REVIEW: WearPai F1 Fitness Tracker – BP + HR + SaO2!

folks your OS reviews for watching our video first look and a quick review of the wear PI's smart Bluetooth fitness tracker it also features an optical sensor that can detect your heart rate and your blood pressure it has a fairly impressive OLED display that you can see has a larger size than previous models we've seen in the past and salves for around 21 bucks on Amazon which is a fairly low cost it actually competes with the Xiaomi me band 3 series and the me ban – of course they offer similar functionality and this one of course has a slightly larger display which may benefit folks if you want to read a few occasional notifications and you want a more traditional looking watch of course it also will give you you know your time and also the tracks or steps your calories burned distance stuff like that in addition to your sleep so that it tells you how much time you spent in light versus deep sleep and there's also a sentry reminder function so after you've been sitting for about 30 minutes it's going to vibrate and tell you to get up and to move so it uses bluetooth version 4.1 to connect to your Android or iOS device and comes in two three colors actually again the display is 0.66 inches diagonally which is a bit larger than your average fitness tracker and it's also ipx7 certified which means you can submerge it underwater so if you're washing your hands taking a shower or going to the beach you can still wear it without having to take it off this is the proprietary charging cradle that it comes with it uses a simple USB port to plug into a power bank a computer and tour or into a wall charger and it will fully charge up in under two hours it will last for roughly forward to five days on a single go before you need to recharge it and if you have Bluetooth turned off by disconnecting bluetooth on your phone the standby mode will last you for about seven days so it's not quite as long as something like the amaze fit arc which I have here that lasts around 20 days on a single go however this is pretty average for a model that has a larger display and also a heart rate sensor embedded the contact pens themselves will align aligned pretty precisely onto the back of the watch and you can see that this is a unisex one size fit all band strap that's made out of silicone material it's really comfortable and easy to wear the size of defendants record though again is a little bit larger just because of the larger screen it's more of a wider display you can see compared to a traditional fitness tracker which is thinner but again it's a different look and if you do like what you see here it certainly provides a different alternative to the segment of fitness tracker will be seen already so on the front here there's just access to a capacitive key that you can tap on for a few seconds to cycle through the various modes and again on the back there's just the heart rate sensor along with the contact pins for charging and some basic info about the model number it's like once the features on the watch you can see that the surface area of the display is actually quite generous and it's also quite visible now using an OLED technology means the battery consumption is good however it still fades away a little bit on your direct sunlight maybe it's because the screen here is so large but as a result I found that sometimes the brightness wasn't quite as high as competing models I've seen in the past the watch here can be shown in 12 or 24 hour modes there's also the battery status located in the bottom and the time and date information in the Bluetooth status next I can take a look at number of steps I've taken number of distance converted after steps then there's the heart rate function so if you wait and hold still for about 20 seconds it's going to continuously reach your heart rate and what's interesting here is it doesn't stop it's still continuous reading even as I'm recording right now which is a function as I think it's pretty cool so once you sync it to the app it's not only going to record that one data point but it's gonna continue this record it in a graph format next I can take a look at the blood pressure and what blood pressure really does is it uses the heart rate sensor and then approximates your blood pressure using a conversion algorithm so it's not a medical grade sensor but it is within the same kind of rough scale and you can also see your heart rate at the bottom and then the converted kind of blood pressure as your estimate so it's not the most accurate thing in the world but it does work and it's a relatively close so you can still keep an eye out on what's happening while within your body and then know if something has gone really a right to go in for a check-up so that's really the point of that not the super than the most responsive thing the world but it works and there's also a sleep monitoring function that uses the accelerometer or the gravity sensor to detect if you're in light versus deep sleep and then there's also your find my phone function if you saw the last icon there that allows you to kind of activate the app on your phone and the phone itself will vibrate and then you can find your phone and also using the app you can find your watch if you've misplaced either one so it's pretty easy to use you can see the larger display size definitely will help for our showing notifications if you want to come come and look at a quick missed call or a few lines of text it definitely helps to have this larger size otherwise it also has a vibration function so it's gonna vibrate whenever you get a new call text message or if you have this identity function turn on so all in all pretty easy to use capacitive key here is actually pretty sensitive and easy to tap on and there's also a chest remote where the display will automatically turn on when you flick your wrist which is also pretty nice as far as the software is concerned the software speaking up is called wear fit and it's a pretty generic app but it works pretty well the first time when you boot it up you just search to connect to the watch and it's very easy to find the watch is on turned on Bluetooth automatically so you simply need to tap on it to pair and afterwards you can see the main menu here is fairly simple you have access to a number of steps sleep you have your heart rate information blood pressure there's also a blood oxygen level that is a bonus feature supported on some models that the company produces and of course there's also a quote happiness rating or a fatigue rating where you can set your own you know happiness level or tiredness level in a scale and do this manually each time you take your heart rate and that records that as additional source of data obviously this is a lot more subjective but it's a nice kind of mood scale that you don't template typically see in some of these fitness trackers it's a nice little bonus the tab monocyte here gives me an indicator of how much battery is remaining my user profile I can set up my stride lengths my height to recalibrate and make the tracker a bit more precise and also a health and a weekly data that summarizes what happened in the past week I can use this to take an image using the the using this as a selfie remote once connected using bluetooth which is a nice function so I can pose with family and friends and then simply tap on the power key once to an image of course I can also use this for timing specific modes like runs I can also take a look at the band the software firmware and then of course and update the firmware with an update it becomes available so all in all it's pretty easy to use if I tap on the heart rate for instance I can also take a look at the real-time recording despite tapping on that and since we're connected using bluetooth it's going to record my heart rate and then after a few seconds it's gonna pop in onto the phone's display so overall it's a pretty clever system and everything works as expected your data is recorded pretty well I can also share your data with friends and family using social media if you want to other features like pedometers in terms of steps and calories burn of course can also be monitored which also works pretty well so as far as accuracy is concerned I have to say does a decent job the accelerometer on here is a decent sensor I have to say if you shake your hands around it doesn't accidentally trigger it as a step so it still remains fairly faithful to how many steps you've actually taken as you can see it in that demonstration so it does a good job of actually staying calibrated and connected to the phone and there's only one concern I would say is that the app itself is fairly limited as far as giving more advanced data and information it offers a very simplified user interface but at the same time you can't really dig deeper it's not intelligent in the Sun site it's gonna track you know your patterns and then give you a notification if something odd it has popped up it's not going to actually tell you you know your heart rate is beating faster than normal maybe you should take a closer look it simply just records that in a ez2c interface so it's not the most advanced app in the world it works again it's nice and intuitive perhaps to give to an elderly or give to the first-time fitness tracker folks it's not overly complicated but again you don't get any extras out of the packaging however I have to say that as a whole we are fairly impressed with this fitness tracker just because the cost is low the display is larger than expected and again you have a number of features on here from heartrate to you know blood oxygen to your blood pressure even though they're not the most accurate things in the world you know maybe when compared with a medical grade sensor they still work and gives you a proximation of what's happening within your body and again combines all these sources of data to really help you closely monitor and no you know if you're exercising correctly and how much you're moving how much you're maintaining your daily health so you can check out more details about this and our official written review but for now we think that this is a pretty good budget option if you're looking for a fully featured fitness tracker that has a slightly larger display so thanks for watching here at OS reviews this has been our review of the wear pal heart rate monitoring blood pressure and blood oxygen level fitness tracker


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