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welcome to the home and production facility of reflux Nutrition limited this will provide you with an insight into what is arguably the most advanced operational facility of any sports nutrition brand in the UK more importantly we want you to understand how this technologically advanced approach leads to a range of products that boasts unbeaten quality it's a simple thought but it comes from a very clear focus on formulating products that deliver exactly what they say they do on the label and is something that we have been doing since 1996 the difference between reflux nutrition and our competitors back in 96 was very straightforward I was interested in producing world-class formulations whilst I firmly believed back then and perhaps still today that a lot of our competitors were more interested in marketing and advertising the reflex science part allows us to manufacture a very wide and super high-quality range of sports nutrition products that ordinarily we would simply not have been able to manufacture the reflex range currently covers five main categories that's high protein muscle strength weight management energy endurance and vitality what we have found is by having a number of key categories means that we can provide products for the specific needs of a number of ranges of athletes from high level athletes all the way through to the average gym goer in anywhere in between now where reflux products really differ from much of our competition is the difference between the health and performance angle all of the products within the reflux range are balanced to provide not only performance benefits but an array of health benefits to you the process starts with the study of credible research to indicate ingredient efficacy and required dosages next comes the selection and purchase at the very finest ingredients from around the globe many of these ingredients a trademark will have patterns relating to them and are often significantly different from others available we have complete freedom to work with any supplier the choice of which is made by the new product development team whose primary focus is combining performance and health benefits this approach has meant that reflux has become synonymous with both quality and innovation being the first brand to deliver many exciting and new ingredients to the market but this only means something if quality is present in every single stage of the process the only initial formulation of product quality starts with the selection of four materials all the suppliers that we work with have been accredited to international standards of quality and all the ingredients that we receive are companies with certificates of analysis or stuff yourself conformity which is the suppliers speculation as to the potency of the ingredient having checked the quality of the inbound raw ingredients the next stage is to prepare and measure them for the production process in the case of certain ingredients used in products such as a multivitamin a system is employed that requires two specific signatures confirming the weight and measurement of ingredients and this system requires measurement to three decimal places the main production facility houses powder production the process in this area starts with a production order which is generated by the accounting system and the appropriate raw ingredients are then selected some of these come from the small ingredient team and some are picked directly from the warehouse from here the blending process begins the blending technology used is the most sophisticated available for these types of products and incorporates both large paddle blenders for the protein products as well as smaller refining blenders for the mixing of smaller ingredients after blending comes dispensing different powders have different densities but everything is automatically dispensed in accordance with specific levels and each part is automatically check weighed any product not meeting labelled claim is automatically rejected from this point the tub passes through a metal detection unit and it then gets security seal the final part of the process is the application of manufacturing date best before date and batch number information this is applied right at the end of the production line and is controlled again by the counting system for complete traceability the vitality products cover a range formulated for highly active individuals and include joint support antioxidants multivitamins as well as specific health products the range incorporates products that can only be run on semi-automatic machines whilst others can be run on either the automated machine or for more specialized products the blister pack line this machinery represents the very latest and most advanced available and would ordinarily be found in pharmaceutical companies the automatic machine is a perfect example of the quality standards achieved through rigorous controls where each capsule is check weighed and any single capsule that is defective is automatically discarded the facility at the science park contains a state-of-the-art pasteurizing plant which is used for production of the ready to drink sports products it incorporates a flash pasteurizer which is essential in providing the highest quality under natured protein products whilst the proteins used a heat stable the process still requires careful monitoring and documentation the production process here starts with the mixing of the raw ingredients after which the material is pasteurized and then dispensed into the bottles the boiler that provides the required heat is powered by electricity which all comes from renewable sources so environmental responsibility is also an integral part of the operation the final stages in the process of the capping and sleeving once again from the consumers perspective that can be complete confidence in what is declared on the sleeve or label in terms of nutritional profile this is only made possible through a rigorous in-house testing procedure one of the things that sets us apart is our in-house testing of all of our protein products and we use our nitrogen analyzer to perform all the tests and we publish these tests on our website for consumers and retailers I like to see this transparency of quality is one of the things that sets us apart and we believe one of the unique selling points that takes reflux above and beyond first stage of analysis is to calibrate the Machine and it's calibrated against a known source of nitrogen and so that you know that the readings that the machines taking at the start are absolutely accurate we then take unknown weights of sample and put it into the loading head the machine is purged of any atmosphere and the sample is dropped into the furnace where it is combusted for about 120 seconds the results of that combustion are fed through the machine water and carbon dioxide are removed from the gasses and then it's his analyzed for nitrogen content and depending on the sample that's been analyzed the nitrogen content is multiplied to give you your protein content to validate our in-house tests further we take random samples and send those off to third-party government-approved poetry's throughout the history of this third-party validation and we've never had a result which has deviated from ours more than half a percent so we're very confident that our in-house testing is equal to that of the government approved testing labs our new site features a wind turbine which generates 10 kilowatts of electricity and sends excess power back to the National Grid the new building double one features sun pipes which pipe natural light into the building which reduces our requirement for electrical lighting we also have our natural ventilation in the form of wind catcher technology which reduces the need for conventional air conditioning systems we buy over our electricity from a deep green renewable source eco tricity and future plans are that we increase our contribution to the environment through the use of solar panel technology general waste goes zero to landfill and we recycle all of our card paper plastic you have seen exactly how we manufacture supplements the effort that are committed team go to to ensuring that all of the quality control procedures are rigorously enforced with that in mind we're confident very confident that we are able to produce consistently a range of world-class sports nutrition products


