Review of HUM Nutrition website and nutritional supplements

grad school stress you out your bank will stress you out your friends will stress you your family will stress you out even your Starbucks barista will stress you out okay people just will stress you out and then it takes a toll on your body and that's what happened to me welcome back to my youtube channel everyone today I'm going to be reviewing hum nutrition imma say it's called hum nutrition I have been taking a dietary supplement it's only been about a week now again I told you the beginning of this video and stressed and because I was stressed my arms is skinny as it's twelve-year-olds just stress on your life but I'm out of school now I'm able to focus more on my health and it's very very important even when I was in school I should've paid more attention to this so I took a little quiz on home nutrition comm and they assigned me to a nutritionist and that nutritionists recommend different nutritional supplements for me that I should take and I know some people don't like to add a few things like you can get that from food you can do this you do that that's true and I am trying to eat you know those three meals a day with three snacks in between but just to make sure I'm getting all the nutrients that I need I just decided to do this the website of hub nutrition very cool very dope easy to use they have a blog post they have blog posts as well so they talked about like different foods you can eat different self-care type of stuff they have a lot the website is very versatile they have a lot of content but let's just jump right into the unboxing I guess it's not really an unboxing because I already started taking these but I Reeboks this so I could unbox it for you guys so this is the box this is the packaging just like this comes like this cute little box I have to because I ordered I got six so the nutritionist recommended I think four for me and I added two in myself so when you see it says wake up with a purpose start within and it comes with these cards comes with a whole bunch of stuff in here so it says hi beautiful welcome to start with in movement and when you open it it talks about like all the stuff in the card that you get it says you're in control receive shipment reminders edit your box many times switch dates or or skip monthly so most of the dietary supplements are about 30 day supply so you have to reorder probably every month but I didn't do auto because we just go see how this goes before I start adding another subscription into my life so what I really like about this is they give you cards for each one and I'm going to talk about those cards in a minute but I wanted to say they also gave me these line lifting hydrogel masks for your eyes I think that's so cool they threw that into the free bonus they give you your receipt for everything that you got this is booster morning routine that season I mean like self care type stuff so it says 5-minute option to boost your morning routine breathe work write a to-do list I hate to-do list so I wouldn't do that make your bed drink a warm lemon water ten-minute option under eye mask meditate journal doodle stretch 30-minute option go for a walk read a book listen to a podcast take a bath 60-minute options sleep in workout breakfast in bed work on yo these things I'm gonna do tonight I forgot I had these I look about to decide and that goes you won't believe your eyes polypeptide collagen eye masks with line lifting hydrogel Technology save 20% off they probably did just have that as a side like deal or whatever and then you get you get your supplement these were the cards so for each one that I got it has this and then it gives you like supports a flatter stomach and healthy digestion for breakdown of flus this is the one one of them and then it tells you exactly what it does decreases bloating helps break down hard to digest food support its healthy digestion we have sixty vegan pills it says clinically proven ingredients pure and potent gluten-free non-gmo sustainably sourced and then on the other side it says what people are saying and it has a quote I have tried everything from diuretics to teas and this is the only product that consistently see to my what my keeps me flat and non bloated so it says take one capsule before meals twice a day and for best results that reminders so that's what I do every morning I take my Omega pills my red carpet pills my daily Cleanse and my skin heroes prebiotic twice a day in the morning and again all these cards are here but I want to get into the real review okay the real review of these pills for starters I sleep pretty well but what I'm really stressed I'm not able to sleep through the night and what if there's something on my mind that I haven't been able to find a solution to I will stay up all night and I will toss and turn and I won't be able to have a sound sleep so I decided to buy the beauty Z pills honestly I kind of want my money back but I'm not gonna do that I don't think it really helps it has melatonin and b6 the thing about melatonin melatonin is that it takes about two weeks and the amount of the melatonin is so small that the the effect that it has on your body is almost minimal so if you're interested in taking these to get a better rest it says help promote a restful beauty sleep I don't know about that let me see