Rep. Robin Kelly Tabletop Townhall on Healthcare

okay my name is Barbara Cobra Hayes and I'm your host okay and this is our congresswoman Robin Kelly Robin the second good morning everyone and thank you so much for taking the time to be Gardo to be anywhere else and you chose to be here so I really appreciate it Divya Tilghman coming in the door welcome appreciated and these conversations are going on all over the United States those of us that are part of the Democratic caucus we're holding berries that everyone's not Jelena at home table top but people are doing press conferences maybe town hall meetings tell a town home he needs to talk about the issue of healthcare because healthcare is still the number one issue we've done a lot of polling just hearing from people this is the thing that people are still most concerned about and the Democrats have an agenda both for the people and health care is number one on that followed by wealth really your pay I know we talked about how create the economy is that there's still so many people struggling and or making minimum wage or working two jobs and the other part about gender is really to clean up Washington so looking at our own ethical behavior but again in health care is number one that's what we hear you know from people all over the United States and we are passing legislation dealing with lonely prescription cost we've had so many hearings on that on the opioid crisis and we just had a hearing on surprise billing when you're in even though you're in Oakland and maybe you have to go to the hospital and see someone not in their plan and then you get a bill that you don't expect you think you know the bill is going to be covered and it's not so again thank you for being here really I'm here to listen to you and we hope that this is the beginning but number one conversations my constituents home so thank you again so much up in the air really appreciate it so does anyone have any questions or concerns for the congresswoman that you might want her to address you here does anyone have any concerns or sharing your experience yes universe maybe you heard it from someone else again Sabbath we hear about that a lot people II seniors having to choose between their medicine and the food they buy or taking half their medicine to make it last longer which is not good for your health you know good doctor wouldn't like that so we do hear about the cost of Latin again we've had a lot of earrings about lowering prescription costs and what we can do about it and one again as I was saying a little earlier is enjoying things so we can avoid more competition and working with far more frankly you know I know they don't want to be the enemy that's how they're feeling now they're the enemy but when we have hearings they talk a lot about they're the ones spending the money you know for the innovation where the innovators and the United States so sometimes they may be working on a solution to a disease and then spend all this time all this money and then it doesn't work out so they have to start all over again so that's some of the reason they say the cost is high but we still feel that even knowing that the top of that the cost is still too high we need more competition more generic drugs an example that someone gave me she uses a chef as when she's with an inhaler and her and heroin cost three hundred and twenty-five dollars in the United States and she happened to be in South Africa forgot her inhaler and miss that exact same inhaler write the book exactly the same same company same everything was twenty five dollars you know so that tells you and they're saying so in order for us to do it there's a packet here so no one else can make those same inhalers or whatever it is because they always say go to Canada go to Mexico go anywhere I've got clients who have health conditions and some will say oh I'm going to Mexico for my care because it's so much cheaper and I understand cost of living is different but there's got to be something else and as a small business owner my husband and I are both small business owners we left our jobs and of course the our biggest expense is healthcare our insurance costs and it's so overwhelming every in prior to Obamacare you know we were definitely excited about it but then prior to that we just were paying out I mean it was fine we paid maybe about six thousand dollars a year which was doable but once we got with that under Obamacare we saw definitely the benefits but then we also realized there was a high price tag attached to it and we didn't qualify for the assistance I guess the government is some assistance depending arise you make me think qualify for it so we've paid I believe it was twelve thousand twelve to fifteen thousand per year for health care which was we can't say all right excited about Obamacare but now we're paying substantially more words before you take our kids to the doctor and you know everything else you know preventative care everything and we just prepare talking it was much cheaper so a repo anything to address that well I don't think there's I wasn't there when the Affordable Care Act passed but I don't think there is a democratic legislature that was there that would tell you the ACA was a perfect right well there's there's there's no such thing but also I think President Obama he tried to be collaborative and he made some changes even from what he wanted to do to get some Republicans on board and not one Republican voted for the bill so he might as well have done you know what he was going to do but the ACA has made a tremendous difference we see it in African American male health some things that have been cut even after and women with breast cancer that's going down definitely many more people have insurance but again no one will tell you it's a perfect bill and we know that there's things that need to be improved but for 60 years of really eight years but I was there six of the eight years we've been in the minority as we said we're in the desert and you know over 60 times I I didn't vote on all sexy but the