research it's a word that sends shivers down the spine of those who vape over the past few years an onslaught of ominous news headlines has shaped public opinion to where now many people believe vaping is as harmful or even more harmful than smoking it's an astonishing conclusion driven in no small part from research or even a cursory examination often reveals skewed methodologies and questionable findings now is it being just a little paranoid to mistrust research on vaping well maybe not after all the public's been lied to before for decades the tobacco industry used scientific research to obscure lates to cancer and heart disease to protect the popularity of its product the tobacco industry began an all-out health war while continuing to sell as many cigarettes as possible the industry created a smokescreen behind the scenes using suppression and denial to cover-up the scientific truth about how smoking damages your health the tobacco industry strategy was unscrupulous by creating an organization called the Council for tobacco research it could fund what appeared to be independent science and then shape research results from behind the scenes it was beautiful it was beautiful in the sense that it gave the scientific community another resource for funds to to advance the scientific organization the council for tobacco research always was since it was started a public relations organization designed to trick the public into thinking there wasn't any evidence that smoking caused cancer either in smokers or in non-smokers with this track record it's no wonder vapors view most of today's research on e-cigarettes with contempt and derision as so often it's used as a weapon to promulgate fear and misinformation a good example of this is an anti vaping ad currently running in Alaska sponsored by that state's Department of Health and Social Services it unmistakably links vaping with serious health hazards like asthma and brain damage by sourcing research that exaggerated toxicity levels of compounds found in ejuice and failing to place those levels into a real-world context now not all research is questionable nor should all positive research be accepted without question the key is to seek out evidence-based research and there is for the first time plenty of it out there and more is on the way the University of Waterloo and Ontario Canada has just been awarded nearly nine million dollars from the US National Cancer Institute to evaluate the public health impact of government policies regulating e-cigarettes the study is the latest from the ITC project which is the first international research program to evaluate at a population level the key policies of the World Health Organization's Framework on tobacco control the Waterloo project is extensive and could have a real impact on the development of new vaping regulations and on the viability of those already in effect experimental and observational methods are being used to study the impact of policies in Canada the u.s. England and Australia approximately 12,000 smokers and 3,200 vapors are being enrolled in the study which is to be conducted in three waves over the next five years with the first results from wave one expected to be released mid next year joining us today is dr. Jeffrey Fong professor of psychology and public health at the University of Waterloo in Ontario he is a senior investigator at the Ontario Institute for cancer research and founder and chief principle investigator of the international tobacco control policy project dr. Fong first off when many of our viewers think of research they think safety and efficacy but that's not what your project is studying correct no the the other work that's being done on safety and efficacy and so on is really important but our focus is on what kinds of policies can bring out the best in a cigarette perhaps encouraging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes and at the same time to examine the potential effects of policies on those who have not used cigarettes or tobacco products before and that's sort of at the crux of the debate that's going on now with respect to what is going to be the ultimate impact of e-cigarettes on public health so essentially you're studying the efficacy of e-cigarette regulations yes we're looking at the effectiveness of policies and whether or not policies that for example hinder or put restrictions on e-cigarettes does that lead to lower rates of switching among smokers to e-cigarettes it's important to understand those laws because they may have an unintended effect of preventing smokers that would otherwise use them to quit well that sounds like an acknowledgment that there could be a benefit from a cigarette there is potential of e-cigarettes because it is a nicotine delivery device for the most part that is does not have the hazards and harmfulness of combustible tobacco products and even the most ardent critic of e-cigarettes acknowledges that of course where the debate is is how much less and dr. fall what do you think is the proper context for that debate the tobacco epidemic is killing 1 billion people in this century we have to do something about this we have to do something more than chipping away we have to engage in population level interventions so what are those well the things like policies so we've had experience in in evaluating tobacco control policies these are interventions that carry out in higher populations and what we found is that depending on the type of policy different things happen and we have looked at for example graphic warning labels and how they are more effective than text only warnings in the same way as we're looking at policies for e-cigarettes the same thing exists that there are policies that are more restrictive of e-cigarettes and there some that are less restrictive and so by looking at the experiences of smokers and also a vapors across countries that differ in policies toward each cigarettes we can get a sense of what that difference means dr. Fong you mentioned the experience of vapors does that mean you're factoring in specifics like different devices and ejuice at each point in time with our survey we have an extensive set of measures with respect to the device that they're using the concentration of the juice how often there are habits in in vaping and so on does the research favor one particular device over another for the study oh no not at all we're not we're not doing that we're finding out what their experiences are so it's whatever is out there in the population so there will be some you know first generation second generation third generation and then beyond as we you know continue can continue the study and that's going to be with some of the most interesting kinds of analyses what are the differences in device are they leading to differences in quit effectiveness are they leading to less likelihood of being dual and greater likelihood of switching entirely over from smoking to vaping as compared to other devices that are not as good at delivering nicotine so if I understand this correctly you'll get a measure of the effectiveness of certain devices and then also a look at how policy might be having an impact on them absolutely what is the effect of the devices themselves you know as one question do some devices lead to greater likelihood of quitting I mean that's a very simple question and that's been starting to be answered with respect to some work that's been done by some of our Co investigators in the UK and you know what how does policy affect that so that's why you know there would be concerns if there are policies that are knocking out with devices or you know making them extremely hard to access devices that may have that the promise that we're talking about with respect to increasing the effectiveness of quitting doctor phone what kind of qualitative questions will you be asking participants how dependent are they on nicotine how long have they been smoking how many cigarettes a day do they smoke does anyone in their household smoke or vape and also their opinions about vaping do they think that it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes to what extent do they do that and you know to what extent do they feel that there should be certain regulations put on e-cigarettes finally doctor fog what are you hoping for as an outcome of your research I'm I'm hoping that these devices work out you know I I am because if you look down and and say well what are we going to be doing with respect to really fighting the tobacco epidemic we're going to have to have more tools than just support you know demand-side reduction strategies and I think that each cigarettes have potential to be a part of the toolbox for a tobacco endgame well that's it for this edition of reg watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for Regulator watch com I'm Brent Stafford you


