REDUCTION EP. 4 | Supplements I take + Gymshark Summer Sale + Physical Therapist

what's up rose welcome back to another video and stay I thought that it would be a great day to vlog and you guys want to know why well because this bad boy just came in I'm gonna have some fun opening that and not only that but also the Jim shark stuff from the summer sale also comes by the end of the date today so I'm really excited to open that up try some of the stuff on and I wanted to guys more about the supplements in a bit but right now I'm about to doing weigh-in for this morning alright see ya so I waited like wait six more pounds that I did yesterday and well that's probably because I might cheated a tiny bit yesterday I mean I'm surrounded by honey wheat pretzels and those are delicious and then the Dunkin donut I have half of that glazed doughnut Oh we'll make that up in these next few days that we got that in this country alright so the camera setup it's methoxy all right so if you can see one of the first things I got was fish oil which I've been talking about with other people and they recommended it and I think that you know I have some pretty good uses for yourself having all these only finances that are today but yeah so the supplements I got here are going to be some of the least EPS ones in the industry in the fitness industry that you can actually get compared to everything out there so I think that some of these are pretty essential for the most part obviously besides protein powder which is going to be probably the most essential but as you guys can see right here so I got these three bad bullies and first I want to talk about the creatine so this creatine I got this four month supply one I got these three off gse by the way I used to buy two get one free thing but besides that I got creatine HCL because I heard that creatine HCl is a lot better than monohydrate just because it it's a lot more soluble and it absorbs better into the body so that's always great it returns less to be consumed and these actually come in tablet form so I'm not sure I'm not so sure about table form it's probably pretty much the same thing as taking it as powder but it was the one that was on sale with GNC so I'm gonna try this one out it looks like it's gonna be pretty good though let's move nine point five times more weight that's true that means my bench is probably shoot up to I think 1200 pounds alright we'll see if that ends up happening around there I say it doesn't 200 as know how math works I meant 2,000 around their lips next up we have ghost BCAAs so before I thought BCA's were pretty much BS to the most part but like I've been doing research a lot of research and so apparently in BCAAs it comes with leucine isoleucine and valine which are essential amino acids which are amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own and is required to be taken in through food that you eat throughout the day so that's what this board and leucine is one of the main protein supporters and drivers for muscle growth and muscle retention and so what I've learned is that taking BCA's is actually helpful when you're on the cut so that's why I finally decided to get BCA's I'm still on this last bit of cut the rest is probably gonna be kind of useless I'm not exactly sure because I don't think that it works that well on a bulk buy anyways we're gonna see how that goes because I don't have that much Beth in my cut left but we have 30 servings in here and you know sour patch watermelon you know had to go for that sweet taste and last but not least what I started with it's going to be that triple strength fish oil so this comes with Omega threes and supposedly supports your heart brain skin I enjoy it now I don't know I was just I just heard about this I thought it was a good thing to take why not seems like it could be a pretty healthy dietary supplement I think I think where I mainly saw this was on Dylan McKenna's supplement interview and I asked around about it and a few of my friends had it so I wanted I decided to take this maybe it'll help me out with the last bit at the club and then maybe maintaining and then on the side of the book see how that has an effect to the inclusion these are three supplements if you guys want to go get them yourselves although I would only recommend the BCA's for people in a cut creatine probably something I should talk about more creatine is something that you should always be taking no matter what literally there's no reason for you not to take it it literally just increases your strength and some people say you might get bloated but from what I've been researching it that's just it's really just water retention for the most part because that's a side effect of creatine but it will increase your strength a lot I believe and it does take a bit to take effect on your body but because the creatine has to saturate your muscles but in the long run I think that it's worth it to take creatine so just for that muscle strength which will result in more muscle gains at the gym I still have some creatine monohydrate left though so I'm going to have to finish taking that before I do get on the pH scale but either way guys I'm pretty stoked to be getting on this creatine HCl hype finally but alright anyways guys so I'm just waiting on that ginger package to arrive today but also we have a physical