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what's up reefer revolutionaries it's time for the afterburn marijuana the mainstream media from all across the country we've got stories coming out of North Carolina CBD confusion out of North Carolina meanwhile New York may not be getting their recreational right away and guess what's part of the issue home girl some are for it and some are against it guess who's against it that would be corporate cannabis and Mayor Cuomo also news in Florida looks like we've got decriminalization happening in Florida Ohio also Cincinnati local more local decriminalization happening gun rights gun rights in cannabis another topic in guess where Minnesota where Liberty is very big these days and often meanwhile Nebraska is looking to legalize cannabis with a ballot initiative medical marijuana Arkansas is gonna get gummies Colorado says medical marijuana could help you opioid crisis do you think you think you know you haven't figured that out yet and California seniors are getting educated on cannabis so let's get into the afterburn guys this is reefer revolution taking a look at marijuana the mainstream media starting in New York City Chella anything else to say are you uses burning let's roll alright thanks for watching guys new thumbs up new thumbs up new it's a new stream this um thank you all fun all of everybody thumb here we go marijuana smoke Theater 3000 well with the legalization of recreational marijuana under consideration business owners are looking at how to capitalize on the growing market hundreds of business owners politicians in sit since gathering yesterday for the Kanna business conference guest speakers and panelists meeting to talk about all sides of the topic including how New York might be able to set itself apart from other states legalizing these products research I think research is going to be at the forefront especially in New York State we need to differentiate ourselves from other states that are legalizing and being able to innovate and research and bring that knowledge to our home state and how to cultivate and produce the best products and work with the industry that's that's gonna be our our niche I think well they also talked about the social justice implications of legalizing marijuana and cannabis products well we are asking the tough questions tonight assembly while the crystal peoples-stokes is one of the biggest advocates for the legalization of recreational marijuana last week the governor cast some doubt on whether it'll happen before the legislative session ends and in just the past couple of days some changes were made to the proposal which is bringing a new sense of optimism now here's 2 on your side's Kelly does a assembly Majority Leader crystal peoples-stokes says it's very likely the state will legalize recreational marijuana before the end of session in June a new bills being worked on that includes enhanced regulations for medical marijuana and hemp which she says were included in the governor's plan one of the biggest sticking points for her is what the bills and I think once we get that language clear without the specificity of that it's going to go you know 20% here 20% there just to clear specifially that there has to be some investment in communities that have been negatively impacted by the mass war and incarceration she also wants people's records expunged or sealed if they've been convicted of low-level marijuana crimes the majority leader says the legal age to use recreational cannabis would be 21 she also revealed Thursday that legislators haven't figured out how much you'd be able to have in your possession yet we're still looking at those numbers the governor is at a smaller number Dennison and I are but I think we can go somewhere in a happy medium what about the number of plants you'd be able to grow this was the first time I heard anything about that come up the governor in his proposal said that that homegirl would only be available if you had medical prescriptions for it that I think is not necessarily fair to people who are already home going and quite frankly self-medicating when you legalize a product and still keep them in a legal framework because they didn't go and pay a doctor money to get a prescription to me doesn't seem as fair as it should be so I would be willing to talk a little bit about that what that number is but I do think that people should still have the right to do that then I asked if she had anything else she wanted to pass this session actually if we can move this one forward and I will be good for this session if everything's worked out between the governor and legislators we could see what the revised legislation looks like within the next week in Buffalo Kelly Dudzik Channel 2 News a plan to try and decriminalize small amounts of wit marijuana is making its way on the agenda at City Hall downtown councilman Garrett Dennis is holding a meeting on the topic right now Action News Jack Cilicia tarancón joins us live downtown from City Hall this noon Alicia the idea here of this plan is to give Jaso officers an alternative to arresting someone if they have a small amount of marijuana on them councilmember Dennis tells us that this bill would not legalize marijuana instead it would allow Jaso officers to to offer a civil citation instead and we just got finished talking with the councilmember right through those doors at City Hall and councilmember Garrett dentist says that if this bill is passed in Jacksonville people caught with fewer than 20 grams of marijuana could be given at $100 fine or 10 hours of community service instead of a criminal record the bill is aimed at people who are 18 years or older and does not address minors caught with marijuana right now it's a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and $1,000 fine jesso told us that Sheriff Williams does not support the decriminalization of marijuana and that the sheriff's office already offers people caught with marijuana a