Respect and Replenish | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone?
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji
and today we have an awesome flow for you that’s gonna help
you feeling replenished but also remind
you of the power of respecting your
own body and the earth. Let’s get started. (bright music) Okie doke my friends, let’s begin today’s practice
standing at the top of your mat. Let’s start feet just a little
bit wider than hip width apart. So you can kind of gauge it by noticing where your
hip points are. Eh! And then just standing just a
little bit wider than those. Alright and then nice conscious
footing as you do this so toes pointing forward
and just, you know, just do this to
notice our patterns. There’s no right
or wrong. Right? Respect your body right away
right out of the gate but you might notice that the toes
tend to splay out or maybe the pattern is for them to come in. So here we set ourselves up with
just a nice conscious footing. Grounding down
through the heels. Pressing into the big toe
mound of your foot (chuckles) and then pinky toe
mound of your foot. So all four corners of the foot. Alrighty, groovy,
let’s stand up tall. Groovy? My parents say groovy.
Love you mom and dad. Stand up nice and tall. And let’s take
a deep breath in and as you exhale just
relax your shoulders down. We’re gonna start here in a nice grounded wide-footed
Mountain Pose. If you’re practicing today and
you’re not standing or using your legs, you can
do this bit in a chair. We can all imagine
the tip top of the head, the crown of the head, as the
top of the mountain and kind of lifting up through that
crown chakra point and then finding places to ground. Shoulders maybe adding a
little weight in the fingertips. Again, pressing into the heel,
the big toe mound, the pinky toe mound. Then if you’re feeling brave,
which I think you are, close your eyes and let’s
just take a quiet moment here to deepen the breath and settle in. Notice the quality of air
around you in the room or wherever you
might be practicing. And if there are any
noises or distractions go ahead and
acknowledge them too. So we often think we have to
have like the perfect setting or the perfect set up
or the perfect equation to take time for self care but the beauty of at-home yoga is that’s simply not the case. All you need is as willingness to slow down and focus inward. And then we just allow
everything else to exist, to be in it’s place. So thank you for trusting me and sharing your valuable
time with me. Let’s take one more deep breath
here before we start movin’. And a long breath out. Then you can open the eyes
and we’re gonna slowly with the breath spread the fingertips and
reach all the way up to the sky. So as we begin to reach the
fingertips up you’re gonna engage even more this
nice conscious footing. Lift the kneecaps. Tone the quadriceps
a little bit here. And then feel like your heart is
lifting all the way up towards the sky as your shoulder blades are grounding down
towards the heels. Towards the earth. And you can see how this changes
my voice when I start to engage in this way, lifting
up through the front body. You can find that Mula Bundha,
you know it that Uddiyana Bandha if you know it. Just this
connection to center. And then let the
palms really spread here. Fingertips stretch and
imagine you’re carrying a big beach ball. Pinkies forward
and thumbs facing back. Try to create a 100 percent
full body experience here. Drop the shoulders down. Lengthen through the crown. We’re here for three, two, reach a little higher. on the one, breathe in. And then exhale, you’re
gonna wiggle the fingertips, bend your knees generously. Send the hips back as you
Forward Fold all the way down. So hopefully the
feet have not moved. They’re nice and wide here. You’re gonna take your
fingertips and you’re just gonna draw them all the way over
to the left side of the mat. Take a deep breath in. And then as you exhale,
come all the way through. I’m gonna tickle Benji here
as I come all the way through to the right. Keep moving with your breath
all the way through to center. And then to the left. And then all the way through
to center and to the right. Try to keep your
toes pointing forward. All four corners of the
foot engaged into the earth. We call this Bada Bandha that foot to earth
connection, grounding. Just going back and forth. You can keep it nice and slow
like I am or you can start to pick up the pace. Shake the head
a little yes, a little no. Stretch out through
the upper back body. The low back. Gently beginning to
warm up through the legs. Then go ahead and even it out. Then we’ll come back to center. Bring the hands to
the tops of the feet. Now on a nice, long beautiful
inhale you’re gonna breathe in, slide your hands
up past your ankles. Engage through the feet again. Up past your shins. Past the kneecaps.
