it's insomniac making a short video for you because I've been getting a shit ton of comments all over my social media YouTube videos etc asking me about my opinion on the new FDA regulations on cigars you want my opinion on the new FDA regulations fuck the FDA I'm not going to bother going into the regulatory details or start breaking down and analyzing what this is going to mean for everybody and this and that let me just say this no matter what happens you can't always fight City Hall so I'm kind of just going to sit here and wait and see what exactly actually comes of these new regulations might this mean a decline in the number of cigars produced every year possibly might this mean a sharp increase in the price of cigars through government taxation you bet your ass let's remember what this is really about which is why I didn't break down the whole ruling and all the paperwork and all that the whole things about making money this is not about health and safety they don't care about any of that cigar smoking and other forms of smoking that they brought up in these new regulations throwing the rise like crazy it's becoming popular people are really starting to enjoy these forms of smoking such as cigar smoking and they're sitting back going holy shit we need to get in on this action they just want some money so do i think the CRA and other groups so whatever can Lobby a good case in the next 90 days and see if things can be turned around I don't doubt they can make a good case and of course I'm rooting for them at the same time the government's the government you can't fight city hall does that thing that I've learned to accept when it comes to something like cigars and especially such a small number of people comparatively that would be fighting the government um yeah they're probably gonna get their money it is what it is what I will say from should i smoke this to everybody watching everybody enjoys cigars don't let the government win I don't mean go out on the fight the FDA ruling because we know how well that's probably gonna work out but still enjoy cigars yeah they might be a bit more expensive they might be a little bit harder to come by at some point but they're not going away so enjoy them while and when you can and yeah don't go throw-in all your shit away and go out fuck it this sucks and I'm not smoking cigars anymore because then guess what the government want and they went all the time so don't let them so yeah that's really all I have to say about this topic if you haven't subscribed to should i smoke this yet subscribe hit the thumbs up do me a favor share this video and everybody has smoked cigars that's really what's up that's all you need to know we take it over


  1. what cigar are you smoking in this video?

  2. As for Democratic or Republican, the only difference between parties is rhetoric. As for the candidates, we can have reduced debt and increased mentally ill on the streets and most likely a nuclear war under Trump, or government spending increased on social programs and some increased short term debt under the women…… I personally prefer better social programs with more short term debt that eventually will reduce the overall debt to a nuclear war, but hey, that's just my opinion. Don't tell me I can't have mine and I won't tell you that you can't have yours. πŸ™‚

  3. When the FDA regulates and taxes marijuana and the taxes actually go to public health care, then I will support manipulation by taxation. Until then, it's just another money grab by our all powerful greedy government who doesn't give a sh*&t about anything but the almighty dollar. If you want to see corruption and greed at it's most blatant, spend some time in San Francisco and see what is really going on in this cesspool by the bay.

  4. My thoughts exactly when I heard, πŸ–• the FDA!

  5. Let's get these pussy ass, liberal tyrants out of our Land Of The FREE and home of the Brave not France!

  6. Let's get these pussy ass, liberal tyrants out of our Land Of The FREE and home of the Brave not France!

  7. Its a bit unfair to label Obama as the Government in the little image because the President is a big fan of cigars himself. That's one of the reason I couldn't believe the cigar exemption to the FDA regulations didn't go through. Its freaking ridiculous and I hope something can be done about before the August deadline.

  8. I live in Canada and I am just as pissed at the FDA as you guys, gov needs to worry more about economic state of country and leave the small amount of people that enjoy the huge variety of hand maid cigars that we have alone.

  9. You can't fight city hall or big tobacco…

  10. If I were a betting man I'd say 99.9% of us cigar smokers will not be voting for the Dems in this upcoming November election.

  11. There are currently two bills in the house & senate that would exempt handmade cigars from FDA regulations. Contact your representatives & tell them you want these bills passed! The bills are HR 662 & S 441.

  12. Help stop the FDA's stupid control

  13. Fuck the Fascist Dictators Association!!!

  14. your'e goddamn right. i'm stockpiling sticks as we speak. I'm getting pretty fucking tired of getting railroading by the government (also being a gun guy, I'm getting fucked from all angles here!)

  15. The boutique companies will hurt the most out of all this. There will be a lot of smaller companies that go out of business because they wont be able to pay the fees for each blend (and it wont be worth it). I will mention, I talked to Jon Huber of Crowned Heads and he isn't all too worried…he says Crowned Heads will be still "business as usual". I also think most companies will do as much as they can until all this FDA bull shit happens and go from there. You will see a huge spike in # of blends hitting the market until Aug. 8th then a large decline…those blends will then be able to be sold til 2018, then, who knows…only time will tell.

  16. Fuck the FDA all day every day

  17. FWIW you can also go to and click "take action". This will automatically contact the senators and congressmen in your state and ask for their support. It's free and takes about 1 minute. Can't hurt to try.

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