notice to appear meaning they aren't thrown in jail right away after they're arrested instead they go to court councilman Dennis says he wanted to file this bill in order to keep an arrest off of people's records if they had a job now they've they're fired from their job because they've been in jail and then you know so it then creates this vicious cycle now this person is out there feeling hopeless they're you know they're you know feeling depressed and now they're probably gonna now go out and commit a larger crime and coming up at five we'll hear from locals inside this meeting on why they want this bill passed reporting live in downtown Alicia tarancón CBS 47 Action News Jax it may soon cost you nothing if you are caught using pot recreationally in Cincinnati David winter joins us live with what today's City Council committee vote to decriminalize marijuana will mean David Robbin kami the move by the law and Public Safety Committee today basically would in some ways decriminalize pot it's designed to keep people who are using pot recreationally from ending up here at the Hamilton County Detention Center from losing their jobs from not being able to get a job all because they're being criminalized for the recreational use of pot and here are the amounts we're talking about we had Cincinnati PD pull some samples for us from it's evidence Locker this is 100 grams or about a quarter pound of pot this is 200 grams or about a half pound currently if you're caught with up to 100 grams you can get fined up to $150 plus court costs if you're caught with between 101 and 200 grams you can get fined up to $250 plus court costs plus faced up to 30 days in jail and then they can't even get a job adness and I don't at a subway after getting some of these some of these these violations vice-mayor Smitherman led the committee and voting to take away the penalties for one option up to 100 grams or a second option up to 200 grams both will go before the full council on Wednesday but council member Murray voted against the proposal saying she has a lot of questions she needs answered like how much is 200 grams really – anywhere between two hundred and twenty four joints and 448 so for me that certainly seems I'm just saying that's what it showed as far as when we looked how many joins it is so for me that's a big question you know 200 grams how many joints is that is at recreational use or is it a huge amount for dealing respectfully I don't think you put enough in your joint aside from telling Murray jokingly that she needs to be more generous when rolling joints dishing up with a soul mate that quote unquote folks that are not of means are gonna take 200 grams and they're automatically gonna become drug dealers that it honestly is racist and to give you a bit more perspective this is about a half pound of tobacco in joint form about 200 cigarettes but no matter how you cut it Cincinnati's Police Chief says that he will enforce what the City Council passes but personally he is not comfortable with any further legalization normalization or decriminalization of marijuana this is something that I see our officers put in the middle of very much so and something that you know personally I do hope it gets to a place where the voters have a say on this I think that's most important the voters can decide what they want to have allowed in their City and the chief might get his wish the vice mayor says that if the council does not pass this he is going to next November get this on the ballot reporting live from the detention center David Winter local 12 News David thanks very much if the council votes Wednesday to adopt the Committee's recommendation it will still be against the law to use marijuana in Cincinnati but the city would decline to impose any penalties for smaller amounts medical marijuana users sounding the alarm after he was denied a permit to conceal and carry a gun Patrick McClelland was on the front lines in the fight to make medical cannabis legal in Minnesota he was one of the first to be issued a medical card to use marijuana he says that it helps him live with a rare form of muscular dystrophy this evening reg Chapman has more on the fight to restore his Second Amendment rights how can 20 thousand Minnesotans lose their Second Amendment rights and there's there's nothing said and there's nothing done Patrick McClelland is fighting man after years of fighting for Minnesota to legalize medical cannabis he was surprised to learn his fight made it illegal for him to own a gun and when I wanted to sign up for the for the class the instructor told me that I cannot take the class when I revealed that I'm a medical cannabis patient federal law prohibits any person who was an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance from shipping transporting receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition marijuana is listed in the controlled substance act as a schedule 1 controlled substance and there is no exception in federal law when used for medical purposes this is real this one here and it's impacting us it's impacting me in a very negative way like I said I'm giving up was told and I didn't realize this before but I'm giving up my second Amendment rights all right not giving him up I've lost them Republican representative rod Hamilton spoke up about the issue during a conference committee on the Health and Human Services bill he is trying to get his colleagues to drop marijuana from a scheduled one to a scheduled two controlled substance that would mean medical marijuana patients could keep their rights to bear arms they believe dropping it to schedule two is a slippery slope to legalization for now Hamilton wants to address the Second Amendment issue even if it means backing off of Minnesota's medical marijuana program expanding to include the leaf or flower of the plant now Hamilton says he is not in favor of recreational use of cannabis but is very much interested in protecting the rights of medical cannabis