Republicans trying to appeal the Affordable Care Act instead of trying to improve it so that's what we dealt with for the last six years until January when we got into the majority as Democrats so now we are trying to look at lowering prescription drug costs and we hear a lot of concern about the premiums you know that people have to pay so we're looking at all of that also I'm working with the the tripe office works together the black caucus the Hispanic Caucus an Asian Pacific Islander caucus we work together we have a bill dealing with health equity and accountability so we're looking at what we can do you know to bring prices down and the other just little thing I feel compelled to say that people think we have free health care and that is paid for and our health care is not free and like you my health care it's more than I ever paid even though if it helps other people for me personally especially being an elected official I'm glad to do it if it means other people can have health care but I know I hear your pain from you know a lot of people but we just have to get we're passing some of these in the house but we can't get them passed in the Senate because the Senate you know him people won't even take up the bills but there are bills coming out that deal with making health care cheaper this there's still more food that we have to try to figure out and you know we have hearings like someone said it's on all of us not I mean elected Insurance the hospital's Big Pharma everyone has a piece of you know why things are like they are and and we need to continue working together to see you know what difference we can make are you not concerned about the small announcement that came out of the president's office about how they gotta let these small businesses give money to to their employees and they can control their what they do with it for their health care this just came like yesterday I thought that is a red flag I didn't even realize I'm sorry I said that but I'm concerned about many things it's potables right the White House he he's very much into in a lot of different ways you know privatizing everything and so yes I'm so I don't think he has a good understanding really of what's really going on quite frankly because he tried to you know that was his thing he was going to take it away and we were gonna have a great plan really there was no plan you know but anybody is chipping away as you said you had the navigators we had he took away 90% of the money for the navigators that was sit down and speak with people individually also he's shorter than the time that you could even get into the registration or period where you could even get health insurance he shortened that I think three months to six weeks so there is thousands and and change you know the money changed dramatically but you know people worked really hard to get the word out so a lot of people still apply not as many but also more people have jobs so and a lot most people get their jobs from and get their health care from their work so that helps too but we don't really trying to cover the people that don't have health care and when he took away the mandate that you had to have it so a lot of younger people you know didn't bother to get it because the the fine to not have it was worth it to them you know wasn't it wasn't as costly as getting health care but the thing we need to think about it is you know there are things that happen unexpectedly you could be in a car accident and go to the emergency room so we're paying for that don't have no health care so we do need to make sure you know that people do have health care I have two friends that are nurses and we had a conversation unfortunately they were not able to be here one of the commonalities that they had along with myself is that you can't talk about healthcare without talking about nutrition and yes and so one of the things that we talked about is what's on your plate one friend Tamra is the school nurse and one of the things she talks about a lot is at school and how that contributes to even hypertension like summer thirteen we donate but and so I was just curious to know if that's something that's been talked about as far as I did a report I'm trying to remember which year now the years fly by the Kelly report on health care disparities and the top ten diseases that people die from african-americans are number one and eight of the ten diseases and I can jump in and these things are saying something wrong but but a lot of that is you know lack of out diet and how we eat and so many food and your weight and all that contributes so much to your health like you know high blood pressure diabetes and so it's funny idea I've been saying for a long time that I wanted to do like a pilot program I've talked to women in the for historically black sororities and use that as a pilot and we just start there to see how we could work together to at least you know use the sororities as a pilot program to do something about how we eat and the nutrition and those kind of things but know we need to do a better job for sure and I know when I was weeks at fall neck and then also you know Jim and all of that and when I was in the legislature I wanted the state legislature legislature a long time ago now that people used to have legislation where school districts are trying to opt out of Jim we used to vote on that even they couldn't afford it or because of other things they wanted to get in and we need to have our young people learning how to eat right and exercising not just you know and the other thing is it's interesting in some schools because of Michelle Obama they did change they were eating but I guess I don't know some schools did not make that change I thought they all were supposed to even though we get complaints all the kids aren't eating it and you know those kind of things but I think that if you never expose young people you make the veggie see in you know then that will be you know the attitude but it has to be not only in the schools but at home hard but know we talk about nutrition a lot