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– What’s up everyone?
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is
Benji and today we have a sweet practice that’s gonna help
you reunite with your breath. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty my friends,
let’s begin today’s practice lying on our backs. You can lay a blanket
out if you want to today. Get nice and cozy ’cause we’re
gonna stay nice and low to the ground, focusing on
the power of thy breath. Come on down, when you get
there we’re gonna begin in this constructive resting
posture by bringing the feet as wide as your mat.
Nice and wide. And then allowing the knees to
fall in so they rest together. Get nice and comfy here. Snuggle the
shoulder blades together and bring your
hands to your belly. So you want to come into a
position where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Once you get settled in here
tuck your chin slightly to create slight length
in the back of the neck and then close your eyes, baby. Thank you for selecting this
video and thank you for taking some time out of your day
to reunite with your breath. I believe in the power (laughs) of reuniting with the breath and I hope this little
ditty here today serves you. So with the hands on the belly, the eyelids closed and heavy, start to notice the
parts of your body that are touching the earth. And as you bring your attention
or your awareness to those parts, really
notice the pressure, the connection that
you feel in the feet, the elbows,
the muscles of the back, the skull. Kind of grounding
down in this moment. And then begin
to bring your attention to the rhythm of your breath. And as we secure
the body in stillness, let the gross body,
the big picture body remain heavy and still and see if you can allow
your breath to start to move your subtle body. And if you’re like,
“Cool, got it,” great. And if you’re like,
“What does that mean?” Just explore what
that could mean for you. You don’t always have to
know what exactly you’re doing. There’s a little bit of a
tendency on the mat with asana and with breath to
want to get it right. And so it’s my pleasure to
remind you that it’s not about getting it right,
it’s about exploring. Getting curious. Bringing more
consciousness to your breath. And to your life! Hopefully by now
you’ve started to take a couple deep inhalations. Catching the wave of the
breath even if it’s only once. Big full inhale in. Long exhale out. And then notice how a big full,
conscious breath makes you feel. And then with the eyes closed and
the body nice and heavy here, just start to lift the
corners of the mouth slightly and send some love out into the
world knowing and maybe just understanding, accepting, enjoying, celebrating that there are so many
people practicing this very practice with you right
now and I think that’s cool. So as you are uniting or reuniting with your
breath here today, wherever you are in the world, you’re also uniting or
reuniting with people who are reuniting with
their breath or their spirit. Alright, go ahead and
open the eyes nice and slow. Bat the eyelashes open. We’re gonna walk the feet all
the way together now and just take the knees in the opposite
direction so we’re gonna open the knees out wide. Reclined Cobbler’s Pose
as we start to open the hips. Let gravity do
a bit of the work. We’re changing the shape so
we’re gonna change the breath so interlace the fingertips,
bring them behind the head. You can extend your
thumbs to cradle the neck. You’ll start to feel a stretch
in the groin, the inner thigh. Stretch in the armpit chest,
in the shoulder. And then start to use your
breath to create more space. So breath a nice,
full lateral breath into the side body here, to the ribs. Here we go. Deepening the breath. You can use your
thumbs to gently massage the back of the
head if you like. And we’re just
slowing things down. So it doesn’t always
have to be about harder, faster, stronger. The breath is the base,
the baseline. Take one more
deep inhale in here. Breathe into all
four sides of the torso. Then as you exhale you’re
gonna slowly lift the head, lift the heart,
lift the shoulders, lift the elbows and just connect
to the muscles of the abdominal wall but see if you
can continue with deep conscious breath as you do so. Breathing deep here.
