Resistance Band Set – 5 Stackable Exercise Bands | U-POWEX

Hey guys, by now you’ve probably heard
all the rage about resistance band training, I love using my resistance
bands, I take mine to the gym, I take mine hotels when I’m traveling, I work out a
home with them and the set that I have I want to show you is awesome. It’s from
U-Powex it’s their resistance band pack. Let’s open it up and check it out.
Okay guys I have the resistance bands out in front of me, you can see here
yellow is a 10 pound, blue is a 20 pound, green is a 30, black is a 40 and red is a
50, so you’re pretty much covered no matter what size, a resistance you need
what weight your assistance you need. Also comes with these nice 2 foam, dense
foam handles they’re soft and comfortable but they’re really really
sturdy. I use mine the gym all the time. And it
comes with this bag here to put all your straps in put them all in this one bag,
and bring it with you to the gym, also comes with a door anchor to anchor
yourself to the door and do some workouts against your door and two ankle
straps here’s a shot of me working out in the gym using the ankle straps. I love
using these for my leg workouts. So overall this is a great set from U-Powex. It’s just got everything you need right here. So that’s it as you can see
this is a complete package when it comes to resistance bands. Has everything you
need in one package, once you get this at to your house you’ll be all set you
can start working out with these immediately, you can workout at home and
the gym no matter where you are you can bring these with you and get a great
workout, with some great resistance this is a great product, I highly recommend it.

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  1. how do you contact this company…can't get to them on web search…they promised an e-book with purchase…what a scam…have not received it. can't find these people anywhere.

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