but certainly in the report you know I talked about it nutrition and your diet and also the importance of moving and doing you know something but of course you can't let just absolutely you know what eat what you eat you know how much I eat or you know exercising but we what we try to do I'm the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus health brain trust so we've had health forums health fairs in different place in the country so just trying to educate you know the public you know we've done things like that it was funny we had and then like we have one in a church and you know need to do this yes you know bah bah bah bah bah bah and then and even gave away like food from like a farmers market but then they the church had macaroni and cheese or promise so you know we all have to be a part of the changes so right about most of the diseases you probably talked about were things that could be affected by by lifestyle culture so really the only way you could change that is through education and you know it's a there's a lot of schools and districts double the funding for it so this there's something with a legislate that you have to have health care and you have text um because I think if they sort of leave it up to the local districts they're just gonna say you know so it almost has to be something that comes from above in order to sort of trickle down and really have a fact but but that's Luke the way to go is to educate starting at a young age and at one point I was the president of the American Heart Association out of South Dakota County and that's what we would do is we would go into the schools and you the first graders of program do we have a different program for the second graders and it's all the way up so that eventually I was just at these schools that we just happen to do but really to have a long-lasting effect on health care it's got to be something sort of global otherwise it's you know you just sort of hit it instead we're going to church whatever it's probably not gonna last it was interesting when I got to Congress this is something that I didn't even realized as much even though I was a state Rep how education is so state guided and I mean we we definitely have an education and Labor Committee and run by a fantastic person and this time they're what we have to see what passes but there are various types of appropriations put in for schools but I have to look to see as far as what you're talking about but it so stay driven and then they take you know the money left you when you see a listing of the very healthy states that are compared to the not how are the states I'm sure the schools feed like that also you know only what what a cultural you know environment is but but I will go back and speak to the head of it is bondage education does a great job but I'm going to pose that to him I suffer from diabetes and kidney disease but I see different cultures and different countries that have no health care are completely different way one of the most important things is that they're not searching for treatments okay that's what your cures in there five years and they are curing these diseases with cure it would really be macho candy once you cure but that being said how serious are we as a government about finding cures and as far as the research as far as other things because the science is out there it's just whether FDA approves it and it's it's been well known in some places well these are small countries so I might even consider third-world countries but yet we're still one of the most obese countries in the world one the most unhealthiest countries in the world and it's getting to the would like what she said and the doctor said about the diet the what of the problem with health care starts with the diet of lifestyle and also cares you wouldn't mind paying $1,000 for a doctor treatment if you ain't ago what's in your own you know I used to be afraid to submit you know the violence and some of our communities so that mean that's not even an option you know some of the time but no I'm all for starting at a young age and teaching what you know property either and encouraging exercise but also you know kids do what they seem oh you know what I mean so no I think all of us are important if you talk to people here companies far more researchers I think they tell you that we are serious about it but one issue is now it's going to change now as far as the house is concerned but we are putting more funding into the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control that's happening now but that wasn't happening you know when I first came in the Congress all of that was stopped and then even I know we talked a lot about physical health and even mental health was cut out also you know which is a problem too but I it's all of that is changing now but again all these bills still have to go to the Senate and they have to be passed there but but I've know but I feel like many people are serious about actually we do have a great number of health care people that serve in Congress doctors dentists medical assistants top nurses that are members of Congress now I mean they may have different ways sometimes I'm looking at you know what we should do unfortunately some of my colleagues they have the pull yourself up by your bootstraps how she would be don't have straps or boots you know you know to do that but we can look into different ways even like the SNAP program or food about the program and they think things like that but I don't know if even legislate you know what a person needs we talked about funding different things because there's some free things you can do things that can be done without what you need it might put stipulations on some of these food companies should be fair that you could call something a hundred percent juice there's actually only 60 percent juicer so that would take funding to do that mr. sniffer laws on these food comes like the process with all this carnage it is cancer we have talked about different labeling and people saying something is organic or