew-zimmermans-full-affidavit-on-alleged-link-between-vaccines-and-autism-that-u-s-govt-covered-up/   ( Dr. Zimmerman's Affidavit , don't Believe me read it for yourself) 

    We ALL live in a Corporatocracy, where as the Bottom-Line matters more than Human LIFE, even our CHILDREN'S LIVES. The DOJ omits data/evidence just as the CDC omits data-sets (Scientific Findings) to protect the Bottom-Line & SALES of BigPharma, RISKING the Health of the Population & targeting our CHILDREN 1st and foremost, then our Seniors and then Mother's-To-BE!! There's no difference between the two. 

    The O.A.P. Omnibus Autism Proceedings, which consisted of over 5,400+ petitioners of Vaccine Injured, ONLY 6 Cases were reviewed that determined the outcome for the 5,400+. Doesn't sound like Due Process to me Folks (Violates the 5th Amendment) in the 1st place, this is how our Justice System works today and further evidence of the CORRUPTION within the VICP. The VICP has PAID out more than $4,033,000,000.00 BILLION DOLLARS in DAMAGES due to VACCINES!!! This figure should be 10X's that, at over $40 BILLION In DAMAGES, but alas the VICP are CORRUPT PAID SHILLS. The 5,400+ Injured CHILDREN represented an additional $1,000,000,000.00++ BILLION DOLLARS in DAMAGES to add to that VICP Total and do you know what happens IF that TRUST runs out of MONEY?? The VICP would be REVOKED and BigPHARMA would be LIABLE once again, paying out 10's to 100's MILLIONS each year, instead of us Tax Payers! So, there were plenty of REASONS why these DOJ Attorney's LIED, as well as the DOJ Admin's & the VICP Kangaroo Hearings . Until this program is ended, BigPHARMA will continue the POISONING of our Children & our Seniors & all our Pregnant Mother's to be ( there's NO SCIENCE demonstrating Vaccines are Safe for developing fetuses–ZERO!..NEVER EVER! ). Besides, EVERY FDA Vaccine Clinical Trial VIOLATES the SCIENTIFIC METHOD FACT!!…because NO CONTROL (Saline-Placebo) is EVER used in the Experiments! (a 7th Grade Biology Student would know this is WRONG/FRAUD!) Yet, our "White Coats" in lockstep, follow their orders Jack-Boot style, Damn COWS is all they are, with no Critical Thought what-so-ever.

    BILLIONS in DAMAGE FOLKS*, what more evidence could you possibly want, THINK!! What Drug, Plain Train, Car or Tool would you CONTINUE to USE, IF it CAUSED *BILLIONS in DAMAGE? HMM??? LOL! Folks better WAKE UP or it WILL literally cost you TIME from your LIFE or WORSE a Loved One!!! FACT!

    These are 2 perfect examples that demonstrate exactly how the Federal Government & BigPharma, intentionally violate the Scientific Method, committing Fraud. 

    Dr. Gary Goldman CDC WHISTLEBLOWER Official Statement….."When research data concerning Vaccine used in Human Populations is being suppressed and/or being misrepresented, this is very disturbing and goes against all scientific norms and compromises professional ethics."…..
    Take a listen to Dr. Gary Goldman (CDC) at the 21:42 & 30:00 mark….this should Help everyone understand what we're ALL dealing with, from the *Horses-mouth.*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9owLjgItcJU  

    Dr. William Thompson CDC WHISTLEBLOWER Official Statement…."I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed."…. 

    Dr. William Thompson, CDC WHISTLEBLOWER …still one of their TOP Scientist (he's protected, thank God). In August of 2014, Dr. Thompson came forward and stated: He conducted a FRAUDULENT Study, his Colleagues conducted a FRAUDULENT Study and Top CDC Admins conducted a FRAUDULENT Study, that was ordered by Congress via the DOJ. The study in question was the last Federally funded study that looked at the Causation Correlation concept between the MMR Vaccine & Autism. Sadly, all of these Scientist & Admins OMITTED Scientific Data (Data-sets), that demonstrated Causation Correlation between the MMR Vaccine & Autism. They ALL Violated the Scientific Method. 

    In a science experiment, One is not allowed to OMIT data that does NOT fit the Scientists Hypothesis, this is FRAUD. A scientists is supposed to adjust their Hypothesis based upon the data collected, not the other way around. Due to the Conflicts of Interest/Corruption that exists within the CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS, etc. not even Science is safe or effective in the United States or with our Allies as a matter of Fact. 

    African American Males have a 340% INCREASED RISK of an Autism Diagnosis, IF that CHILD receives the MMR Vaccine PRIOR to 36 months of age. FACT!!

