RÉSULTATS : JE ME LÈVE À 5H PENDANT 30 JOURS (Ça a changé ma vie…)

frankly there between yesterday and today
his biggest blow I won so much time it’s amazing if we
add up the number of hours where I was able to work at
move forward in a month we arrive this experience is in the process of
literally changed my life my way to advance the management of the
stress I can train too much more it allows me to work so
much more effective and above all to advance 100 times faster
but for that it’s not easy every days it’s the 10th of September it leaves
a morning shot I wake you up at this hour for 30 days
it’s the first digit is broken hello you have good for those who me
do not know my name is mathias I’m 20 years old I do not speak all the time
it is cold these particulars there I a lot of sport I’m doing videos on
Youtube I’m still working next door and I have a
huge project I’m working on for more than seven months of which I have
spoke later in the video of the coup that’s a lot I’m trying to manage at
better all its activities but as you all I have 24 hours in
a day of which a part that I pass in my bed to sleep all this poses
market problem hate talking like that it’s unbearable to do that I
stopped right now ok guys we are Monday, September 9th it is 9:30 pm I
come back from training and I come across the interview of kobe bryant or eddy who
get up every day at 4am to split his training hours
compared to its competitors and that that’s how he managed to hit
in short my current situation to advance it’s shit
there is such an inspiring guy kobe bryant that touches a serious point
interestingly I got warmed up on a head shot I told myself what is it
go for a month you get up to 5 in the morning and at the end you look
what does it give if it’s been beneficial or no ok guys it’s 5:30 it’s the first
day I get up at 5 am when a moment I did not necessarily
Too much problem I admit you even if I do not have too much problem it is that
for me I arrived in a period of my life where I was clearly missing time
for my projects and to move forward I woke up at 8 am I had at
work from 8 am to 5 pm after 18h to 21h training gelatine for
start after the holidays when I returned from training I was
until then that I will go more necessarily to working I was not very productive
I just wanted to entertain myself because I had worked since 8am
I thought but try something found a solution the solution
that I found is to wake up every day at 5 am honestly the
str6 i’m swimming too well 0 distraction zero noise cwa notification
on my phone a person who stands good zero degree
also against it can but cold little shirt we’re gonna do
intelligence and this is where we are it’s mathias lands states at wholesale
it’s the guy who shows this video and who does not want to refrain from adding
some elements to spontaneous words of mathias finally the mathias who lives
the experience of the coup because that’s good does a lot of social
no but what I would like to add to the matthias scene that finished the experiment
kivu by the canes were able to draw some conclusions
is that everyone knows it notifications on his phone
a friend who asks a question these are all distractions and for
put back entirely focused on the task we were doing
before the distraction according to the studies it can put up
23 minutes but that everyone knows I can reinvent the powder
we all know that they worked with his phone next door is not optimal
in the end we do not really act because even when laying the phone a
little further we have all the time title thought deep inside us that tells us
ah but maybe I’m trying to miss something you and in all
the cases you think about it but there with this experience that I really lived and I
think it must be lived for understand what I really feel
is that you ask your phone in front of you at 5 am in
working it’s going on nothing in fact there is going literally nothing at all
zero notification there is nobody who you write at that moment you’re never
distracted he never lights up and in addition to have that little feeling of
work a little in the shadow of work while others
sleep and move on bah you really no disturbance and it’s amazing
frankly it’s hard a bit to express to explain this feeling with
words but when you live it I swear that it’s really rewarding
honestly my feelings there we get is experiencing sequelae at home
really good you ok ok when the alarm clock was going to be ringing I was not in a
year I was no hrw is long earlier Lamont first felt a little awakening
of this first day is that on the moment it’s 2013 at jean really
can not wait to greet like the eve of the saone and I did
rather his death after mentally I’m I got heated up I did not but actually
you have no choice there you know when you have sanaa in your heart that makes me
think a little about the gratification instant but in the other way jeans
laddh and instant gratification amr chair of the belt as his
mediation hello everyone we are the second day
always so well coiffé we change not I reassure you I can make you
feedbacks everyday it’s going to go much faster thereafter but there
it was funny because yesterday I published a story about at his g on which
I asked how long you think I’d hold one in two
days to get up at 5 am obviously she to all those who believe
not in me I see ok I have access to statistics me no but I’m fighting
the balls total anyway I love you all it’s just funny and at
final you voted on average 13 days month 30
after that, no, but we dream I can not predict everything is possible traits
day why not in the end always that I am sick I feel very bad
abandoned outside good after I got know suddenly it would really surprise me
really ready all that is worse cool because it’s a little style
challenge in you and me on instagram and we’ll see at the end of the video that
was right hockey I take my shot but something
sick honest guys Thursday of the week of
the week she was so hard all the world I worked a lot
usually the other days apart Wednesday and Tuesday morning the start of the
past week what temperature is there of jean joined minutes each time and
frankly it made me a lot but there when I follow the 5 hours of the morning
sense is finally saying a baby talking physically it’s really hard –
it’s so hard but it’s still going hot points you loose nothing
training I still had some stuff the future then said I see you I did not
honestly does the first week that east and I’m a little disappointed because at
the end after their week in the face there was the habit taken in a week
hesitant and the second at home take a shot but a sick thing