Engage by lifting the kneecaps and all the way up
to the thigh bones. So femurs kind of press back. Soft bend in the knee so you can
pull hip crease back and we’re gonna create nice
long length in the spine. So navel’s drawing up. Low ribs are hugging in. And we’re kind of creating
like a wide number seven shape. So the chin is facing the earth. Nose facing the earth. Crown of the head reaching back. Breathing deep here. We’re just working to create a
healthy flow of energy that runs up and down the spine. So we’re learning
how to find this line. We call this the Dunda. You’re here for three. Hug the elbows in like
little grasshopper legs, two. And then on the one, let it go. And I love warming up
with Dunda, too. You can just find a soft,
easy Uttanasana here, Forward Fold. Because it also really
teaches and trains or retrains, reminds my brain to focus on
sensation over just the shape. So let’s do that again. Palms come to
the tops of the feet. We’ll do it a little
bit faster this time. Here we go.
On a nice slow inhale, we slowly come all the way up. Palms past the
knees to the thighs. We take a second here to find
that length from crown to tail. This time focus on drawing the shoulder blades together,
really together. Again, hug those low ribs in. Slight bend in the knees. We’re building
strength in the back body. Nourishing the
organs in the back body. You’re here for three. Nice long, beautiful neck. And on the one release it all. Beautiful so now we’re
gonna root to rise here. Ground through the feet. Inhale, spread the fingertips,
reach towards the sky. Big breath. Find that connection
that we started out with, Tadasana or this is
actually Volcano Pose. Inhale in, and then exhale,
hands to heart. Great, now keep
your chin lifted. Keep your gaze out. See feelingly as
Mr. Shakespeare once wrote. So you’re gonna lift
your sternum to your thumbs. You don’t need to look down. Trust. Right?
You got this. So you’re gonna
keep your gaze out, chin lifted, sternum lifted up
towards the thumbs and you’re going to step or gently heel-toe
heel-toe your feet in together, really together. And if you looked down,
it’s totally normal. That’s why we’re here, to
kind of look at our patterns and check it out. Alright, here we go. Now we’re zipping
up through the legs. We’re lifting the sternum all
the way up to the thumbs and again we’re finding
that energetic loop. Lifting through the front body,
grounding through the back body. When you’re ready,
take a deep breath in. Use your exhale to
relax your shoulders down. Alright, we’re gonna flow here. Breath first. Soft bend in the knees. Inhale, fingertips are
gonna go down to come up. Find that big beach
ball up and overhead. Zip up tight through the legs
Navel draws in and up. Exhale, Forward Fold. Bend your knees generously,
rain it down. Inhale, halfway lift. Same principle as before. Find length in the crown. And then exhale,
soften and fold. This time keep breathing. Palms are gonna
come to the earth. We’re gonna step
the right foot back, then the left foot
back for a Plank Pose. Press away from
your yoga mat here. If you need to drop
the knees to Half Plank, please do but keep
in mind this length. Ooh, hair toss. Keep in mind this length
from the crown to the tail. Engaging the abdominal wall,
hugging the low ribs in. We’re here for three. We’re here for two. Downward Dog on the one. Bend your knees for
this first one generously. Upper arm bones rotate out. Take a couple moments
here to find what feels good. Be yourself.
Stretch it out. Maybe you need a nice
stretch in the ankles, in the fascia of the foot. Maybe you had a really tough
day and just need some stillness here in this posture letting
your breath be what moves you. Maybe we tick-tock the
hips a little left to right. Alright, take one more
nice deep inhale in here. On the exhale, bend your knees. And you can hop or just step,
step your feet forward. Feet together, really together. Great, Forward Fold. Reach down towards your toes. You don’t have
to even come close. Just that intention of
really going beyond just the fingertips. And then on your next inhale,
halfway lift again. Exhale, soften and bow. Root to rise again. Here we go,
grounding through the feet. Spread the fingertips. Reach it all the way up. And exhale hands to heart. Mountain. Inhale in. Exhale to relax the shoulders. Inhale, bend the knees. Fingertips go down to come up. Reach for the sky. Exhale all the way down. Forward Fold. Inhale, halfway lift. This time maybe you try the
palms on the shins or fingertips on the earth but keep that same
intention of neck nice and long. Not pinched or cut off. And then on an exhale,
release and fold. Plant the palms, step
one foot back then the other. Press away from your yoga
mat and really start to hollow through the upper back body. Low ribs hug in,
heels reach back. We’re engaging the thighs
just like we did in that first strong Mountain Pose. Inhale in. Exhale, lower the knees. Inhale, drop the belly, open
the chest forward, Cow Pose. Listen carefully. Exhale, back to Plank. Lower belly and upper abdominals
draw in towards center. Great, inhale in again. Exhale, lower the knees. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. Cow Pose. Check in with the neck. And then when you’re ready,
exhale, contract. Hug the low ribs in,
send the heels back. Plank. Now we’re
gonna go a little faster. Inhale, slowly drop the knees. Drop the belly, open the chest.