  1. Big TOBACCO still owns the FDA and politicians!!!

  2. I had asthma before I started vaping 1 cigarette would cas it to flare up. I’ve been vaping for about 2 years and not one time has it caused my asthma to flare up.

  3. I started vaping 6 weeks ago and haven't had a cigarette since.I've also found that i'm not munching on candy or nature mixes,etc., just to get the crappy smoke taste out of my mouth.The flavours of ejuice mimick candy or whatever and feed the craving for both nicotine and munchies for me.As well,I find my stomach is much calmer and i'm not eating tums all the time like i was before.
    The government and big Pharma,big Tobacco, should back off and let adults get healthier by vaping,if we choose.In the end,it's just about lost money for the above mentioned big 3 and they are going to do anything they can to get their free money from us as usual.They don't make enough money from healthy people,or people who don't use Nicorette or a drug to quite.

  4. as a smoker of 25 cig per day for 20 years of smoking and running 6:10/km with avg heart rate 138…so 2 days later I smoke only e-cig …running on same conditions same 138 rpm but….hmmm….5:50/km! No comment! Lounge capacity now 85%…let see whats gonna happened for a month.

  5. I would like to have specific flavour additives listed on the juice bottles.

  6. "Ultrafine particles" in vapour, which is nothing but an aerosol? Come on, people! How could anyone believe that?!? Please use your brain – that's why you got one in the first place.

  7. Science: vaping? e-cig? "Geoffrey Fong: – There is potential, its a nicotine deliver device, for the most part THAT DOES NOT HAVE THE HAZARDS OR HARMFULNESS OF COMBUSTIBLE TABACO….Money: vaping? e-cig? "Geoffrey Fong: – Think of the children, think of the little children. For us you are all little children."

