Real Talk on OCS Physical Fitness Preparation

let's talk about physical fitness preparation for a little bit for us yes you know first it's a lot more than just the PFT yes EFT is integral to you getting to OCS once you know that you're going to OCS train for OCS don't just do pull-ups the crunches in the run and that'll get you through about a third of actual workouts at OCS it's a lot more than that functional fitness hiking drill requires a lot more than just the ability to do warps number two look at your specific needs to create the right workout for you I if I were you know ranked your goals for your workout based on your needs what are you weakest at you know it doesn't matter how many pull so you can do or how fast you run if you can't come back look at your weaknesses address them focus on where your weakest probably that's the part of physic fitness then you don't like to do so if you don't write to lift weights you just like to pound on pavement you're probably gonna have to switch it up and vice versa number three you don't overtrain for a lot of candidates training physical fitness hitting the gym is a good way to deal with essentially the anxiety or the unknown because you can at least crush yourself in the gym and you know it's gonna be tough at OCS try to avoid that if you see any aspect of your fitness progressing over time dial it back firstly I had to go from five days a week Armstrong to three days max when Sean speaking of Armstrong do what works there's no need to reinvent the wheel there's been millions of Marines in the past there's thousands of officers going through ups yes every year you don't need to come with an entirely new workout regimen CrossFit Armstrong stick with the basics MARSOC short cards long cards remember there were fit Marines before there was Orangetheory fitness or the latest p90x wise oh that one it's more than PFT don't just fall in the run of over preparing for the PFT number two focus on your weaknesses as our strength in us goals number three don't overtrain don't remember muscle grows outside Jim rest and relax while you can because you will probably be able to training at OCS lastly do it works stick to the Armstrong pull program for your pull-ups stick to other established routines no need to completely reinvent the wheel just get working


  1. the trail runs were my worst thing, the Fartleks. Just the thought of having to do a fartlek the next morning would jack me the fuck up when hitting the rack.

  2. Good work

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