Report: How plastic in the Ocean impacts your health | #OceanRescue

the exact problem of plastic inertial is this now you come to the plastic graveyard here the Doge the washed up remains of a throwaway society now you see the enormity of the problem this isn't litter that's been dropped on the beach it's come in from the sea recklessly thrown away distributed in the currents and then swept ashore this is the most injured as the blue one it's a single-use plastic and this if it gets down you had it this is all in the model this is from the model keep something shopping-mall this is so prevalent in Finland shopping line afros inspired the world's biggest ever beach clean once a week volunteers clear what they can knowing full well that the next tide will lay a new carpet of plastic the ocean throws it up ocean pukes out every two months three months you know and if you don't clean it it will get piled on piled on piled on it's just not convenient for the fishes and the marine creatures and marina birds you know it's their house it's it's there where they belong they live they survive they're crying for justice because we have messed up to their houses worldwide the equivalent of one rubbish truck of plastic waste is being dumped into the ocean every minute by 2050 the trash in the sea is likely to weigh more than all of the fish this is the debris of modern life almost all of it single-use plastic a bag used for a few minutes to take the shopping home a straw used for seconds to drink some juice and thrown away with little regard for what happened to it and now being brought back in on the tide marine litter is a worldwide problem this is the River Thames once the plastic reaches the North Sea it'll begin to break down into tiny fragments over many decades but it never completely disappears the tiny pieces are called micro plastic it's eaten by sea creatures and ends up in our food this portion of Marcus's contains about ninety particles of plastic this scientist carried out the first comprehensive risk assessment shown exclusively to Sky News which suggests that the micro plastic can be absorbed into our bloodstream his research shows that by the end of the century as many as four tiny fragments a year could build up in the body I've asked many physicians colleagues professors and and so on what does microplastic what could micro plastic do when it gets into our blood system and the blunt answer was we don't know so we don't know but in principle they could accumulate what I think they could do what was suggested by physicians is that perhaps they could accumulator on joints or certain types of tissue and cause inflammation there the plastic is already proving fatal for some marine creatures this bird has died slowly it's there's no fat remaining these are full MERS that have been found dead on the beach the post-mortem on the stomach isn't for the squeamish there's quite a bit of stuff in here I'm not sure what it is but you'll see so you can see this a lot of plastic in here goodness me and it's so fun of that yeah so this gives it is basically full of purses with so much plastic blocking it system the bird wouldn't have felt hungry and probably starved to death it's suffering from our mistakes and it's it's a disgrace for mankind I think too that you find this in animals cleaned and carefully laid out this is the inventory of the birds gizzard 18 pieces of plastic weighing half a gram scaled up to a human that's a lunchbox of trash I will not like my son to have this in his thumb our waste recklessly disposed of is in the ocean food chain and it's coming back to haunt us Thomas More Sky News



  2. David Katz social plastic system working ?

  3. like 25th video ive seen on this. DO I HAVE ENOUGH NOTES,, MR A????

  4. I am complete vegetarian. I am safe. Thanks God.

  5. There are few bacteria which can decompos plastics. So human can work on there genetic mutations and make them large in size so that they can decompos more plastic.
    Hop from science. We can have solutions. I don't know how long will it take. But it will. So nothing to get worried we have opportunities.

  6. This is so sad we have to do something and i suport them i am keeping my things and no rubish

  7. This is shocking beyond belief guyssss 😏😏😏

  8. Dears,
    I would like to get a copy of the script. I am asked to subtitle it by my tutor. May I get a copy by any chance please?


  10. I don't like this channel

  11. Aren't we just WONDERFUL

  12. Yes, plastic is inherently bad when set loose on the environment. The problem starts with poverty + plastic. Garbage collection costs money, which my local community can afford. So my local beach is clean. But Indonesia is drowning it plastic because of poverty, because of ignorance. Religion keeps people ignorant.

  13. Haven't always been a fan of the Murdoch empire but what Sky are doing is plastic fantastic. I was given the following divine message many years ago, it is this, 'The average household, civic and industrial bin is itself a piece of prehistoric junk, it is the bin and the 'mentality' of the bin that needs throwing away, and not the resources within it''. I would be grateful if everybody could print this or give the stickers away via the collection companies. Well done sky. In terms of unified intelligence, just take coco cola bottles; this company is revered all around the world, Warren Buffet, 2nd richest man in the world has made fortunes from these plastic bottles that are now all around. How come people struggle to make the leap, that what is often presented as top notch companies and stock market investment gurus is a bit of a farce.

  14. how can we remove plastic news from the television??

  15. The producers of such products of this material must look at ways of creating an environmentally friendly ( plastic's ) that break down in such a way, that causes NO LONG or Short term risks dangers to our oceans. Or failing that find a way to recycle such plastics, by returning it to the source LIKE what we did during the 1960's ( a deposit upon return ) example like the old Coroner Bottles.

  16. Years Ago we Used to take our Glass milk bottles back to the shop and got a penny a bottle ! how about adding a penny to the plastic bottles an doing the same thing!

  17. FAKE NEWS……get ready for sky news to promote a plastic tax.

  18. Not my problem, big industries can fix it.

  19. Tell your boss soros to buy expensive litter picking machines instead of spending money on blm and feminists marchs then skynews.

  20. some marxist' in the media told me putin and trump are doing this in order to kill all the dolphins.. 🙁

  21. OK Sky news…..what about Fukushima???…..that is the real danger to our Oceans….

  22. Obviously it's bad. So what can we even do about it?

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