Revolution – Day 1 – Practice Ease – Yoga With Adriene

– Hello everyone and
welcome to Revolution. Your 31 day yoga journey. I’m so honored and
excited that you’re here. It’s day one and the
practice is focus on ease. So fear not if
you’re a little tired, a little heavy today, I got you. We’re easing
into it but we’re also setting ourselves up for a
smooth ride by focusing on sukha or ease on the very first
day as a way of making sure that we take care of our bodies and move with a kindness
and a love that you deserve. And that I deserve as well. So hop in to something
comfy and let’s get started. (light music) Alright my friends let’s begin
in a nice comfortable seat. Legs crossed. Sukhasana or the easy pose. So sukhasana, sukha is
the Sanskrit word for ease which is the focus of
our first practice here on this journey together. So I’ll invite you
to sit up nice and tall. Close your eyes,
trust me, trust yourself. Trust the video and
trust this experience by closing your eyes. So don’t cheat
yourself here, close your eyes. And take a nice deep breath in and as you exhale
relax the shoulders down. And as we just take a
moment here to settle in. Tune in. Allow the closing of
the eyes to be an invitation to come in to the
role of the observer here. So you might actually
think we’re here to do 31 days of yoga, well
I have a little secret for you. We’re actually not
here to do 31 days of yoga. Boring, that is
so two years ago. 31 days of yoga, boring. So we’re really here, we’re gonna use the
tools of yoga of course. But we’re really here to
create and have an experience. So today’s practice is
just about getting soft and easy, setting
the tone for a journey, a practice that feels good. So begin to deepen your
breath, just nice and slow, gently with the inhale. And soft and
easy with the exhale. And so the focus
of today, sukha, ease, is kind of perfect because
the mantra here on the channel and in this community
is find what feels good. And the word sukha although
it can translate to ease and it kind of also
translate to being comfortable and soft and happy. The actual root word su and
kha translate to good space. So here on our journey
we are exploring our bodies and our breath and trying to really, go on journey
within that good space. The idea of being that
yes, we’re going to get trim and tone and fit and
amazing in our bodies. But that, that’s
really just container for what’s on the inside. So tending to
that good space inside. Knowing that if we
tend to the inner world, the good space within we’ll
able to access that off the mat with more ease, with more sukha. Alright draw your
hands to your heart. Anjali mudra,
prayer position. We’ll take a deep breath in, sit up nice and tall. And exhale bat
the eyelashes open. So we’re going to
start by bowing head to heart and bowing to one another
here as we begin this journey. So take a deep
breath in (inhales) and exhale, bow
the chin to the chest. Now keep it here and
I’ll guide you with my voice. We’re going to activate through
the upper back body here. Bowing head to heart. Nice long smooth
deep breaths. And so you take what
you need on this journey and the key word
I think is allow. Allow for the story to unfold. We’re not here to do yoga. Surprise. But we’re here to
have an experience. Can’t wait to see what happens. Here we go,
inhale, lift the chin, release the
finger tips to the side, take a deep breath
in through the nose. Loop your shoulders,
open up through the chest. (inhales) And then
exhale out through the mouth. (exhale loudly)
Two more like that. Big inhales, sit
up nice and tall. (inhales)
Exhale out through the mouth. (exhales loudly)
One more, maybe walk your
pinkies back a little bit. Inhale (breathing in)
and exhale empty it out. (exhaling loudly) So soft
easy movement here as you plant the
left palm and inhale, lift the right
finger tips up and over. So notice right away
if you’re pretty rigid. See if you can find
soft, easy movements. Then side body stretch here. Finding movement
that feels good. So today’s practice is
nice and low to the ground. So you can settle in,
I got your back. Then inhale all
the way up to center and we’ll take it
to the other side. Create a smooth ride for
yourself with the breath, with your awareness. (breathing heavily) Then inhale, come all
the way back up to center. And this time
loop the shoulders, open the palms, take a
deep breath through the nose. (inhales) And this
time out through the nose. (exhales heavily)
Two more times. In through the nose
and out through the nose. Last time, palms are
open, ready to receive. (inhales heavily)
Beautiful, inhale. Reach the
fingertips all the way up. Big stretch up towards the sky and exhale, hands to heart. Nice, we’re going to come to
all fours, table top position. How you move from one
thing to the next is everything. So again consider the
