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all right what is going on you guys Nikki would Nick's on the power so I finally got done editing the footage from the mr. Cincinnati the natural bodybuilding competition that I sponsored maybe three weeks ago now so my buddy Zach as many of you know competed in that competition so I've got the footage you know if I'm putting on his Pro tan we went through all the mandatory poses in my office the night before I got some stuff about his diet in there is actual onstage routine so the intent doing this number one is I sponsored the show so I really believe in giving back to the bodybuilding community as a whole because it's given me so much through my channel it's given me the opportunity to kind of have a career commentating on bodybuilding which I absolutely love so I firmly believe in giving back you know to the thing that gave you what you have and this channels given me a lot so natural bodybuilding is one thing on a very passionate about even though I've talked a lot about pro bodybuilding obviously you know the pro bodybuilders aren't natural I do believe very heavily in natural bodybuilding so I wanted to give them you know some money sponsor the show give the show some promotion I mean get more eyeballs on natural bodybuilding so this is an nga natural bodybuilding show it's actually the longest-running bodybuilding show in history the mr. Cincinnati 78 years this is the 78th annual mr. Cincinnati so longer than the Olympia longer than the mr. America longer than you know the mr. USA longer than the mr. universe I mean keep in mind the mr. Olympia started in 1965 so the Olympia is roughly 50 something years old so 78 years this I mean this competition has been going on forever so that's part of why I wanted to sponsor this show as my first natural show is because it's got a lot of history to it number two it's very very close to me so it was easy for me to cover it so some of these guys Zac obviously my best friend from college he was competing he's gonna be the guy that I'm gonna show you I helped him put his proton on helped him go through the poses like I said before so it's axe my best friend from college I was the best man in his wedding so he competed there's another guy from my gym big black dude you're gonna see him in here – Oh nom Williams this guy is massive so his back I say this guy had the best back out of anybody on state I mean this guy's back was insane you guys are gonna see the pictures and videos in here I'll throw in as well the overall men's open bodybuilding winter even though I didn't know them I'll throw in some of the cost comparisons and stuff I just want to give you guys a good insight to a natural bodybuilding show and cover it exactly the same as I would cover you know pro bodybuilding show or the mr. Olympia and just give you guys some good stuff that you may not have seen before about natural bodybuilding and give us some exposure that I think it deserves so please give this video a thumbs up you're about to see some cool natural bodybuilding footage I'll probably voice over some of it thank you guys so much for taking time out of your day to watch this video and without further ado here is the footage it's way too much ass crack in this video alright guys so starting off this video what we want to do here is just basically show you all the things that a real natural bodybuilder goes through prepping for a natural bodybuilding show now before Zach gets any hate here obviously you know Zach's not trying to win the mr. Olympia this is a pure natural bodybuilder he's been training seven or eight years now I mean he's a good example of what natural bodybuilding really is it's a dieting contest it's not really you know see how big you can get it's really see how lean you can get after years of training so zach has competed I think this is his third show he's just a guy that likes to compete man he's not a guy trying to win the mr. Olympia he knows what his flaws are he knows what he did wrong for this show he knows what his genetic limitations are as well I mean this is a guy that knows ok I'm not you know I don't have the greatest genetics he knows his arms are a weak point he's got very good legs I'll give him that I mean I'll get into him doing all the mandatory poses so we're in my office here in the bathroom of my office putting on the pro tan right now so right now we're putting on the base layer and then we're gonna go ahead and put on the top coat for tomorrow too and it's the only bottle you got damn some shaky the doctor oh yeah NSP Nick smothered poultry said someone in the comments said that you will like he's a barbecue I did that pans like a whole week in advance well yeah you you were like cop ready when you can't run in my house me said I need about three more coats it looks good once it's under the lights but as soon as you step off stage it's like is he racist what's going on here and singing up I just don't overdo it a little bit but it's a little bit mean way too much remember before your comp you're like yeah I want that like that Jay Cutler like almost red color alright so the next part of this video is gonna be Zak going through all the poses in my office so he does a little bit of his posing routine in here as well as the mandatory poses now again as I mentioned before man we know Zak's not trying to win the mr. Olympia so we know what his flaws are the arms obviously needs to work on those now that's just really a genetic limitation for him cuz again he's been training for seven years naturally seven or eight years naturally I would say certainly his two strong points are his back his legs I mean this guy he trains the hell out of his legs he's got pretty damn good hamstrings quads the calves are always there I mean he feels that his best poses back poses but I feel like from the front when he hits his quads and really flexes them hard that's where he really looks his best so we're just taking him through kind of some of the classic poses that's his mantis pose right there overall I mean again just a guy that enjoys the enjoys the sport now here you go with the front last bread and I'm you can see the quads there in my opinion he had he had some of the best quads on stage because a lot of the times in these natural bodybuilding show and you'll see guys that don't train legs at all kind of myself included in that I train legs but it didn't look like I did Sachs one of the few guys that has that gnarly separation in his quads when he actually decides to sit down on him and flex him correctly I'm just one of the things we're trying to remind him during this video is to make sure he flexes them because sometimes he forgets to and when flexes them that looks at nigga significantly better and they do so I will be doing a tour very soon in my office I've got some interesting stuff in there I think you guys would like to see I don't think I've ever really showed you guys what my office looks like I'm just renting out this office space I basically filled it with anything classic bodybuilding bodybuilding memorabilia autographed pictures custom weightlifting belts I've got you know dumbbells in there I've got pert push-up stuff in there I've got all my supplements in there all my computer setup all that cool stuff so I think you guys would enjoy seeing some of the cool classic bodybuilding memorabilia that I've got all over my office this is just a small fraction of my office that you can see in this video but I believe when we did this posing here we live-streamed it on my Instagram so