Review- Murad Firm & Tone Supplements for Cellulite & Stretch Marks

hey everyone so every summer I go on a mission to try and find a cure for my cellulite and so far nothing has really worked that great but every summer I still get excited and a little optimistic part of my brain says this this is gonna be the year you finally found something that works well that little optimistic voice led me to spend in 138 dollars yeah 138 on the dr. Murad firm and tone supplements is my third box I'm on my not the week of taking this and okay the first box I ordered how to outer box a box that one around this and it said take back your body in eight weeks so whenever I purchased my first box I thought that I was buying an eight week supply but this is just a 28-day four weeks supply so I thought that was kind of misleading marketing said take back your body in eight weeks wouldn't you just assume that you're getting an eight week supply but I noticed on the second and the third box that these I bought it just came in this box that didn't have that outer sleeve so maybe they got complaints so I'm going to tell you a little bit about the supplements and what they claim to do now I'm gonna tell you my results and experience formulated to help improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks encourages the appearance of firmer skin helps to improve the visual texture of stretch marks our research results were support skin strength by encouraging the parents of firmer skin up to 78% in eight weeks but yet they only give you a four week supply helps to improve the visual texture of stretch marks up to 47% in a week individual results may vary so the box comes with four different types of supplements a multivitamin connective support complex essential fatty acids and a cell energizer the multivitamin contains a blend of essential vitamins and trace minerals to help promote healthy skin function the connective support complex encourages the parents of smoother skin while helping improve skin elasticity and that's one of my biggest problems I do carry fat in the back of my thighs but it's also like the skin on my legs just isn't very good the elasticity in it and it contains a cell energizer helps prevent cell skin damage while promoting cellular energy production well each day and night of supplements comes in a pack that looks like this and it's a lot of pills as you can see but tears in half and you have your day pack and you're not packed and it says take the day pack in the morning and the night pack in the evenings and it says preferably with mils some days I tried to take it on an empty stomach and don't try that almost like just lost it everywhere so take it with meals the day pack is six pills and the knot pack is five pills I haven't had my morning pack for the day yet so I'll take it right now and there's so girls y'all they're so gross oh they're nasty for real they're not that bad if you just go ahead and put them in your mouth and choke them with water but the way I was trying to show y'all oh nasty the biggest change I've seen in my skin is that it is so soft now like I find myself just wanting to rub my arms and feel how soft they are I think they may have made a slight glow to my skin but I could be imagining that I'm not really sure but I know I'm not imagining the softness of my skin now the stretch marks I don't have many stretch marks I have a few old ones on the back of my calves and my thighs it definitely did this supplements definitely did soften those as it I mean it soften the skin all over my body and the scar existing scars I've had it's softened and smooth those so that was exciting now the main reason I purchased the supplements was for the cellulite I saw maybe at most a 10% improvement really if any improvement because I didn't see a major difference in my cellulite once I get finished with this box I won't be repurchasing these I think 138 dollars a box is just too high to pay for me to get soft skin I can I have other ways I can make my skin soft if I really felt like it thin it and once I finish these if I see any more results I'll do an update video and let y'all know or if you know how when sometimes when you try a new face cream you think it's not working but then once you stop you're like oh that was doing something well if that's the case with this I'll do an update anyway that was my experience with this product if any of y'all have tried this I'd be interested to hear what kind of results y'all got just comment below and let me know and like and subscribe bye


  1. I thought your accent was a joke lol. Nice video

  2. I just started my second box and I'm not sure if I can tell a diff?
    I bought it cause I had so many good reviews on amazon and one of my friends used it who fell in love with it and she told me it diminished her cellulite and made her skin better all around. But you're right, it's expensive and some of the pills included in those packages you can get much cheaper. Like multi vitamin, fish oil aso.
    You could basically make your own packs way cheaper.
    So I think I'll try that next time if I'm not blown away by the end of my box!

  3. You are to cute, you have to be from the South like me, I am from North Ga, where do you live at? And thanks for the video because I love Murad and now I know that I may want to try this!

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