patients who hunt McClellan says changes are needed in the program changes that include language that protects a patient's right to carry I'm sure this debate will continue to be a big point of contention all right Thank You reg this week the Nebraska Legislature debated a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in a state but it wasn't voted on so now advocates are taking a different approach a petition drive with the goal of letting Nebraska voters decide in 2020 reporter John Cooper tells us they're confident medical cannabis will get on the ballot and pass John Lincoln earlier this week senators who support medical marijuana warned wha makers of what could happen if they don't pass medicinal cannabis and the legislature and it's gonna be the best opportunity that you get to enact a true medical marijuana system before we put it into the Constitution if that's the option you want then that's fine then you're in my world and it's much less reasonable yes well nothing was passed this week and it does not appear like it's gonna happen still opponents of medical pot I'm not worried about a possible petition drive we have been urged strongly that if we do not vote for this bill they will bring the referendum and we will have marijuana don't believe it still it appears it's on the way Shelley Gillen has been fighting for half a decade to get medical cannabis for her son will who has Lennox Cousteau syndrome a severe form of epilepsy that causes multiple seizures a day and forces him to wear a helmet for his safety she says she's already gathered some signatures and will really ramp things up over the next three months we're just going to continue with that until we collect all them to get medical marijuana on the ballot they need to collect signatures from 10% of the 1.2 million plus registered voters in the state they also need five percent of voters from 38 of the 93 counties in Nebraska to sign on they must do all this and sent it in by July 3rd of next year we are very confident we are just absolutely positive that we will not have any problem gathering 150,000 signatures and getting on the ballot and passing no one the legislature would not have allowed cannabis to be smoked or consumed in edibles instead it would only be allowed to be consumed by an oil or something similar plus it would have only allowed people with very serious in specific medical conditions to get prescribed the drug Yulin says that would have worked for her son but she thinks the bout initiative will leave fewer suffering Nebraskans behind we're actually in a better position with the ballot initiative because it will be able to help more people but of course that means a will has to wait longer now bill sponsor senator Anna Wishart responded to a text yesterday saying to expect a full watch of the petition drive campaign in the next few weeks and the studio John kipper news now more than 35 pounds of medical marijuana now in the hands of patients since the natural states first sale began on Friday Arkansas officials only expect that number to grow when a new product hits the shelves next week krk fours Jesse – Noor joins us with what to expect yeah actually about the only cultivator currently supplying medical marijuana plans to stock the states – dispensaries with edibles while other growers and sellers are nearly ready to get in the game just like you would get Medicine patient after patient pound after pound sales are rolling in during the first week of legal pot prescriptions in the natural state and they're not expected to slow down any time soon as a new form of medical marijuana hits shelves next week I think edibles will be probably at least half the market Scott Hardin the spokesperson for Arkansas's medical marijuana program says patients won't see products like brownies chocolate chip cookies or candy at doctor's orders rx and Green Springs medical because state law prohibits it but there is room for creativity well you can't have a gummy bear you could have a gummy that looks like a bottom that you would pull off the shelf at any local pharmacy what the state has not seen a surgeon patients applying for ID cards to get a pot prescription steady-flow every day of applications the Health Department has approved nearly 12,000 patients to purchase the product with the expectation before it went on sale that twenty to forty thousand are Kansans would have a card we anticipate getting to the projected number while their state officials expect two more cultivators to soon join Bowl team in harvesting the product and a dispensary in Northwest North East and the capital city to sell medical marijuana within the next month patients are ready more Kansans could soon get in the business cultivators can decide to hire third parties to process and transport the product hardin does anticipate those licenses could go out as early as summer back to you this is a future cypher a dispensary in bentonville and when they open doors they could have the plant and other forms of medical marijuana available for sale some medical marijuana dispensaries have opened for business in Arkansas but so far patients can only buy marijuana they can smoke a spokesperson with bull team a cultivator in Central Arkansas says they will soon be offering gummy chews concentrates and vape cartridges available with the next harvest so patients who would rather eat their medical marijuana and will have that option dr. Janice Williams says for patients who have severe symptoms smoking medical marijuana may not even be an option she says those patients need topicals or edibles with edibles they an onset of action takes a little longer but then it lasts longer so it can get them through in a night of pain where they're not having to get up and redose Williams says overall she believes the edibles are a better product for most patients the cultivator says they hope the other forms of marijuana will be on the shelves at dispensaries by the end of the next week Victor Cuellar is