some of you guys may have seen this already so that's why I'm voicing this part over because I'm responding in the background of the video that I filmed to the comments on the livestream people were telling him what poses the hit that's why you can see him laughing throughout you know various points in this video and because people were making some funny comments about the casting couch in the background and telling them to hit a moon pose and stuff like that so I'll go ahead and let you guys enjoy the rest of this posing video and I'll probably turn the volume on for the rest of it back in the day those look goofy I have another side better how much do you weigh this is 31 60 30 fuck your legs over there you go try sitting down on them a little bit if you walk them out it just like where you sort of spread them out and then get down on them there you just looking pain alright so this part right here is one of the few parts where you can see my banner actually in the video up to the top left there so following this clip I'm going to play the promoter Rick ruther I'm kind of introducing my channel to the crowd and I haven't seen him here alright so here we have Zacks posing routine onstage I believe he posed to an NF song here so he went pretty slow on stage which i think is the best way to do a classic pose so and I didn't mention this already Zack was competing in the classic physique division so he wasn't competing in men's open bodybuilding but he was doing classic physique I mean this organization is called the mga so it's a natural bodybuilding organization so he was drug tested and this was a drug tested natural class so that was what he was going for he wanted the classic physique and he wanted to be natural now one of the mistakes I think Zack actually made during this show was between the prejudging in the night show he had I think it was like a five-hour span or something and during that time he came back to my house and he ate he ate like a two-pound one of those chocolate Easter bunnies that's like solid chocolate day one of those and he was eating you know a bunch of candy and stuff so I think he might have ate a little bit too much in between prejudging in the night show leading to his midsection being a little bit cloudy during his posing routine all right so the next routine here we've got this is Oh nom William so he trains at the same gym as me I'm gonna just turned out he happened to be doing this show as well I didn't know he was doing it when I signed up to sponsor it but I talked to him at the gym and he said he was doing it so he actually really impressed me here so obviously one of the things I would say he needs to work on his legs but if he brought his legs up I mean this guy he really has it all if you look at his back man one of the best natural backs you're probably ever gonna see on a natural bodybuilding stage and I'm not just saying that kind of know the dude I mean this guy's back was insane for a natural bodybuilder it I mean he blew these other guys away if he brought those legs up man he would be a serious serious threat to any natural bodybuilding stage I would say a little bit better conditioning in the ab area as well but as posing routine was great overall his physique was very very good out very impressive this guy man so I was really happy to see him do well I think he won two of his classes and came in second in both the overalls that he competed and so I think he did the overall for men's Open bodybuilding I think also the overall for men's physique and he came and runner up at that as well you all right so the final routine here this is gonna be the guy that actually won his pro card here so he want his nga pro card and he won the overall and men's open bodybuilding so this guy by far one of the most impressive natural bodybuilders I've ever seen and for all the people that are gonna you know be out there saying he's a fake natty this guy only weighed about 180 pounds on stage so not a crazy big guy but he just looks very impressive on stage his legs his back his arms I believe his name is Andrew Plumlee I believe that's his name and this guy I mean impressive as hell young kid I think he's a little bit younger than me so very impressive and there's gonna be some very bright things from this kid in the future coming coming in looking like that at 180 pounds very impressive and again he was the winner so he was definitely drug tested very strictly so this video right here is gonna be the comparison for the overall between Oh nom the Andrew guy that I mentioned before and this guy on the end I think his name was spike so Oh nom versus Andrew again I mean from the back dude just insanely impressive you know nom took second here but honestly I would not be mad at all about taking second to the guy that he took second to because that guy I'm just super complete super impressive roundness and fullness in all the right areas again one of the best natural bodybuilders I think I've ever seen so that about wraps up the video guys I just wanted to show you guys a little bit of insight into a natural bodybuilding show like I said before I hope you guys enjoyed it I intend on doing this a lot more in the future it's something that I definitely want to explore giving more promotion and more attention to some of these natural shows because something that not a lot of people really do not a lot of people really know about and I spend all this time covering pro bodybuilding and there's so many guys in the comment section that like man you got to cover some natural bodybuilding we want to see some natural stuff I'm trying to do more of that and again I really believe in giving back to bodybuilding especially natural bodybuilding since that's where I came from so it's something I really want to do in the future and give more money and give more attention to natural bodybuilding because this is this is something that I want to see more people compete in and see more people you know have an interest in so I hope you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up if you want to see more videos like this thank you guys for watching Nick strength and power signing out


  1. Hell yeah! This is what it’s all about brotherhood, being healthy and fit, and having fun! Lifting together and supporting each other is the name of the game. Staying natural and healthy is the cherry on top!

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  10. I used ephedrine for about 18-36 months just before & after the time it got banned. Does that mean that during that time I wasn't natty, cuz it cut my fat like crazy and allowed me to get fairly shredded. I also remember it felt like cheating & I could never get real sleep during that time and was always uncomfortably wired, but i sacrificed doing it cuz i couldn't believe how amazong i felt i looked. Never used any other supplements before or since. Stopped cuz i was afraid of destroying my organs or getting a heart attack or something.

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    Commenters: Tease competitors for having natural bodies.

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    Very recently the roids hit Indian bodybuilding but even today there are many traditional "vyayam shalas = Indian word for Gyms" which adopt traditional techniques. And the trainer comes free in India. There is an Ustad (Master) in every gym who takes you step by step based on your body type.

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    From uk london 💯💪🏼

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