Respiratory Care and Respiratory Therapist – Penn State Health

See my friend in 65. [Music] Hi Tom! My name’s Ashley.>>Hi.
>>Good morning! I’ve been here as a respiratory therapist at the Med Center for
about 4 years now. I wanted to help people, I wanted a job where it
would be different every day. We’re respiratory therapists so, [Laughter]
we do respiratory but I think half the time you spend a lot of your
day just talking to people. Hopefully we can get you fixed up and get you out
here soon.>>So, this guy…>>I would definitely recommend working here for anyone though
who’s already interested in you know respiratory care and they’re looking for
a good place to work. We are kind of on the cutting edge of everything, we’re a
teaching hospital, we do a lot of research.>>[Background talking]>>Oh, okay. We have wonderful physicians, we have wonderful programs, we do a lot of stuff that other hospitals
just don’t do. How much time you got left here?>>Today.>>Are you leaving today? [Patient nods yes] Yay! I think that patients who are sicker really know that
they’re sick, they want to be in a place where they know they’re gonna get the
best care. That’s one thing I like about respiratory therapy is that, you know, on
any given day you can see ten different types of patients, in all different
varying states of diseases and… Did you gain any weight?>>A little bit.
>>Yeah? That’s good! You can help them!

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