Remy: The Venezuela Diet!

Wanna lose weight without drugs,
pills, or human rights? Then come to Venezuela, the most
effective weight loss solution in history! Other diets are unrealistic, regardless
of how hard you try, your country still has food. But thanks to ancient
Soviet secret, we’ve found a way! Here’s how: our government price
controls lead, as they always do, to food shortages, leaving you unable
to eat late at night, or most other times. Gee that sounds great, but won’t
I miss America? Please, we have plenty in common!
You’ll still find yourself standing in line for the latest release at the
Apple store, like ESPN, we’ve gotten rid of some on-air talent, and we
might be getting a cracker barrel. Look! There it is! I’m a journalist, is Venezuela
right for me? Of course! We’ve created designated
free speech zones just for you. You won’t believe how many calories
you’ll burn recycling, doing cross-fit, and taking community walks. Isn’t that a violent protest? No, they’re shooting a Pepsi commercial. Oh, that makes sense. But don’t just take my word for it,
listen to one of our success stories. We have no toilet paper, but it’s
okay because we have no food. Hahaha. When God closes a door,
he opens a window. There is pie on window? Learn how you can go from this,
to this. From this, to this. From this… Well what they have created in Venezuela
is a socialist paradise… To this… What you had in Venezuela wasn’t
technically socialism, it was Chavezism. Venezuela: try it today! No.


  1. there is pie on window? lol

  2. This is soooo funny

  3. Here you libtards, socialist paradise waiting for you.

  4. Just because the state appropriated the means of production, doesn't mean it's socialism! Wait…

  5. HOLY HELL!!!!!!!! I'M CRYING!!!! GOOD SHIT!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!

  6. Remy always incredibly funny videos since the Hummus Rap, Saudis in Audis, Raise the Debt Ceiling haha !

  7. Everything is a imperialist conspiracy down there.

  8. Venezuela is now "Feeling the Bern…"

  9. "But no matter how hard you try – your country still has food".


  10. I know a girl that lives in Venezuela and losing a few pounds won't hurt her one bit. Just sayin'.

  11. As usual, hilarious.

  12. I'm Venezuelan and this is one of the most hilarious and on point videos on the current situation, that I've seen in a while.

  13. As a venezuelan i can say that theres only one mistake in this video, protest were not violent.

  14. It's funny 'cause it's true

  15. The same happened in Chile under Allende. No food, no toilet paper and long lines to get chance to buy bread or milk. Socialism a failed system and the ignorant liberals embrace it – best punishment is they get their wishes – but in another country.

  16. Communism died 1989.
    Capitalism died 2008.
    Socialism is the last best chance.
    Venezuela is under fire by CIA, The Evil Empire.
    Chavez was murdered.
    G*d bless Venezuela.

  17. Haha I love this!

    Not real socialism my ass lmao

  18. Leftist want to be like Venezuela one day.

  19. Hello, and I am Venezuelan. I had bread today. #success 🙂

  20. Freedom is a lot like air. When it is around, you hardly notice it. Once taken from you, you notice it instantly.

  21. Ancient Soviet system.

  22. I live in Venezuela. That's as accurate as it gets. Thanks for showing it.

    Forget about tags for a second. The Venezuelan government has been corrupt, criminal, openly abusive, and careless about people's lives. Calling it a criminal organization would be correct. The term "modern dictatorship" applies too.

    We are currently living in a "de facto" State supported on the military and criminal groups the government has been arming for years. We want people around the world to know the truth and not what the government wants to show.

    If you want to help. Share this video.

  23. Soviet secret? Those ideas came from Germany, sir. Russia just implemented them first.

  24. I hate to break up the right wing circle jerk going on here…but the crisis in Venezuela is a bit more complex than "socialism did it".

  25. When it works it is communism, but when it doesn't it is corruption. I thought that communism and corruption were synonymous!

