Relaxing Yoga For Peace ♥ Nama’stay In Bed

hi guys welcome to your bedroom yoga today is going to be a yoga sequence that I’ve created for you to be done in your bed either in the morning when you wake up or when your ready for sleep this particular yoga sequence is super slow its going to be very easy and really focused on your breathing so if you’re ready either on your bed or on the floor and lets do it alright guys so were going to begin today in a comfortable seated position on your mat or on your bed take a deep breath in and then exhale take your left ear to showlder and then come to center switch to the other side back to center interlace the finges place the hands behind the head push that chin down towards the chest bring those elbows in feel that stretch in the back of the neck great way to wake up the body or to get it ready for bed awesome release bring the hands back in fron place the hands under the chin push the chin right up to the sky stretching the front of your neck taking a deep breath in into your nose exhale letting it go awesome come back to center inhale reaching the arms up this time twist to one side and then release the forehead all the way down reaching those arms as far as you can then come into side stretch reach that left arm far over as u can lengthening out take that left arm and bend the elbow look up towards the ceiling feeling a deeper stretch extend the arm lets take it to the other side inhale reach up exhale twist and release to the other side forehead down to the knee make sure both sit bones are grounded on the mat don’t lift your hips off the floor inhale exhale opening to your side stretch right arm over reach as far as you can lengthening through the right side inhale exhale wonderful lets bend that top arm this time look up towards the elbow adding that bit of twist inhale exhale come back to center stretch and release inhale reach the arms up palms together this time following from your hips seated head to tow forward fold now you can modify this if you need to by bringing the hands reach for the toes trying to keep that back nice and flat bend the knees to make sure you we don’t fold from the lumber spine breathe inhale your nose as you exhale see if you can go deeper now if you’re doing this in the moring start with your knees bend and then making your way to straight knees over to straight knees eventually our bodies can be a bit stiff in the morning reach the arms up ad then release lets scoot over to the top of the mat your going to bring your left knee to your chest and then slowly make your way down to the floor take a gentle rock side to side massaging the hip flex that foot go ahead and grab your toe big toe with your left fingers and then bring that heel right up towards the ceiling now extending the leg feel deeper stretch and then keep holding on the the toe and then take the leg to the side modification your going to bend the knee keep that leg stright see how far you can take it holding on to your big toe pulling that leg as close to your ear or if your holding on to your knee come back to center taking your spinal twist cross your left over right knee allow both knees to fall look over your left shoulder both arms extended out take a deep breath in softly exhale through your mouth letting your body release into the floor come back to center and then stretch your body out take a deep breath in exhale imagine like your pulling to the opposite sides of the room feel that lengthening stretch take a deep lengthening stretch awesome roll yourself up back to our seated head to tow you can always modify this feeling the coolness of the air coming in and warmth as you exhale just let your body release into this posture let go come back up hugging your right knee into your chest and then slowly making your way down were going to reverse pull that right knee and starting with a gentle rock side to side by grabbing behind the knee think about your heel pointing up towards the ceeiling feel the stretch through the leg hold the back of the knee if this is a bit much exhale open the leg to the side other arm out to the side take right leg as far over to the side as you can feeling the stretch through the inner tigh take a moment to let yourself feel the benefit of those pose inhale bring it back to center hug the knee back in lets take our spinal twist bring the right leg over left both knees falling to your left as you look over your right shoulder if you feel any cracks in your spine its very normal don’t be aarmed extand and then release well done guys go ahead and hug your knees into your chest and just begin to gently rock side to side massaging that lumber spine and then reaching one arm over your head rolling to your fetal position and coming up to your seated position releasing the hands on the knees just gently rocking your head and down letting go of any tension taking another deep breath in exhale let it go inhale reaching the arms up palms together exhale bring your hands to your heart wonderful body that you have that allows you to do all the wonderful things in your life deep breath in exhale thank you guys so much for joining me tofay and i hope you have a wonderful day or a restful sleep namaste


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    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. What a great way to start my day guys! You are an inspiration, thank you for sharing love with us <3 Sending light *