like he said I just saw something where they show actually but again but I think that goes also back to legislate I mean out legislation education meeting the back of hand whatever and and trying to get people to use fresher foods and that kind of thing but of course fresh foods are more expensive and then they goes to we have food deserts and you know too many places and you're absolutely correct and as a former teacher also but we have a great problem in african-american Latino may was in a lot of intense stuff with education because as far as diabetes hypertension is prevalent to to our culture and a lot of these children and I agree with you congresswoman everybody's texting not getting the exercise but look at all the commercials look at all those sugary cereals everything that they're they're you know they're being here today this is great get this buy these candy bars and you're a lot of these it's a they're healthier these juices I've read them and it's like okay it's supposedly help you but look at the amount of sugar of sodium there's there's my problem hypertension I would like to address a couple of issues and if it's okay turning around a little bit but it's still with help and some referring to you know as we say seniors but I like to be called we're students of life wonderful and how just you know mention them but I'm gonna read it off by text out of it just because there's a couple of issues of course well concern with the high cost of prescriptions it's outrageous and when people especially sees the students of life have to make a decision what am I going into it making a P my my heating bill this winter or am I getting this prescription or I'm taking care of my little darling to my little branch with my daughter I had a woman come to the pension button stated her child her daughter was unexpectedly recently passed away she had been murdered but she was great into grandchildren she could barely make ends meet but the high cost of prescriptions which we all agree across the world will be receiving a pension on our season students like the Express Scripts the premiums continue to rise they continue to rise but also a lot of the drugs before prior to being 65 blue stuff beverage prior to 65 were approved but after you're 65 now you need approval for some of those and as you know what what's change and it's a lifestyle change for people as far as what is your priority all right so a lot of drugs not me to have any prior authorization and did not before age 65 the insurance premium is are all too high a cost for which you know whether your season student of life or not but especially for those four people won't get pensions because there's a great misunderstanding I'll talk slower I'm psychic and then about this county all is is far as you know laws of ERISA pensions there's the misunderstanding that teachers owe you money so should you care you know it's either it's either door so at Social Security years ago people thought I have Social Security really it was different it's just exploded you can't and even put pensions there's teachers who receive pensions and I started and seven and a half thousand starting cheated I don't forgive me for not knowing it's over you know close to 40,000 but with the cost of living things really nothing and we have pensioners so it's still making nineteen twenty thousand a year how can you live fifteen twenty dollars then that's that's heartbreaking but okay so some there's still a category contenders that we see that loan my mother their pension all right so let me be go urine to make you say okay now manager should be better but if you would make you the limited milk and limits I've cited missus the ability of change certain procedures you have to get proud pride or you have to get approval for that first then and some of those procedures under Medicare you can't get keep industry is anybody gone through the right or maybe the procedures and doctors different doctors did and I am a different than a lists on your doctor and you have to sometimes people go outside because we and if your doctor's battle is you we have to go outside and then still pain so that that is that's difficult safety also some of these insurance companies say no we don't want to be a bird and trust me you know and also what can we do to help you is or you use it there's committees there's a lot harder what can we do to help you really the reason the ACA is still the law of the land because the partly raise their voices I mean that and I think that sometimes a publicly gets their power and they could get their voice and we tell people you know to write a call email now luckily you know for this area you know I'm really good and Durant and Tammy Duff or farm if you family and friends you know that live in some of the other areas you know to put the pressure on you know those folks because really people do look at the people from their district you know calling in but yet plans of family than other places or get involved with groups that are you know advocates like the Chicago Teachers Union definitely speak up for it so but I mean a lot about AARP they are fierce you know I will say that I remember when I was a state Rep I know that the end of the year you're tired and you know we used to laugh when they called us out like oh you know I mean it was so nice but but we lent years about whatever you even call it senior season so but a bill to get that change so you don't get me involved in roots out of pushing your ideas are advocating for things that you know you think all right and as far as with me beside you know the bill with the orange book transparency act like I'm still working a lot in the gun violence prevention space which is a public you know health issue and then also working a lot around the Lila act with maternal mortality and morbidity because a lot of people have heard how so many women die every year you know from chopper they mean I died right away and we worked a lot with judge Hatchett because she lost you know her daughter in law and actually it's like domestic violence it