thank you for everyone throw of sir yeah that’s in the
moments like that I tell myself I would have never had to do this experiment fucking players with them with the
enlightened lights really on what the line agents do not wake these people 5h25
because I like and 25 minutes to myself wake up I was getting out of my bed in
crawling too much say I lost a little bit voice too I have a little sore throat the
draw today scene is more big blow that I have since two
weeks really too hungry we loose nothing and then
we continue a I will perhaps make you a little more development to
pes club I can play to talk but mostly managed
in a lot of stuff to close that’s why that it’s still beneficial is not done
that skull otherwise I would have everything right just butterfly it’s a trick too
hard to get to this point it’s me remained more than put less brain
aside and to advance like a machine without thinking
that’s what I did until day 15 where I wanted to make you
big announcement but if it does not interest you more than that
can you go straight to 15 minutes in the video
hi to all on the 15th day and I’m a little moved because I’m going to talk to you
a project that is important to me I’ve been working on for months
without talking about it on any network one of questions you do not ask about
instagram right now during this experience is what are you
do it at 5 in the morning because we have it’s not really interesting to
get up at 5am and end up there planted in the middle of his room and not know
what to do and in my opinion you will let yourself not if it was the case suddenly I think
it’s time to talk to you about the big project on which we staff for more than
seven months and that takes me a good part of my mornings next to the videos
the real reason for launching this project and do not worry I’m not going
go around in circles during 2011 explains just why I started but
it’s really thirsty learning is there I’m talking to you about
learning new skills but also self-learning
which in my eyes is just as important that’s why I started
from scratch from scratch would say Americans
except I’m not American so I I’ll shut up my mouth I started
with two friends without any knowledge in the field and in seven months I
never learned so much from my life and that’s between passion and challenge born
our brand of clothes dresses original is unheard of for a
youtube good hours i admit said like that it’s not original but it’s actually
could not have been original in the case where I went to get the
ease I would have offered you an old t-shirt writing matthias motive of ta
sister and that you will have it on mathias dot com and that’s it but
it’s not at all the idea kind we are the other extreme you have you and mathias
mtv.com and there we have ironically because her name is harry connick miles
so here I went with two friends a brand and for me it’s much more
that a brand is a movement I invite you to follow the movement that
is still in the monetics in cred that we already share on my channel even though
the brand is totally independent of the chain because we had as challenge
to first develop it without community nothing like you going to
do and create a brand from a to z and to meet all the problems
possible in fact we really got in shit because in truth it’s
super hard league message and develop it still a bit in the conclusion because
that it’s very interesting I would be same show make it an entire video on
has as objective with annick mind to compete with big brands
like the qos tommy hilfiger esterra well let me dream quiet why
do I have the ambition to go compete denounce the market bah
simply because I want that a great brand can also be
something other than a chic name without necessarily strong message behind
I want a brand is conscious who wants to change things
can be great too and we wants to change things by sharing
values ​​of honesty of transparency is our concept, it’s about you
help move forward progress to become the best version of you same name you
do not sell it that everyone is talking about I will not help you become a
instagram known serious hours or a star who manages the girls or bye
like that may have someone who is going accomplish great things and who will
recognized for this one is maybe with the content we share on
instagram you will find elements of answer that you can apply for
every day go to bed to tell by report to yesterday I grew up and I’m
proud of me we all know so much things that would be good for us for
our life a development like having
positive thoughts you have to face his fears and his rats but in the life of
every day it’s so much more hard to apply and you can not
always open youtube to see a mischievous michael video that tries
to motivate you did I want that with this
concept of or with 10 sentences and motivational thoughts it’s about you
simply give a reminder physical that you can carry and see
at any time in a mirror where we leaning his head for example there he has to
avoid telling you I will feel a little malcom for me the sentences we
puts on the designs have a real meaning and made me realize
some things I hope that you will speak as much as I did and I had
really afraid to leave on bases a little cuckoo and that gives between slammed
on the ground of the blow really told them we and he thought for a long time he told us
really took weeks of times to find a cool thing normally that
we like it so it is alas last hyper important point on the brand
because christmas does not stop there and first after we talk about something else
the positive aspect of the mind and the self development to become the
best version of oneself supports but we wanted to do something
thing and also act for the other end or in some cases it can
go up the depression is forward far less funny consequences in
that’s why we decided to pay back 10% of our profits to a
association called the 143 or the hand extended and it’s a call line
for people who are distressed emotional or lost in their lives
and who need to be and I say frankly with the role I have a little
on youtube and serra I’m really proud to be able to support a cause like
for more information to find you all in the description bar it’s safe
economically and the official points as it happens I did not want
to land with a project fart I wanted to be sure of me is brought
something to work coherently and which makes you pleasure also admits
that you can participate by buying or not buying just there is
content that is shared from any way on instagram
ironically the officials and we are always there to interact to answer
to the questions I’m behind the account
