ResMed digital health

ResMed’s an
innovation-driven company. We start with the customer. We understand their problems,
and then we solve around that. Sometime around
five years ago, we made the decision to include, in
every one of our CPAP machines, a cell phone chip, which very
seamlessly allowed our patients to connect their
devices and their data into our cloud-based
monitoring systems. That absolutely revolutionized
the industry of sleep. We’ve grown from sleep to the
world’s leading health care technology company. We have millions of patients on
connected devices broadcasting to us every day. We have tens of
millions of patients being cared for by
provider networks in our out-of-hospital
SaaS platform. The overlap between
those patients is large. And there’s signals that exist
between how a patient’s doing in the out-of-hospital setting
with the other disease states they’re managing,
and how they’re performing for sleep or for
other respiratory conditions. The only way you do more,
deliver better quality with less, is
through technology. The amount of data
being captured in all of these solutions is
actually pretty unbelievable. So now, being able to
bring that data together, definitely can provide insights
on the care of that patient and help them bring
machine learning to it. So we really can look at what’s
the right care path for them. ResMed is in a perfect
position, actually, to bring digital solutions
for respiratory care patients. And largely because
we’ve already got a commitment
to digital health, and there’s already a commitment
to leveraging the data that comes into this ecosystem
to create novel value as we move forward. We are the leaders in
connected health, globally. So we’re uniquely
placed in our ability to help patients globally,
through digital means, to get therapy that they need. It’s going to be
more integrated care. It’s going to be
more patient-centric. It’s going to be about outcomes. It’s going to be
curated information. You’re going to get better
content, better information. The reason that I
wanted to join ResMed is because ResMed has
the mindset that we’re going to create the
future of health care, and not just follow it. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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