Breathe in. Ehxale, Plank, reach it back. Nice long beautiful neck. Inhale, slow kiss
of the knees down. Open the chest,
open the shoulders. Exhale, chin tucks. Neck is nice and long.
Strong Plank. Two more.
Inhale, drop the knees. Upper arm bones rotate out. Cow Pose. Exhale, Plank Pose. Breathe. Last one, inhale.
Here we go. Nice and slow
controlled movement. Welcoming that heat. And I’ll meet you in Plank. When you get here, you got it. Press away from your yoga mat. Shoulder blades
go left to right. Neck is nice and long here.
We’re not dropping the chin. We’re reaching the heels back. We’re here for three, two, and
then Downward Dog on the one. It never looked so good. Beautiful.
Send the hips up high. Pedal it out. Inahle lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. Great. From here we’re
gonna bend the knees. You can hop,
step, jump, two-step, do-si-do all the way to the top. Feet together, really together. Then when you’re ready, inhale. Halfway lift. Find length in the spine. See if you can find
something new each time. And then exhale, Forward Fold. Root to rise, inhale,
reach for the sky. Big stretch, big breath. And then exhale, hands to heart. Inhale in. Stay focused.
Exhale, relax the shoulders. On your next inhale,
reach behind. Interlace the
fingertips behind the tail. Draw the knuckles down and
away here and then square off the wrists just to
get a little stretch in the forearm and the wrist. Then nice conscious footing. Draw the
shoulder blades together. Lift the heart.
Feel that stretch in your pec. Same thing as before. Find your grounding by
drawing the navel in and up. Thinking about this upward
current of energy through the front body and then this
grounding current of energy through the back body. Okay, one more breath here. Then try to keep your bind,
just do your best, as you softly bend the knees,
lift your chin up towards the sky and then
keep this open heart, open chest as you bend your
knees and slowly bring your belly towards the
tops of your thighs. Try to send your hips
back just like Uttanasana. Really digging the majority of
your weight into your heels. Then continue to reach
the knuckles up as you soften through the neck. Breathing deep into all
four sides of your torso. Great, take it for
one more cycle of breath. You showed up, you’re here,
make the most of it. Lean in. Stay present. And then resist the slingshot
effect here so as best you can, with control, you’re
gonna keep the knees bent. Legs are warming up. We’re gonna send the
fingertips down with control and then forward for Uttanasana. Nice and steady. If you’re new to Chair Pose,
keep the fingertips straight out in front, in line
with your shoulders. You can work that little
counterbalance of sending your weight back and
your fingertips forward. And then in time you can
bring elbow creases by the ears. Breathe deep. Press into that foot connection
we talked about earlier. Lengthen tailbone down.
Open your heart. We’re here for three, two,
and on the one let it all go. Whew, Forward Fold. Great, rinse it off.
Inhale, halfway lift. Catch a wave
here with your breath. Then exhale to soften an bow. Plant the palms,
step the right toes back. Step the left toes back. Inhale, look forward,
shift forward on the toes. Exhale, squeeze the elbows
in towards your side body and slowly lower with control all
the way down to your belly. Belly flops welcome. Right? Keep it real.
(chuckles) Hey Benji. Then drag your hands in
line with your rib cage. Hug the elbows, again,
in towards your side body. Press the tops of
the feet into the earth. And then tuck your chin in
towards your chest and slowly uncoil up to a nice Cobra. Inhale in at the top. And then exhale
to slowly release. Again, in case you
missed it this time, start by finding
your foundation. And then tuck your chin. And from there, rise up, uncoil. Inhale. Catch a wave and then exhale. It crests and falls. Right, do one more and marry it
to the sound of your own breath. And then when you release,
curl the toes under, lift the kneecaps,
tone the quads. Here we go, inhale in. Exhale, press up. Power up. Quietly whisper to yourself,
“I am strong.” I am strong. And then send
the hips up and back. Downward Facing Dog.
