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good morning team so today is a rest day for me so what we're going to be doing is going through a full day of eating on a rest day what macros and calories that we're aiming for today are around about 3050 calories we're going to be aiming for 240 grams of protein 375 grams of carbs and then around about 65 grams of fats now when I say I'm aiming for this many calories I have got like a set meal plan I'm gonna be following on my rest days and then I've got one I'm gonna be following on my training days so I know I'm gonna be hitting on many calories because I know that's what my meals are going to equate to and but nevertheless that is how many calories I mean they are the macros and the breakdown of the calories so yeah let's get into it first things first I am heading to the gym because I've got a client this morning and I'm also gonna get my 20 minutes of cardio done there so that'll be fasted that's how I prefer to do my cardio so I'll go there get my client done get my fasted cardio done I've then got a haircut which is well overdue since I run my head was just before the show now which is two weeks ago which is ridiculous for me I never normally leave it that long but I've they should have been that busy with work since since show day that I haven't actually done this sounds really stupid like I can't manage my own time I can I've just been prioritizing it differently and but yeah I like to have another time to AmeriCorps so I'm really excited to get my hair cut today and I think I need to go for a swim been as welcomes I was so used to being so tanned and around the times of the show and now that it's all completely worn off I feel like Casper the ghost so probably will go for a swim bed today as well and then yeah other than that today I've just got a couple of things to set off a little bit work to do so we will be able to put full efforts into the full day of Ian the first thing I like to do morning is try and get like at least alley or walk down me just because first thing in the morning is when your body's literally the most dehydrated because you've gone God knows how many hours throughout the night hopefully at least like seven or eight hours throughout the night because that's how long you should hopefully be sleeping for hopefully you've gone for that long without drinking water and obviously because you've been asleep so your body's at its most dehydrated point in there so what you want to be doing is making sure the first thing you do when you wake up is hydrate and so I always try and get a little eat of water in and I'll get my morning swaps in with that liter as well so I know that it's all done first thing and then I'll have my coffee I'll have them outside vinegar and then just get on the day miel want is as it always has been my egg and toast meal but now I've got more calories to play with I simply have just made this meal bigger so three eggs three pieces of toast and they'll always have some spinach with it as well this is my staple meal one I actually have the same meal one on a training day as well so yeah as you guys saw this morning I was taking my previous pictures for Josh so I checked in with Josh today scale weight is currently sat at around about 225 pounds anywhere between sort of 224 and 226 pounds which is a pretty significant jump in comparison to where we were at last checking so I'm up like 5 pounds in the space of sort of four or five days which is completely normal in this phase calories are very high training is very intense and body composition is still in a great place and I always do this but I will put some pictures off of my checking to show you guys can see how I'm looking at 225 pounds but josh is very happy with the pictures we have pushed food upwards again as of today so trained a food is now around about 3,800 calories and non training day food is actually up to 3,200 calories so the macros that we were hitting this morning that I went over with you they have actually changed ever so slightly today's new macros for my new rest day calories at 3,250 are 245 grams of protein 420 grams of carbs and around about 65 grams of fats the resting meal to for me is 5 chicken sausages I know people rave about the HEC one sports trust me Aldi Ashfield Italian style chicken sausages the fats are a little bit higher and then the heck one what they taste so much better so yeah I'm team Albie when it comes to chicken sausages I have five of them and one bagel sesame New York bagels by far the best bagels do not even try and tell me there's a better tasting bagel closely followed in second by the red onion and chive ones the from New York bagel as well but they're the only two that I would ever bother with and so yeah five sausages on a chicken bagel with a humble spinach I'm not going to video me making the food because I'm probably gonna do that with some of the meals I'm not going to this video me making every meal and because that would just be a bit boring after one or two of them well yeah I'm gonna eat this now and then crack home from work so in this video I do a little bit of a supplement review and last week the guys be strong adapt sent me a couple of bits out to try that I've been up in wines Triax they have heard really good things about them and what I did want to make sure that did before I did a review on them before I put them sort of on the YouTube and sort of had a bit of a chaplain was make sure that I used them so that I actually knew what