The worst part about trauma is often not the experience itself, but it’s the negative messages that we embody about ourselves because of
what happened to us. In fact, very often the violence, the hate
that because that we experienced that was wrapped onto us and own to our physical bodies becomes the violence and the abuse that we internalize in the form of self hatred and
self criticism. My name is Ana Silva. Let’s talk about how relaxation can help you heal from childhood trauma. Relaxation teaches us to activate the relaxation response with you in our bodies and therefore De activate that you stress was once and that will be directly connected to your mental and physical health. The more relaxed you become The more self aware you become. You begin to realize that you don’t have to
believe everything you think that in fact your brain is what a record of your past,
of your past experiences that you can choose. What parts, what thought patterns below to your past are the voices of trauma that you embodied and what thoughts belonged to your future are an expression of your value. In our expression of your future. You’ll begin to realize that you must change your emotional state to change your thinking process. That when you were happier feeling connected, feeling like you belonged. When you know your value, your thoughts are healthier. Now, when you are on their toxic stress and anxiety, survival mode, your thoughts can to be empowering. Your thoughts will call responded always you emotional is state. So we must change your emotional state to change your thought patterns and that connection will command. Your brain should trigger the corresponding chemistry into your nervous system. So the healthier the emotion, the healthier the thought and the healthier the chemistry in your body. Does that make sense? If so, comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts. Now when we increase the self awareness, we increase, self love, passion and agency you begin to realize that that critical
voice that we have absorbed it internalized and in bodied are is, but an expression of
the violence that we experienced, an expression of the abuse. That abandonment, the negative emotions that we experienced and then, we able to have compassion for the places we have been
we begin to ask what happened to me? instead of what is wrong with me We began to ask what happened to me and the greater they understanding, the greater the compassion and you realize that the critical voice, the harsh self judgment, self hatred was never you, never belonged to you and is not an expression of your value, of your worthiness, of your identity. When you increase self-love to relaxation,
that is the beginning of the healing response. That is how you trigger healing and the healing is the letting go of all of those negative voices, messages, pots and emotions that we even embodied, internalized because of what happened to us. If you experience trauma like myself, I see
you. You are not alone. I stand, we feel, and I’m here to tell you
that there is incredible hope for you. There is hope for all of us, that you can
train your body to become more familiar with relaxation than is stress and anxiety with
self love and compassion than self hatred and self criticism. It is up to you to decide what are you going to embody. I hope this is helpful to you. If you have questions, contact me. you can reach me [email protected]
and we’ll be a pleasure to hear from you


  1. Hi! Welcome in! If you experienced childhood trauma, there is incredible hope and healing for you. Give yourself the gift of relaxation today! With increased self awareness, you increase self love and compassion. That is the beginning of healing.

  2. Healing childhood trauma is the key!

  3. "The more relaxed you become, the more self aware you become." Great statement!

  4. Great video!!

  5. Learnt the benefits of relaxation – to be more self-aware. Thanks

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