Alright, pedal it out. Here we go. When you’re ready,
anchor through the left heel. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward,
knee to nose. Inhale, kick it up. Three-Legged Dog. Exhale, shift it forward,
knee to nose. One more, you got this. Claw through the fingertips. Inhale, kick it up. Spread the right toes. Exhale, turn your core on as
you slowly shift it forward. And then inviting the
right foot all the way up. Alright, pivot on the back foot. We’re gonna rise up, Warrior II.
Take your time. Try to move from center. So we’ve warmed up the legs. We’ve brought spinal flexion in. We’ve connected to this
upward current of energy, this backward current of energy
so use all that in this shape that most of you
have done before. And if you’re
new to this practice, check out the foundations
video on the Warriors. There’s actually a whole
video just on this one pose. So pull the pinkies back here. Front knee over
front ankle for now. If you’re new, you want to think
about keeping head over heart and heart over pelvis lifted. So there’s often a tendency
to kind of take it off here. Off this straight
line so pull it back. Everyone return to your breath. Think about hugging
the low ribs in here. Creating that connection that
you had in your Plank vinyasa. And we’re gonna try to maintain
that as we straighten through the front leg, reach the
right fingertips all the way up and back, Reverse Triangle. Breathe in. Then again, maintain
this core connection. As you bend your front knee,
take the right elbow to the top of the right thigh
and left fingertips all the way past the crown. So nice and slow again. To start, we’ll
straighten the leg. Send the right fingertips back,
Reverse Triangle. Lifting up from the arches. Trying to create
that full body experience. And then exhale,
Extended Side Angle. Now there’s an option to take
the right fingertips all the way down to the ground here. If you’re ready,
keep this cinching in, this full abdominal wall
turned on, baby. Okay, here we go. Picking up the pace,
moving with your breath. Welcome that heat, that tapas. As we send the
right fingertips back, we breathe in. Exhale, Extended Side Angle,
your version. Inhale, send it back. And exhale, send it forward. Inhale, lengthening
through the right side body. Exhale, spiraling your right
rib up towards the sky here. Open your heart
towards the heavens. Stay grounded through the feet,
all four corners. Remember your Dunda,
this line from crown to tail. And then just
kind of drop the shape, even I will too even
though I’m on camera (chuckles), and just focus on the sensation
here for the last couple rounds. So you can get
soft in the elbows. You can get
freaky-deeky in-between. So keep your structure from
the lower body and allow for a little more
malleability in the upper body. Okey doke, the next time
you’re in Reverse Triangle, reach the right fingertips back. And then exhale
back to Warrior II. Gorgeous. We’re gonna pull
the pinkies back here. We’re gonna slowly
turn the right toes in. Now both toes are turning in
and just bring the palms together to ground. So if that was super duper
tough for you then take a second here to just catch your breath. If you are like,
“That was easy, Adriene. “I need some more heat.” Then turn your heels in
and do Goddess Pose or Horse Pose.
I like God or Goddess Pose. So we’re here taking
a restorative breath in a standing wide-angle
with the toes turned in or option to turn your heels in, send the toes out and
drop your center down low. It’s spring time in Austin
so my voice is very low and Lauren Becall-y. Look it up, okay, if you’re in
Goddess or God Pose sink it a little lower. That’ll teach ya
(laughs) and then everyone, just start to lift the corners
of your mouth just a bit. Excellent. If your knees are bent,
begin to straighten them. If your toes are turned out, go
ahead and bring them back in. Inhale in here to lift
the sternum to the thumbs. And exhale to
release the fingertips down. You’re just gonna,
nice and easy, turn your right toes in,
turn your left toes in. And on a big inhale,
take a Warrior I. Big breath in here,
open your chest. Open your heart. Big beach ball up and overhead
just like we did before. And then exhale, rain it down. Great, plant the palms.