a medical marijuana patient who was able to purchase marijuana at a dispensary in Hot Springs last weekend you know edibles are kind of like a really good alternative if you want to not have to smoke you know every 30 minutes or every hour so you can just pop an edible and I think some of them last for like three hours now the owner of this Future dispensary is hoping to have it opened at some point in July but they are waiting for permits from the city to do renovation reporting live in bentonville Taylor Pannell 40/29 news so if you're in pain whatever the reason what if one solution to the opioid crisis in Colorado has been wafting right under our noses medical marijuana the governor's deciding whether to sign or veto a bill that would allow doctors to prescribe more medical marijuana instead of opioids here's the new shiroi these creams and pain creams there's a reason Jared Penman is behind the counter of his medical marijuana dispensary I feel like medical marijuana really saved me yes it was a business opportunity the inside of your bones fall out into your joints and it causes severe pain and the only thing the doctors really had to give me was opioids but he also remembers being on the other side when he realized he was an addict using the medical marijuana definitely helped with the withdrawal symptoms as well as being able to manage the pain going forward seven years later he says he has not touched another pill and is applauding Senate bill thirteen the Democratic Representative Edie Hooton helped sponsor it would allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana in a lot of the same situations they would prescribe opioids to potentially avoid them altogether that includes kids 18 and younger as long as two doctors sign off on it they wouldn't be smoking weed but could use a nasal spray or extra this is going to be a pretty big deal for acute pain for athletes and also for you know people who have kids who have surgery I think this legislation completes the opioid epidemic and marijuana Stephanie Stewart is an addiction medicine fellow and is very vocal about how she doesn't like this idea she's worried that people already addicted might be steered towards marijuana for their pain instead of addiction treatment dr. Rob Valek also an addiction expert says it feels a lot like what happened with opioids putting out an option that's becoming very familiar but hasn't been researched well enough this bill is not about people who have addiction issues that's all it is it's options if it doesn't have anything to do with addiction then I wouldn't have included word opioid and the title of the bill for next I'm a new shiroi governor has 30 days from the end of the legislative session to decide whether he's going to sign this veto it or he's got this weird third option he can let the bill become law without his signature representative Hooton acknowledges this could hurt tax revenues since medical marijuana is taxed less than recreational pot you could sue scene farms in Texas growing of all things hemp the bill is making it legal right now awaiting the governor's signature so what is it when I say hemp and how is hemp different from marijuana under a lucia traveled all the way to Oklahoma where a growing hemp is already legal to get a closer look it's all new tonight at 10:00 this greenhouses it looked nothing like this a year ago Jesse Tish Hauser runs a greenhouse in Guthrie Oklahoma where he's been growing hemp for almost a year now we've since probably are the largest producer of cannabis south of Colorado last year voters in this conservative state legalized medical marijuana – you didn't believe it was gonna happen no I would have assumed that Oklahoma would have been the last state after Texas to get any type of medical marijuana laws still he didn't hesitate to capitalize on it we've got roughly 20,000 medical marijuana plants and over 100,000 hemp plants growing in our greenhouses it's all there is some marijuana mixed in and I bet you can't tell me what it is even Tish Howser has trouble distinguishing between his two closely related crops so this is the him and this is the marijuana yes both have the same distinctive leaf and they're both grown harvested and dried the same way that's when you'll actually take and shuck all of this material off the plant at this point it's really it's impossible to tell a difference a lab test would reveal one big difference the concentration of THC in each of the plants it's the intoxicating chemical that can give you a buzz federal law requires hemp which is naturally low in THC to have no more than 0.3% marijuana which is still outlawed by the federal government can contain more than 30% they're both medicinal in many ways both plants also contain CBD and virtually all this hemp will be used to produce CBD oil but hemp can also be used to create clothes food and beauty products scientists have even used it to develop alternatives to plastic concrete and steel it's this crop Hill has a lot of potential a lot of products to be made from it there's a lot of demand for it there's profit to be made in it Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller wants our state reaping some of those profits Texas farmers do too so this forty or fifty acres would be a good candidate for help in Northwest Texas Eric herim believes he could make twice as much profit per acre planting hemp compared to cotton I don't think we've seen a plant that's been introduced to the farm scene that's going to create this amount of new money I whip Texas legalizes hemp I mean there's so much farmland ashish Howser sees potential benefits for everyone it's gonna be a game-changer as far as the industry go in Guthrie Oklahoma Andre Lucia CBS 11 News when it comes to legal marijuana you don't have to smoke it sell it or grow it to be cashing in if you own a home you could already be making money a recent study shows homes near cannabis dispensaries get a boost in value CBS 13s Greg Liggins check