hi guys I recently got this 17 piece
resistance band set from Tomtop to help with my fitness goals stay tuned to
learn more so we have a 17 piece resistant band set it does come with a
handy carrying bag it does include five of these tube bands here four of the
loop bands to each of these so the carrying handles and the anchor straps
as well as the door handle so this is a here and it does have a user manual for
the two different kinds of bands to show different exercises to help you get
started using these resistance bands I workout at home every morning before
work but I haven’t had resistance bands until recently so I think this set is
great for beginners like me there’s so much here the intermediate or more
advanced users could be challenged and benefitted from as well so first these
loop bands there’s red green blue and black and they do have a little carrying
case you could put them in they are all the same size but they differ in levels
of resistance and they do have them labeled here like the red is the light
heavy the green is the medium and the extra heavy resistance there are many different exercises that
you can do with these bands and that’s why these manuals are great if you’re
just not sure what to do to give you some exercises to get started there’s
like extensions like curls like raises knee lifts kickbacks and so on I will
show you a few of those after I get through the other items in the set so
these two bands here they are about four feet in length and there are five of
them included in the set you know all varying resistance like the yellow one
here is the lowest five and it goes all the way up to the red which is
twenty-five pounds of resistance so whatever fitness level you’re at you
can choose the different resistance they do feature a clip on the end here so
these clips can be attached either to these bands here or the ones with the
handles or this is the door one so it goes on the other side of the door stop I will show you an exercise using the
loop band and then with the two bands I’m no expert but I think exercise
should definitely not be reserved for the pros okay well let me show you one
will pick the medium so the easiest things to do which works like this I
think it’s supposed to be good you know for the legs and the rear you can do the
side or the back and that really works their rear and then you can choose the
band that feels the best for you and the more you work out the more heavier
resistance you’ll want to use to really I mean you can really feel these muscles
working another thing that’s great when you lay down this classic exercise it
just really you can really feel how much more it makes the muscles work when you
put that band on it’s really great so then we have resistance bands and these for me it
took a little bit more learning how to use these so something that I like to do
is the squats so we can do it where we want to hold on to the handles here see
and it’ll show right here because I definitely needed this manual here when
I first started to show you the different ways that you can do it here and you can do the squat like this and
you can really feel the resistance from the band’s here so that’s just a very
few of the things you can do with this Tom top set you should be able to use it
as usual advanced in strength it’s much better than buying one or two items at a
time or having to purchase more as you progress I like that it’s different
colors so it’s really easy to pick out what you need and keep the rest in the
carrying bag so please be sure to check out the description section below for
more information on this set and thank you very much for watching you


  1. Well I need a set of those

  2. Awesome set of bands and loops!

  3. Thanks for the review!

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