    This was the data-set (Scientific Findings) the CDC Covered up & literally threw in the Trash. When Dr. Thompson was ordered, along with his Colleagues to dispose of this information. Dr. Thompson knew it was a violation of Federal Laws, like FOIA and he kept all of his data. He gave Congress (Posey (FL)) over 10,000 pages of this evidence as PROOF of the FRAUDULENT SCIENCE. Sadly, since our Congress & Senate are CORRUPT as well…..Nothing has come about because of this? Not even so much as a WARNING to AFRICAN AMERICAN PARENTS ???? Sadly, the DOJ has FAILED to ACT as well, which confirms their CORRUPTION! The Scientific Journal "Pediatrics" that published the paper, has yet to RETRACT the paper, despite the testimony of FRAUD, by a Author, so the Pediatrics Journal is CORRUPT, a worth-less RAG! 

    What I have stated is a FACT and not up for debate …..as if anyone could debate these FACTS anyways, but simply IGNORING the 10,000 pages of EVIDENCE and Testimony of Dr. William Thompson is the norm today. There's no way to disprove/debunk this, one can read Dr. Thompson's Testimony & Listen to Congressman Posey's statements before Congress. 

    Next…..Research Dr. Judy Mikovitz WHISTLEBLOWER An accredited Scientists that has exposed Retro-Viruses that exist within EVERY Vaccine. Retro-Viruses are viruses that reside in other animal kingdoms and when injected in Mammals, can lay dormant, but upon activation, can create a firestorm of illness (Your Dr. won't have a clue what's wrong). SV40 is such a Retro-Virus, that resides within the Polio Vaccine, which has contributed to the mass epidemic of 1,000.000's of Cancers we see today. Once again, despite Dr. Mikovitz alerting the Alphabet Soup Regulators, Congress, Senate, etc. regarding the DANGERS concerning Retro-Viruses, our Federal SHILLS still remain SILENT, protecting BigPharma's Bottom-Line, instead of protecting Human Life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8T30xzES30 

    What everyone should know & consider about Vaccines :
    1. ALL Vaccines contain Retro-Viruses (cause Cancer++).
    2. ALL Vaccines contain Round-Up/Glyphosate & 1/3rd contain ARSENIC (cause Cancer++).
    3. All Vaccines contain TOXIC Chemicals (Neuro-Toxins/Chemo Drugs/Aborted Fetuses).
    4. The Science behind Vaccines is Fraudulent (Pseudo-Science).
    5. Safe Vaccines could be manufactured, but purposely they are left TOXIC.
    6. Federal Regulators have been Captured by Industry (All Credibility Lost).
    7. The Scientific Method is DEAD within the United States & with our Allies (AND it's NOT just Vaccines, think again!)

    What ACTUALLY ELIMINATED 95% of ALL Infectious Diseases in North America & the World for that matter ….(even Countries that DIDN'T have Vaccine Campaigns) This is NOT TAUGHT at BigPharma's Universities for some reason. Hmm? Wonder WHY?

    #1. Proper Waste Management & Clean Water (Thank a Plumber, NOT a Dr.)
    #2. Nutrition (Bread Basket-Vitamin C CURED Scurvy)
    #3. Quarantine (CURED Spanish Flu)
    #4. Less Confined Living Conditions
    #5. Clean Terrain (Hygiene-CURED the Spanish Flu)

    It's US against Them (the Remorseless Psychopaths, Fraudulent Scientists & SKEPTIC Paid SHILLS )
    Either, you're with the PEOPLE or the Psychopaths in Washington (& their buddies; DOJ, Saddam, VICP, Osama, CDC, Noriega, FDA, the Shah, EPA, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), HHS, Trilateral Commission, NIH, Saudi's, AMA, Likud Coalition, Stalin, Israeli Govt., BigPharma, Hitler, etc.). It's real simple Folks..

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  11. God bless you so much! Keep fighting. Saw you at Trenton, NJ rally. You are helping so many people.

  12. A very detailed educational presentation on the overall corruption, fraud & damage these greedy companies are causing..

  13. Spasmodic dysphonia, also known as laryngeal dystonia, is a disorder in which the muscles that generate a person's voice go into periods of spasm. This results in breaks or interruptions in the voice, often every few sentences, which can make a person difficult to understand. It really detracts from the message for me. Then I added subtitles to the video which made it much better to understand. RFK spends a lot of time helping put things right. Thank you for doing that for the public and humanity.

  14. Bobby Kennedy you are the worlds hero.
    A most benevolent outcome is wished upon you and the movement for our children.
    Merck should be the next Monsanto/Bayer.