Step it back. Belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Upward Dog. Aw! Use an inhale
to open your heart. And use an exhale to
send it back to Down Dog. Inhale lots of love in here. Exhale lots of love out. Ground through the right heel. Second side, you’re doing great. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Claw through the fingertips. Take all the
pressure out of your wrists. Here we go,
connecting to center. Bring it in on an exhale,
knee to nose. Shift it forward.
Upper body’s in Plank. Oh my gosh, Benji’s so cute. Inhale, kick it up,
don’t look though. Stay focused. And exhale, shift it forward. You’re like, “How could
I not look at Benji?” I know. And one more, here we go. Kick it up, Three-Legged Dog. Really anchoring
through that right heel. And exhale, shift it forward. Pause, find your strength. And then step the
left foot all the way up. Pivot on the right foot. Remember the breath comes first. No need to rush. So even if my pace
seems a little bit off from what your body needs, respect. Warrior II’s where we’ll meet. So find your footing here. Now that you kind of have an
idea of where we’re heading, you know how important that is. So building the foundation. Getting your
energetic body in check. Finding that inner support
system so that you can have that self respect or that
relationship to self respect that of course permeates to
all of our other relationships including the one to Mama Earth which we’re talking
about in the email this week. For those practicing live.
Okay, Warrior II. You’re like,
“Okay, I’m here, girl.” Pull the pinkies back
if you haven’t already. Find that head over heart,
heart over pelvis connection. And then try to maintain that
line or the awareness of that line, rather, as you
straighten the front leg, hug the low ribs
in and reach it back. Feel that generous
stretch in the left side body. Left shoulder girdle,
neck is nice and long. And then when
you’re ready, slowly, from center, navel draws in. Take it to your
version of Extended Side Angle. Keep the feet where they are. Inhale, take it
all the way back. And exhale, from
center all the way forward. And inhale, all the way back. Each time an opportunity
there to find something new. Maybe take the fingertips down,
left fingertips down. Keep it going. And I just love in this Extended
Side Angle really making it come from center, this movement and
then finding the zip line from the outer edge of my right
foot all the to the fingertips. My right fingertips. Keep it going. Can move at your own pace? Slowly building strength. Toning the muscles. Replenishing all systems. Vital organs. Make sure you’re
moving with your breath. If you’re a runner, this type of
vinyasa’s gonna strengthen your running, your jogging. Okay, and then the next time
you’re in Reverse Triangle, go ahead and send
it all the way back. Straighten the front leg. Beautiful and then come all
the way back to Warrior II. Beautiful. Breathe deep.
Stay where you are. I’m just turning around. Okay. And then here we go.
Straighten the left leg. We’re gonna turn
both toes in again. This time we’re gonna reach the
fingertips up towards the sky. So big power pose here. As you inhale,
spread the fingertips. Try not to rush this move. Nice and slow. And then here we go. One of my favorite, most
therapuetic poses as the hands come in towards
your heart center, you’re gonna stay grounded
through the feet as we have through this whole practice. Send your heart forward. And then slowly fingertips
come to the earth maybe. Maybe not. And then in time we can work to
get the palms on the earth and maybe even back
and then maybe even crown of
the head to the earth. So this is like my number
one asana for just when you need a rejuvenating moment. Replenishing gesture of love. There’s a whole
foundations video on Standing Wide-Legged
Forward Fold. You can check it out. It’s a great prep for headstand
which I do not recommend today unless you have
a practice of that. Alignment-wise the
toes are still pointing in. We’re drawing
energy up from the arches. Keeping that lift in the kneecap
that we did in the beginning. We’re breathing, breathing deep. Then to come out of
the posture, inhale in. Fill up all four
sides of the torso. Exhale, with control. Nice and slow we release. We engage the core. One last time,
bring the palms together and slowly we rise back up. Take a second here to pause
and just feel the effects. And if you’re like,
“I don’t feel anything,” then spiral back to your breath. Great, then turn
your left toes out. Turn your right toes in. We’ll just slowly
bring head over heart, heart over pelvis back. You can drop the
fingertips down to come up. When you’re ready,
big inhale to reach the fingertips up and overhead. This is your Warrior I. This is our last standing
posture so make it awesome. As you breathe in,
lifting heart up. As you breathe out,
drawing the shoulders down. Good, then as you’re ready,
slowly release. Great work everyone! Plant the palms,
step it back to Plank Pose. Alright, take your gaze straight
down if it is not already. We’re gonna hold here. Breathing full loving, deep,
deep, deep breaths here. So try not to think,
focus on your breath. Reaching the heels back,
sending the crown forward. We’re building strength here. No hip dips today
so just breathe deep. Inhaling lots of love in.
