Rep. Tom MacArthur faces enraged husband over health care bill (Full confrontation)

check hi I'm Jeff I'm a constituent I'm from pine beach in March you told us that you you practically broke your arm patting yourself on the back for not voting in January to just eliminate the ACA you told us that that was because you didn't think that health care can be solved in a couple of months it's too complicated and took you three weeks three weeks to go from it's too complicated and it can't be done quickly – I've got a huge pile of excrement here that is a horrible mess of a bill that 17% of the population wanted that the CBO said was going to kick 24 million people off of health insurance three weeks congressman three weeks tommy-boy that's all it took for you to go from I'm not going to do it that quickly – I've got a yes vote in my pocket and I'm going to use it they took that vote off the bill because they knew that it wasn't going to pass I thought thank God thank God we're not going to have to do that a couple of days a couple more days and then suddenly we got the MacArthur Amendment congratulations you're in history now you're in the national spotlight that's one thing I want to talk about the national spotlight you keep talking about all the constituents that you have to adhere to and over in this county they believed one thing in over in this county they believe another thing and you're trying to thread that needle well you haven't threaded it at all everyone that is going to be losing from this you have not addressed you have not addressed it properly you're not address it fully you have ignored us I have called your office incessantly and I get people who don't know what's going on I don't get any return phone calls if I ever hear fax or email I get a form letter that informs me about what contacted you about and why you can't do anything about it because it's still in committee you look forward to taking my opinions into consideration you have not taken my opinions into consideration too complicated it's not going to get done in months three weeks I don't want you to stand question oh we haven't even begun I'm not done with you yet I got the mic and I'm not going anywhere turn off the power I got a very loud voice this ain't over yet my wife was diagnosed with cancer when she was 40 years old she beat it every day every day she lives with it she thinks about it every pain every new something going on somewhere is it coming back is this cancer do I have it again is it gonna kill me this time is it gonna take me away from my children speaking of which my children both have pre-existing conditions from birth one cardiac one thyroid you have been the single greatest threat to my family in the entire world you are the reason I stay up at night you are the reason that I can't sleep what happens if I lose my job I'm very fortunate sir I have a really good job and I have really good health insurance and we can all be if we have peace of mind but now my wife who every day is wondering if she's get to get cancer is it happening now why didn't happen that but what about now now also has to contend with what if my husband loses his job if I lose my job we can't afford Cobra we can't afford to get private insurance we get it from my employer if I lose it it's gone if I lose my job on a Monday if I'm lucky enough to find a job on a Tuesday which never happens they will not have insurance ready for me I will not be eligible for three to six months if I lapse my coverage within 63 days suddenly I'm in a high-risk pool my pre-existing conditions which I don't give a shit about go master me come after me I don't care but you came after mine you came after my wife you came after my kids I have sympathy for your mother I have sympathy for your daughter but you did not learn the lessons they were trying to teach you because this is what you did to us in this district you do not listen but your actions affect the entire country there is no one in this country that your actions are not going to affect so everyone's voice is important and when 17% of the population said don't do it you did it this man is correct when he said that you brought it back from death Ryan said it's dead Trump said it's dead and you said nope I got a better idea last time in waretown you told us that you went to Congress to fix problems that you didn't want to decorate a chair that you didn't want to choose between being obstructionist and I want to get something done that was the keenness of your intellect that you only had two choices in front of you don't be an obstructionist or make something better well there was a horrible bill available to you from a horrible group of people who believed that we don't deserve health insurance they have said it on TV on Tanith but that you're not paying attention and that's your responsibility they said it they said that if we get sick it's our fault these are the people that are in your party that you're working with these are the people that came up with a plan that's gonna kill millions of people the CBO scored 24 million people off of health insurance and they call that choice like we're choosing not to have health insurance if we can't afford it that is insulting that is sacramental to the mental health above the nation but all of them all of it totally misses the point health care is not a good you do not buy health insurance the same way you buy a car the same way you buy a house those are already complicated things to do you got to know about cars you got to know about how is it at least a little bit but there are reasonable ways to be educated on those things and make reasonable choices I work in health care sir it is complicated the only one that doesn't believe that it's complicated is an orange-haired buffoon sitting in the White House and you're working with him to take something that he doesn't understand that he won't be responsible for because he's going to be fine you're working with him you're working with Ryan you're working with people that don't care about us if you want to make something better you could have made the ACA better directly you could have made sure that all the funding that you're saying that we need right now just put it in there and reduce the bill show me what you're made of show me that you know what's going on that you can actually do something instead of siding with people that clearly by the virtue of their own words do not care they want their money back that's their version of compassion [Applause] you would have been working with the Democrats but the point is that health care is not like buying anything else you cannot expect people to be good consumers of health care another wonderful talking point thank God for the GOP for giving us that one we need to be better consumers of health care you're supposed to be vetting doctors and vetting hospitals and knowing what an MRI costs and knowing what a CT scan costs and if I need a cardiac catheterization how much does that cost and is it cost different if I have this doctor or this doctor it's completely immoral and this is a point congressman this is a point because health insurance as a for-profit business is immoral when I am planning and you exist and I hey before you will save me moreover completely you have no leg to stand on you want to make money off of me you're going insurance you want money off of me and the reason that is we're not going to go to single-payer is not because you don't believe it it's because you know that the insurance companies have a powerful lobby and they would decimate you colonel trump has woken us up 3040 years and we have been slowly going to sleep just watch your reality TV it's American Idol on an 8 o'clock that's what's important that's what they want no more you came from I came from my wife I will not forgive I will not forget I don't want to hear your response I'm not interested I've heard it already I heard it in waretown I've been watching you on TV and I read the bill that you sponsored I read the one that you were willing to say yes to I know exactly what's going on congressman I'm not an idiot I see it everyone here knows what's going on everyone in the country knows what's going on you owe it to everyone your fundamental principle is flawed I don't have any choice with an insurance company I have no value to an insurance company I can't do anything to their CEO I can't do anything to their employees nothing I could argue until I'm blue in the face but a single-payer run by the government oh yeah it's got problems but it's also got elections and you're going to climb that out in 2018 your son fine boys that's it that's it go ahead have your conversation but I'll tell you another thing not you not you not you not you no one in this room can tell me with 100% certainty that's a person in the White House works for us and southern has interests in Russia that he is answering to and you you sir while he's drumming up business to guests take us into war in North Korea or using their talking point though first words you said to us in waretown I'm not Donald Trump well I've got an orange wig you may as well put it on you don't want to check in with a chair there's one right there don't do less damage sit on down your gun oh no no no Mike mr. Mike no get the life no no no get the Mike Mike this is not going to turn into for every fall we my voice is loud enough now I'll give you a chance when I call me what