cuts across every socio-economic level but like many things with black woman and happens you know 4 to 1 times the rate and unfortunately in Illinois 6 to 1 times rate but in the state of Washington with Native American women is 18 1 times the rate so we have legislation dealing with review committees collecting data looking at best practices around the country like why does it happen more you know in some areas that it happens in others but one thing you know a lot of us have come to the conclusion not talking about you dad but that women are not listen to as much or as closely or as kindly you know when they you know when they're visiting with their with their medical professional the other thing that research has shown one of the things we work on a lot is diversifying the healthcare pipeline because research has shown that you do better what is someone that looks like you that that is working with you so we really believe not that you're gonna have that but cultural competency is really really important also but that is you know a major problem in seven and they may not lose a life right away it might be two months after or six months after so that's something we're working on that's really really important and again working with the Tri caucus on the health equity and accountability act and that's all about closing the healthcare disparities among all the people of color because it was definitely disparities and again some of the cultural you know how we eat or you know access to health care is you know an issue so I'm working on all those issues collectively many days I have a problem because I know my senators my representatives and their Democrats okay but the others who have Republicans they can never get in to speak to them they're never available they're in session how and when we talk to the Democrats they said we are water it's not us you know how do we get when we can get those Republicans to listen to us as people that's how we went down the seniors own we don't choose Rocko's everything I mean there was so many seniors I didn't even know that many seniors in the world but well one thing also I mean you can go to Springfield but you also can go to their district office and you can you know their legislative office in the district and people can go there you can know people that say oh my gosh you say this but you can protest you can sit in their office and again when the ACA when they look like the ACMs and be taken away people that we're trying to take it away they had to take their problems off the hook because so many people halt and you know so many people called in fax machines with jammed I mean all people really put the pressure on so that I mean you have to be relentless and put the pressure on and then you know every two years or every four years or yeah two or four people run and people have to exercise that right – which we don't exercise all right legal Women Voters yeah you know really in call and make appointments in those offices and go with two or three people and say you want to talk about something general and you can bring up a few other things no but you need to to really go and and talk to them or just somehow see what I'm saying we're not talking about hours you know I'm talking about other people that have had Republican representatives and I understand it I hear what both of you always saying but it comes to time that this is not a Republican or a Democrat I promise right this is right United States medicine progress our seniors the youngsters all of us are being left behind because the Republicans have their own specific idea about companies well we're one to run the companies but what about us you know you know the state does not home health care for senior citizens saves them thousands of dollars by not putting that senior in a nursing home okay but they you can't get them to understand that why can't you vote for this bill that says that the seniors have the right to this home you know and that's what I'm saying how do you get a Republican how do you do you cross the ranch all right I work in a very bipartisan way and I went someone I lose them I passed a dental bill that Trump signed but they did it they had my it was my bill but they had but it was my bill what the truth is it was a dental bill so low income seniors bets they could get dentistry and dental care because your mouth is a part of your body and if you don't get dental care that effect so but the reason that I could get that bill passed because it's five dentists in Congress and every one of them is Republican and they help me you know and so there is more bipartisanship than people think and we get along much better and people think one of the people I'm closest with one probably closest with in the house is the head of the freedom caucus now we very rarely vote alike but they still have conversation and I was the ranking member on the IT subcommittee and I worked with the chair we were in the minority at the time and we got you know IT bills passed I just passed something out of committee yesterday yesterday or the day before yesterday with the help Republicans so we do but you're right there are some I'll put it like this I hate to over generalize but fundamental values you know like we when I look at us I look at just this equity and opportunity for all and I don't think sometimes they look at it like that unless there's some money things involved this like criminal justice some changes we were able to me we came to the table for moral reasons to me and they came to the table for funny reasons because so many people were being put in jail and it costs us so much money like you said nursing home so it was just so much of cost so much money then that's when they came to the table and said we have to do something about this so that's how the first step Act passed but we know that so many black and brown people would even put in jail you know very unfairly or for little things that other people weren't being put in jail for so that's how we were able to get it changed but you I mean I'm just definitely