  15. Wanna come to a decision on Gardasil? This should help you make up your mind rather conclusively. (BTW, the attorney has a speech disorder, which can make it a bit difficult to listen to his presentation, but his brilliant mind and excellent research easily overcomes what would for others be a liability.)

  16. Thank you Robert!! What a disgusting corrupt industry. Having had one son destroyed by the pharmaceutical industry and its impact on mental health, I can certainly understand the abuse of power that the vaccine industry has over the uninformed public. The only solution is for the public at large to get educated by becoming aware of this systemic corruption. Children's Health Defense https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ is an excellent means of creating this awareness. Our family profoundly thanks you for your efforts and have just donated to your foundation. Rick and Elizabeth

  17. Thank you immensely for the courage to lead others to the truth.

  18. Fabian Socialist Bertrand Russel wrote in 1953: "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so." We are exposing who is behind this @ www.UnderstandingOurSlavery.com/book

  19. Thanks jews for your pharmajewticals!

  20. Merck needs to be the next Monsanto/Bayer.

  21. Thank you so much for this video! I think this also shows how coorporate entities are given more rights than people. We need to band together to fight for transparency. Our right of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness depends on it!!

  22. The tactic of placing heart-string-pulling doctor ads on this is astounding. What makes money ? Drugs and war. Remember, the corporate law is to make a profit – no matter what. If America is a corporation, as our schools are corporations as a word on a piece of paper, what would be the law, despite harm? Profit would come BEFORE those " collateral damages" as harm because profit comes first- so in that paper walled world of the corp. it is probably legal to cause harm, for the so-called economy. We enter that hyper-world that is a paper world in a box, we participate within this. So, the system is not " lying" about its intent. Change the money system, vote in policy writers who understand this, to take back life.

  23. Thanks for fighting the good fights. We are with you.

  24. It makes you wonder about drug testing in general. How truthful are these tests? Over 50% of drug testing never gets published because it is so negative. We need more research by people like Mr. Kennedy.

  25. This video is amazing ! The truth and information is put forth in such a fantastic manner. RFKjr is WONDERFUL .

  26. I am in Australia …an man we need more like this guy everywhere….. Real American hero

  27. Killing for profit. Exact opposite of what they claim to be.

  28. The Man for our times. My only hero. Thank you Bobby for everything you do. You are probably more important to the world than your sadly departed family members in politics. Be safe and protected always. <3

  29. Thank you for your wonderful work! Very well done!

  30. I can't thank you enough for presenting such a great example of a human being.

  31. How can doctors be so ignorant of all this? They are either educated above their intelligence or willfully blind or the whole medical profession along with med training, simply another corrupt scam, that corrupt and disingenuous practitioners go along with and not what people are led to believe at all. I mean this is such blatant and evident scientific fraud! How can a self respecting scientific professional look at themselves in a mirror?

  32. This is so wrong it is beastly, as in the beast of the book of Revelation of the Christian Bible, unGodly and inhuman perhaps alien entities behind this and unfortunately have bribed or colluded with officials to go along with it. And what about the medical professionals who are paid for these vaccinations. Such an outrageous conflict of interest and a political imposition. Merck is full of evil, developing anthrax by William Patrick III, aids and cancer viruses by Dr. Maurice Hilleman; with collaboration of Litton Bionetics' Dr. Robert Gallo. Even Ebola is said to be a lab developed virus, purposely developed for depopulation and medical control of the masses. When the evil is at the top we are somewhat hapless in the face of their pervasive authority. Individuals often have not the group support to fight against authorities and public opinion that has been manipulated to believe lies. We are left with God and pray and resistance as much as possible to bring about the demise of such evil doing. I am so glad that more and more people are becoming aware of this. Thank you for persevering to expose this. Dr. Len Horowitz exposed a lot of this 10 or 15 years ago but his video In Lies We Trust tells of the roots of vaccine fraud and all the corporations like Merck involved.

  33. Honest and ethical doctors please rise up. Dozens of courageous doctors have questions the toxicity of vaccines. Stop being indoctrinated with fabricated science of big pharma that has been sponsoring lamestream media and your text books.

    The same fabricated & quack science of lobotomy that was the agreed science by many doctors in 1950s was exposed after years of questioning. And now doctors agrees lobotomy is quack science.

    Same is happening with the fabricated science of vaccines. Awaken your mind and see the truth as over 150 millions have been paid in 2019 for vaccine injuries cases in the U.S alone.

    Vaccines will be so obsolete soon in near future. The truth is already out.

  34. Hero

  35. Wow I am so happy to hear that you are going after Big Pharma!! I'm joining your program now, I've been waiting for this for so long! Thank you so much for all you do, you are a true American Hero!! God Bless you and God Bless America!!!!