  1. Democrats are idiots!

  2. I could tell that idiot was a complete idiot when he first started running his big fat mouth!You are an idiot dad! Shut your big fat mouth shut up you freakin fool Go President Trump Go!!!!!!

  3. yup works every time : politician + yelling resident = legislation passed

  4. I agree with this 100%

  5. This video will be replayed for years to come

  6. That's good praxis right there.

  7. Sounds like the WWE.

  8. so melodramatic I don't believe his emotions, good actor… phony clown

  9. Lol 0:03 has no idea what's coming.

  10. I don’t understand why people think that when the government runs healthcare that it will be run well. It will be rationed, and the quality will be low. What do they do that isn’t bankrupt or run by lazy bureaucrats?

  11. Love this brother!!!!!!! Damn near in tears… I'd vote for this man….

  12. Look at schools/ police/ other government agencies. Government control means horrible service and the decay of society.

  13. Lol. It's because of Obamacare that he is this position!!! The AFA is the one that made healthcare unaffordable!!! He should be yelling at Obama and the Democrats for imposing this corrupt bill on the American people!!!

  14. Can we do a version of the Nuremberg trials, only apply them to America right now?
    (Edit) Yes I know he's been voted out. But others like him around other states still succeed and do well. My original question still stands)

  15. My favorite part is where the seat-filler Republican and ex-insurance goon who's been screwing over Americans for years was thrown out of office by the people he fucked over, like Geoff Ginter. So good to see so much dead weight flushed out of congress during the mid-terms. BYE FELICIA!!!

  16. Speaks TRUTH!

  17. And rightfully he lost!!! 🤣

  18. This Politician lost. Remember, your belief a vote does not matter is their weapon. Vote, always vote.

  19. It's time for a New Progressive Revolution. My name is De'Narde English, founder and leader of the United States National Unity Party. I am trying to push America into a 21st century Progressive Era. The government has become corrupted by the rich, corporates, and lobbyist that is still using the government, both the Democracts and Republicans, to benefit themselves and only themselves. The rich has become even richer due to these massive tax cuts for the wealthy class, conservative trying to push America back a hundred years, and our democracy is starting to be diminish. My party is trying to help many Americans, help push America to a brighter future, restore civil rights and civil liberty to everyone, and finally end the endless bickering between to groups with different ideologies. Together we will change America for the Greater Good! It's time to fight back and reclaim our democracy! It's time for everyone to declare war on the rich, and old timer politicians that has held us back for many years! It's time that we retake our Progressive Era. It's time that we take our future! Are you with me?

  20. This was beautiful. I'm so glad this man's words came true and this idiot was voted out. Good riddance.

  21. American Hero

  22. You sir are entitled to Nothing.

  23. McArthur is now a private citizen. Good riddance to this idiot and hypocrite.

  24. A paid actor ! pls fake ass bitch !!!

  25. Here come the cops to shoot him down like a dog.

  26. Staged.

  27. How absurd, he made some good points but just went into tangents by the end.

  28. This badass got interviewed on David Feldman's show this week. Good listen

  29. That Congressman sure got ROASTED🔥🔥🔥

  30. House of cards is a documentary

  31. Stupid Ass White Fokes

  32. What ever Soros paid him it wasn't enough

  33. So, was Rep. Fuckpublican dickshill turfed out of office at the mid terms?

  34. Health insurance is a mafia business.

  35. Looks like a paid actor to me

  36. It's great knowing MacArthur is going to be out of a job in a few months.

  37. I'm a Canadian. Americans have heard a lot about our healthcare system. I have to admit, living here we never had to worry about pre-existing conditions or deductibles. But I can tell you this. If you ask a Canadian if our healthcare system needs work, 100% of us would say "YES!". And if you asked us if we wanted American-style healthcare, 100% of us would say "NO!!!!"

  38. Bye bye Tom

  39. Hy Mohammad unlike you god. Gave the left and right side of my brain the ability to communicate with each other it's called reasoning maybe there is something wrong with your brain why is he blaming everyone else instead of doing something about it we know they are all corrupt

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