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  2. Great quality awful taste

  3. REFLEX PROTEIN is verry good quality

  4. Thank you for giving us such a detailed insight into your companies policy and your manufacturing process! We really love all the products we got to test from you so far! Stef & Louz

  5. Thanks to the all the staff at Reflex Nutrition for an excellent day learning about their quality standards and high tech manufacturing process. A great insight to their dedication to producing the finest sports nutrition & lifestyle  supplements 


  6. Amazing products. The quality is seemingly unbeatable and the new Instant Whey Pro is simply stunning. I've used nearly every single flavour, they're all good, but the Chocolate Perfection is something else!! 10/10 Oh and great video, if you use supplements you should watch it.

  7. Ok i have just sent an email, We'll see if i get a response this time 🙂

  8. Hi Arron – the Reflex Nutrition YouTube account is managed by our Social Media team. Our Customer Care team will be able to help further with your enquiry via the careline e-mail address provided. We'll ensure they provide you with a swift response. If there's anything else we can help with please let us know. Thanks.

  9. There is probably nothing you can do now i do not have the remaining of the product left to send back to you and i have deleted my paypal invoice email (proof of purchase) i done so because i sent 3 emails to you and had no reply and still haven't had a reply sent to my email address, unless you are willing to take it up with echo supplements so that they can prove to you that i purchased a reflex product from them then there's nothing i can do

  10. Hi Arron, thanks for the quick response. Something's gone wrong here and we'd like to look into this further. To enable our Customer Care team to do so please e-mail further details to them here: careline [at] reflex-nutrition [dot] com. A member of the team will then be in touch. Thanks.

  11. It's too late now now i brought a tub of peptide fusion from one of your official stockists (Echo Supplements) & i emailed you directly 3 times with no reply so i had to throw it away the taste was terrible, i won't be using or recommending reflex nutrition to anyone now

  12. Hi Arron, thanks for getting in touch. If you'd like to talk to us more about a recent purchase please e-mail us at: careline [at] reflex-nutrition [dot] com with further details. Thanks.

  13. I love reflex's products but there flavoring for there protein products are just terrible, you can tell they don't take a lot of time on this

  14. Awesome Products!

  15. Honesty ,performance and quality will make you gain happy costumers so, good way to go 🙂

  16. We’ve been recommending Reflex to our clients for years – this video reassuringly emphasizes what a professional and responsible company we’re dealing with. Very informative. I wonder how many other companies would have the courage to show us what goes on behind the scenes!

  17. Really enjoyed this – interesting insight.

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