to see if homes in Sacramento are benefiting from that contact hi Sacramento is now home to 30 cannabis dispensaries some even located in well-to-do neighborhoods but real estate appraiser Ryan Lundqvist says you probably wouldn't notice because they operate with little fanfare there's one in East Sacramento right by McKinley Park but the thing is you wouldn't ever know that it was there on last year connoisseur and so unless you're really going there you have no idea Brad winger lives around the corner from that dispensary but isn't looking to sell his place any time soon I'd be surprised if it move the needle one way or another a lot Lundqvist tracks the cannabis industry and its effect on real estate it's just another commercial business as far as I'm concerned green solutions is another dispensary located near a neighborhood the manager told us at first residents were concerned about it attracting potential problems but those fears have been unfounded we bring a lot of people to the block you know between us and the restaurants and the new the new coffee shops and and all the new local businesses that are coming in we're just another part of that really we don't see ourselves as any different for now real estate in Sacramento seems to be accepting dispensaries as just another neighbor but it's a market on the move in its infancy so the longer-term effects are still unknown even though we haven't seen the impacts yet if the study holds true home values in California should have gone up several thousand dollars and here's what we know about the study according to it states that legalized marijuana see an instant bump in home values on average by more than six thousand dollars and in cities that allow dispensaries home values increased twenty-two thousand dollars more than in cities where pot is illegal we are on this earth for a reason to be the of recreational marijuana from the 60s and now these cannabis curious seniors want to know what it can do for their insomnia and arthritis tonight kcal 9s Jasmine viel takes us to a party where grandparents are getting educated in the health benefits of weed you can smoke it with flowers or a joint or a bong what's going on in this charming home is not what you'd expect so it's gonna get you super stoned the parents are actually home but no one is getting high what you guys are drinking is CBD water it's made from the hemp plants it's great it is absolutely not psychoactive katherine goldberg educates active seniors on the health benefits of the cannabis plant in the comfort of their living rooms when you combine THC and CBD that's when you get the real benefit Alan brown says his wife Lois once bought him a CBD Sal for his arthritis but didn't find it helpful Goldberg says that his hand Sal wasn't strong enough and explained that a one to one ratio of THC to CBD might have a stronger impact like this they just put it everywhere it hurts although none of the guests experiment with psychoactive products at these parties they're familiarized with products that can make you high and it lasts 200 puffs at four seconds each these Mosin vape pens were created by brothers Mike and Brian Davis who've been dabbling in marijuana use since they were teens last year the Davis brothers met Goldberg who was educating groups from temple on Friday and Saturday nights so I started these events called pot Shabbat and if I hugged Allah they were impressed with Goldberg simple explanations so it's this idea that you can create recipes with not only different amounts of THC and CBD but combine them with these terpenes then you start getting into really cool effects Goldberg explains the Mosin vape pens contain terpenes organic molecules found in plants that give them smell mersin is a terpene found in mangos we load up the goodnight pen with mursaleen and there's a little bit of Lila Knoll which is found in lavender so the goodnight pen will knock you out which is great news for these seniors who struggle with insomnia like Barbara wine bomb who drinks water without a THC before bed and and or a couple of hits off of the day does anyone else have any questions if a person has health issues how would they know of all these products that you mentioned they're safe for their body we said you know please go ask your doctor and say this is what I'm on this is what I'd like to use do you see any problems with that Goldberg's advice talk to your doctor about slowly introducing cannabis into your life and be open-minded like this woman whose sister suffers from pain and that's the language we hear most often is that it saved my life you know why why did I spend so long suffering you don't have to be a senior to be Kanak yuria s– these moles and parties are like well Tupperware parties when guests purchased the products the host earns them for free I'm Jasmine viel for kcal 9 news and primero yeah trust me free Jay Brown made sure somebody's paying taxes on that on that stuff nobody is earning nothing ain't nothing free ask gas or grass man there ain't no free rides yeah you can give samples apparently in California but you have to pay the tax on them yeah but full retail value right thing that does not that's not that's not hindrance to business at all well Norris is not being able to deduct anything or file bankruptcy or can you imagine any other use a bang you imagine this green rush that if they unleash the full power of it would be amazing it's going to be amazing it's going to be in it's it's or it's gonna be it's gonna be wild goodie Wow Wow for a while gonna be incredible yeah we're gonna watch it all but so there you go you got the seniors are coming on board the CBD plenty of confusion still and we got local decriminalization good news mixed bag hemp hemp happenin in Texas that was the other story that came out of the hemp pub in the the story that's in the Chronicle a hemp roundtable there's always a mixed bag we don't talk about the bad news for the most part that's why there's certainly any