  26. Silly conservatives and libertarians just don't get it. What the left wants is not socialism. It's different because we call it "democratic" socialism. You see, adding the word "democratic" makes it totally different! Just like calling it "the people's republic of China" makes it not communism. Don't you see? Adding the words "the people's republic" takes away all the oppression.

  27. A country that cares about national health, fighting obesity everyday.

  28. Venezuelan failure has a lot to do with the falling price of oil and a failure to diversify the economy. But hey, lets not stop trying to attack Socialism as the cause of this calamity.

  29. I guess an astonishingly corrupt government and poor implementation of a socialist ideals has nothing to do with it. We totally shouldn't take a nuanced look at their economic and political history either, that would be too intellectually honest I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  30. best laugh all week this 1, omg. no, no pie on window or in sky sorry 🙁

  31. "soviet secret" … I think you meant jewish.

  32. For the life of me I will never understand why Americans who are just as dumb can look at Venezuelans and see their problem is socialism. Their problem is they don't know how to grow food, and they restricted diet . Apparently they didn't socialize education because people would rather stand in line for 8 hours to get a handful of food then to garden and grow their own. I find it hard to feel sorry for Venezuelans when I see hundreds of people standing in line and me cannot socialize enough with each other to come out of a community Plan. Socialism my a** these dumb asses can do anything but collect something and work as slaves and now that the master and got no work for the slaves still looking for food so they have to wait for Crumbs The oil companies have enslaved you all and you don't even know it

  33. I'm in college and I can verify that the part with the professor is true😂

  34. Are you guys stupid? Have you even read any books before? Obviously, this isn't real socialism. In Socialists countries, the people rate very highly on the happiness index. People in Venezuelan are unhappy, so it can't be Socialism. Socialism says "to each according to their needs". People's needs aren't being met here, so not Socialism.The system in Venezuela is more comparable to right wing racist Republican Donald Trump Nazi type system.

  35. I don't care for Socialism, but I always got a kick out of Chavez poking his finger in the eye of Uncle Whammy.

  36. They’re shooting a Pepsi commercial lmao

  37. Lol remy looks like a dirty arab, is he one?

  38. No food? Learn to grow your own food via farming!
    Bums digging in the trash? Put a lock on the trash bin!
    No toilet paper? Grab a water hose, aim at the brown eye, and fire away!

  39. After reading this book I put the information to the test (of course). I was able to get from  –   18.78% body fat to 5.8% body fat over three cut cycles in 6 months. The nice thing about  it was that it wasn't difficult.

  40. I like the part at 1:21 where we see the typical lefty academic pushing the paradise of socialism and then later trying to back track. This was particularly interesting to me because way back in the day I had a few crackpot professors who were doing the same. In that time it was how much progress the Eastern Europeans were making in creating the perfect state (E. Germany and for Czechoslovakia for example). And of course Sweden was heaven on earth. Well we all know what's happening in Sweden's suicide attempt.

  41. Yet lefties despite overwhelming evidence will still vote for sanders and think socialism somehow can work out despite never working anywhere

  42. There is pie on window?

  43. Venezuela! Try it today!

  44. Ah did y'all see the World Workers Party head (oxymoron?): on Tucker, on how great North Korea is?

  45. Holio Shitio. From Oil riches to nada starvation

  46. Sinfully low views

  47. Pepsi ad, hilarious

  48. Remy looks like Mario Lopez, isn't he Venezuelan?

  49. The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. – Ecclesiastes 10:2

    God bless.

  50. by the way, how can i counter the "not real socialism" argument other than "oh so once it fails its not real socialism"?

  51. tacky.

  52. That apple store comment got me too good

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  54. Subbed!

  55. Why are You happy 90% of Venezuela is starving? 😥

  56. I don't like equating Socialism with Communism because I find calling Corporatism "Crony Capitalism" to be the leftist equivalent.

    But I don't think anyone really needs to equate the former pair of ideologies. Just look at Greece and Venezuela.