  8. Snake oil salesmen are not scientific researcher!!!!!!!!!

  9. At first I was smoking and vaping after a few weeks I only smoked in the morning then I completely had no desire to smoke and no withdrawals when felt like smoking I also could no longer reach for tobacco because I desired the flavors of the vape I save 300.00 a week- I was a heavy smoker free within a month of vaping! It is the same experience I got from smoking – I get the same hit and I will begin to drop the nicotine as I go- I use a joytech Aio it seems the same as smoking does so I bought one for all family members that smoke for them its free and I want everyone to stop smoking! I have smoked over 30 years since I was 13- free from smoking and daily healing my oxygen levels are up from 84 to 94 and getting healthy its like the best thing ever! my smokes are still sitting where I left them untouched, the money is in my pocket from now on! if vaping is banned how do real cigarettes pass the test for healthiness!

  10. I'm a ex smoker turned vaper (.1 Dual FC in a RDA @ 80W 6mg 70VG) . But I am suffering from cognitive dissonance. I can see that vaping is improving my health; I'm not waking up in the middle of the night because of coughing fits. I'm not hacking up a lung every morning. But still something tells me vaping is way too good to be true. At least I know that smoking will kill me. Are cigarettes so powerful to cause me to defy logic and do something I know will kill me vs something that is "proven" to be much safer? Here's to being a Ginny Pig. Hope these crooks aren't telling us that vaping is 97% safer than cigarettes, knowing that they are 1000% more deadly. I mean, "they" told us Tobacco was 100% safe at some point. It could just be a depopulation ploy because cigarettes aren't killing us fast enough.

  11. The title should be changed to Anti Vape Propaganda

  12. It’s common sense. 7000 chemicals in cigarettes and only 4 in vape juice. They want to regulate it themselves so they can reap the benefits.

  13. is it me or does the news guy look like a cgi will make up shit.. just look at the wonderful world that lead could give to humanity.. and the guy that brought that industry down and the crap he went through..vaping is in the same scrutiny..

  14. The speakeasys of the 1930's I think could not stop the consumption of alcohol. Same with vaping, you can't stop it thank god.

  15. isolated Nicotine, used in E-cigarettes isn't addictive. it has the same effective qualities that caffeine does in your cups of coffee. Chemical Addiction from the cocktail of 4000 other chemicals in cigarrettes is more alarming. 500 chemicals are externally added to tobacco cigarettes to increase Addiction, a lighter throat hit meaning that the smoke isn't as harsh. 44 of the chemicals added in tobacco cigarettes have been confirmed as carcinogenic. Money talks. billions in revenue for tobacco companies will be lost when E-cigarettes are legalised worldwide. the media have done a great job at blaming nicotine for addiction. but this isn't feasible. the Royal College of Physians has stated that E-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking.

  16. 10 Reasons Why ALL active researchers should Use

  17. is popcorn lung a issue with e cigarettes?

  18. I love the format and production of your channel. It's like if the news didn't treat us like infants.
    Top work.

  19. I have been vaping for one year without having one cigarette after smoking for 35 years.
    Just before i quit, I was smoking easily, 2 packs a day.
    In public, I treat vaping exactly like smoking.
    When I started smoking, you could smoke everywhere. Malls had ashtrays, restaurants had smoking sections, and you could smoke at the movies.
    When they tightened the laws about smoking, I stopped spending my money where I couldn't smoke.
    For example, I don't shop in big malls. I shop in strip malls, you can always have a smoke in between. I prefer drive thrus over restaurants. I don't go to the movies, I wait until it comes out on video or tv. Going to a bar stopped making sense, I mean you can't drink and drive, you can't smoke and drink, so why would anyone go to bar when they can drink and smoke cheaply and safely at home? …now that I vape instead of smoke, I just continue to spend my money as if I am still a smoker. (and I have a lot more money to spend!)