Keeping the gaze up. Lots of space between
the chin and the chest. We’re not doing
a full crunch here but keeping the
neck nice and long. Challenging ourselves
to breathe deep within this contraction of the core. Keeping the skin of the face
soft and easy, jaw relaxed. Good, then take one
more deep breath in here. And exhale to slowly release. You’ll bring the hands to
the outer edges of the legs. Close the knees together. Then scoop the knees
up towards the chest. Get your low back nice
and flush with the mat. Should feel really good. Give yourself a big hug and now breathe deep
into your belly here. Nice, full conscious breaths. So there’s not a lot going on
here on purpose so that you can reunite and focus on
those deep inhalations and those long exhalations. So basically you
have to bring the breath. Take one more cycle
of breath in and out. And I love this idea of
cycle of breath because that’s what’s going on, right? Constant cycle of breath, right? If you catch yourself
holding your breath, eventually you’re gonna breathe
again otherwise what happens? You die so keep your breath, that cycle of
breath or spirit going. And then let’s bring the hands
to the back of the thighs now for a little rock and roll move. You’re gonna rock up and
down the length of your spine. If this is difficult,
no worries. I love the humility that also comes with a yoga practice, especially an at-home practice
where you kind of let your guard down and really allow yourself to be yourself. And eventually we’ll
meet all the way up in a nice cross-legged seat. You can take a second to move the fleshy part of
the buttocks aside. Find length up
through the crown of the head. And then just
allow your hands to rest wherever they comfortably fall. So on the knees or the thighs. Maybe in the lap. Excellent. So we have many
pranayama videos on the channel. You can check them out. We have breath of fire,
skull shining breath. We have Ujjayi breath. We have alternate
nostril breathing. So if you want to go a little
bit deeper learning breath techniques I will
post links to those videos in the description down below. Belly breath, all of these
wonderful pranayama techniques. But today it’s about just
returning to that relationship, that connection with a
big inhale and a long exhale. So nice conscious breath. So just come into
a quiet seat here. As you feel comfortable
close your eyes again, tuck your chin to lengthen
through the back of the neck and try to find this lateral breath. And, in fact,
take your hands really fast to your rib cage here so we can
play with the lateral breath. And what you
want to is to find this expansion of the ribs
out as you breathe in. And then a gentle
softening as you breathe out. So let’s give it a
couple tries here on your own. Feeling the ribs expand and lift as you breathe in and soften and gently retract
as you breathe out. And then you can keep the hands
there if you really like it or allow the hands
to rest gently and just keep this nice full, expansive inhale going and this long, slow exhalation. And then notice where your
thoughts go and remember that’s all part of the game. Mind and body working together. So just acknowledge
the thoughts and remember to reunite with your breath. Return to the breath.
The breath always comes first. And then slowly bat the
eyelashes open once again. So we’re gonna end with a super
duper duper simple vinyasa and if this practice inspires you to
pick up a more physical practice after this, awesome, that’s what
we want but what I really want is to establish or re-establish,
reunite us with the importance of the value of having a strong
relationship with the breath. I mean honestly
it has saved my life. So I think it’s
worthy of our time. It’s not always
about chaturangas, right or… So ending with a
super simple vinyasa. We’re gonna bring the
fingertips to the sides. You’re gonna pull the pinkies
back so you can open up through the chest, the heart space and really un-crumple
through the torso. Right, finding that
length in the spine. On the inhale you’re
gonna dial the thumbs back, pinkies forward, and slowly
bring the palms all the way up. Wrists over the shoulders. On the exhale you’re
gonna take the palms, excuse me, thumbs forward,
pinkies back and press the palms down towards the earth, fingertips kiss the ground. So the thing is you
want your full inhale to fuel this gesture and you want your full
exhale to fuel this gesture. And the kind of
trick or challenge, loving challenge today is I only
want you to reach the fingertips up as high as your breath goes. So you really kind of wire or re-wire the brain to
unite with the breath. So for example just a
little demo in case you’re like, “Yeah, I got this dude.
It’s super easy.” Pay attention. For example the inhale down in
my belly initiates the thumbs going back and I’m
only going to inhale, or reach my fingertips
up as far as my inhale goes. So I inhale to my max
capacity and my hands are here, this is where I’m
stopping baby. ‘Kay? Same thing on the way down. Exhale, I’m gonna try to
use that breath out to empty, empty, empty, empty, empty,
empty all the way down and if this is where
I land and not here, I’m gonna stop here. So I’m going to try to be
really true to the breath. Marry the breath to the movement and marry the
movement to the breath. Virtual high five.
Okay, here we go. Pull the pinkies back.
Lift your heart. Let’s see what happens. Inhale, open the thumbs,
reach it up high. Only go as far as your inhale
and then when that breath stops you’ve hit the max capacity
turn the thumbs down and in, pinkies out, palms press down
and you use your exhale to float the fingertips down. Only go as far
as your breath goes. Empty, empty, empty. And then inhale. So keep it going. I’m not gonna cue you so you can really practice being
true to your breath. If you don’t make it that high
on the inhale or make it all the way down on
the exhale, that’s okay. That’s part of this experience. Part of this learning process
and it’s definitely something I want you to experience. So I’m gonna do my own practice
here and I’ll let you do yours and we’ll see what we discover. Wherever you are, keep it going. Don’t stop.
For these last couple rounds, the last couple cycles of breath you might, if
you’re in a good place, integrate the neck or the nose
and you can think about your nose traveling in
line with your fingertips. Inhaling, sending the gaze up and then exhaling gently
sending the gaze down. Don’t give up. Do one more
cycle wherever you are. Now wherever your are let’s all
together as one inhale reach the fingertips all the way up. This time let the palms
come all the way together. Namaste and then exhale hands slowly melt
down to your heart space. Take a second to
relax your shoulders. Relax your jaw and
just notice how you feel. And allow whatever you
discoveries you made to just settle in here. Reuniting with the breath. Gently close your eyes,
bow your head to your heart. Remember the breath
is always there for you. And so am I. Love you guys. Thanks for sharing your
time and energy with me and the
Yoga With Adriene community. Let us know how this
went for you down below. In particular this section and I hope you have an
amazing rest of the day. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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