Revit Modeling Exercise – Use column to help modeling roof structure

Hey guys, how’s your weekend going? Today we are going to model some roof structure. First, let me have the wall and roof modeled. We are going to use structural columns to help use locating all the structure. Here I am loading a 90×90 SHS which sit in the wall nicely, you can have any profile or size you like. Align and lock the columsn to the will core, in this case is 90mm studs. We also need to align these 2 columns onto the ridge line. Use Tab key to pick the endpoint of the Hips (Not Ridge) If did properly, all these columns will follor the wall/roof. Select all the columns and attch top to the roof. Now let me load some beams into the project. First, some top plates, check the 3D Snap and use Snap End (SE) to help you pick the top point of the columns. Then the rafters… You probably need to set the z Justification to Bottom so they will sit inside the roof unless your roof is only the sheet thickness and you want to expose the structure. Also adjust the wall plate accordingly. Drag the handle shape to adjust the end You the Cope tool the cut one of the beam. Now the beam system, first pick the work plane – the underside of the roof. Pick Supports and pick the framing around. Then the beam Direction. Be careful when you adjust the beam direction, I find that Revit crash quite often when I change the beam direction. If you need to put them inside the roof, select them and change the z Justification to bottom. You can type in an offset similar to roof overhang. You can unpin the member, drag it a bit, or type in a number in Start or End Extension. Then use Cope to cut it back. Change the Coping Distance to 0 if you want them to touch… Use Z offset value to adjust the height if you want to. Now you can model the next one. Pretty much done. Now, what will happy if I move a wall? It’s messed up? Not much, you just need to drag the endpoint of the beam and SE the top point of the column. You just need to adjust the offset. And change the z Justification to bottom. Oh, the beam direction as well. Let me try another wall, this time the roof height changed as well. But I don’t need to redo the whole thing, just drag the endpoints of the beams and Snap End(SE) to the top of columns. And fix the offset, and adjust the z Justification. And it’s done. Once again, unpin the member, extend the end and Cope it. You can also cope it with the wall plate. That’s it for today, Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will see you next time.

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