    I understand that people don't understand that vaping is not smoking. It looks like smoking.
    I understand vaping is not smoking. I feel 1000 times better.
    The worst side effect I have experienced from quitting cigarettes and vaping only is my sense of smell has returned. Sometimes that's not such a good thing…

  20. Vaping exists because big Pharma and their products don't work to stop people from smoking. Not to mention the massive side effects that they cause (like suicide)…. The FDA is in bed with big Pharma, and big tobacco. Massive money is being lost from big Pharma by people vaping, and massive money is being lost by states across the USA due to vaping decreasing the purchase of cigarettes and tobacco products (The research is there to back up all of this, and it's easily found searching the Internet). 6 million people die a year from smoking and tobacco products, electronic cigarettes are one of the most important inventions we've seen in modern times….. A product that has the potential to save 6 million people's lives a year! Name another product on the market that has the ability to save that many lives? And to think it's coming under fire by the same people that were put in the place to govern our health is just out right ridiculous.

  21. Fuck you

  22. Vaping stopped me from smoking after 18 years of smoking, putting 7k chemicals and tar into my body. Vaping is a blessing. Too bad money controls the public

  23. I'll just leave this here. Go read.

  24. it's all bullshit Google msa payments and big tobacco company pay for all the bullshit lies bunch of scumbags !

  25. Could you please cover the DEA's plan to classify an herbal remedy used by millions of people in the USA as a Schedule 1 narcotic, with no science or public comment? Thank you.

  26. Money Money.

  27. so the fdas unfair regulations are part of an even bigger social experiment. the us has its own set of rules that differ from other countries to get a broader spectrum of data to analize. sounds like an ok plan, but it is creating mass hysteria and causing people to sink huge amounts of money into government agencies to pass premarket evalua…. ohhh, i get it now

  28. Oh look, Canadians being open-minded and actually researching before issuing sweeping bans on products. Not surprised in the least.

  29. First of all THANK YOU Brent Stafford and your team for the great job you are doing keeping us up to date! But IMO this study is another false hope to silence the vapers as they lay the paving stones to total control of this market and hand it over to Pharma and not big tobacco. The governments of the world are broke and have a huge deficits and cannot afford to let vaping end smoking without having control and a huge pay back from vaping to cover lost tobacco taxes. This guy is offering a carrot on a stick to the vape community, the only way we are going to see real results is through Civil Disobedience as we have with the warning letters from Health Canada so far, but they will eventually cut off supply lines with customs and kill the free market for vaping. But their products will be available, disposable e-cigs as they already are and they are effective to help stop smoking and that is their focus not an alternative to smoking. I myself had no intentions of quitting smoking but when I tried vaping I just stopped smoking cigarettes and now have no intention of quitting vaping, it is now my enjoyable alternative to smoking and 100% safer than cigarettes, if you disagree show me the proof and not the we don't know/what ifs, there is no proof vaping is harmful period. But be happy and enjoy while you can, but don't buy this BS, they will take your pleasure away or tax the SH*T out of it, it is all about the money period!!!

  30. It's great there's going to be a study, but if they are thinking they are going to medicalize vaping, I would be totally against that. Big Pharma had nothing to do with the advent of vaping and they should keep their hands out of this cookie jar. They had their chance to come up with something viable and they failed. I won't let them steal my vaping!

  31. The governments hand in hand with the tobacco industries know that if they don't push throw and enforce nonsense regulation on us, we will eventually get to a point where they simply cant regulate the shit out of vapeing because by that point in time we have scientific fact and test/prof which will clarifying the harmfulness of smoking compered to vaping.

  32. and third…!

  33. second you on that one 🙂

  34. well then we should hold off on all regulations until the five years are up and the all the studies have been done. I can only speak for myself I am so glad that I switch to Vapor Products. I feel my health has improved and the quality of my life has definitely improved

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