Recipe for a Healthy Food System: Beans & Greens Stew

I'm Mark Bittman I'm here with my friends Ricardo Salvador while we talk I'm gonna make pretty simple beans and greens dish I have a pot here with garlic and onion and very little but very good ham and to that I'm gonna add couple of bay leaves a whistle of collards as we say and the bean cooking liquid just cook the collards down for a few minutes and then we'll add the beans and a little bit of vinegar you know it's this thing I've been talking about for a while which has not caught on that I called less meat Arianism which is basically yes you cook with me but you cook with high quality meat and you cook with very little of it well actually that would fit with a nation's dietary guideline so we're we have an epidemic of chronic disease in this nation if we ate according to those dietary guidelines we would save a hundred thousand lives and the health care savings would be worth 17 billion dollars we don't have an overarching food policy we don't have government agency that says these are the dietary guidelines we recommend that every American follow and we're gonna make it possible for every American to follow those guidelines because then the USDA acts counter to its own recommendations another way of putting that is that we have a set of disparate policies but we don't have one coherent policy that all points in the same direction okay so how do we fix that we need a national food plan that does bring that coherence and to the full range of policies in terms of sustainable practices in terms of labor practices and so on that all add up to the best possible food system this is as important a policy issue as the president can actually put into place because ultimately it is about the nation's public well-being all right let me give you some beans and greens okay this is an example of you know you're not giving up meat you're concentrating on plant foods super delicious not expensive so great you

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