stories anymore because I gotta leave out all of the the lazy commies busts busts yeah so many pounds cheers children I thought that Arkansas story the first was 35 pounds of cannabis were delivered to medical marijuana patients motherfuckers right next to 35 pounds or cannabis was found in the trunk of the three old people driving through Georgia yeah we don't play those stories anymore cuz who needs to focus on that crap nobody that's right let's focus on what we want y'all focus focus on what you want we want cannabis off of schedule one cannabis off all the schedules of the state where it's legal yeah medical use that's a no-brainer that's low-hanging fruit we won on the ballot in California that also requirement for those doctors they want you people to talk to about cannabis to actually know something about the end of cannabinoid system in the UC system we want it on the ballot that requires doctors in the UC system to take a certain amount of education the endocannabinoid system state schools and state schools we want something on the ballot to that bud tenders get trained horse and what what's the furqan terpene profile what's a chemo VAR what's what's a cultivation know all these answers all these answers should be known and yeah just indicas for when you want to get some a body high and the sativa is more cerebral any more than that we want compassionate back use back in California or Christ oil that is right that is that we have one bill making its way through we don't know what's gonna happen with nonprofits they're not even thinking about that that's not even on their agenda anymore creating some type of a collective system or nonprofit cannabis medical cannabis system in California because it doesn't fit into their their native the spirit of the law as Jerry Brown Woods oh I want to end on a high note high note we always have it I know so we did also here at this wonderful symposium that we went to this week that there is a bill a B 305mm that guarantees access to terminally ill patients wherever they are even in nursing homes federally funded facilities so we want to look into more of that we heard that at the symposium we're very excited about knowing more about that you have to be a hospice patient yada yeah but yeah you got to be dying to get it but yeah apparently jinx you owe me a coke apparently in the original draft of the bill it was for all persons in nursing homes and they changed it to just terminally ill people in hospice yeah exactly well we can move them on that too and we need somehow to codify if it's codified but you know free backyard medicine this this stigma you know you've got to be able to go six big ones next the guys are the guys are talking the guys the guys are talking in these groups that I belong to there bunch of farmers and activists the shit generational farmers who've been doing this for a long time we're very interested in it being better than what it is of that they that it's entirely possible to re-write prop 64 and make it better so I will support those efforts absolutely that would be that would be certainly something and what's the only I like I like the law also we talked about it last our first part of the show about the law trying to get one cannabis dispensary for every four liquor stores in the state I think that would be a fantastic bill to pass people do so bad I know we're also gonna decriminalize psilocybin statewide coming up in 2020 I think that's gonna happen it's gonna be on the ballot you should work to get signatures on that I would do that or at least text speaking of which it's time it's time it's time to wrap it up for the evening the afterburn is complete we have been hotboxing the mainstream media and their Miriam marijuana coverage and we will see you next week right here on reefer revolution live at 4:20 subscribe get notifications for when we go live in case we go live at some other time because we do occasionally and we read cat and subscribe to the new channel and can he DCA and educational stuff educational community access network we are going to start premiering the full panels from medical cannabis 2.0 starting Tuesday so you'll start to see those as well as whatever else we start doing because that's kind of our goal now is to become the community access for cannabis here in Los Angeles area or in California all over because apparently we go to Northern California to where it's quite great we actually love the Santa Rosa area there's great people up there and in Sonoma County we meeting every time we go up there we meet more and more great people totally and it's just we want to mean all of our friends that we talked to in the chat who are all up in Northern California yeah yeah yeah like whoa we saw like a dry soil a long trip we can't take long trips of the thing we have to be back in a few days because you know we have they're sweet dogs we've got these sweet doggies sweet jackpot over there did you see you can't imagine some before hey way before this just you know no more than usual no unusual you know they're napping or sleepy they are quite healthy down there are super nappy dogs they nap anyway all right blaster master later thanks everybody thanks everybody love you guys subscribe get notifications we'll see you next week have a fun week and enjoy John Kelly and Aris we'll see you later free the plan for you the people bought for peace murderers keep murdering the church's people burning people [Applause] it seems they're honest keep terrorizing leaders keep a liar proper call off your dogs and your helicopter how many innocent people gonna be imprisoned we just asleep Brotherhood freaks nobody finally never met [Applause] thirty-eight to be legalized and realizing you made a big mistake good people don't smoke marijuana thank you you cannot play with it it's not funny it's not something to laugh about yes I'm all in this is the time to go all-in on cannabis smoke weed everyday' you

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