  36. Thank you RFK Jr. for researching this vaccine and getting the information out there to help our children who have already been injured and to prevent others from injuries and death. My daughter was severely injured from this vaccine over ten years ago and it is heartbreaking how this has devastated her life. She has pain throughout her body, POTS, burning skin, her joints are dislocating more often as time goes on and her legs are getting weaker causing her to fall several times per week. She was unable to finish high school due to this and is unable to work. The pain is constant and horrific. Unfortunately she is just one of tens of thousands of injured children and young adults who suffer from this vaccine. Tragically hundreds have passed away due this. I hope this poison will be taken off the market to prevent further injuries and deaths. It is criminal that Gardasil is still on the market.

  37. So a massive health study of entirely unvaccinated people can prove plenty. We wouldn't be saying vaccines are the ONLY cause of all these immune and other problems and deaths. We'd be showing that the SINGLE most effect method of preventing ALL of these diseases (including susceptibility to serious INFECTIOUS diseases) is to AVOID this one class of products/vaccines.

  38. How about a simple declaratory relief action opened with a demand for a Nationwide injunction against vaccine mandates? We're over half way there just with this ONE step. The rest of it will be a cake walk (legally) after this. Obviously they will attempt to murder many involved, but if we don't do this, and do it SOON, there will be no future for this Nation. We are being EXTERMINATED by pharma right now. It's ENGINEERED.

  39. All of the awareness in the world will NOT save us with the never ending mandates. The Control Group is headed into Federal court in the fall of 2019 to demand a Nationwide injunction against all vaccine mandates. Go to TheControlGroup.org to see one of the tools we are sharpening to bring into court. Awareness is great, but once they pass the rest of their mandates AND manage to criminalize the unvaccinated, no amount of knowledge will help any of us. Do you honestly believe NONE of the Jews KNEW what was going on during the holocaust? Maybe more awareness raising would have saved them? Nope. It is time to fight ALL of this crap. Pandering to pharma by saying "We aren't against vaccines. We just want safer vaccines" are making this WORSE. They are begging pharma for mercy, as if to say "If you will PLEASE just stop killing and maiming our kids, we promise we won't come after your profits" How's that been working out? They HAVE no mercy. Waste of time. The Control Group IS going after their profits. Anyone that wants to leave these SAME people in charge of making so-called "safer" vaccines is a MORON.

  40. What I saw was first they spread lies and tell the public that vinegar douching is bad for you so they push chemical filled, floral scented, cancer producing douches on the market and remove nearly all douching products from the market! If you go to major stores, you won't find any unless you go to a chain pharma like Walgreen's which was the only place I could find one. Now after promoting all of these cancer causing douches, we need a vaccine! First they create a problem, then they promote their poison! Another culprit is lubricants on condoms and I'm sure there are probably chemicals in the plastics used to make the condoms that are absorbed, just as they are from plastic water bottles and all plastics in general! Pharma is sneaky and deceitful! They should be ashamed for the way they make their money, but first you have to have a soul and a heart!!! Both of which they are all lacking! Throw the book at them all Mr. Kennedy!!! They should all be held accountable for their crimes against humanity!!! No amount of money would ever restore the health that is lost by these evil people!!! Thank you so much for all you do and may the Angels protect you from harm! God bless you!!!

  41. And the first of the Kennedy arrows flies into the heart of the beast..

  42. And the person that disliked this???? A Merck rep perhaps?

  43. Absolutely excellent and mind blowing presentation!
    Humanity is indebted to you Mr Kennedy and to all those that contribute in large and small ways to further this cause.
    Lies may have speed and power but truth will always have endurance!

  44. Can you imagine if he was president! I would move to America


  46. hey, just saw another video that showed we're winning against big pharma. please see, Resolution to Repeal Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth. yay !!!!!!!! people are slowly waking up to the fact that many of us were part of this cult of vaccines.

  47. Government is so compromised / CORRUPT it doesn't work as it should because of that…
    If the people themselves don't drain that swamp no one will❕

  48. I asked an RN to watch this presentation.
    She said, "It's funny how they point out the bad things about this vaccine. If you actually do the research it is saving thousands of lives a year. The rate of cervical cancer has gone down by 50% since they started this vaccine in both boys and girls. Boys are actually the carriers of the virus. The most important thing about this is to get it before you sexually active so in younger teens."

    I think it's clear she didn't watch it.

  49. ¿Is it true that these Guinea pig volunteers are college students targeted by the pharmaceutical industry…

  50. I read a report that claimed GUARDASIL is in the vaccine infants get ~ that MUST be looked into…

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