practice of sukha, of ease today as you transition to table top. Take your time. Alright, center
yourself on the mat and set yourself
up for greatness here. So lots of TLC as
you plant the hands, spread the fingertips wide. Wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly
underneath the hip points. Notice that the
toes are going in and out and each time you
come to this shape really be meticulous
with how you set yourself up. So we’d find the form and
then we liberate ourselves. We find a little
freedom within the form. As you inhale drop
the belly, open the chest. Then as you exhale
moving with the breath round through
the spine, cat, cow. Inhale, open your heart,
press into your foundation. And then soft easy movement as you draw the
chin to the chest. So don’t create any added
tension for yourself here. Move with the
mindfulness and with an ease. Alright on your next inhale
come back to table top position. Bring the big toes together, send the knees as
wide as your yoga mat and then walk the hands
out towards the front edge. Then inhale,
look forwards, smile and exhale send the hips back. Life is good. Inhale, big breath here, feel the skin of
the back stretch. And exhale,
allow the hips, the bum to
grow heavy here, extended child’s pose. Now I invite you to
take really active arms here, feeling that
length in the side body. Sending lots of
energy and awareness through every fingerprint. However if you
were up late last night or you’re feeling a bit
tired for whatever reason, maybe you soften the arms
and bring the palms face up. So that’s what we’re
trying to establish today. Really becoming aware
that we have the choice, to show up on the mat
and really stay present. Feel it out and
tend to that good space. Take one more deep breath here. (inhales heavily)
Exhale out through the mouth. (exhales heavily)
Awesome, big inhale. Lifts you all the
way back up to all fours. Walk the wrists
underneath the shoulders. Knees directly
underneath the hips. Inhale, send the
right leg out long. Turn the right toes down and then press in
your foundation here. Hug the lower ribs in. Inhale, send the
left fingertips forward. Spinal balance and
exhale, knee to nose. Round everything in. Inhale to expand, spread
the fingers, spread the toes. Exhale, knee to nose, only
three of these on each side. One more, inhale to expand. Then exhale knee to nose. Release back to table top. We do a cat/cow in between. Inhale, drop the belly. Tap in to that
inner smile, it’s amazing it’s helpful. And then
exhale chin to chest. Awesome, inhale back to table. Find your footing,
find your foundation and when you’re ready
send the left toes out long. Big inhale.
(inhaling heavily) Now take a moment here
to turn the left toes down. Hug those lower
ribs in, find support and then inhale
right finger tips reach out. Exhale, knee to nose. Two more, inhale expand. Exhale, try to
soften and move with ease. And inhale no
added tension here. Exhale knee to nose. Beautiful, back to table top. Inhale drop the belly,
spinal flex here. Exhale, chin to chest, fabulous. Inhale, come to table top,
curl the toes under. If you walk the
hands out a little bit and then when you’re
ready keeping the knees bent, start to peel up from the tail,
downward facing dog. Take your dog for a little walk. Soft, easy movement today. So again we’re setting out to go on a
little journey together. It’s very personal,
it’s very individual. But also remember that you’re
doing it with tons of people, all around the globe, connecting to the
big picture here. So find a soft,
easy, pedaling of the feet. Root down through your
index finger and thumbs. Take one more
deep breath in here and then exhale slowly
lower all the way back down, table top position. Bring the big toes together,
knees as wide as the mat. Inhale, look forward, tap
in to that inner smile here, it’s super
helpful and then exhale. Send the hips on back. So try to stay
active in this pose today. We often will come
to this pose to rest, to cool down, to surrender but see if you
can keep it active. So nice active breath here, send awareness all the way
down to the soles of the feet. The hips, start to open up
gently through the shoulders and if you have a little
bit of a headache now today or just if it feels
right you can rock the forehead gently side to side. Just kind of
massaging that third eye, kind of perfect
for our day one. And then decide what
feels good in the hands, active arms or soft easy
arms and your palms face up. And you have to
bring the breath here. Bring the breath. Start to listen to the sound
of your breath in a new way. (breathing heavily) Alright press in to
the tops of the feet and on your next big
inhale come all the way back up. Walk the knees
underneath the hips. This time we’re going
to curl the toes under. Press away from your yoga mat. Hovering table, we inhale, tug the shoulders
