Regan Grimes Returns + Logan Paul and Generation Iron Collab + Pros Comment on Shawn Rhoden

all right what's going on you guys Nick here we're next I'm in power so I've got a couple interesting stories for you guys today the first story that I have for you guys today is about Regan Grimes so as most of you guys already know Regan has had his ups and downs in terms of competing he was a men's open body builder he did pretty well as a men's open body builder went over to Kuwait he booked up to like 300 pounds and he came back over to the states switched a classic physique I think he lost something like 60 pounds of body weight in preparation for the classic physique division to meet that weight cap and things didn't really go as planned for Regan in classic physique he didn't do as well as he hoped he didn't look as well as he had hoped and now he's switching back to men's open bodybuilding so Regan put up a post on his Instagram announcing when his next show will be he says from classic back to open 24 weeks out prep starts now with Dorian Hamilton here's my starting point it's time to transform I'll be posting these posing videos weekly leading up to the show to track progress first phase is adding some more lean tissue over the next eight to ten weeks so first of all I think Regan is a very smart young guy and posting a weekly posing update is something I wish a lot more pro bodybuilders would do during their prep for a show I think number one it's good for them because they're getting the publicity from it and people want to see that and number two it's good for us the media and the commentators so we have something to talk about and we know how they're looking going into the show so we can give predictions now I was actually watching Regan on Bradley Martin's podcast I think it was like a week or two ago where he was talking about how young he was and I didn't I don't actually realize he was younger than me I just turned 26 I believe Regan is 25 right now so that's even more impressive how good he looks at that age and how much potential he really does have now the other thing that I like about Regan is that I commented the post and said which show specifically are you doing and right away Regan sent me a direct message telling me he's doing the Romania Pro in 20 for a week so that makes it a lot more easy to report on stories like this when the pro bodybuilders are willing to actually give out the information and actually say what show they're doing when they're doing it and not beat around the bush and maybe I'm gonna compete maybe I'll sign a contract I might do this show I don't know stranger things have happened I like a guy like Regan that's upfront about everything posting posing videos he's very transparent you know messages me the information I think that's good and I wish Regan the best of luck at the Romania Pro in 24 weeks now surprisingly next up in the news we have a story about Logan Paul fellow Ohio native and seemingly fellow bodybuilding fan he seems to have a general idea of what's going on in the fitness industry I know that he went to the Arnold Classic this past year but Logan Paul actually went on Bradley Martin's podcast as well and during that podcast he was talking about generation iron and while he was talking about generation iron he said that he's actually gonna be working with generation iron and that Vlad you didn't had came over to his house that same day to talk about this project that they're working on together and Logan Paul is actually going to be doing a documentary over in Russia that's going to be sponsored by generation iron and they're helping him get over there and helping him I guess network in Russia to make this documentary about some Russian slap boxing competition that Logan Paul is going to be doing so I thought that was interesting that Logan Paul one of the biggest most controversial youtubers has some ties to the Fitness YouTube side of things with generation iron and then doing Bradley Martin's podcast I thought that was kind of interesting so while I'm not the biggest fan of generation iron I am kind of a fan of what Logan Paul has been able to do in terms of kind of reinventing himself after that controversy in Japan I actually think Logan Paul's podcast is a really impressive 180 transformation from the type of content he was making before I think his podcasts are actually really interesting so best of luck to Logan Paul I look forward to seeing whatever it is that he does with generation iron and this Russian documentary should be interesting now another piece of interesting bodybuilding news that I have for you guys today is this press release that was put out by the NPC so Tyler Mannion who is the grandson of Jim Mannion and the son of JM Mannion as of today May 16 2001 announced that Tyler Mannion has been appointed to the vice president of the NPC and V IFBB which I thought was kind of cool because Tyler is such a young guy there's a tremendous amount of responsibility associated with becoming the vice president of two major organizations like this I think it's pretty cool that you know they had the faith in someone as young as him promote him to something like that and I also think it's cool to see a younger guy at that level calling some of the shots in contrast to a much older guy like Jim Mannion I think he should add a pretty interesting perspective to the whole NPC in the IOP beasts I think that'll be a very cool addition I think probably some big changes will come with that appointment now next up in the news we have some more New York pro news so we are now about two days out from the 2019 New York Pro I did a video talking about men's open bodybuilding at the New York pro ala so briefly touched on classic physique but we now have the competitor list for the 212 division and I wanted to give you guys that competitor list right here so you've got Noel Adame Mahmood out dura Caravaggio Marlin Ballesteros Steve Benton Marco Cardona Ricardo Correa Arturo Cato Pascal de Angelo Eduardo Correa de Silva Lloyd dollar marette Ganahl Sheldon Hall and Rico Hoffman Michael Johnson Juno Kim Carol Maliki Eddie poppy row Carlos Pinto my boy Dewayne qua mana Christian Adonit Gomez Ramos Justin Randall Marco Rivera Tommy trill vez and Dwayne Walker so I think the main guys to be looking out for in this particular lineup are going to be Dwayne kua Mona Noelle Adama from the indie Pro you have my mood out door who just signed to redcon one I think Michael Johnson is a dangerous guy in this lineup but overall you know 25 guys deep this should be an interesting battle for the 212 division and again I said this in my last video this is one of the things that I love so much about the New York pro is every single division is always just