  57. I love the apple store! But I never find apples in the America version…Socialism is better guys!

  58. I have a great-uncle from Venezuala. He used to own factories in Venezuela, but had to close them down thanks to Hugo Chavez. He told me that overall at the end of the day Hugo Chavez did improve Venezuala through giving free health care and making sure the whole populace became literate. The problem is he took it too far and started copying Cuba and the USSR. But at the begining Hugo Chavez economic policies was basically the same as FDR or LBJ and the economy actually did very well.

  59. lol @ the apple store


  61. cant you americans just put ALL your left wingers in California and then wall it off for 2 years then invade and take it back after theyve all become malnourished skeletons…..because all these liberal arts degree dipshits dont know how to keep a veggie garden im betting.

  62. Well, to be fair Venezuela isn't socialist, but left-populist.

    And I say that as a Adam Smith capitalist.

  63. Wait isn't that a violent protest
    No that's just a pepsi commercial
    Oh that makes sense

  64. That's why Democratic Socialism is the best system.

  65. Any socialist has no idea how economics work
    Likewise, any libertarian has no idea how humanity work.

    Mix the two, guarantee democratic values and put people above money, while still leaving a reasonably free market and you'll create the best form of state. Not perfect, but better than any unregulated market oder socialist dictatorship

  66. Please help if you can. Thank you.

  67. Wait a minute, that free speech zone is a prison!

  68. I love to see coments from people that are not even from Venezuela saying it’s not socialism lmao
    As a Venezuelan I feel depressed with what it’s going on with my country 😭

  69. Heck, in 2 years you won't have to travel to Venezuela to lose weight; just skip across the border to Socialist Mexico since they decided to elect a "socialist" presidente. Now those illegals will be coming north with a ton of excuses for sanctuary.

  70. Miss Venezuela 2018: A Whore

  71. The toilet paper is the money

  72. Remy is a genius!

  73. Under socialism, you wait for bread. Under capitalism, bread waits for you!

  74. Why would I have to lose weight 😒

  75. So true! I made a parody of green day time of your life called strait white men and communist on my youtube channel

  76. It can't get any more realistic than this. I'm Venezuelan, I've lived here my whole life and I can confirm this.

  77. I knew I was going to feel bad about clicking on this video

  78. No seriously man.. Is there a pie on that window?

  79. God Bless!

  80. Ah socialism…defeated by Econ 101 graphs 😂😂

  81. Venezuela needs revolution…and when that finally happens, and when the heads of state are all executed for having raped their country, my hope is that they will be cremated and their ashes dumped into the Guaire River sewage channels so that they may forever rest in piss and shit.

  82. 94 people clicked dislike with their last breath

  83. #Meattoo

  84. there is pie on windows had me dying. then i realized people ARE actually dying. keep it up leftists. good job.

  85. Funny stuff.

  86. Fuck socialism!

  87. 0:13 antient Soviet secret
    Shows a German book

  88. Wow I lost 100% of My Body Fat

  89. "It was not real nazism, it was Hitlerism!"

  90. 1:19 isn’t that a screenshot from Walmart?

  91. There is pie on window?

  92. I'm Venezuelan, and I approve this video!

  93. Karl Marx was german…..

  94. Sad but true. I was laughing my butt off, but feeling for my brethren in that hole that the ‘Murikkkan Government helped create.

  95. That Maduro diet still holding up I see.

  96. The problem is they didn’t kill off enough people. For socialism/communism to work you have to commit genocide on all that oppose your unproven religion/ideology.

  97. Yes! It's a 'not-real-socialism' comment! Reply now!

    But seriously, I thought socialism was societies assets being controlled by all of society?

    Seriously, not trying to "gotcha" anyone, I really, truly don't understand.

    How is it socialism if all of the political power is still concentrated with just a few families or a single person and his friends? How is it socialism when they still have millionaire/billionaires?

  98. Laughed at this at first but I’m 280 lbs. should actually try this

  99. "isn't that a violent protest?"

  100. "apples arriving this week "
    🍎 🍎 🍎

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