away from the ears. Lengthen through
the crown of the head. So be sure the neck
is a nice long extension of the spine here,
not collapsed. Then inhale in and on an
exhale draw the navel up, lift the knees and
let them hover for five. Breathe deep here, four,
pressing in to all your fingers. Three, two, welcome that heat and one. Slowly lower down. Awesome, from
here we’re going to walk the hands
out towards the front and then slide the right
foot back, followed by the left. Come into our one and only
plank here today on day one. So draw the navel up. Again press away
from your yoga mat. Tug the shoulders
away from the ears. You can also repeat the
hovering table here if you wish. Here we go. Five, count four, three, two and one. See if as you release you can consider the theme
of today’s practice, to move with ease. Awesome, swing
the toes to one side, come to a seat right
in the center of your mat. Awesome work, if you
need to take the wrists for a couple of wrist
circles here please do. Legs are going to come out long. When you arrive
set up nice and tall. And then nice and slowly we’re
going to draw the right knee all the way up, sole of the
right foot comes to the ground. You’re going to give yourself
about a fist’s width of space between your left and your thigh and then for
starters just see if you can interlace the fingertips
here, sit up nice and tall. So if you really
collapse here you might sit up on a blanket or something. Sit up nice and tall, do
your best, that’s all we can do. And then you might just
stay here and begin to turn, to look past the right shoulder or you might hook
left elbow to right knee, swing your right
fingertips around. Inhale, find
length and exhale twist. So everyone’s going to be
a little bit different here. The main thing we
want to set up is that, the head, the heart and
the pelvis are in alignment. So you don’t want to be leaning
back into your twist here but finding that
support from within. And then keeping
it soft and easy. As you explore the twist,
so no cranking, no pushing. So we kind of drop the struggle. Even if it means
we don’t go as far. There’s an integrity. (breathing deeply) Beautiful and we’ll release. Right foot goes out, left knee
comes all the way up and in. And then just for
starters find that length. Don’t take this for granted
this support from within. So good for the energy
of the body, the spine. And then you can stay here and just begin to turn
past your left shoulder. Or if you like hook the
right arm around the left knee, swim the left fingertips around and we journey into the twist. So inhale, to lift and lengthen. And exhale to twist. And let your breath
move you here, soft and easy. (breathing deeply) Beautiful and then
come all the way back. Send both legs out long,
dig the heels into the ground and the knees can be bent
as generously as you need here. So find what feels good for sure by bending the
knees a lot if you like. And inhale, reach for the sky, big beach ball up and overhead. And then exhale, draw energy up. Up and over,
paschimottanasana, forward fold. Again bend the knees
as generously as you need. We’re here for three breaths. Finding nice,
smooth deep breaths here. (breathing deliberately) And then slowly tuck
the chin in to the chest and roll it up. Beautiful, we’ll bring
the hands to the earth and come to lie
flat on our backs. When you get there take
a big full body stretch. Pointing and
flexing through the feet and reaching the fingertips
all the way up and overhead. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. Beautiful, float the hands down. Soft easy movement
here as we play in bridge. So we’ll bring the knees up and the soles of the
feet come to the ground. So again, today’s about
kind of setting the tone, that we’re not going
to be jerking ourselves around on the yoga
mat or rushing or holding. We’ll build strength for sure, moving in that direction as the days grow long. But keep it soft and easy
today so walk the heels in, in line with your fingertips. Snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath your heart space and see if you can keep it soft and easy as you lift the hips. So don’t fling the hips up
into the air but stay in control as you press in to
the feet and inhale. Start to explore
the line of the spine as you lift the hips up. You can imagine a block
in between the legs here so the knees aren’t splaying
out but we’re squeezing in, the inner thighs there and then maybe open up
through the palms as you lift and then your journey
down with your breath. So take a moment here. Maybe you even close the
eyes to just feel this out. Allow for whatever sensation
this brings to come and then notice it. So again we’re not
trying to do bridge, but just experience it. Let’s do one
more wherever you are. Maybe on this last one