You’ve got this. Exhaling lots of love out. Inhaling lots of love in. Exhaling lots of love out. You’re here for
ten more seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six, you’re doing great. Five, four, three, two. On the one, slow kiss
of the knees to the earth. So with control. Remember how you move matters. And then you’re just
gonna kick the legs to one side, any side. We’ll come off the wrists. You can do a little
wrist roll if you like. And then we’ll send
the legs all the way out and come to lay
flat on our backs. Take your time. I like to, why waste
this precious moment, right? I like to use this moment to
kind of massage down through the length of my spine. Excellent and when
you get there snuggle the shoulder blades
underneath you. So imagine you’re
a little bear cub massaging your back on a tree. So you really want to
actively get in there. Then slowly lift your hips, lay your low back
flush on the earth. Walk the heels up just a bit. Plant the palms. And when you’re ready, inhale. Start at the tail. Keep the feet grounded the same
way we’ve been doing all class. And you’re gonna lift
the hip points up high. Imagine you’re squeezing
like a yoga block or a little ball between your legs. And we’ll keep lifting,
lifting, lifting, lifting. Bridge Pose. Breathing into all
four sides of the torso. If there’s a variation here
you want to take with the hands, maybe taking a bind. Find your breath. Send your shins forward. Hips up high and then last bit,
we’re gonna lift the chest to the chin
and the chin to the sky. Again, chest to chin,
chin to sky. Good. Then slow release. Gorgeous. Get your low back
nice and flush on the mat again as you hug the knees
up in towards your chest. Give yourself a big hug.
A big squeeze. Option to lift the nose
up towards the knees here if it feels good. Moving with your breath. And then we’ll release
the head down if it’s lifted. Kick the left leg out. Left leg out and
squeeze the right knee all the way up into your chest. Coming into a
little supine twist here. Breathe in. And then on an exhale, send your
right knee over towards the left side of your body and then just
allow your right fingertips to reach all the way out. Close your eyes. Make a wish. (chuckles) Breathe in deeply. Feel that love in the low back, that love in the chest, the love in your heart. Yeah! And then bring it back
to center and switch it out. So left knee squeezes in. Take a deep breath in. Use your exhale to
guide the left knee over towards the right. And then send your left arm out. Really feel that
stretch in the shoulder. And breathe like
you love yourself. Alright, inhale in. Exhale to come back to center. Let’s hug both
knees in one last time. Inhale and then exhale,
send the legs out long. Allow your arms to
drape gently along your side. Take a couple moments to settle. Get comfortable then close
your eyes and find stillness. So we won’t be here long
but just a second of guided stillness here in Shavasana. Close your eyes. And just taking a
beat here to do nothing. Give yourself permission
here to do absolutely nothing. To simply allow the
nutrients of your practice and the process to settle in. To glue together. To connect. To land. Alow your breath to return to it’s natural rhythm. Whatever that is today. Very nice and easy flow. And with the eyes closed,
imagine the earth rising up to kiss your body. To kiss that which
is touching the earth. So the work we do
on our mat offers us such an incredible
opportunity to look at the way we’re
moving and the role that we’re playing in
life off the mat. And I see you guys
connecting those thoughts all the time so
thank you for inspiring me to continue to be
curious and do the same. Take one more quiet
breath here on your own. And then slowly begin to wiggle
the fingers and wiggle the toes. Bat the eyelashes open. Rock the head gently
side to side, ear to ear. And when you’re ready,
bring the palms together, thumbs to third eye. Alright, respect. I respect you guys. I appreciate you sharing
your valuable time and energy, your practice with me
and all the amazing people practicing around the world. Let’s take one more
final breath in all together. And we’ll close it out by whispering the
ultimate respect mantra, Namaste. (bright music)


  1. Regular honest check-ins are the path to transformation and balance. How are feeling today?

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