they were like so I knew kind of what I was going to say about them was was legit and I wasn't just sort of Chinese for the sake of promotion so I've been using all of these supplements for about a week now and I can safely say that I have enjoyed using every single one so as you can see they've sent me quite a few bits they've sent me a pop product and a pre-workout which the pre-trained v2 is the pre-workout and the porn product is loose you just called pop the pre-workout has about 300 milligrams of caffeine in per serving and I've only been taking the one scoop because that literally is all I need 300 milligrams is more than enough caffeine for me the panel on this pre-workout is really really good it's also got 4,500 milligrams of l-citrulline and 2,000 milligrams of beta alanine as well in there so you really do feel it but at the same time I don't feel that there's been any major crashes or anything like that off this pre-workout and I find with some pre workouts you get like an extreme high and then that almost is the the solidification that you are gonna come down pretty hard off the back of it but I haven't had that with this I've had literally just like perfect workout perfect levels of intensity perfect levels of energy so yeah it's been really really good so far I would hide commend the blue raspberry flavor which is the one that they sent me it's really really nice and I think they do it in a green apple as well but for the pre-workout blue raspberry it's the spot for me and then the pop product is a four capsule serving and in one serving is 2200 milligrams of l-citrulline which is also in the pre-workout so obviously when you merge them together you get one hell of a pump with these two together I haven't used the pump with any other pre-workouts yet I haven't used this pre-workout with any other pump products yet because these are the only two that I'm using at the minute but they are really really good I would highly recommend them I know for all my clients are gonna be gonna be buying some stuff just based on the reviews that I have given so yeah can't recommend them enough we then have the intro amino of BCAAs which I have started implementing into my intro workout during the majority of my prep I didn't have an intro workout you simply because with the carb side of things I wanted to eat the carbs which is fair enough and then from an aminos perspective I just didn't have one in that but me and Josh decided to put it into workout in now moving into the offseason and this is my choice of intra workout now the panel on this is ridiculously big the amount of different amino acids in here and the dosages are very very high as well it's fantastic it's got all of the the I'm gonna pull picture up in fact of the panel that's in here and it's got essentially male in there as well so it's a very well-rounded intra workout as I get deeper into the offseason and calorie starts get higher I will be stacking this with some sort of carbohydrate powder and but yeah as it's got the essentially malate in it and it's got such a wide variety of amino acids I don't feel the need to sort of stack anything else with it at the minute it simply is just this that's going in for now I've got the green apple flavor which is again it's really really nice and I can imagine that the other flavors are are just as good if this is anything to go off but green apple is a nice change from the blue raspberry pre-workout so you shot getting the best of both worlds when it comes to flavor we've then got the careertech 1500 tablets which is basically just creatine that's how I got my creatine and now I normally used to have it through powder what it's just it's it's so much easier to take the tablets first thing in the morning with the rest of my supplement stack it's got creatine HCL and creatine Magna power in there 750 milligrams of each it's a 2 capsule serving nice and easy take that every morning I'd probably go as far as to say this is my favorite supplement that the guys that be strong have sent me it's called test o plus and basically you take this one before bed it's a multivitamin and just well I'm having too sure what to call it because of the the types of different things that are included in it so you've got zinc at 20 milligrams you've got magnesium at 400 milligrams you've got KSM 66 ashwagandha 600 milligrams and then you've got all of your multivitamin sort of esque vitamins and minerals in there as well so I take this one as part of my Mike's or vitamin stack and then to pre bed to help me sleep at night because I've obviously the zinc and magnesium and the ashwagandha I did supplement those all on their own anyway or I ordered them in to supplement them on their own I was taking ashwagandha and I actually ordered in zinc and magnesium to start supplementing before the guys that be strong go in touch with me but now they've quoted me instead with this product which I know is insane because this week my sleep has been fantastic and I've been religious with taking this pre bed literally cannot recommend this one I know if I was to recommend one thing that was stuck the most it would be this pretty bad you will know its massive differences and then I know it's difference it's the next day with an energy levels and things like that as well so yeah would highly recommend all the products can't wait to continue using them further into the future and into my offseason and thank you very much the guys to be strong for sending me some stuff over I will continue