you interlace the fingertips behind the tail. Keep breathing,
nice full deep breaths. And then use your
exhale to release everything. We’ll walk the feet together and then send
the knees out wide. Reclined cobbler’s pose. Bring your left hand to
rest gently on your heart and your right hand to
rest gently on your belly. Then take a deep breath in and close your
eyes as you exhale. Relax the weight
of your shoulders. Allow the tops of
your thighs to grow heavy. Really relish in this time,
in this experience for you. Tell your loved ones, tell
the people who are around you that you’ve committed
to this 31 day practice. Each day you
show up on your mat, see if you can find a softness. A map in towards that
sukha or the good space. One more minute just
keep your eyes closed. Allow gravity to
do the work here. Send nice conscious
breath into your hands, your heart space and your belly. Two beautiful parts of the body that, for me anyway, resemble, embody, listening,
deep listening into my heart, into my guts,
my belly, my intuition. (breathing loudly) Great then slowly, softly, bring the fingertips to
the outer edges of the legs. We’ll close the knees and send one leg
out and then the other. Interlace the finger tips
bring them behind the head. Elbows nice and wide,
thumbs extend. You can give
yourself a little massage here in the back of the neck. Alright and if you’re wanting a more restorative practice
today for whatever reason. Then you’re just
going to chill here, giving yourself a little
massage in the back of the head. Breathing deep. Otherwise we’re going to
slowly bring the heels together. Keep the elbows
pinned to the ground. Start from the tail
and slowly lift the knees, all the way up to the chest. Keep the elbows
pinned to the ground. Then exhale send them out long. See if you can let
them hover, inhale, slowly peeling up,
lower back flush with the mat. Then exhale, release, keep the lower
back flush with the mat. Slowly peeling up,
keep the elbows. It’s a little bit of core
everyday, goes a long way. Great we’ll do one more. Extending the legs out long, squeezing knees to chest. Awesome, slowly
release the legs out long. Release the hands at your sides. Take a deep breath in. And exhale, release. Come into shavasana,
soften through the toes, the feet, the ankles. Wiggle the fingers, the wrists. Soften. Tuck the chin slightly and we’ll take just a
couple of quiet moments here, to again tap
into that inner smile. Listen to the
sound of the breath and meditate on this idea
of sukha, moving with ease. The more we practice
moving this way on the mat, the more we’ll move in
such a way off the mat. I’m really excited
about the next 30 days. Today is just a
little taste, easing into it. Alright take a deep breath
in of gratitude for your body. For this opportunity to
take this time for yourself and cultivate the
good space, the sukha. Thank you so much for
sharing your time and energy. I’m so excited
for the next 30 days. Can’t wait to
see what happens. Let’s draw the palms together and we close out the practice
by taking a deep breath in. And bowing to that
good space within ourselves and within everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow day two. It’s gonna be awesome. Namaste. (light music)


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    "Drop the struggle, even if it means you don't go as far – there's an integrity" this used to and still does make me tear up every time I've seen this video. I need that.

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    Adrienne even though I don't know you I just want to say I love you and I love your kind heart, thank you for making me cry, allowing me to release emotions during my first yoga session years ago, I Really needed that! Sighs* I was blown away when I was sitting on my mat looking at my hands and toes, I bawled out crying because wow for once I felt love for me and the inner child that I want so desperately to protect. Thank you, you beautiful person for showing me how and why.

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  99. Anyone else speak Russian and keep hearing "су́ка" instead of "sukha?" It doesn't mean "ease" lol.

  100. Sukkah… Only a few will understand this comment. As I take the time for this today, it is a Jewish holiday called "Sukkot" and it is the morning of the eve of Shabbat. We are so busy with the cycles of this holiday season. I thought, how much I need to approach it all (massive cooking with kids and grandkids coming) with "ease." Then Adrienne started talking about Su-kah meaning "good space" and I laughed at the divine providence of this video coming on this day for me. In Judaism a sukkah is a real space that we live in for a whole week and it is, indeed, a "good space." Love it!!

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