the asterisk it has these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat or cure or prevent disease yeah that's yeah whatever but it says take 20 minutes before bedtime and I haven't seen any notice I've only taken it three times because I was like this really isn't helping I'll try it again but again if you're doing Tehama nutrition I wouldn't recommend the beauty toast or the dude easy sleep whatever the other one I'm taking is red carpet and red carpet is for glowy skin and shiny hair so I haven't noticed anything different really but as per my handy-dandy cards they say that the the red carpet takes about four to six weeks so after I finished this bottle and get into my next I'll start to hopefully see results but so far I mean I can't really complain about it the next is the OMG I'll make it the great pills these are huge I'm not gonna lie okay you have to take two a day I guess these are standard but you have to take food today and I want to say yeah he's not smell bad either we don't smell like fish or anything so that's what I like and there's no nice no we don't know no sugar no starch don't artificial wait but yeah I can't complain about these honestly and I like all these all of these don't smell at all when I take them they're very easy to go down the red carpet soft gel pretty much the same thing for the Omega one and let's see the Omega takes about four to six weeks so again it supports even skin tone and a healthy heart and body so we'll see how I feel when I start my second bottle the other ones I have I talked about flatter me and this helps with the flatter stomach and healthy digestion I have to say I'm low key high key lactose intolerant so I try and stay away from cheese and dairy products what's really hard for me to let go of is buy a yogurt and some source of cheese so when I do have those types of things I take this pill before I like the flatter me and I think it really does help with digestion my stomach used to do all these world Burghley things when I take this before a meal that doesn't happen so I will definitely continue to take this and the effect is pretty quick so the skin Heroes pre and biotic nurtures the gut and the skin this is one of them that I take every morning and this one balances digestion from of skin Beauvoir it takes about four to six weeks so again when I get my second model I'll probably start to notice some differences and the last one is the daily cleanse which clears your skin and your body from toxins it has green algae and detox hurts I read about this one and I really really liked it I think there was something in the daily cleanse that helped eliminate toxins like the Box said that I can't remember what element of sticks to the toxins in your body to detoxify you or whatever but I've been trying to cut back a lot on you know drinking wine and just drinking in general and anything at all that's bad for my body so in going through this cleanse I really think that this will be the one that helps me in daily cleanse probably takes four to six weeks yeah four to six weeks so for most of these it'll be like the second bottle that will allow for me to notice a change cuz that means I would have been taking it for these four weeks cuz they only give you a 30-day supply but that's it it's very very easy to implement into my daily routine I just wake up every morning now and I'm very proactive now about eating breakfast the way I used to be because with these pills you have to take it with a meal so in the morning I know I wake up I got a drink at least a bottle of water or a cup of water eight ounces of water with my pills or my nutritional supplements I shouldn't air-quote cuz they really are nutritional supplements but I take it with my nutritional supplements I'll have a banana and then with that banana I'll have yogurt or whatever so I think it's helped my routine better and making sure that I'm nourish my body three times today so so far so good I have to say I love humm I have to say that the nutritionist that I have they're actually responsive there are real people so if you send them a message there was Banu in one to two days you can talk to them about anything if you feel like you have problem areas with your skin if you feel like your stomach gurgles too much if you feel like you're having a hard time sleeping but that's just my opinion I have to say if you are looking to get more nutritional supplements and you don't want to go to a doctor or nutritionist just go online go to humm nutrition calm or whatever the website is hum and take your quiz and see what's right for you try it for four to six weeks if it doesn't work you don't have to do it I probably spent not probably I can tell you cuz my receipts here so I got six it doesn't tell me I think I spent about ninety dollars some of them were cheaper than the other like the sleep one was like ten dollars and I also got a discount let's see yeah so it's about twenty fifteen twenty dollars per per bottle or whatever but I also got a discount so it may have been more but other than that I have to say I'm extremely satisfied so if you are interested I will put my promo code down below and you will get $10 off your purchase sign up let me know what you think leave comments down below and as always subscribe and thank you for watching

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