to review newer products that I do get my hands on and newer flavours that I end up taking as well I'll let you know how they taste but that is a little supplement review that I thought I'd do for you guys and yeah if anything else comes up from from there be strong guys or we get our hands on on any of the products I will be sure to keep you updated on how so meal three is just finishing off cooking now it is 120 grams of dry white rice 200 grams of lean steak medallions and then I normally use about half a pack of stir-fry veggies of some sort I normally mix it up I was using spinach but I am having to bulk my foods out a little bit more now post-show with more veggies because I'm hungry all the time so Josh had bought my foods out with veggies so I'm doing that I'm actually quite enjoying it I throw some soy sauce on and obviously so on low or no sugar ketchup I put that on pretty much everything yeah that is staple meal 3 or arresting I work since last meal I'm now getting some steps in now just whilst meal four cooks because I'm very hungry I can't be asked just sitting and watching it cook there's nothing worse than that so far come on get the rest of my steps in because I've got like three thousand more to hit for today what I thought I would just touch on why I like to follow a specific meal plan rather than and leave it fits your macros approach now some days I am more than happy to steer away from a meal plan and taking even fiction macros approach and make sure it fits my calories to enjoy some food with mole and that kind of thing but for the majority of the time I will be following a specific meal plan a meal plan which sort of me and Josh have both agreed on because it's foods that I like it's loose it's it to sit well with me so I sort of changed the one that he's giving me a little bit to make it fit for me and what I am going to be following that for the majority of the off season simply because I like the routine of it I love to the routine of following that meal plan when I was on prep it just puts me in a good place with my day it allows me to sort of like work my day around the meal plan that kind of thing so I know when specific meals going in I want to maximize my training performance and the benefits that I'm getting from like the pre and post-workout window with specific nutrients put in specific places so this offseason I'm gonna go completely different so I did last time last time yes I followed a very if it fits your macros approach I never honest I don't think I got the most nutrient-dense foods in me I do feel like the quality of food that you use makes a massive difference not only to body composition in the way that you look but I'd probably say mainly the way that you feel the way that you perform that kind of thing and that is what I want to try and maximize this offseason I want to make the absolute most of everything so that next season next year I come in so improved that people can't believe the improvements I've made in the year that literally is the goal for me for stepping up from juniors to open men's I want the improvements to literally be undeniable and I really want to not just hold my own in a men's category but I want to be I want to be placing I want to be you know go into British finals I want to be doing things in that category so I'm gonna make the most of this offseason and I'm gonna make sure that everything is on point reel number four is six hundred grams of potato and two hundred grams of chicken and obviously I use a lovely ketchup cause somebody's not I catch one everything in a minute so we're similar to Netflix eat this meal I have a lot of people on Instagram namely asked me how I make these potatoes they're literally is on my oven there's a roast setting so I issue which is like roast potatoes and they use that on a really high heat and they go like crispy and crunchy and they're really really nice and they look really nice as well but I don't know I just put them in the oven so there's a setting on my oven and that's all I know I put it on 200 degrees and yeah that's it they cook like that and they're really nice so yeah this is me or for I'm gonna get this eaten watch a bit Netflix and shop so I'm just sitting down with my fifth meal which is 120 grams of oats 50 grams away some cinnamon and 28 grams of dark chocolate which does finish off my macros for the day that sees me at around about three thousand two hundred and fifty calories two hundred and forty five grams of protein 420 grams of carbs and 65 grams of fats thank you very much for watching this for Devi in they're not exactly going to be frequent because until my meal plan changes the meals are gonna be the same so I guess I could do a training day one but yeah when my meal plans do change I will try and keep the full days of eating in and update you guys on on what is changing in my diet well yeah that is a full day of eating for a rest day thank you for watching please like share comment subscribe all that kind of stuff I'll see you guys in the next video


  1. Gotta love a rest day from time to time lol. Those meals looked so delicious. Great video, keep it up. I just uploaded a Full Day Of Eating video on my channel too!

  2. Great video man

  3. When you up it to 3 eggs and 3 slices of toast you know off season has begun 😂 another good vid mate!

  4. When you up it to 3 eggs and 3 slices of toast you know off season has begun 😂 another good vid mate!

  5. Keep it up

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