understand what you're saying but you do have to be relentless and lascivious said make an appointment but don't you just say you want to talk about something else but once you get the audience and also the other thing is people come and see me and I am voting and I am on the floor but meet with the staff the staff is very instrumental and very influential trust me because they oftentimes have they're the ones in the office and we're running around all over the place that is true that they might be you know voting in that kind of thing but but don't give up because I think that that's what some people counting on that you are going to get lost but you are absolutely right and unfortunately live in a district where Republican and I have I've gone to their home office I've called an 8-point because of time for election a robo call II oh let me tell you what I really think yeah so I question about like so I've heard there are some states are coming out with new bills and legislation that required a drug test started for you qualify for welfare and the way I thought that relates to public health wasn't good addiction crisis my people can't help after certain parts a disproportional it affects a lot of black and brown communities I was wondering is there anything Congress is doing about this and she go on in the state and I know it's like even a money issue because it's costing it's a lot of money to produce the drug that's not paying off a lot of I'm not as familiar with that and as you said it's in different states so I'm not sure which states are doing it but addiction is a health problem you know and and we need to work on that not test people and then also is its so you're going after the poor but other people once again to have a lot of money that can get themselves out of things and get themselves treatments you know they're not being treated like that so I don't think that's fair and I think from what little I know about it I think that states have found that it hasn't really panned out or save the money across the more money you know to test everybody and and that seems really you know there's people that may have to get help because maybe they've laid off and have worked you know their whole life so all of a sudden now you don't see Tesla that seems unfair to me and also in a drug addiction is an addiction it's a problem thinking of some issues remain in that same exact life it's a health issue I think you get on it a little earlier with gun violence I know that so many hospitals are treating it as a health crisis and I think you were saying you believe it is a health crisis how do be how do we legislate that I know we talked about your strictures on drugs and Percy Dunn but it seems pretty to me it seems pretty systemic in certain communities because I know some people in certain neighborhoods that feel as though I have to a join a game and they said this to me and I said why do you feel like you have to join again list it because I know I'm going to get shot it doesn't make sense it's enough I mean if I'm not needy game everybody shooting at me if I am in a game only the opposing game this is what I have to worry about but I know I have my protection from my mana game my brothers and so and they get their guns and sometimes it's we know it's the money issue severe drugs or selling drugs but primarily they're saying if somebody does something to one of my members of the game we're gonna retaliate so how do you you know just wait to stop then I don't know that we can but maybe you well it's a multi-faceted problem and we have to do many things just not one solution we just finally passed the background checks in the house we passed a background check bill we've been trying to pass that forever where everyone no matter when you purchase the way you purchase a gun you need a background check we closed what we call the Charleston loophole because the mother Emmanuel you have three days to when you go to a brick them or in a store they can check your background whether you should get a gun or not but if it doesn't come back definitive you know then you can still sell the person a gun so what happened in his case it didn't come back to finish it we know it was a small gun shop they need their you know cash flow so they sold her the gun but then it came back some days later nobody should not have a gun but it's too late so we closed that and pole that has to come back definitively no again those things passed in the house he has to call them in the Senate yet but what I talked about a lot I feel like in Congress I'm the voice for the everyday shootings because we always talk about the mass shootings not that they're not absolutely horrible but when between last weekend the weekend before that 70 people were shot in Chicago you know that I mean when you add up like we said we have the slow-motion massacre you know but so that's the voice I feel like I've learned that everyday shootings and we had the shutdown and I was one people that claim that those kind of things but you know when we weren't in charge nothing you know still happen but I feel that we need to do more legislation as far as trafficking that's the problem here trafficking and straw purchases you know how because that's you know they'll say well the bad guy is not gonna get a background check and so then you know get it's done in a different way so we have to look at stronger trafficking laws because most of my prime guns come from Indiana and Wisconsin who is very easy to get it done and then straw purchasing when I can't have a gun but you can to you buy mine you know for me so we have to look at that then we have to look at police community relations they are not good in Chicago you know and they are not good so we have to look at that and then lastly we have to invest in these neighborhoods it's not just about the legislation we I mean a lot of these young people don't have hope they don't have opportunity they don't have job skills they don't they're not educated you know they may not have a parent in the home they need a mentor that and