stacked with guys even if they're not the highest caliber of guys there's always like 20-plus competitors in every division I mean I think that makes for a very interesting competition and I'm really looking forward to watching the New York pro this weekend now the next thing I wanted to touch on here I wanted to go back and touch on the Shawn Rhoden guest posing at the Pittsburgh Pro again because I made two videos about it and after I made those videos I got some people saying I was too hard on Sean Road in those videos actually I thought I was actually very nice about whole thing and I didn't think I was overly critical at all but over the past week I've seen several top former ifbb pro bodybuilders weigh in on the shawn rhoden guest posing he had Sean Ray over on Rx muscle basically completely ripping into shawn rhoden about that guy's posing saying he never should have done it you had four time mr. Olympia Jay Cutler who's a friend of shawn rhoden he went on the md global muscle radio show i believe it's called and they talked about it and jay said if it were him he wouldn't have done the guest buzzing he would have just said no and he said sometimes when it comes to representing the mr. Olympia and representing the best bodybuilder in the world sometimes you should just say no if you don't think you're ready and you're not gonna look your best maybe you should just say no to the guest posing maybe show up not take her clothes off and just give a speech or something then you also had Bob Chu Carrillo he's a bodybuilding commentator former IFBB Pro body butter himself I believe he also went on MD I believe that's where he was talking about this on I mean he also kind of ripped into Shawn about that guest posing and how he looked at that guest posing so generally it seems the consensus among top IFBB pros or former IFBB pros would be that shawn rhoden shouldn't have done that guest posing and that he didn't look good at that guest posing now I thought even more interesting as pertaining to Jay Cutler when they asked Jay if he thought that Shawn was a good or had been a good ambassador as mr. Olympia because as you guys know before Shawn won the Olympia one of the things that he was saying about Phil was that he didn't think phil was being a good ambassador as mr. olympia so they asked Jay Cutler what he thought and if they thought that Shawn was being a good ambassador for the mr. Olympia but I believe it specifically what they asked him was if Jay was impressed by what Shawn had done so far as mr. Olympia in terms of being an ambassador and Jay said no honestly he's not impressed and he thinks that Shawn could have done more so I thought that would be an interesting question to pose to you guys the bodybuilding fans because I always think it's interesting to hear your perspective on things and what you guys think about issues like this number one give me your opinion on the Shawn Rhoden guest posing do you think these former pros are being too hard on Shawn do you think I was being too easy on Shawn and do you think Shawn should have done that guest posing but even more so I want to know what you guys think about the second thing that Jay Cutler said about Sean ruins ambassadorship of being mr. Olympia are you guys impressed with what Shawn Rhoden has done thus far in terms of his mr. Olympia reign compared to other guys like a Phil Heath or even a Jay Cutler or a Dexter Jackson or a Ronnie Coleman now granted Shawn has been mr. Olympia for less than a year now how much can a guy really do in a year so you got to give him the benefit of the doubt in that regard but would you have liked to see Shawn do more as mr. Olympia I suppose that's the question now last but not least I wanted to show you guys this clip of me signing my mr. Olympia contract and I will actually have a booth at the mr. Olympia this year so that should be a good opportunity to give back and meet you guys at the Olympia so the Olympia was doing something different this year where they were offering contracts I say that in air quotes to media and influencers so Olympia contracts to media members essentially and essentially they offered me one and basically I can't tell you exactly what the contract said but it did allow me to do some things for you guys at the Olympia that would be a good opportunity for my channel to give back to you guys and do things that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do so I'm gonna roll that clip of me signing that Olympia contract now alright guys so essentially what I have here this is my contract for the 2019 mr. Olympia so essentially what they're doing this year is something a little bit different for influencers and media giving them an influencer agreement so I can't tell you guys what it says obviously exactly but it's going to allow me to do some things for you guys and for my channel at the Olympia that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do so let's go ahead and sign this bad boy here and that wraps it up it's done now that wraps it up sensual I hate guys I hope this is my cock for these subscribers you have not subscribed already what they're doing this year something a little bit did in for it and as always there's a media giving them an influence or agreements I can't tell you guys what it's


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  2. These pros have no loyalty, using Dorian now, he was with Aceto, Rhoden and Dexter both leave Psycho. Or they switch back and forth between divisions if they don't do well their first couple times.

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  8. could also be a masterstroke from Shaun…. these pics will be fresh in the mind of people and judges, and when he comes out in shape he will look better due to the mindset of the people remembering what he looked like prior. Its not how it should be but humans have a tendency to do these kind of things. Ie whena bad person changes his lifeand becomes a good person and helps others (turns his life around) seems to be liked more in general than the guy who was good all along or at least will gather more attention/popularity.

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  10. I had all but given up on Logan Paul but I respect your option so I’m going to look back into him because of you. I know I’m a nobody but just wanted you to know that I respect and appreciate your opinions

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    I actually met regan here in Australia very recently and he was just as genuine as you said he is. He told me how he trains, which shows he will be doing, how his experiences were in classic, etc. Absolute legend and down to earth guy. So much respect for him

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