therapist appointment so I have to go to that it's at 3:00 and I'm gonna see if I can asked if the doctor will let me record time-lapse last time when I went all they pretty much did was stretched me out but stretching is actually really helpful for a Finnish person because so many people are not mobile at all and trust me guys being mobile it's probably one of the most important things in fitness it'll increase your strength a lot in a lot of things so if you don't stretch make sure you stretch stretching is important but yeah we're probably head out to the physical therapist now and I'll see you guys in a bit alright guys so I lied about that first I'm gonna make some food show you guys what I'm eating and yeah we'll do that first so gonna hit a quick timeout right here for me cooking see you guys alright boys just got done cooking took me a little bit but as a result here we have this beauty of a meal you can't even see it all because that's how much I eat in one meal but under the egg we got some chicken vegetables so what I like to play in this meal is half a cup of beans half a cup of rice about a couple of vegetables they don't really matter too much because vegetables won't have the many calories so cup 1/2 cup pretty much the same thing to slay the chicken breast which is 8 ounces 2 slices of turkey bacon we're so good and yes I love fried eggs I'm sorry that I don't blow them fry just tastes so much better and I make them with a little bit of butter as the oil instead of with chicken I mean I use the oil but I don't use too much I use like very little but yeah I'm about to have some good eats and then after this was the physical therapist so yeah see you guys Oh don't say that young man alright guys so we just got done because what therapist I'm sorry but I'm clearly a recording there it was like a really type of winners like know where to put my home which is to the camera so I feel kind of embarrassed anyways but anyway what the did was screaming three stretches again and for the most part yeah I feel pretty stretch it out and I think that's definitely something that I need to do more to change because I feel very because of it because I don't start and my hip flexors my glutes my everything pretty much financially especially that's something they've really been emphasizing about outside my hamstrings are so I really need to start fitting them more but yeah anyways I guess with success for today and I'll see you guys back at the crib hopefully the day already but see you okay guys so I'm gonna show you what stretches the Nemean do and the first one was gonna be a handsome stretch they get a blanket they wrap it around your leg and then you had to pretty much stretch out your own leg I'm pretty sure you could use the partner too because is I used to do across country and just a pretty much basic stress rehab thing but yeah it's a really good stretch that's what they made me do they mean hold it for like ten seconds five sides each leg and then the next they made me go on all fours and bring my left arm up and my right leg up and what you do with this is you hold it for about 10 seconds and you do it 10 times each side this one was a struggle for me because my arms are a little shaky and then next I mean we do a plank which is what my arms are really shaky so you do a plank but not with your forearms down with your arms straight so I just hold this for about 10 seconds for 5 repetitions I believe and last but not least I think was the last touch to make me do it was yeah last night for my hip flexors they made me lay down keep one leg down and then you hug one leg instead of both this time so that's gonna stretch out your hip flexors and yeah but yeah that's about it all right now so you guys like the crib all right guys so we're about to head up to the gym now and it's about 9:19 p.m. right now so as it turns out the gym fuck package didn't come yet so it kind of took by I'm kind of upset by that because I kind of wanted to wear today but I guess we'll have to save it for another day then I'm pretty sure is gonna come later tonight once I get back to from the gym though so I make sure to open those up once I get back yeah all right right now we're about to drive off to the gym so see you guys all right boys represent we're about to get ready to push myself let's go always like time don't say that you're bad when I just Hey don't waste my time I've got no patience can't make you change your mind cuz I got no more the room gets cold and they liked him low and I just wanna be with you I just wanna be with you with you with you [Applause] [Applause] you man came through with the shape and the workout shake balance this is how you balance your diet with one of these shakes get to my club Metro you hear my mom be bringing home so much fatty foods and when I say I can't eat that she's like why you're so young like look at my mom she is so much better I'm like I'm like what do you mean I'm doing this for me and she's like why aren't you eating all this fat food that I'm bringing I'm like excuse me where do we we have a greasy food I mean I do let me take you begin no I but to turn your bacon tastes hella good y'all are missing out you really are see beyond it I think it seems better than bacon bacon tastes so greasy turkey bacon is like perfect it's 50 Cal I know you like you sure I need to check that