  3. Good morning! I love, love your videos and what you do!  I have a question if I may? I'll be 43 next month. I eat pretty healthy, drink nothing but water, have always been physically active throughout my life, my job as a housekeeper keeps me bending, stretching and up and down all day, I walk roughly 6 miles a day just as work, I've been doing your yoga videos for over 3 months consistently … 5-6 days a week and yet I can NOT do so many of the leg extensions. Barely halfway most times. My thought is that I may be experiencing inflammation as I've had hip, muscle and joint pain for some time now. (That's what brought me to yoga – searching for some relief). ~ From your experience should I be able to have greater success with the leg stretches at this point? I will continue to do yoga no matter what  … as overall it makes me SO happy! I just wish I was able to show some progress in the lower extensions … I have not. ~ Thank you again for the wonderful content you provide for us! 🙂

  4. you are beyond beautiful. thanks for this vid

  5. Love your yoga Chanel and you guys are so amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. You had me at… "Nama'stay in bed"

  7. I feel so fresh and calm after doing this….. Thanks for the blessing 💖💖

  8. I just wanted to say thank you.
    I've been struggling with post-concussion syndrome and horrible disassociation resulting in panic attacks most days..
    I haven't been able to workout in months and recently have been struggling to even get out of bed and make myself food.
    I usually have started and ended my days with panic attacks that would exhaust me so much id fall asleep for 12 hours..
    I used to always do your videos on top of my yoga classes before my injury and I've just started doing this video at night, when I wake up or when I feel a panic attack coming and it's stopped/significantly decreased them.
    I started crying when you said let go from all the tension and exhaustion I had been feeling.
    I needed to say thank you for this help and giving me hope I can feel better.
    from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate everything you do.

  9. Still love doing this one so much!

  10. Been doing your videos since you started, but never done this one before. This sequence ended such an incredible day with even more love and light. Thank you. Your videos give me such love, everyday.

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  12. I guess when you have this many followers, you can afford a backdrop setting like this lol. Happy for you

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  15. Hi, could you do some other evening yoga lessons please, it realy helps tout sleep thanks!

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  17. Hi there guys! This video is an amazing way to start/end my day! Your channel has completely changed my life! Your videos are so inspiring & motivating! They have helped me deal with a lot of stress and changed my views and routines each day!!! I start and end every day with your relaxing yoga videos and do a workout in between! Your channel has truly motivated me to MAKE the time I otherwise thought I didn't have! If possible could you add some more of these under 20 minute am/pm type stretching videos? I'd love to have a few to switch on and off each am & pm! TY!!! Please keep doing what you do! Its life changing! I miss your diaries too! XO Sabrina from NYC <3

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  19. I really enjoy your video. Your voice is so relaxing and you explain so well. Thank you !!

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  21. ty. I tried it. now I feel like sleeping. (yawns) namaste.

  22. Thank you for this, this felt wonderful.

  23. Following your yoga almost a year now. My body shape had a huge difference.
    And I just into you sooo much. Some times when I really wanna be lazy feel so hard for keep going especially everyday. I will just play your video and it works very well bring me energy and confidence that make me just start do it.
    Feel grateful about u in so many way.
    Just the thigh legs and inner thighs are so hard to losing. Most woman are the same issue about fitness.
    Wondering if u could create one just for that most 2 difficult part?
    Love you and thank you.

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  28. THank you beautiful!!!!!!! Dude and i just completed your challenge and we absolutely loved it! will be starting another on the first. Thank you so much you are such a GREAT inspiration, and I love the way you conduct your yoga in exotic locations! ! ! ! I am currently opening to Self and you are helping abundantly!

  29. I really can't choose which yoga session is best.. Ok.. I've decided.. All of your yoga sessions are extremely wonderful!! The combination of your voice, the landscape, the music.. is spectacular!! 😍 Really loved this workout as well as all the others.. I really have an issue with flexibility, but I don't give up.. I give my body the time to feel great!! I wonder if you could suggest me which of your yoga workouts is/are ideal for sciatica problem!! I have a sciatica problem and I really try to be a winner and a fighter!! I would really appreciate it if you could tell me your opinion on this!! Thank you so much for the inspiration 😘!! May you have a great night 🌃.. Namaste 🙏

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  49. Hey there Juliana and Mark! First let me say that I start and end my day with one of your videos everyday. They have given me so much strength and light in my life. I am very thankful for you both! I know this video is older so I’m not sure if you’ll actually read this comment, but I use this video a lot when I feel under the weather. And it’d be nice to have a little variety. I was wondering if you could do more videos like this one for when you’re under the weather?

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