instagram so every 10th games there answer and I will make you little ones to
jo to interact all hastily chastised in anyway it’s a trick is safe with
all this experience of getting up at 5am and save time working is
that I’m too happy because I was able to introduce you to this project and without it
would have been impossible but I had so much to do
and this time saving and is paramount really this game is simple tha
I have no idea who I am frame or not all I know is
who tonight I completely cracked when I came back from training
I started working on one page product that we absolutely had to finish
before tomorrow because tomorrow I lose in training tournament
in bordeaux so the eight hours since this day I’m alone in getting out of it
little in terms of graphics so it’s important that I finish
before I leave because the time to me
knowing that we will play a lot and to train is really fun
it’s too good I’m going too far and that’s me is very time consuming and brief
there I confess that watch the time I you admit that I have not too much time
to speak for 1000 again I tell you come back to others
suffer and here we are one day 30 it’s over there
is about five hours 25 no it’s not true at all it’s 22:30
I’m just completely plowing and that we program but I still
wanted to take advantage of this last day for give you a little soft feeling and
conclude this experience wake me up to 5 hours it was necessary and I am
quite happy that but pushed to projects initiatives to start this
experience a month ago she is clear and clear that I continued to
get up immediately especially now the habit she is a little bit implode
and it’s far too beneficial for that I stop
even if I did you that was morning where I have too much galley and I have
really shit but also with my two workouts a day but now finally
it’s difficult mentally but physically my body is asking me to
recover and suddenly in my case the complications were more physical than
mental but good on the other hand that is part of the game but I confess
that the days I could not do the nap
it was really complicated and by the way we go full is what
you know the biggest mistake to not especially not to do is to put his
wake up at 15:59 instead of 15:00 because you just have
not enough skrela and suddenly sleep a plus hour but my guy it’s a
sick thing when you wake up have the impression of coming out of a like me
it happened to me more during experience and I swear to you but I have
put I think being Arab will wake up a sick thing
in short it was not at all what I wanted to talk to you but if a crazy thing
I could calculate it’s the number of hours that I earned on sambre so
I calculate I won three hours effective work every day in
blue go at 5 o’clock which makes on a week 21h knowing that a week of
work in France equals 35 hours over a month I was able to work almost
three more weeks she obviously I’m talking about work week but I
just did some math just before so at the end of my experience and I’m
I said no even if I had that from the start I direct sign and then I get
was rising tomorrow at 5h finally there was nothing needs more to convince me
and me and there you will tell me but why are these three hours of
job we will not get them in the evening are you
lifts normal after at 8 o’clock you can sleep in the morning so it’s cool and good
simply because already the kind for a whole day taf drou so you
Are tired is the quality work and not at all the same
in the morning it’s hyper would you finally just got up and especially it’s
time you take for you actually it is to move forward it is for your
projects is for something that you please, so it’s not people
hyper motivating and it’s for me the most inspiring hours and
productive because there is nobody who will distract and that of work and
21h to 23h at midnight even it will be three hours like this well i can say that
you will have all the time someone who is going come call you late to messages that
you will receive xterra notifications and it will not be the same
in the sense that you can take the spell of advanced length in the day
to be much less stressed afterwards if you will not be ready to make ben
here you take an hour to do it if you want to take an hour to
your well being and then do the meditation bar there you do it and if that you
makes you feel better, that’s good the goal you see and especially you get up
for you you get up to advance in his projects to you and you do not get up
to go to work for someone else I like it so much that I
am next I had no problem at get up at 5 am because I like
you in any case it made me very happy to have been able to take you a little more
my daily as usual and to have been able to talk to you about my
iconic brand minds after seven months working with waters
was very low you look forward to seeing your reaction is to launch this
movement and you and that’s partly thanks to you that this mark exists
with my project took this form so to help you advance to progress in
reading your comments by seeing your reactions and think about our
exchanges that to motivate to show that I could have
a real impact in this area so as much as doing things well
by the way I wanted to give you more some tips if you wanted
developed to start a project if you have for example a brand or something
something like that it’s really far to be easy if there is something that
I realized by doing these seven months of work is that when you
think to be there at the end of your project well you barely realize the third of the
because of all the potential that your project is that’s why we have to stay hyper
persevering and sometimes it was night whole to work for nothing finally not
for nothing but to acquire only knowledge
so that’s not what will give a income or whatever you can you
start your project to make it’s already finished you’ve worked
months and months maybe you will be 0 simply done
really go in an optical learning but if you leave with the
bad vision td janyk and in advance but you know what jemaye I
already strays me and I have a lot of things to say about that so I do
a video he gtv on instagram so do not hesitate to follow me mathias
mtvn in any case thanks for all the support was very important to me
and for those who discover me this video I invite you to subscribe to my
chain it would be cool and you can activate the small patterns as in each video
in the end I ask a question that I’m interested mostly here after having
a lot about me I ask myself what would you do with 90 hours
in addition every month I’ll let you answer the comments
and I answer to everyone soon


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