out but I'm pretty sure it's 10 grams I think it's in grams of protein per slice I think 10 grams of protein and 1 gram of fat which makes 50 calories each I think I mean I'm not sure I mean my mom's advisors because I don't I don't like ask for a lot so food is something I'm always worried hello Tigger brows amino acids I had a chicken breast until out the at home you know that's allowed but it's different and it's only like maybe got yeah and it's only like 80 calories per slice perfect I mean filet [Laughter] [Laughter] I was about to think for the tunas I have to stop and think about it hey I read it I moved to say you can't be serious outside look at them arms boy you gotta flex that we take off the shirt oh ho ho I mean my bad for homo gotta get that angle why don't you do that for me you always say no very good ever you never go down like that lopburi huh I see you with some fresh marks though yeah Ivan I don't like moisturize any of my judgments this this one is tight deep like all mine the same one you ever hear but my shit's coming up to here though I mean that's kind of far huh yeah I mean I guess we're making a lot of progress that's not that boy that's like mine over here that's gonna heal that's disgusting get that out of my face that was so bad this should know it's this fear I think this series not flattering at all for the shoulder yeah why don't I do this for you actually well told you have you been working out you look at you looking kind of quite strong alright boys just got the phone notification that's the package has arrived at the front door so we are about to go get that right now I like haven't even showered yet I've just been editing videos at the moment and I got the notification so now we get to open up this bad boy alright Bonnie got it open we need scissors with you got games and here comes a pie all right boys first one up we've got soupy the gray like the sea stringer alright guys so the stringers on and I'm not going to lie I feel pretty prone to nip slips in this it's like right at the edge so I don't know how I feel about that but I guess we'll probably just get used to it maybe but yeah let's turn around see the back good all right well very sure it done on to this one all right red or wardrobe coming on and I can already tell none like this one a lot yeah this one feels really good the r-mo job and I'm not gonna lie nice so I'm kind of stupid you know I don't already shop that often so I just got a ton of legacy shirts I wish I got the bold shirt I'm probably gonna put it up on screen I kind of wish I got that one instead of one of the legacy ones but oh well I already ordered it but anyways I really like this one this one feels really nice arm will drop can't wait to work out in this one alright so we got on the trunk white finger and I feel a lot more covered in this one than the light gray want to be honest so that's always a good sign and I don't know I rarely ever work out on white but I kind of like this so I might just have to I just took my own collection Oh favorite shirts I feel like I might have some mean pumps in this shirt I can already feel it all right next up and got this light blue like to see stringer and this one also is covering up my nipples so that's a good sign but yeah I don't know if you guys can see the pattern yet but stringer arm will drop stringers stringer yeah hi I kind of needed more change than Dharma drops cuz I have a ton of t-shirts that I can work out in my old ones like ideas ones that I wear but if I want to like order from gym shirt almighty gonna order the things I don't mean you look bigger there's gonna be the stringers and the armhole drops so yeah pro tip for you guys out there but yeah guys I've ordered a lot of stuff in this gym shorts summer sale because I don't like every time I go to workout I'm looking at the same clothes every time I'm just like I really knew you like tops to workout in so I went all out and got a ton of tops like might as well they're on sale and apparently they don't go on sale but that's good and I'm really liking the armhole drops these are wood drops they really do make you look a lot bigger it's actually quite easy and yeah and the good old put on the shirt technique to make you look even bigger did this I can already tell I'm gonna have some nice sections in this one alright boys last but not least we've got the gym shirt black legacy stringer see I already owned the tank in this so I thought I might as well get this finger because why not the black ones just looks so nice they look very classic the black and white color yeah this is probably gonna be one of my definitely new favorite things where it got it got the names covered up – got to make sure you got that comfort oh because I don't know I'm kind of like self-conscious about having my nipples out like that but oh well so what's good overall I'm pretty happy with this order just kind of upset though that I didn't spread my purchases out more and got a ton of legacy stuff but oh well I think they all look pretty good anyways and I really don't care cuz I'm gonna wrap this either way all right but I can finally conclude the video now after a day of waiting for this Jim shark because they said they'd come yesterday but guess not but anyways Wow see you guys in the next one crazy


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