Revive Active Health Supplement – New Formula

hi my name is Theo Connor and I'm the MD of revive active we have just recently rebranded our flagship product revive active it has gone from 22 ingredients to 26 ingredients we decided to reformulate because we wanted to introduce for late natural for lays we want to introduce trace minerals for higher absorption we wanted to add an extra 50 milligrams of coq10 to bring it from 100 to 150 the only omission is carnitine and we replaced this with chromium this is an absolutely fantastic product all the same benefits are there extra energy heart health your cardiovascular system your immune system for colds and flus skin hair and nails improvements all around this is a superb product and we also looked at quality by amazing carnitine it's much easier to blend it flows so much easier out of the sachet and it mixes and desires much better than it did before after five active we were always trying to improve and this is far the consumers benefit and we hope you really like it

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  1. Picked up a box of this only today, looking forward to trying it out!

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