the other part of that is you know like father Pfleger he said you know people talking about PTSD post-traumatic he said we have president traumatic every day so we have to have access to counseling some of my police folks and out here not just in the city you know they say that there are young people that are right on the edge and if they had you know mentor counselor it's someone person interested in their future that would be a whole different ballgame even Andy Johnson said he meant 30 hardcore criminals and they were able to change their life around because one person you know to interest so I think it's many things that have to go on and and the thing we fight like when something happens someone will say well that wouldn't have stopped that no that may not have stopped that particular thing but it would have stopped this you know so I think we need to do a multitude of things and I've been on panels with young men that have been in jail and when you hear their stories like two of them both said their mother was on drugs and their hope their fathers were in jail for murder and so one was like maybe 13 and he took care of these three young girls I mean that is right and so he got into the game line but got in trouble went to jail but he was talking about this one organization a guy from the organization to help them turn his life around and now he's helping to turn you know other people's lives around but I think you need to do a multitude of things it's not just one thing and then also but at the access to darkness you know so many women die from domestic violence because we had people come to present to us that the guide was in jail and then he got right out of jail got a gun because he was mad at the woman and came and shot you know chocolate woman one lady had her hand on the door trying to prevent him coming in so he shot her hand but her dad was there and her six-year-old son so you can imagine just the trauma that they face so it's not one thing I think it's a multitude of things and the other thing is which I'm hoping that we can do with these appropriations bills there are some good programs you know like Diane Atlantic or the 9th Ward has kids off the block there's a program polished pebbles there's a program down into them and these but a weakest scale up the good programs like my one is my block my city but you like that and I mean they're doing great things trying to expose young people but they only can expose so many young people at a time so we need to scale those programs and really evaluate the programs that are working there's no Sun you know that's part of the problem that people put together things and they've been bogus so that wounds are the people really doing good things but access to guns is a problem we need mental health counseling now I hate to generalize like I said but you go the background check bill did pass in a bipartisan way not a lot of Republicans but some Republicans aware of that but they claim mental health or everything and people that have some mental health they get hurt more by guns and they heard you know other people and the thing about I was two-thirds of gun violence of suicide we and then it's homicides and then it's accident so you know you didn't lock up your gun kids were playing with and done you know the kids agreement done just like that kind of thing so yeah we still have a lot of work to do and but we you know me you know electrodes out consequences you know that's all I can say and you know depending on who's in office you know that's you know what's going to happen but I think that definitely even Democrats are more sensitive to that everyday issue you know because a lot of people said to me God what is going on you know in Chicago we know it's not just an awful percentage-wise you know saying Lula is Detroit there's other places but it's just the numbers here you know but hopefully you've lit the new mayor there will be some changes you know also and and she'll have some of it or you know ideas or just different things you know that we could do its findings with maybe even with the states because like you're saying you are doing your research and you're finding that you know you need to do X Y and T I actually did the Kelly report on gun violence and so a group I just met with and Illinois they asked me to send it to them because they are part of the brand of foundation and they're given 40 million dollars to the Chicagoland area so they wanted to see what I did and I know my report has been read but we try but you know we can't again like in this state I don't know I would have read you know so but but I'm in close contact with most of my state senators and state reps you know they're you know aware and and you know they send me things too that they've made us you know in the house but but yeah I did two things the TEL report on health disparities and there are some groups that we make their new staff read that and actually I think it was this one we happen to be going online and someone we didn't even think about this they they're selling it they sell it you know yeah but we didn't bring never thought about we never even thought about anything like that but I'm getting the signal that our time is up so I just want to thank barb again and thank you for moderating and just really thank all of you for being here but don't let this be the end of us hearing from you that you don't have a great team and you've met some of them and you can always call our office so you can always call DC to zero to two two five zero seven seven three that's where my policy people are I didn't have a specific person that works on my health their policy so we are always interested in what people think we have open-door policy and we don't have all the answers so we want to hear from people about their experiences or what you were saying about you know people that are disabled and things like that so we know you know what our constituents are thinking and what we need to look into so again thank you so much I mean

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