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hi guys we care from regulative life and labs and this week caught with sam from North Shore personal trainers she's going to give her a top five tips for remaining healthy as business owners this is really important because as a busy business owner it's been so much time that such energy and our own businesses that often the first thing that we drop is actually looking after ourselves and possibly getting enough sleep but it's super important because our body is what actually carries our brain around feeds am praying and we need those good ideas and running out this system keeping in top condition so we can effectively come with business ideas imagine our staff and marketing our products or services so let's head over Sam and get better tips hey guys it's stand here from North Shore personal trainers at Margate today I've got five tips for improving your health and fitness as a small business owner or any business I up in reckless as Mick said sometimes as a business only do you get very busy and you do that self go a little bit you lose priority of your own health and fitness at the time tends to be a bit short so my top five tips number one is getting enough sleep we all know what's good for us that's when your boy rests and recovers or recuperates that's how you function properly the next day ultimately you do want about six to eight hours of good sleep per night and you need to take those steps to make sure you get that sleep each night tip number two would be exercised same thing we all know that's very important for us but rarely do we get enough ultimately you do want to get about 30 to 30 minutes to 60 minutes a day if possible or just movement depending on your daily schedule with your work with your business it might need to be first thing in the morning so that it's done before your day gets too busy it could be in your lunch break even if it's improving your incidental exercise each day by using more stairs or by riding to work or by maybe even having walking meetings where you're walking along the waterfront or something like that as a meany instead of going to the coffee shop all the other things like that all add up to the mound steps that you take a day the more that you move number three drinking enough water often overlooked it is just the best drink that you can have obviously how calories no artificial anything rehydrates you whereas your boarding dehydrates it doesn't function properly and it just it's essential for all of your body's functioning tip number four is diet diet is really important in keeping steady energy levels through the day especially avoiding that after lunch at 3pm to slump in your energy levels we want to be having slowly releasing low GI carbohydrates minimal sugar generally unprocessed whole foods plenty of whole grains fruits vegetables once again lots of water and whole foods that will give your body the nutrition that it needs and tip number five is watching watching watching your intake of drinks in the form of alcohol coffee and tea and soft drinks including energy drinks sometimes we look for that extra energy hit whether you get it from coffee or when you get it from energy drinks you've got to watch out when you start to get up to about four or five take away large cappuccinos a day with extra sugar because that can really ramp up your metabolism if you can't that also affects your sleep and also dehydrates you as well and you're one that in moderation especially alcohol as well so there are five tips thank you very much for your time enjoy your day you

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  1. Tip number one and two, get enough sleep and some exercise is what I need to improve on. Get video Mick, all the best for the new year 🙂

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